‘Remember Me’ to Premiere in NYC on March 1st

Gossip Cop is reporting that the premiere of “Remember Me,” starring Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, and Pierce Brosnan, will take place in NYC on March 1st, but no exact location is provided.

They also explain why the premiere is happening so soon. “Generally, premieres are closer to the film’s release date, but because Pattinson is working on “Bel Ami” in Europe and can’t go back and forth, “Remember Me” will have it’s big red carpet at the same time he’s doing its press junket in the Big Apple.”

If you have any information regarding the venue for the premiere or after-party, please let us know in a comment below!  Of course, if we get more details, we’ll keep you posted!

UPDATE: Check out the link in the comments below, it looks like the premiere may be held at the Paris Theatre, 4 West 58 Street New York NY 10019. (Thanks Tina!)


  1. Good question ! I’d like to know also ’cause I could be there this time around =D So, I really need to know this info. Thanks !

  2. Yes I would like to know as well!! As I will also be heading to NY for the same reason, to TRY to get a look at Rpatts!! Please let me know ASAP!!

  3. THANKS!! Im So in for the Party, my friend and I are going down Sunday for a couple days to try to sneek a peak at him!! WE NEED to find the after party!!! My eyes and ears are searching!!

  4. So excited! I know he is going to be taping for the Jimmy Fallon show around 5pm–the taping usually lasts an hour (I have tix to this!!!!) And he is supposed to be heading straight to the premiere after the taping. I’d like to go to the premiere as well, but I’m sure it will be super crowded by the time we leave the Jimmy Fallon taping. Hmmmm….any word on the after party? Like we’d actually be able to get in!!! Don’t forget he’ll be on the View the next morning so he probably won’t hang out too late!

    • Hi – I was just wondering when tickets were made available for RP’s upcoming appearance on Jimmy Fallon? Do you think there are any more tickets left for this taping? Any response would be appreciated. Thanks!

      • As far as I know, the tickets are sold out (technically they’re free..but there aren’t any left) I simply called NBC and requested them. I was lucky enough to get them before they announced that Rob was going to be a guest. Pure luck on my part!!! Here is the contact # just in case:

        Good luck!

        • Lisa you are really great for sharing your information. I really do appreciate it too. FYI Rog is also going to be on the The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I just found out. Of course tickets sold out. I asked this morning if you go and get tickets on standby and she said no they do that. I was surprised. Pls keep us posted if u hear of anythig else and I will do the same. I will be starting my journey Monday am by going to the morning show

    • Hi

      Just wondering. How did u get tickets? I have been trying but not such luck. I got tickets for Wed. Damn, I am planning to go to the premiere too. Just hope its not cold or snowing like today. I saw Leo Dicapro last week in NYC for his premiere and it was soooo cold. Got some good pics.

      Have fun. It would be nice if all the girls did meet up and we all get to see him or even better meet him.


  5. For the after party u have to know someone to get in they aren’t going to sell tickets to random people. That is what they did with the New Moon premiere and it turned out to be great. So sorry to crush everyones dream of going to the after party because you can’t just walk in either. So on that note on eBay someone is selling one premiere ticket and one after party for (last time I checked) $3,550.00. Hope this info helped 🙂

  6. for both the premiere and afterparty, not just anybody can get in. it’s about who you know. the theater itself is a pretty crappy place to have a “red carpet premiere,” knowing rob’s fanbase and space needed. and for you guys planning to just walk into the afterparty, good luck. even during the new moon nyc premiere the internet had the wrong venue for the afterparty.

  7. great you found the after party location…but as i’ve and (its me) said before not anyone an get in you have to know people…so great you know the location but with out a ticket to get in (which they dont sell you have toknow people) your not getting in. Sorry 🙁

    • I know, I know. I don’t have any expectations of getting in. It’s just nice to know where he’ll be. Maybe I’ll see him walking in, maybe he’ll walk right past me, maybe I’ll get an autograph. Who knows what can happen?

