Where to see movies filming in L.A., Savannah, Boston & more on 11.3.09


The Conspirator: Bay Street, between Whitaker and Drayton streets and Bull Street between Bay and Bryan streets, Savannah, GA

Dinner For Schmucks: 1317 Willow St, Los Angeles (6 AM- 6 AM)

Answers to Nothing:  1111 S Broadway, Los Angeles through tomorrow (may be overnight)

Inception: 215 Grand Av S, Pasadena, CA

Due Date: Filming on multiple sections of the Big-I Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The Town: Filming at the former MASSBank branch at 476 Main St. and W. Foster Street in Melrose, MA.

The Social Network: John Hopkins University, Baltimore

Unstoppable: Filming in Bellaire, OH.

Don’t forget to check out our Vancouver link too!

photo: Key to Savannah


    • Most likely Ben Affleck’s crew. They are filming at a strip club on Washington (right behind Tremont) today. Probably all their trucks. They are not in Melrose.

  1. Justin is not just shooting his scenes in L.A he was spotted in Balitmore not too long ago via twitter

    “Justin TImberlake just came to the breezeway and bought a cup cake for Schools For School!! You should come support too!!”

    This is the person’s page
    https://twitter.com/JHUBSU so for all those who are in Baltimore, send us your sightings !


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