Filming Locations for 11.13.09

Los Angeles:

The C Word: 470 Maylin St, Pasadena, CA

The Mentalist: Holiday Inn Burbank Media Center, 150 E. Angeleno Ave, Burbank, CA see comments-back in studio

Little Fockers: Alamitos Bay Marina in Long Beach, CA (Thanks Chad!)

The Mission (TV series): 465 Arroyo Pkwy S, Pasadena, CA

Cold Case: 590 S Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles


Ugly Betty: Signs on 7th Ave and 28th St, 7am – midnight. (Thanks Mike & Jessica!)

Nurse Jackie
: Signs are posted outside of Kaufman Astoria Studios for 11.13, 11.14 & 11.15

Law and Order: CI: Around Marion Ave and E 188th, Bronx

SVU: Filming around Pearl St & Foley Square

Gossip Girl: Signs around Madison Ave and 82nd St

The Other Guys: Signs spotted around Centre St and Worth again


The Town: Filming in South Boston


Trust: Filming at Dexter High School in Dexter, Michigan. (Thanks Joanna!)


Supernatural: Filming in Steveston (.B.C.), 3-6pm on 2nd Ave. Evening shots in the Steveston post office and 3800 Chatham. Check out more about this shoot and everything filming in Vancouver here.


  1. Hey, i think the mentalist sign said Filming from 11/9 to 11/12. Was there today butl ooked like they where done filming… Someone going to cold case tomorrow? Or knows filming hours?

  2. 80th between park and madison is closed for gossip girl, the trailers are all lined up on madison from 79th to 83rd. They look like they’re going to be filming in the rain

  3. Hi! I been trying to get a few shots of the film being made in the South Fork of Long Island, Romantics,with Katie Holmes. I was wondering if anyone will know if they will be shooting on Saturday Nov 14,2009 ?

    • does anyine know the exact location of where the romantics are being filmed on long island? and are they letting fans meet the cast? thanks

  4. I got a bunch of updates this AM: (all NYC)

    I’m not sure what it is, but there are a number of trucks set up on Dekalb ave. in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. There are yellow tags on the street posts with the title “TIDE”.. anyone know what that is? (fr. Lucas)

    They are filming Law and Order at 90 Broad Street. (Thanks Kristen!)

    Something called Girl Next Door is filming at 44th betw 7th & 8th ave

  5. Just got this tip: I saw film crews for Wall St. 2 on a side street near 180 Varick in SoHo. They were filming in one of the small houses. There were bright lights on a lift shining into house. Not sure if its still going on.

  6. E, I was there at around 3/4 pm. Looked like they where packing stuff together. Saw csi:ny signs at 8th & figueroa today but didn’t see any trailers or so. Cold case looked like they where filming in a warehouse. But not too much going on there. Also saw a sign for booyah in koreatown. Anybody knows what that is?

  7. Wkend updates:
    Adjustment Bureau is filming at State St & Bowling Green in Manhattan on Sat.
    Adam Lambert is filming a video on Sunday at 501 S Spring St., Los Angeles.

  8. Went to the GG set on Friday and seen signs for filming for Sunday and Monday so it look like they wil be on around 82nd and madison again

  9. Anyone know if you can take a few pictures of they are filming the Romatics ? Does anyone know when the wedding will take place and where on the North Fork? I was thinking of going out there either monday or tuesday i live on Long ISland but I am not assure if you can bring a camera and shoot any celebrity with a long lens and not get in trouble for doing so?
    Thanks for your help in advance.


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