11.30.09: Movie and TV Shows filming in NYC including Gossip Girl, Wall Street 2, & more!

Carey Mulligan Visits Shia LaBeouf on Set!

Wall Street 2 (starring Shia Lebeouf): Signs spotted near Whitehall and Stone Streets, 5Am -2AM. (Thanks Claudine & Tyler!)

The Other Guys (starring Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell): Signs on W 40th and 8th Ave in NYC. (Thanks Nicole!)

Gossip Girl: Signs on 44th near 6th Ave, 5 Am – 11 PM (Thanks to Newyorkology!)

Damages: Signs posted on 107th between Riverside Drive and Broadway. (Thanks Lisa!)

Law and Order: Filming near Orchard and Rivington St.

SVU: Filming near E 16th and Rutherford Pl, NYC.

Boardwalk Empire: Signs spotted near Decatur St & Stuyvesant Ave, Brooklyn. (Thanks Sarah!)

Louie: Signs near Washington St & Christopher St, NYC (I think it must be this new FX show starring Louis C.K.) (Thanks J.C.!)


  1. I’m coming to New York for a day on Christmas break. Do you think that SVU will be filming? I think that we are going on a Monday.

  2. I drove past signs around lincoln center. like across the street…that area today… but couldn’t see if they are for future or already happened.. kinda useless but if anyone happened to walk by…

    • They might be for the Winter’s Eve at Lincoln Square Festival on Monday. The tree lighting is at 5:30, and there will be a big fair with street musicians and special events all along Broadway from Columbus Circle to 68th St.

      • My friend was over there this morning, I had class.
        She saw Mariska & Chris and apparently Tamara Tunie was there also?
        Not sure if they are still filming exteriors because of the rain but they have tents for equipment.

        The sign states:
        North Side of E. 15th street between 2nd Ave and Rutherford Pl.
        East Side Of Rutherford Pl. between E. 15th St and E. 16th St
        Both sides of Rutherford Pl. between E.16th St and E. 17th St
        West side of 3rd Ave between E.15th St. and E. 16th St
        South Side of E.16th street between 3rd Ave and Irving
        Both sides of E.16th street between Rutherford Pl. and 3rd Ave
        East side of 3rd Ave between E.16th St and E.17th St
        South side of E.17th St. between Rutherford Pl. and 3rd Ave
        North side of E. 17th St. between 2nd Ave and Rutherford Pl.

        I hope this helps and good luck to see Svu.

  3. I went to the Gossip Girl set this morning and it looks like they will be filming later tonight because they appeared to be setting up. It’s between 6th and 5th Ave in front of, I think, a jewelry store. I don’t know if they’ll still be filming if it continues to rain though.

    • Filming is going to take place at a Greek restaurant called Kellari. Im pretty sure its an indoor shoot so the rain shouldnt effect much.

    • Leighton Meester did an interview with Ryan Seacrest when she was filming and she said that she was in a restaurant. That was a few hours ago, so I don’t know if that is any help 🙂

  4. Is SVU really filming around Lincoln Center today??? My boyfriend and I are here in NYC until Wednesday and we were hoping to run by that area and see if we might have a shot of watching it tape. Do any of you know of the areas it’s going to be?

    • Christine posted that SVU is filming around E 16th St and Rutherford Place today. They probably would not be filming around Lincoln Center today because of the Lincoln Square Winter’s Eve Festival that starts later this afternoon. It’s a pretty big event that runs all over that area from Columbus Circle to 68th St on Broadway. Hard to film with all that going on.

  5. Hey just came back from the SVU filming…I didnt see anyone and I missed Mariska and she left BUT I heard that they will be filming around Brooklyn Heights tomorrow…So people have ur eyes pealed!

  6. I just saw some pics of a tennis scene filmed today for The Romantics on Just Jared-JJ says it’s in Long Island, but another site with the same pics called wonderwall says the filming was in Queens. Does anyone know where they are filming? Thanks!

  7. can someone give me a heads up for Wall Street 2 the rest of the week. My friend told me that there were no trucks in the area today, must have been the rain. Hopefully, they didn’t wrap and are going to reschedule.

    • Svu has a hiatus for winter break… which is around christmas and the first week of january…

      production itself is done april/may depending on filming sced. and timing. They dont film on weekends.

  8. gg is filming near lincoln center tomorrow..the sign says all day 7am-11pm I believe. does anyone know what a good time to catch them? i’m guessing they’re filming inside the hotel?

    • I found this on the SVU webiste. Sorry to ask this but I am from out of town. What cross streets is this? Can you get there by subway? Which one? By bus ? Which one?

      A sign posted on Columbia Heights near Pierrepont advises drivers to move their cars by 10PM Monday night to clear way for Tuesday’s Law & Order: SVU shoot on the street.

  9. They’re filming something near my house – Its Otto Road in Ridgewood/Glendale, which is right on the border of Brooklyn and Queens. Does anyone know what this is?


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