Most Vancouver-Based TV Shows Will Take A Hiatus During The Winter Olympics

Though filming has slowed slightly in Vancouver since the holidays, there are still several TV shows in production around the city, like Fringe and Smallville. But, come Feb. 12, most of those shows will go on a two week hiatus to make room for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

One show that isn’t being deterred by the games is Human Target, which will continue its filming schedule through the Olympics.

Unlike most Vancouver-based TV series, Human Target will continue filming throughout next month’s Winter Olympics. Most productions are scheduled to take a two-week hiatus during the Feb. 12-28 Winter Games.

Human Target stars Mark Valley as private contractor and bodyguard-for-hire, aptly named Christopher Chance, who assumes the identity of clients whose lives have been threatened. The show debuted on Fox last night to an audience of 10.1 million viewers.



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