  8. Here’s a tip. Most actors are extremely uncomfortable watching themselves onscreen, especially in a theater full of people. They walk the red carpet, do the interviews and enter the theater. After people are seated, a lot of them will slip out and wait somewhere else, then slip back in before the end, or not come back at all. I’ve seen this happen at the Paris. Stars have gone over to the Plaza, even when the after party was not there. I would suggest hanging out on the 58th St. side of the Plaza, where you can see the Paris. They will most likely come across the street and enter on the side entrance of the Plaza, but you’re still close enough to the main entrance if they go in that way. Of course with his popularity, and the number of fans that will probably be there, who knows what they might do.

  9. Hey Tina how come I can’t open that link you posted, says I have to be invited to read the blog?? And for the sake of you and me and the others, Im on your side, How cool would it be Just to SEE him?? Is there anything wrong with HOPE? Maybe we will meet? Im going and stay at the park central hotel!!

    • Usually the guests walk in from one of the 2 entrances at the nbc studio building ….and then the leave from the garage. I’m going to be honest if its tons of people outside there going to go through the garage both ways.

    • Yes they will probably garage the cars in and out if there tons of people for sure.

      Lucky enough for me I have press pass for the Movie Premiere so I get the good shots! So dont have to worry about the tv shows but I’ll be around for the morning shows for sure

  10. Fallon has multiple entrances and celeb guests usually garage it so u can’t even see them! I waited for channing tatum by fallon and no one saw him come or go!?!?? And if u go wait by fallon, u will lose any chance of getting a good spot by premiere. U know people will camp out!!

    • I went to Fallon a few weeks ago and saw Rosario Dawson come out the side door. Granted, she is no where near as popular as Rob, and there were only about 15-20 people waiting…but still. I feel like Rob is going to leave the Fallon show early to make his way over to the premiere, especially if arrivals are at 6:15! I didn’t get out of Fallon until around 6::45 last time. He’ll probably just leave right after his segment rather than staying on stage the entire time. HMMMMM…I really want to go to the premiere, BUT- I’m sure it will be crowded as hell. OH WELL> There is always The View and the Jon Stewart show.

  11. i dont remember the exact location of the paris thearter but their will b a baricad directly across the street, my friend isnt going to school so shes going early and shes going save me a spot in the front so we can meet them.the actors of the films will be comeing across the street to meet and greet their fans.
    going after school hope you all can make it if possible.
    the paris thearter is on the block of 5th avenue and is a block away from the metropolitain museum of art

    • Oh really? Cool I was wondering whether or not the red carpet would be outside or not. Glad there’s a place for fans too given the small space of where the theater is located.

    • The Paris is nowhere near the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is on West 58th St. b/w 5th and 6th Aves. next door to Bergdorf-Goodman and across the street from the Plaza Hotel. At the premiere for It’s Complicated, they set up a press tent across the street from the theater in Grand Army Plaza where they walked all the celebs thru for interviews and pics. No fans allowed in the tent, only press with pre-assigned passes. The barricades were about 10 ft away from the tent, keeping everyone near the fountain in the plaza and extending all the way into the street in front of the Plaza Hotel. A couple of the stars came out to the barricades and shook hands with some of the fans briefly, but that was it.

  12. Anyone planning to stand outside of any other shows?

    Here is the schedule….Am I missing anything?

    Monday- The Today Show
    Monday- Jimmy Fallon
    Monday- The premiere

    Tuesday- The View
    Tuesday- The Jon Stewart show (what time does taping begin?

    • Hi Lisa

      Yes I plan on doing that. Hey if your going to maybe we can meet up out side. I plan to hit the 3 places on monday. I took off from work for this so I do hope I can finally meet him and get great pics. I saw him over the summer but he was kinda far away. I had seen him out side the silver cup studio in Astoria when he was filming this movie. He came out of the studio to smoke. I got some pic of emily too. She came out too to smoke.

      • Hey everyone , love all these posts , keeps me up to date with all my rob patty’s needs 🙂

        I would love to meet up with someone and maybe go to the view and the premiere together, as some ppl said its nearly impossible see him arriving or leaving the nbc studio for the jimmy fallon show.
        plz let me know 🙂

        • Hi Jenny & Michelle-

          I have tickets to Jimmy Fallon so I don’t know if I’ll even be able to go to the premiere b/c of time constraints. We’ll see though. The today show is sooo super early. I think you’d have to get there by 6am if not earlier. He did come out to greet the guests in November though–so maybe he’ll do it again?? Not sure if I’m going to do the View…I heard ther is like no way of seeing him. I know nothing about Jon Stewart (the possibility of seeing Rob that is) Any thoughts?



