‘Bel Ami’ filming officially underway in London

'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' New York Screening

Several Robert Pattinson and Twilight fan sites are reporting that filming for Bel Ami is officially underway in London. Bel Ami stars Pattinson, Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci and Kristin Scott Thomas. According to E!, “He [Pattinson] is in every scene of [Bel Ami]”.

According to BelAmiFilm.com, “A source that wishes to remain anonymous has reported that Bel Ami is now filming interior scenes on location in London at various places, but not yet in a studio. Source explains, “some is being done on a set build at the end of the UK schedule.” As we previously reported, the London portion of filming is expected to wrap just before Easter. Per the script, the interior shots include a LOT of bedroom scenes, so Bel Ami is expected to be filming at various houses in London to accommodate different looks for these scenes. Bel Ami’s script also calls for interior scenes at a couple of churches and bars.”

Bel Ami Film also advises they will not post the exact filming locations for Bel Ami, but we will. If you have any information about where the movie is filming while in London that you’d like to share, email us at olv@onlocationvacations.com or leave a comment here.

Bel Ami is an adaptation of French writer Guy de Maupassant’s 1885 novel of the same name. Pattinson plays a Parisian journalist who gains power in the city through the manipulation of some very wealthy women.


  1. Do you really know the location of where they are filming!! omg i am a mega robsessed fan haha and im not afraid to say it! would you send me the location pretty please 😀

  2. If I were there, I know I’d love to see him too.

    I just worry that these distractions may really affect the actors’ concentration and the filming progress in general.

    There are huge expectations riding on Rob’s shoulders to be able to carry this film.

    He doesn’t need crazy distractions like the chaos around the set he had to deal with while filming Remember Me last summer.

    I would hope that the fans of Rob or any of the other actors/actresses will leave them in peace to film.

  3. God people…LET THE MAN WORK!! he doesn’t need fan girls distracting him. I’m sure the film crew and studio would not appreciate it either as it costs them millions of dollars and wastes time. They’re on a strict schedule….he doesn’t need another ‘remember me’ fiasco…

  4. I agree with Char. YOU GUY MAKE ME SICK…can you say stalker. There is a reason it remains private. Respect his privacy, your the reason he need bodyguards and the fact he can’t go out in Public. I’m going to come to your work with 30,000 screaming girls and 50 flashing cameras, see how you feel.

  5. Guys… I’m not being funny…. but this is all part of his job. Being in the public eye means that you will inevitably make fans and have people that want to ‘stalk’ you. Its just part and parcel of being an actor. Therefore, yes, the hundreds of screaming fans and cameras is not nice but everyone has down-sides to their job. Doctors don’t want to have to watch people die but unfortunately thats the job. So I don’t think its fair to be mean to people that want to witness the filming of Bel Ami

  6. I agree that famous people can expect to attract fans, but people need to be respectful of Rob and let him concentrate on his job.

    Emilie De Ravin said that the crowds of people were actually pretty distracting when they were filming Remember Me. I think if Rob’s acting is shaky in Remember Me, I am going to blame those people who made filming chaotic for everyone involved.

    I think that when a crowd of people get together to see their favorite star, they often act much less respectfully than they would in a different situation. There was a lot of mob-mentality mania last summer in NY.

    If people want to see him in person– and I know I’d want to– I hope that they are not hysteric and distracting like so many people were at the Remember Me set.

  7. Rob Pattinson isn’t the only actor who films movies. It’s quite odd that he’s the only one everyone is getting worked up over. Movies have been filming since the beginning of time with passer-byers stopping to watch in amazement the process of film making. If a lifetime of movies weren’t ruined by fans, Bel Ami should do fine. Just remember to be respectful of the cast and crew and you’ll get respect in return.

  8. OMG GUYS stop saying
    “you make me sick”
    jeeze have you not seen robs face before! or maybe you just arn’t attracted to the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE
    if you dont want to know where hes filming but to make us feel bad for stalking him then get off here!

  9. oh dear lord. lottie, do you have no self respect?you sound ridiculous. if you want the guy to acknowledge you as a person and appreciate you as a fan as opposed to trying to avoid and run away from you as you crazily hunt him
    down, then may I suggest you treating HIM as a person? it really worries me that you’re happy to call yourself his stalker.

    i should probably add: i speak from experience.

  10. so sorry Em, forgive my morbid curiosity but were you the stalker or the stalkee? (obviously don’t say if you don’t want to)

  11. oh wow you guys chill out, celeb culture provides a huge amount of work and i would think that if actors/actresses wanted less screaming fans then theyv got into the wrong profession. I hope your not the deluded types who think that one day if you scream loud enough Robert Pattinson will come sweep you out of the crowd!
    If you want to be “Robsessed” then go for it, people have been screaming over celebrities for a long time and it creates great work for people like me 🙂 studio’s will adapt if they think filming will be disrupted by fan bases and for those of you who are all “respect him, he’s a person” i just want to say, you are most likely never going to get a chance to have a one on one that he will remember because think of all the other gals and guys out there who are trying to do the same as long as you arent threatening his life or something then i’d say your alright!
    All i’m saying is, ladies, you scream if you want too x

  12. hi guys, i was an extra in the film, we were filming in london, islington borough, st john street, i’ve seen him and ask the girls who were extras as well, to tell me what they thought, and they said that he looked better on tv ! but one thing is sure, uma looks better in real life !, trust me ! gorgeous !

  13. I like Rob, he is nice, sexy, funny… ok but he is an actor a person and not a toy you can grab. If you like him so much than respect him.

  14. No, I would like to. But wen I relay think about it I don’t see the point. He can not be your friend or something else, he is a actor and I like him, I love Twilight and his other work. I’m just saying that if you are a big fan it is ok to come to his premiers and to be there to ask him for a picture, but wen he is somewhere on the street it is stupid to chase him, to scream, to cray because what will you get whit that? He will just run in the other side. By respecting him he will respect you and if there would be a chance for you to talk to him he would do that I am convinced much sooner than to someone how is screaming, crying, chase him… because that is not normal behaving and it can be intimidating. I’m not mean but I think when he is filming and he can not be completely in his role because of screaming fans than your not respect him or his work because he will not notice you except the annoying noise.

  15. Bel Ami/Robert Pattinson filming location at Dorney Court 24th March
    I sent email to http://www.dorneycourt.co.uk and got: “Yes we had one day’s filming of Bel Ami on the 24th”! https://twitpic.com/1b4sm3
    First @NattyPonDeTrack twitted 24Mar:
    ~ OMFG My Mum Just Saw Rob Pattinson & Uma Thurman Filming Near Me I’m So Going Right Now :O Christina Ricci Is In This Movie Too :O
    Later replied to me:
    ~ @RobLovePatts Yes He Was Filming For Bel Ami! He Was Dressed In Victorian Clothes 😀 It Was In Dorney Court 😀

  16. thanks Sara!
    does anyone know if they are still filming here then? I thought they were going to Hungary?? Any ideas where they are now? Thanks to Anon (thank you!!!) I went to see filming at St Johns Street and unfortunately narrowly missed seeing the stars but I did get an extremely mini tour round the set which was great.


  17. according to several websites he is now filming in Budapest, I think somewhere near city centre. Flew out on ?Saturday I think. Anyway looks like they are shooting outside shots so Emily go down and let us know if you see him. check out ‘cullenboys’ website for more info

  18. Bel Ami moves from Budapest to countryside today in Hungary, Székesfehérvár cemetery/str.Palotai, historical Tihany at lake Balaton (Thanks Darja)


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