Marvel’s Manhattan Project: Thor’s Working Title and Location Revealed

We just got some interesting scoop on Marvel’s Thor which isn’t officially slated to begin production until next month. Our very anonymous tipster exclusively told us rehearsals are well underway this week adding:

“They’re at Raleigh Manhattan Beach Studio which is fitting since the working title of the film is now MANHATTAN.”

Though we we’re able to get any more info from our anon tipster (who gave us a fake name and email address) we wouldn’t be surprised if they did in fact change the name of the movie while its in production. You may remember that while Iron Man 2 was filming the set was surrounded by a tarp-covered chain-link fence with “Beware of Dogs” signs posted every 10 feet while all of the production signs around it read either “MFP” (Marvel) or “Rasputin”.

Natalie Portman (who is set to star in Thor) also recently commented on the secrecy surrounding the script saying, “It’s like you don’t get a script anymore that doesn’t have watermarks that would identify you if you ever tried to leak anything,” she said. “The Thor script is hard to read because it’s on some weird colored paper and they have your name in huge letters across every page. And any time you get a phone call from Marvel, it doesn’t come up as a normal number, it’s like a five digit code. I’ve never seen that before. I’ve had phone calls from people in the government and they don’t have that. Marvel’s like some like crazy underground world.”


  1. not much of a scoop. They stated in 2008 that they would filming four movies, which included Thor at Raleigh Manhattan Beach Studio on the Marvel website.

    Im sure Marvel won’t even notice that you are posting information that they already posted.

    • So what if it’s not a SCOOP?
      What’s your point, Steven?
      So what if Marvel “won’t even notice” that OLV posted the info on Thor? And who really cares if they already posted the info.
      I won’t be surprised if the tipster who e-mailed Christine the info on Thor—works for Marvel.

  2. I didn’t mean to stir up a controversy, I actually thought the name thing was kind of (more) interesting since I couldn’t find any other reference to it but I’m admittedly not an expert on the world of Marvel either.


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