  13. The entrance to the View is a gated security booth . . . Cars drive in and out so pretty much NO chance to see Rob.
    Does anyone know what Jon Stewart is like??? Any chance for seeing Rob coming in or out???

  14. Only 500 wrist bands available for the premiere tonight. No one else will be let in. Go to the Paris Theatre for wrist bands!

    • I think they’re giving them out now. Someone on the other thread said you have to enter by 3:00pm and she has 3 wristbands if someone wants one.

  15. just sharing my awful story..waited 4 hours infront of the paris theater to see the back of his head as he was rushed inside the theater

  16. Just sharing my story too, waited 6 hours, got lucky and a security guy took 20 of us behind the red carpet, we were behind the transparent curtain, so not very good for picture but we were very close to Rob who smiled and waved at us. We waited until they came out and so run running to the plaza he was all smile! So georgous!

  17. Ok Just wanted to share my experiance with you all!! Since I just got home from NYC!! I had an AMAZING Time!! We started off by heading to the today show, where we not only got to see Rob in person, but we also made it on TV !! We were in the background of his interview the whole time and They even did a close up of us at one point during the interview!! TOO COOL!! So after the Today show, we decided to head down to theater to see if anything was going on there, and lucky enough we were given wristbands to come back at 2pm and stand and wait for Rob to come to the Red carpet!! The time actually went by pretty fast for 4hrs, I think anyways!! It was kinda neat to see them set up! But when Rob did finally arrive everyone whet nuts, and why not, he’s ROBERT PATTINSON!! But after he did the red carpet we found out that we would be the first group he would come over and do autographs for!! I was FLOORED!! When he came out, the Papparazzi were CRAZY!! Which I kinda think ruined my experiance because it all happend in a blink of an eye!! But I did get my pics signed and he was very good about all of it!! I really think he is going to be a great actor, he’s really a shy but patient and gracious guy to deal with all of us fans!! On a side note Kristen Stewart showed up to support her man which I loved!! and she didnt stop for interviews which I think was also good in a way because it wasn’t about her, and that showed some class!! I think she may have signed some autographs on her way into the theater. But my whole reason for going to NYC was JUST to get a look at him, I never imagined any of this!! And I would DEF do it again!!

  18. Well- since you all shared–I thought I would too. We went over to the Paris around 1pm–got wristbands to stand by the red carpet. Had tix to Jimmy Fallon- saw the show which was good, but the interview was SOOO short! In any case- it was great to see him in person. Rushed over the premiere around 6:30 after the show. We actually took a bike cab over which was hysterical!! Since the streets were closed down b/c of the premiere, we were able to drive down the street right in front of the theater and red carpet!!! Everyone was staring at us it was too funny!!! ANWYWAY- we got out and were able to get a good spot to stand even though it was late. We saw Rob leave the red carpet tent and saw him sign autographs–unfortunately- he didn’t come to our side of the street. : ( we were on the corner of the plaza and across from the theater. We waited for the premiere to be over in the FREEZING cold wind b/c all the paparazzi were still there–we figured something must be going on. All the guards kept telling us to leave that there was a “secret tunnel” from the paris to the plaza and that he wouln’t be coming out–but since the pap’s were there–we stayed. Since so many of us stayed- the security decided to pen us up behind the gates. They totally tricked us though b/c Rob’s bodyguard kept on coming out walking up and down the street to the main enterance of the plaza and as this was happening- Rob actually left the side door of the Paris and walked down the street where no one was to get to the plaza side door. Suddenly everyone noticed and starting running like crazy lunatics!! I was one of them too!! I did get a quick pic as he walked by me! KStew was right behind him. Was it worth standing in 30 degree weather and blistering cold wind for a split second encounter? I’m not sure. Yeah, I guess it was. Hopefully he’ll be back in NYC for Eclipse promos!!


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