Mel Gibson Film Sparks Protest in Mexico

Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster on the set of ''The Beaver'' Shooting in the Bronx

Mel Gibson is returning to Veracruz, Mexico, where Apocalypto was filmed, for his next movie. But, as of yet, no details about the film, not even a title, are known.

According to Gov. Fidel Herrera, part of the Ignacio Allende prison will be emptied to accommodate the filming of the project, a move that had some family members protesting outside the jail on Monday.

The protesters were demanding that the planned transfer of inmates not be moved up to an earlier date. The demonstrators claimed authorities were planning to move up the transfer of the 1,000 inmates at the facility to the end-of-year holidays before a new prison is opened to replace the current penitentiary.

More than 300 relatives of inmates at the Ignacio Allende prison demanded the move wait until the new jail is opened so the prisoners won’t have to be taken to penitentiaries far from their places of origin before they are permanently moved to the new facility.

“Mel Gibson, it’s your fault they want to take our family away,” one of the protesters’ signs read.

Others bore the messages “Don’t take them away, please. They’re not animals” and “No transfers. Respect for families”.

The movie is scheduled to begin filming in early January.


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