Two more fans met Joshua Jackson & John Noble on the set of Fringe in Vancouver


One of our readers, Natalie (@soupaircool) and her friend, Christy, met Joshua Jackson and John Noble on the set of Fringe Monday night thanks to a tip in our new Vancouver thread! Here is her full report and photos.

(Thanks Natalie, I’m jealous!!)

We saw a shot being filmed at the building next to Chambar. It was doubling as the New York State Troopers office. They also filmed a shot on the street (Beatty) at a faux New York newsstand. John Noble came out to smoke a cigarette between takes. He was sitting in his chair smoking. He saw me and a few other standing there. I held up my camera with a little “Can I” look on my face. He waved me over and took a photo with me and my friend as well as the other two girls there.
About 5 minutes later Joshua Jackson came out with either the director or someone that was telling him how to film the scene or giving “directions” which is why I assumed director but I know nothing about filming. He was standing around for about 10 minutes and then went back inside. I thought “Oh well, it was nice to see him in person but we’ll wait a few more minutes.” Joshua saw the 4 of us so I knew if he had time he would come back out. He has been so sweet to everyone I know who has met him. Sure enough he came back out and right over to us in about 10 minutes. He came out only to see us. There was no other reason for him to step outside. He is just that nice. He agreed to pictures but with a warning that he has been sick and he didn’t want to be responsible for making us sick. He took pictures with all 4 people waiting. He was incredibly nice and talked to everyone for a bit. Just an incredible guy.

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    • hey! I got your pics too and will ge them up today or tomorrow.

      P.S. I wish I had a cold from Josh, so jealous!! I’d even take swine flu if it came from Joshua Jackson- it would be so worth it!

    • lmao – well for the duration u’ll have thoughts of him to keep you company. i had a bit of a tickle in my throat since tuesday and i susect it’s his fault too 😛

          • if this develops into something worse i’ll have one more thing to blame on josh – we were so busy talking about angie i didn’t do a pic with him haha! the poor guy: first he’s the reason angie misses her flight, now me getting sick lmao. i guess that’s the price of being as awesome as josh – he gets blamed for this sort of stuff 😛

            • I loved that he remembered about her missing her flight! I heard about it online, but didn’t know it was actually true. Now I know…


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