Filming Locations for 1.28.10 including Gossip Girl, Rescue Me & Earthbound

Here’s a look at a few filming locations for movies and TV shows filming around the country today. All of our information is provided by fans for fans! So if you know of an upcoming filming location you’d like to share, please let us know at!

Los Angeles:

CSI Miami: 202 W. 1st St, Los Angeles.

Important Things with Demetri Martin
: 1360 E 6th St, Jesse St, Mateo St – Santa Fe Ave & Industrial St, Mateo St – Mill St, Los Angeles.

The Forgotten: 307 S Broadway & 252 S Hill, Los Angeles.


It’s Kind of a Funny Story: Filming at the Bed Sty Y (Bedford/Monroe) Brooklyn NY. (Thanks Deirdre!)

Law and Order
: Filming at the courthouses in downtown Manhattan.

Rescue Me
: Remsen & Clinton Sts in Brooklyn Heights (Thanks to mattapter!)

Gossip Girl: Ingraham and Gardener, Brooklyn (Thanks Rachel!)

Law and Order: Criminal Intent: E 12th and University Place, NYC.

New Orleans:

Earthbound (starring Kate Hudson): Filming at Canal St and N. Robertson, New Orleans, LA. (Thanks Jay!)


Fringe: The old library in Lynn Valley (Vancouver). (Thanks to @fringewatch who foudn the info via Twitter!) Discuss everything filming in Vancouver here.

Please also check out our Upcoming Events & Filming Locations Calendar in the side column too. We have more information for today’s locations as well as locations and movie premieres for the rest of the week!


  1. Here are a bunch of other locations in LA that either I don’t know what they are or I couldn’t confirm:

    Half Pint Brawlers: 740 S Broadway, Los Angeles
    The Butterfly Room: 333 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles.
    Shameless: 757 S. La Brea Ave, Los Angeles (I think this is a new TV series)
    Happy: 615 S Broadway; Broadway from 6th St – 7th St, Los Angeles.
    Sisterhood: Little 6th St. & Mesquite S, Los Angeles

  2. Just a few more things:

    BLACK SWAN is still at Purchase, should be wrapping up tomorrow I think.

    I’ve gotten a bunch of emails about HENRY’S CRIME asking if they are filming in Long Island, has anyone had any luck finding them?

    What about LOVE DON’T LET ME DOWN? Any word whether that is in fact filming on Broadway in Nashville? – Got an email on that yesterday but couldn’t find any more on that either (it was all over Twitter last week and Monday)

    There are two big events today in the upcoming events calendar: Hasty Pudding in Boston and the From Paris with Love Premiere in NYC. Check it out for more info.

    Finally, if anyone has any set pics they want to share, please send them to us at or join our new social network at and you can add them there too. (the .me tab up top works too)

  3. Its snowing so much out, i wanted to go to GG but with this weather i doubt they’d stop for fans or anything… anything info on tomorrow?

    But let us know whats going on today on set, maybe ill stop by regardless of the snow (:

  4. Can someone please post here once they find out where the after party for the From Paris with Love NYC Premiere is going to be?

  5. Hey guys…i found out the From Paris with Love premiere tonight….its at the Clearview Zeigfiel on 54th st. at 7:30

    all stars are suppossed to be in attendance


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