Filming Locations for 1.22.10 in L.A. & NYC including ’30 Rock’ & ‘CSI: NY’

Here’s a look at a few movie and TV filming locations for today. If you know of any others, you can let us know about them at

Los Angeles Locations:

CSI: Miami: 202 W. 1st St

CSI: New York: 544 Mateo St

Brothers and Sisters: 200 N. Spring St

Warren the Ape: 1811 N. Raymond Ave, Pasadena

New York Area Locations:

Bollywood Movie (Anjaana/Anjaani): Prince Street, NYC, 7pm – midnight (Thanks Noreen!)

30 Rock: Filming at/near Rockefeller Plaza (afternoon shoot)

Law & Order: CI: 26th & 6th, NYC (Thanks Trinytweets!)

HBO’s Boardwalk Empire: Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Staten Island (Thanks Tom!)

Mercy: Filming at Ma’s Munchies Diner in Newark, NJ (Thanks Mary!)

Black Swan (Natalie Portman): Purchase College


Earthbound (starring Kate Hudson): Ochsner Kenner Hospital, Kenner, LA (Thanks Jay!)


  1. Gossip Girl is in studio as far as I know. SVU too.

    Also, I retweeted a message yesterday that Henry’s Crime was wrapping yesterday in Tarrytown, if anyone knows otherwise, please let us know!

  2. Someone advised me to check Wed posting for time of Extraordinary Measures premiere but no time was listed. As it turned out your “tip” was bad as actual location was SVA studio on 23 St. Not much of a view anyway as they stuck us peons behind the paparrazzis.

    • The original tip came from this link which I added in the upcoming events calendar:
      I think people assumed the premiere would be held at the Cinema Society based on the info in the link above and I am sure it was an honest mistake if people were posting more info in the comments about the premiere being held on 78th St. (The link says A Cinematic Society premiere, it doesn’t come out and say it would be at the Cinematic Society but even I assumed it would be there –which I think is where the 78th St location came from, I think that’s where their offices are.)
      The tipster who originally sent me that tip has sent me at least two dozen other tips that have been accurate so I am sure it was just an honest mix up and I apologize if anyone was offended or upset. We all do the best we can to find info that is very hard to find, and, unfortunately, once in a while there is some confusion.

    • Sucks… I’m a huge fan of Ford and couldn’t get out there (which would have been the wrong location anyway) but apparently it turns out the premiere was a cinema society sponsored event that didn’t actually take place at the cinema society. How’d you figure it out?

      • I was taking photos of Ford at the Late Show and guy next to me told me about it. A lot of info on the premieres are spread by word of mouth. I noticed over the last year or two even studios won’t tell you where the premieres are. I find that a bit odd as you would think they would want MORE publicity, not less.

    • They are keeping a very tight lid on any info regarding the location of this telethon. The press release that went out to the media states that due to production needs and venue sizes, all venue locations will be closed to the media, and all photos, videos and interviews will be serviced to news outlets immediately following the event. Obviously, they don’t want media or fans at the venue.

  3. So how is the bollywood movie filming both on Prince St and Front St? Can anyone who spots them please let us know where it actually is? Thanks!

  4. Thanks for that Angela. If you are there, can you let me know if any filming is going on? I’m confused now as to whether they are at Wall St or Prince St. I’ll be leaving to visit the set after 6pm.

  5. Tonight’s telethon is being broadcast from Kaufmann Astoria Studios in Astoria, Queens. They just finished doing a story on it on Channel 2, CBS.

  6. I’m going to be near prince soon so if I find put any info John I will be posting it on my Twitter maggyidk. I can meetup with you if you want.

  7. Annie. Thanks for the telethon Tip. I’ll send some pictures to Christine when I get home.
    It is 10:53. The tracks for 30 rock are still there.
    Have a good night everyone.

    • TV shows do not film on weekends, only movies, sometimes, if they’re on a different workweek schedule, like Wed. thru Sun. There’s not much shooting in the city at the moment, except for the Bollywood film, which does shoot on the weekends.

  8. Here’s a video clip from the last day of shooting Keanu Reeves’ movie “Henry’s Crime” in Tarrytown, NY. They filmed scenes from a theatre play at the Tarrytown Music Hall, which is celebrating its 125 years anniversary these days. At the end or the clip Keanu wishes the TMH a happy birthday. Cute!

  9. PS: Forgot to mention that they’ve now moved to a location in Long Island for the last week of filming Henry’s Crime. My guess is that they’ll film some jail scenes at Nassau.

    • Thanks for the clip and info- maybe I’ll add in a separate post if I have a chance.

      Have you heard anything about them returning to Buffalo? I spoke to someone in Buffalo a few weeks ago and he told me they were scheduled to come back before they wrapped but maybe things have changed, just curious since I actually don’t live that far away from Buffalo.

  10. Apparently the Bollywood movie is filming today during the day time, (see below), but I don’t know where. If anyone has any idea, please post.

    Priyanka ( the actress) said in an interview last night after news that she won an aware – “I have a shoot tomorrow morning. So I just want to sleep right now so that I wake up fresh. I will be in a mood for celebration, but the shooting will definitely happen…”

    • They interviewed one of the stars of the movie at the Knicks game last night, and he said they’ve another week to go in NYC, then they’re off to Vegas.


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