Filming in Vancouver Open Thread

Now that production has wrapped on Eclipse, we thought we’d open a thread for everything else still filming in Vancouver. Here’s a look at what’s in production now:

CAPRICA: starring Coreen Mayrs & Heike Brandstatter
Filming July 16 – February 1


FRINGE: Starring Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Lance Reddick, Blair Brown & Jasica Nicole
Filming June 24 – March 22

HUMAN TARGET: Starring Mark Valley, Chi McBride & Jackie Earl Haley
Filming September 16 – Feb 5

LIFE UNEXPECTED: Starring Shiri Appleby, Kristoffer Polaha, Brittany Robertson, Kerr Smith & Austin Basis
Filming September 28 – February 5

SMALLVILLE ~ SEASON 9:  Starring Tom Welling, Allison Mack, Erica Durant, Justin Hartley & Cassidy Freeman, Filming July 6 – April 30


SUPERNATURAL ~ SEASON 5: Starring Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles
Filming July 1 – March 29

V ~ SEASON 1: Starring Elizabeth Mitchell, Joel Gretsch, Scott Wolf, Morris Chestnut, Lourdes Benedicto,
Morena Baccarin, Logan Huffman, & Alan Tudyk
Filming August 12 – January 14

If you have any filming location information for any of these movies & TV shows, let us know in a comment below!


    • I hope we’ll get some good information regarding other shows filming in Vancouver. We have so much going on here!

      I did notice that Kerr Smith was filming with Shiri Appleby of Roswell.. I’d like to see them.

  1. i think i’ll cry if i go another week without seeing/talking to the crazy awesome crew of SPN …..and Fringe omg…yes Christine, I have finally started watching Fringe 😛 I must find them again *pulls out hair*

  2. @YVRfilm posted yesterday to check out Chambar @ 6:00pm to see Pecey Whitter so Fringe must be filming there. Not sure if anyone cares but thought I would share 🙂

      • I am determined to get a picture!!! I will post a link to Flickr here and send you the link if I get anything good. Got some pretty decent Jessica Biel pics from Saturday’s A-Team filming downtown.

      • hehe, still laugh at the ide aof Pacey working for the FBI myself.

        anyways, I did a blog a week or two ago with a pile of pics from the Victory Square set that he was on.

      • We saw a shot being filmed at the building next to the Chambar. It was doubling as the New York State Troopers office. They also filmed a shot on the street (Beatty) at a faux New York newsstand. John Nobel came out to smoke a cigarette between takes. He was sitting in his chair smoking. He saw me and a few other standing there. I held up my camera with a little “Can I” look on my face. He waved me over and took a photo with me and my friend as well as the other two girls there.
        About 5 minutes later Joshua Jackson came out with either the director or someone that was telling him how to film the scene or giving “directions” which is why I assumed director but I know nothing about filming. He was standing around for about 10 minutes and then went back inside. I thought “Oh well, it was nice to see him in person but we’ll wait a few more minutes” Joshua saw the 4 of us so I knew if he had time he would come back out. He has been so sweet to everyone I know who has met him. Sure enough he came back out and right over to us in about 10 minutes. He came out only to see us. There was no other reason for him to step outside. He is just that nice. He agreed to pictures but with a warning that he has been sick and he didn’t want to be responsible for making us sick. He took pictures with all 4 people waiting. He was incredibly nice and talked to everyone for a bit. Just an incredible guy.
        He and John Nobel were by far the nicest people I have ever met. Very approachable and friendly. If you have a chance and are a fan, check out a fringe set. 🙂 I have some photos if anyone wants to see them.

  3. I appreciate everyone working together so we can all get set tips without fighting or being greedy.
    This is way better before and this is how we are suppose to be acting, great job guys

  4. I also saw signs for Dark Days, which I guess is the sequel to the 30 days of Night movie a few days back, posted leading to the shipyards in North Van (which may well be 3 St. Andrews).

  5. Looks like they’re filming V at 3 St. Andrews on Thurs between 10 and 12 pm and Friday between 11 and 12 pm. The explosion/special effects will be taking place Friday between 8 and 10.

      • Hi there,

        Would be interested for sure but I also can’t tweet you, do you have an email or something? Also when is it being shot?

        Thankyou 🙂

  6. Apparently something is filming at the cemetery near 41st & Fraser…army style trucks etc, so I’m guessing A-Team. Can anyone confirm?

