Filming Locations in L.A. and NYC for 12.22.09

Ninja Rush is filming at Chick Hern Ct and Figueroa St/Georgia St in Los Angeles.

Broken Kingdom is filming at 901 E 1st St in Los Angeles.

Black Swan is filming at Purchase College again.

Salt is filming at Grumman Studios in Long Island.

Most TV shows are on hiatus until at least January 4th but if you know of any movies filming or celeb events we don’t have listed, please email us at, thanks!


  1. SALT reshoots: Anybody know if they are also filming reshoots in NYC, or just in the Gruman studio?
    Also- Are these reshoots the result of test screening results???

    Thank You and Happy Holidays to all.

  2. Det Movie Buff i think it’s some additional scenes and not reshoots. When Chiwetel Ejiofor was promoting 2012 he talked about having still some scenes to do with Jolie.

  3. What is with all these Angelina haters?????

    I thought this would be a positive site about locations not full of negative comments!
    The movie does not come out till July, plus they are shooting additional scenes not reshoots. Also Mr & Mrs Smith, Wanted has reshoots/ additional scenes and made TONS of money

    • This IS a positive site with mostly great location information. Unfortunately, things are slow right now and I think we picked up a troll with nothing better to do. I think it’s only one person using different names though, because the avatar design is exactly the same in both posts and those are unique to each email address, I believe. Just ignore them and they’ll go away.

  4. James Cameron was tweaking Avatar up til its release date. Films have reshoots to fine tune scenes IF the studio feels it would be money well spent. So you can conclude that the studio feels perfecting SALT is worth the extra expense.

  5. It takes many months to put a film together in post production and I suspect the SALT reshoots were the result of a preliminary review after initial editing. I don’t think they would have a film ready for test screening so soon considering all the VFX work that needs to be done — and probably not yet finished at this stage. They’re probably just smoothing out the narrative and maybe tweaking the action scenes.

  6. I just posted Wed’s location for Salt (same as Tues, Grumman)- its the only one I have for the 23rd.

    This will probably be my last filming location post until Dec.28th as I doubt anything will be filming until then.

    If anyone does happen to have any location info before then, please leave a comment here.

    I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

  7. I don’t have any locations for tomorrow, I’m guessing everything’s off until Monday, so I’m taking some time off too. 🙂 If anyone has any tips for the next few days please leave them here. If you have a tip for next week or beyond please email it to me at I probably won’t be checking FB, Twitter, etc much so email’s best.
    Merry Christmas!!

  8. Christine, there’s a new Bollywood film that will begin filming in NYC on Monday and probably through January. If you have any leads on their whereabouts, please post them!

    I’m not sure what production company or what working title, they’re using but everyone please keep a lookout.


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