OLV Ice Breaker Contest

OLV Ice Breaker ContestDETAILS: Become a featured OLV.me member! All it takes to get noticed is an interesting story. Use the survey below to tell us about your celebrity experiences from last year and you’ll automatically be entered for the chance to have the spotlight on you. The more interesting your responses, the better your chances. Don’t forget to post photos from your 2009 excursions to help get you noticed.

We’ll also be posting some honorable mentions.

DEADLINE: FEB 19th, 2010.

DIRECTIONS: Just copy and paste the form below into a new blog entry on OLV.me. Try to fill out as many answers that relate to your 2009 experience.  Finally,  don’t forget the title.

TITLE: 2009 Celebrities: A Year in Review


IN 2009…


Celebrities You Met

Which movie/tv sets did you visit?
How many celebrities did you meet?
Who did you meet?
Who was the nicest celebrity?
Which celebrity shrugged you off?
Did you take pictures with anyone?
Who took the best photo?
Whose photo came out the worst?
Did you get any autographs?
Who had the nicest signature?
Which set crew was the friendliest?
Which set crew made life miserable?

Close Encounters

Did you come across any celebrities by pure luck?
Did you miss meeting any celebrities because of bad timing?
Which celebrity did you wish you had made more of an effort to meet?

You & Your Friends

Did you travel (vacation style) to meet any celebrities?
Did you go to any conventions?
Did you skip work or class to meet anyone?
What was the longest you waited to meet a celebrity?
What was the worst weather you had to deal with?
Did you go alone to meet a celebrity?
Which friends accompanied you? (They deserve a shout out!)

2010 Plans

Which celebs are a must see this year?
Are you planning on going to any conventions?



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