  7. I’m not sure what, but something is filming across the street from John Oliver High school, in the cemetery. 41st and Fraser in Vancouver.

  8. Just sent out these tweets too:

    RT @annechantal:Supernatural is filming at Northfraser & Meadows in Burnaby.

    Ateam filming downtown Vancouver tonight & this weekend

    Fringe filming at Science world tonight

  9. “V” filming near the Blarney Stone in Gastown

    Human Target filming all week at Church on Burrard & Nelson

    (Thanks Pandora and Tom!)

  10. Supernatural will be filming in Steveston Fri, Nov 13 , 3-6pm on 2nd ave. Evening shots in the Steveston post office and 3800 Chatham.

  11. Does anyone have any info on where supernatural will be filming next? I actually went to the one in Steveston( cuz my friend lives in the house across from where they were filming) and saw Jared 😀 (but no Jensen 🙁 , atleast not when I was there) and just to my luck the weather was really bad (cold, rainy and windy) so I didn’t get to actually meet or take a pic with him 🙁 but it was still pretty damn amazing!!!!!

    • Oh cool, I was wondering what that was, since I work down there, and pasted by a film set wondering whose it was (since Zac Efron was filming in Steveston too a few months back).

    • i saw an SFI sign on the cor of hastings and commerical….but they have been off since thursday cuz of thanksgiving…so it’s either the sign was forgotten or they’ll be in the area Monday.

    • dont you think if people did, they would post it?? Sorta what this board is here for.

      out of like the last 5 or so posts, 4 of them are “anyone have any info on….” Do you all REALLY need to ask?
      Do you think someone is here, who knows, but isnt going to post till they are specifically asked about that show??

      I mean seriously.
      Heres an idea.
      Shut up, quit posting useless “anyone know where…” messages & WAIT till someone does post one.

      Sincerely, Tired of getting notifications about absolutely nothing.

  12. Dear Tired of getting notifications about absolutely nothing,
    If you don’t want notifications then maybe u shouldn’t have checked the box for them.

    On another note: The tv shows in general will be breaking for the holidays in the next week or two and returning in the new year – something to keep in mind.

    • Pandora- I checked the box, so I COULD GET UPDATES…not so I could read people begging for updates.
      This isnt a thread called “beg for filming locations”.
      The idea is people come here & POST THE FILMING LOCATIONS…not what sets you want to hear about.
      Everyone in this thread already knows “Smallville, Supernatural, A-Team, Fringe” to post them if they see them. They dont all need a bi-weekly begging from people for the info. Obviously no one has any to share, or it would have been posted. Pretty simple to follow.

      As for FOXVAN signs. Everyone I know has wondered what it is, but none of us were motivated to go find out since we know its not one of the top shows/films. They have signs up downtown as well.

  13. I just noticed an interesting tweet from YVR: “Film productions leaving in 2010 or have left BC for better tax credits: Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Percy Jackson, Fringe, Twilight BD.”

    Does anyone know if Fringe is really leaving? Are they coming back to NYC ??

    (P.S. Sorry for the ? Canadagraphs but I can’t find info anywhere so I’m hoping someone has some scoop, not to mention, its my site so I hope I’ll be excused. 🙂 )

    • I think YVR’s tweet is a bit premature and not totally accurate. Percy Jackson for instance did not leave for better tax breaks, in fact it did film here and wrapped a few months ago. Summit has not made any announcement on BD but it seems likely they will be back in Vancouver. Supernatural and Smallville do appear to be leaving though.

  14. Any chance this is just for the Olympics? And there’s been no decision on whether this is the last season for Supernatural. Actors are contracted for one more season… and it’s the third highest rated show on CW….

  15. THere’s no information online about supernatural no longer filming in vancouver. There are only 5 seasons planned, but all the actors were contracted for 6 seasons, so I’m not too sure whats happening with that

    • I had read somewhere that this was the last season, not too sure of the source however, so I’m not positive. I hope it’s back for another season but my point was that YVR was wrong saying that these productions are all leaving because of tax breaks, some are just ending and some aren’t going anywhere.

  16. Thanks for the tip Christine. I saw the no parking signs there yesterday, but didnt have a chance to go over & see what it was for.

    As for you Carl, that might be a question better asked of Google, or ohhhh I dunno IMDB, instead of a thread dedicated to a place thats 2700 MILES AWAY from where its being filmed.

