Twilight Cast, U2 Among Worst Autograph Signers


Hounds TV recently released their list of best and worst autograph signers that passed through Canada in 2009.

Some of the best included George Clooney, The Jonas Brothers for “routinely stepping outside their hotel to greet fans and sign autographs”, and the cast of Twilight, especially Robert Pattinson who would sign “for the fans gathering at the filming locations after he had shot (New Moon) all day and night.”

But, the Twilight cast also made it onto the list of worst signers since their autograph signing habits seemed to change for the worse between filming New Moon in the spring and Eclipse in the fall. U2 also made the list of worst signers (which didn’t surprise us since they didn’t want to sign for us either in 2009) as did Britney Spears. You can see the full list of the best and the worst here.


  1. I never had any trouble to get autographs signed by U2.
    I even got one from Larry in 2006. One just has to ask nicely and be calm.
    If you freak out or start being aggressive they’ll leave.
    The members of U2 probably scan people nowadays, to make sure it’s really fans who ask them for an autograph. Too much stuff later turns up on ebay and they understandably don’t like that.

    • its totally possible they are trying to avoid Ebayers and that’s why they don’t sign as much. We have something we’ve been trying to get signed by all four of them- or any one of them- and have tried literally 8 or 9 times with no luck but I will say that there are always a lot of autograph sellers around when we’ve waited. I’ve seen a ton of videos of them signing all over the place for fans but the best we’ve gotten is a wave. 🙂 There’s always this summer I guess…

  2. I think after what happened to Rob on the set of Remember Me security probably felt it was better not to encourage the fans too much by being so available. You can tell he appreciates the fans but sometimes they are a bit over zealous.

  3. Britney is notoriously hard to get, she rarely signs.
    If she wouldn’t have made it through her breakdown hers would of been worth untold amounts, it already gets a pretty fair price.

  4. I find it interesting on both HoundsTV & here that people seem to say “I found so & so nice/bad” as an arguing point to whoever posts the list.

    One encounter a list doesnt make IMO.
    I have met Bono several times, always class….except last time I saw him. I would certainly not call him a bad signer because of 1 poor experience. People can change, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Just because someone was cool or a prick to you several years ago, doesnt mean they still are that way. Sometimes, people have a bad day. I dont think you can judge them on 1 encounter.

    His list is IMO, a relatively decent list…not totally exact, because he uses Toronto as primarily the ONLY source, but says “thru Canada”. But still decent. Some of the worst signers deserve it, some of the best deserve it. A couple others I cant comment on, and a couple maybe changed since last time I saw them. My list would be slightly different, mostly because I had different interactions with some & didnt meet others. His title should have said “in Toronto” & just not included the Twilight cast on either case (unless he graded them on their merits at the MuchMusic events or TIFF appearances).

  5. I have never had an issue getting Bono or Edge to sign. It’s been sometime but Bono has always gone out of his way to sign autographs.
    He has even gone out of his way in the past to get a trespasser that the hotel had thrown in jail out and paid for his bail. U2 will always sign and chat!!


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