Brittany Murphy was set to film in Atlanta next month

brittnay murphy

Brittany Murphy was set to begin filming a new movie in Atlanta next month before her untimely death on Sunday. Murphy was slated to play the title character in the romantic comedy, “Shrinking Charlotte”, about a woman who falls for her shrink.

According to, the production was supposed to begin filming in January, though executive producer Michael Gordon said he had had second thoughts about casting the actress after hearing accounts of what happened on the set of “The Caller”. Gordon had planned to replace Murphy until she called him last week and explained how much she wanted the part. “She said she wanted to do it,” Gordon said. “She said she was looking forward to it.”

Reportedly, Murphy told Gordon that the “Caller” recasting was a result of a situation involving her husband — he was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital in November — and the director decided to keep her on. Gordon felt for the actress and decided that an actress on a “downhill skid” couldn’t afford to be dropped from a second film and therefore would be dedicated to the part.

Currently, “Shrinking Charlotte” is on hold while investors figure out whether or not to replace Murphy and move forward with the film.

The exact cause of death is still unknown and Murphy’s autopsy reports may not come back for months. Preliminary reports were inconclusive.The actress was only 32 years old.


  1. I am still totally shocked at her sudden death. She was an amazing actress and in my opinion very underrated! Once more a star who never really got to shine.


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