2010: Music for a Healthy New You

Taylor Momsen Exercising
Taylor Momsen Exercising

The new year has already been set in motion with resolutions of a healthier lifestyle.  Although it’s still the first week on 2010, we want to make sure you have everything you need to keep your goals, including the music that will keep you moving.

We’ve compiled an upbeat list of songs that will keep every step you take in beat.  The best part about these songs is that they kept the suspense moving on your favorite CW shows.

3:33 Do the Panic – Phantom Planet

Do the Panic by Phantom Planet is the perfect song to get your momentum started.  In season 1 of Gossip Girl, “Desperately Seeking Serena”, everyone is caught doing the panic as they rush to prepare for the SATs.

3:08 Don’t Slow Down – Matt & Kim

The title says it all, Don’t Slow Down!  In season 3 of Gossip Girl, “Reversals Of Fortune”, Serena rides off on a horse with Carter Baizen in pursuit at the van der Bilt Foundation Charity Polo Match.

5:41 Open Your Eyes – Snow Patrol

In the extended promo for the first season of Gossip Girl, Open Your Eyes introduces us to the Humphrey’s.  Dan mentions how Rufus was recently listed as 1 of the top 10 forgotten bands of the 90s and Jenny calls Dan out for obsessing over Serena’s return tot he Upper East Side.  While Blair denies Serena an invitation to the “Kiss on the Lips” party, Serena turns down Nate declaring Blair as her best friend and she’s not going to interfere. Talk about moving a plot along, there’s no doubt this song will keep you moving too.

5:28 Kids- MGMT

The lyrics are all about pacing yourself in life and it definitely applies to running.  In season 2 of Gossip Girl, “The Grandfather”, this song plays in the background during the Vanderbilt’s annual family touch football game.  This forward thinking song perfectly matches Vanessa and Maureen’s, Tripp’s fiance, discussion of the next 30 years of Vanderbilt’s and politics.

3:09 Starstrukk – 30H3!

Time to pump up your run with a song that’s all about the body.  Starstrukk plays in the background of Vampire Diaries, “Friday Night Bites”, when Elena, Caroline, and the other cheerleaders work on their cheer for the big game.  Keep on pushing through!

Over 20 minutes of pure momentum.  In case some of these songs are new to you, you can find them on the OLV music playlist.  Don’t be surprised if you find a few more that might be perfect to add to your new exercise music collection.


  1. Thanks for this collection. I think I am one of the biggest fans of music as a phenomenon. Despite the fact that I do not know how to play any musical instrument (although there have been attempts to kill my fingers on the guitar) I constantly listen to music anywhere. If I walk, then I wear headphones, if in the car, then I listen to the radio or records. I have over a thousand songs on my phone and I just enjoy each one. Now I will have a personal selection of songs for sports, for which I would like to thank you and this publication. Now there is music for every occasion in life.


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