    Just you know, throwing that out there as a little helpful hint.

    Seriously, do people just blindly ask stuff because they are too lazy to look themselves nowadays? This isnt hard info to track down.

  17. I agree with seriously. If you have info you do not wish to share then email it, and why post something after it is done filming? Thats not logical I thought this website was for information about filming that is currently going on?

  18. LMAO @ Brianne trying to find a reason to stay relevant now that her Eclipse fame has left town.

    “Gotta keep any nuts away while we film”- ohhhh yeah thats always a problem here for non-Twilight films lol. Yeah, theres crowds of 100s clamouring for a look at Brent Butt or Robin Dunne everyday around here. Even Supernatural & A-Team dont attract big crowds, because they arent that big of a deal to the majority.

    Theres nothing in town so important that “nuts” are going to fly up here to see it…so what the hell do you really feel you are protecting?

    But you keep telling yourself that you’re important Brianne, someday maybe you will believe it. Granted no one else will, but maybe you will.

    Too bad Christine cant just block you, it would make the entire board ecstatic. Even when you had relevant info, you belittled others for wanting to know. Now that no one cares what you have to say since they only cared about what you had to say about Eclipse, you are acting like you have info on the super exclusive film set of the 2nd coming of Casablanca?? Why? To try & stretch out your 15 minutes? Its over you witless tard.

    In the future, stfu if you dont want to tell anyone. Either that, or post it and try to act somewhat like an adult.

  19. i agree that if ur not willing to share a tip then don’t mention it to begin with. There were certain instances when i got tips for things that it’d have been obvious that i was the one to have spilled on the location if i shared so i just didn’t say anything. but other times when it wouldn’t have made a difference, i was happy to share my tips. it can be frustrating or annoying for everyone else wondering what you have a tip on and where something is being filmed if ur being vague about it – either share all the details or not at all.

    i can’t imagine what ur working on Brianne that you have to be concerned about visitors to set because the major draw factors in production atm are 99% of the time happy to have fans check out what’s going on so long as they’re respectful and don’t interrupt filming. (Fringe, Supernatural, A-Team & Caprica) I mean no offence in saying that if the film you’re working on Brianne is something that requires you to be up in arms maybe a public forum wasn’t the best place to mention it.

  20. exactly Stephanie.

    Oh, and for those just soooo eager to know what Briannes earth shattering news was…….. no, they arent filming a super secret movie here with RPatts, Johnny Depp, Megan Fox, the cast of House, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley & God as she made it out to be.

    Sadder part is, it isnt even in the Vancouver area.

    Her hot earth shattering, I cant let anyone know tip was…..Donald Sutherland was filming in Ladner. *crickets chirping*

  21. I was going to stick up for you, when I realized you even block me from twitter. bitch. you’ve been owned. too bad your friend’s twitters aren’t blocked.

    @annechantal: Having an emotional attachment to someone sucks, especially when it’s one you shouldn’t have.

    sounds like you might be the crazy nut people should stay away from.

    @annechantal: The fact that you use people & think your shit doesn’t stink is going to come back to bite you in the ass.

    maybe you should listen to your own advice… 😉

  22. A friend said she saw SFI signs in New Westminster by 6th and 10th or something to that effect.
    If anyone checks it out, can you let me know if it’s legit?

    • if i were you i’d just take a chance and go down there – seeing as last week is the final week of shooting b4 they breat for christmas. and chances are that they are there seeing as it’s during the week….i’ll admit they’ve been known to forget signs every once in a while :p. but unless u live really far out of the way, it’d be worth the trip.

      • I have heard that they will be somewhere on York Street until 2am
        so I think I will head down, considering that gives me plenty of time to do so haha

  23. oh my poor crewbies – working till 2am and it isn’t even fraturday. if u go, find a guy named mike atwater – tell him stephanie says hi from trinidad. i’m so bummed i had to leave vancouver, i would gladly freeze my ass off in the cold to keep the crewbies company – it can get lonely standing in the cold at night guarding a piece of equipment or blocking a road.
    BTW – if u find mike, he’s always got good stories.

