James Cameron F-Bombs Autograph Seeker at LAX

If you ever get chewed out by James Cameron while asking for an autograph, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The Avatar director had a few choice words for an autograph seeker on Christmas Eve, calling the guy a “f**king a**hole” during an argument over the signature at LAX. James walked past the man who was holding an Avatar poster and refused to sign it. When the man asked a second time, Cameron told him, “I don’t owe you a f**king signature … just get out of my f**king personal space.”

That’s when the “fan” came back with, “I’m an asshole because I ask someone I admire for their autograph that makes me an a**hole? I make $15-an-hour at work to go see your film and I’m an a**hole?”


I received quite a bit of what I’ll call “dislike mail” (since hate seems like such a strong word) over this post and do agree with everyone who pointed out this person probably wasn’t actually a fan, but was more likely an autograph seller who just wanted his signature so they could turn around and sell it on Ebay. It is also likely they were trying to get a rise out of Cameron for TMZ’s camera…and it worked.

In Cameron’s defense, one of our readers sent some very kind words about him, saying that he “signed for every single person at his star ceremony.” If you have a picture with James Cameron or a positive story about meeting the director, we’d love to hear about it and would be happy to publish it. Let us know at olv@onlocationvacations.com.


  1. TMZ is the most sleazy tabloid out there. Hmmm. What a coincidence. There just happens to be this “fan” there who just happens to have an Avatar poster just as Cameron happens to be getting off a plane and at the same time ….. well guess what. TMZ was there too with their cameras. TMZ is reporting this same story with other celebrities. It was totally staged the way it always is when celebrities get upset with these people. This tabloid knows that drama sells. I wouldn’t be surprised if the “fan” deliberately provoked Cameron in order to get exactly this result.

  2. This shit happens all the time and it’s terrible. You’ve got bitter opportunists trying to make $$$ by pissing a guy off.
    Cameron is really cool to his fans, and works really hard on his films.

  3. I got another email form an anon reader who also had some kind words about James Cameron:

    “I’d like to say that James Cameron did indeed sign up a storm last week… He actually signed for me coming out of the Premiere of Avatar at the Chinese theater on his way to the after party. He also signed for a friend of mine that waited outside BESOs. While he is known to be a hot tempered person…the media has really slandered the incident. That actual person that was asking him at LAX is an autograph SELLER, and Cameron actually did sign for him…when he exited the afterparty of Avatar at the Hollywood and Highland Center…and didn’t sign at that particular time, two to three guys chased his car (on foot) to the nearby Rooservelt Hotel….and that guy with the hat in the video actually got Cameron to sign something in the Lobby that night..

    These are the kind of guys that RUIN it for fans like myself that actually keep the signed autographs that I get…. also, TMZ didn’t film inside of the baggage area which I know they already asked inside…and then went outside again to ask again as he exited…”


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