  24. just tweeted:

    @olv RT @YVRFilm: Fringe filming downtown at Nelson & Hornby today. Big action sequence

    @olv Life Unexpected: Ly-Prod signs pointing west on 13th off Lonsdale in North Van

  25. has anyone seen smallville or supernatural film anywhere this week? i’m only in vancouver for a week and really wanted to see them

  26. by the way it was fringe filming in central park, a scene with walter i think. also facing kate was filming in downtown vancouver between seymore and georgia i think?? might still be filming tomorrow as all their trailers are still there

    does anyone know if fringe is now finished filming for the holidays?

  27. hey guys!
    I was just driving past riverview and saw some filming sign saying “FY” i dunno wut it means… is it fringe?… but they were just off Lougheed Hwy pointing up Dewdney Trunk Rd

    saw the signs at 10:00 pm so i dunno how long theyve been there or long they will be there…

    hopefully this is helpful 🙂

  28. Just got back from the airport and saw signs posted for “shattered”. They are posted at SW Marine Dr. and Ontario St.

  29. hey guys does anyone know anything about fringe, smallville or supernatural filming this week????? i’m only in town for a week and DESPERATE to see then filming! please let me know asap if you find out!!!

  30. I’ve said this before, seems you missed it.

    If someone knows, and is willing to share that info….they will post it.
    No need asking “hey do you know….” because all its doing is clogging up peoples inbox & annoying them.

    If someone has info they are willing to share with the group…it will be posted. Asking isnt going to suddenly coerce someone unwilling to post to post it suddenly. Ok?

  31. Is there some sort of rule here against someone asking a question? Lighten up a little. There’s an option to NOT be notified by e-mail. If people checked it off then that’s their problem.

    • I have to agree with you on this…it’s not a big deal, besides nat is a visitor and just asking if someone has any info, we should be polite.

  32. thanks everyone for standing up for me, i was simply hoping that someone would post something when they see it, rather than a day after. anyway i think i saw fringe today off main street as the signs were there but i couldnt see any filming, and then i saw a crew person walking in tha direction after but i couldnt turn around!!! very frustrating

    • via @YVRFilm

      Fringe filming at Stanley Park today at the totem poles. Main unit at Pacific Central train station.

  33. from HNR “NucksNinja” “Caprica will be filming all day tomorrow the 21st in the 1300 block of W Georgia Street. ”

    went to stanley park, was just extras, all gone now if anyone was going to have a look for fringe.

  34. saw this over on HNR:
    Human Target has been set up at UBC with their equipment along Main Mall and around Buchanan since Thursday…not sure exactly whereabouts they are filming

  35. I just retweeted this:

    Walking back to work in the brilliant summer sun and walked right past Joshua Jackson, they’re filming Fringe in Gastown.

  36. just retweeted from yvrfilm:
    Fringe filming at Jackson & Railway St. Car crash stunts and gunfire. Today until sunset.

    • Thank you. I saw that today and couldn’t figure out what “F B 2” on the signs was supposed to be. Now I know. Thanks again!

  37. RT @YVRFilm: @vivalamelika supernatural is in fort langley

    (this was sent late last night so it might be for yest. not sure but saw it this morning so I thought i’d add it…

  38. Where was Percy Jackson filmed ??
    I am going to Vancouver in 5 months. I want to know where to go to see that Logan went

    • To the best of my knowledge, the vast majority (or all of it, that was done here) was filmed in studio & Mission if memory serves me correctly.

      It flew under the radar for attention when it was here, most people in town didnt pay it much attention till it was late in production & we realized it was actually a big budget film.

      I can tell you where Logan was staying if you want to look there. He was at the Sutton Place for awhile, then at the Shang-ri-la

      But as for specific filming locations, I dunno anyone outside of the crew that really would remember where any of them were. Sorry.

  39. Does anyone know what movie is being filmed on SW Marine drive?? I was on my way to UBC and I saw filming crew yesterday and today!

  40. “HTF” Signs, trailers and film crew all along SW Marine Dr, between W 57th and Arbutus. They’ve been there for almost a week now.

  41. okay so my friend that lives in New West just went around to look for the SN set but they only thing filming there right now is HUMAN TARGET …she even asked one of the crew guys

  42. no u were mostly right.. sry… SN is filming but there only doing inside shots.. Clifs ‘tweets’ confirms that “We are on location today. Just in between setups so time for chat now” & “we’re inside all day so weather’s not a problem”

  43. In case anyone missed it, just tweeted: ‘Fringe’ filming in Burnaby for the next few days/nights.

  44. From @annechantal on twitter

    I’m With Cancer starring Seth Rogen is filming at Trinity & N. Ingleton, on the Burnaby/Vancouver border.

  45. Also from @annechantal

    Crazies that have been spotted around the set thus far: VCNews360. Who next??? Cockroach? The “Malicious” one?

  46. anybody know if Supernatural will still be out there the rest of this week? or where they might be otherwise?

    • As of tonight there seems to still be filming going on. I saw the lights earlier. Not sure how much longer they’ll be there though.

  47. Fringe is filming on Granville St in Vancouver near the Orpheum Theater through Wednesday (4.7). (Thanks @jholden23!)

  48. hey I just saw signs in Coquitlam right across from the Coquitlam Bus Station, next to the Mall. they said “UNIT” does anyone know what that is??

  49. a friend of mine lives at the dead end of 15th st. W off of Bewicke in North Vancouver and she said that they are filming the tv show Eureka on her street on friday

  50. TV show Psych is filming 800 Block of Seymour Street in Vancouver.

    “The Big Year” with Owen Wilson, Jack Black and Steve Martin is filming all week in Tofino, British Columbia.

    Stargate Universe is filming at Riverview Hospital Site in Coquitlam.

  51. There is something filming when u head into golden ears not sure what as the signs were blank except crew park and to set signs

  52. Charlie St. Cloud with Zac Efron and Amanda Crew is filming in Deep Cove in North Vancouver today.

    The Big Year with Owen Wilson, Steve Martin and Jack Black is filming in Cultus Lake near Chilliwack.

    * I think I’m going to remove the link to this post from the front page since its been kind of dead, I won’t close it though so if you guys want to use it, just bookmark it. Working on opening a new forum for Vancouver (among other cities) that you guys will be able to use too.

    • that’s cuz all the shows we’re interested in are on break :p …just wait till July rolls around. OMG!

  53. saw signs reading “GED” pointing south on capilano rd at marine drive…any idea what GED is?

  54. Psych is filming outside the North Van City Library…its supposed to an attorney’s office

  55. Hey, I’m gonna visit Vancouver on the 1st and 2nd of July and I really really wanna visit the Supernatural set too. Please can you help me? If anyone knows where they might film at that time, please tell me.

  56. Ashley Tisdale and Alyson Michalka are still in Vancouver I think. I met them on Thurday July 15 and heard that they were there on Wednesday too. Aly’s sister tweeted lately that she was still in Canada today. They might still be hanging around Downtown because I met them on the set of their next year’s TV series, Wildcats.

  57. TCF 2U

    what does it mean?

    that’s the sign at the site on boundary just south of marine. they have a block-long green screen 2 stories high. today they had cops on horses staged. last week they had a bus on its side in the “street”

    is TCF Twentieth Century Fox?

  58. Howdy, hows every body at this fantastic message board doing currently? Pleased I can be a element of the community and I look forwards to numerous great encounters here!

  59. Has anyone heard anything about Life Unexpected?! I’ve been keeping my ears open and haven’t heard a peep.

  60. Saw one of those flourescent arrow filming signs today…was labeled as ‘HC’…any ideas? Should I follow the arrow to see where it leads?

    • HC is Hellcats. Follow it if you’re interested in catching a glimpse of filming in action or possibly one or more of the stars. BTW where did you see the sign?

      • The sign was at Broadway & Slocan a couple days ago…haven’t been by since to see if it’s still there. I didn’t see any trucks or film crew, just the arrow, so it must’ve been further down the road. If I have time tomorrow, I might take a walk and see if it’s still there.

    • Hellcats has been filming at SFU since Monday not sure exactly where I followed the signs all the way to the crew parking lot and didn’t see anything around outside .. perhaps they were filming inside somewhere

  61. Anyone know what is currently being filmed at Park Royal in West Vancouver? They were setting up Wed/Thurs and looked like they might have started filming Thursday night. They covered up the Park Royal sign with one that said “Plainsview Mall” or something.

    This Means War with Reese Witherspoon, Tom Hardy, and Chris Pine was filming in Gastown in Vancouver today. I believe it was near the Blarney Stone.

  62. Oh ya I heard, found out too late and didn’t have time to go down there. Hopfully I can find something this week 🙂

  63. V is filming in downtown Vancouver on Hastings Street Oct 23 and 24. A hostage scene with SWAT team, etc. Supposed to be Episode 6 or 7.

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