Monday’s Lot List: Find out what shows are on hiatus for President’s Day

Here’s a look at TV and movie filming locations for Monday, Feb. 15. For more information, be sure to check out out the upcoming filming locations and events calendar in the sidebar which is updated daily. If you have any tips you’d like to share about where a movie or TV show is filming, please email us at, thanks! And don’t forget to enter our Ice Breaker Contest by Feb. 19.

Most productions are off today for President’s Day. Here’s a list of locations we regularly cover that are on hiatus Monday, Feb. 15 but will be filming again on Tuesday.


30 Rock
Rescue Me
Gossip Girl
Law and Order
Law and Order: CI
Law and Order: SVU
Boardwalk Empire (new HBO series)
Ugly Betty
Black Swan (Natalie Portman movie) *WRAPPED*


Flash Forward
Criminal Minds
24 (Due to Kiefer’s surgery)
(And… many other TV shows that frequently film in studio are off today in L.A.)

Mission Dessert (reality show) does start filming today at 833 E 3rd St, Los Angeles.


Fringe – Due to Olympics


50 Cent is filming the trailer for Love Me, Love Me Not at Van Andel Arena 130 W Fulton St. Grand Rapids, MI. They still need extras too! Get the details here. (Thanks Jessica!)

Check back with us Tuesday morning to see where these and other projects are filming on location!


    • Anon- Thanks for the info re: signs. I heard yesterday from the source who has been providing us info all along that they were wrapped as of Fri.
      If you’re around there again would you mind checking it out for us? Maybe let us know if there are trailers, etc set up? I’d appreciate it!
      Thanks again!

    • If it’s still filming, I know that the morning set and afternoon set transitions around 1:30pm. Which means you should get there at 12ish to be safe. When I went I had just missed Mila and Natalie leaving and entering respectively. The crew seems really friendly too, parking isn’t bad either.

  1. Just want to let everyone know that something is filming from Tuesday 2/16- Friday 2/19 in Greenpoint …the sign says EMPEROR SORCERERS..and it also says SONY on it.

    not sure what it is! any ideas?

  2. Anyone have info on Vincent D’Onofrio filming Chlorine? I’m dying to meet him esp. since it’s close by in Wayne, NJ. When does filming wrap? DO they have any regular spots? Any info. would be appreciated. Thank you.

  3. Are Tom and Cameron filming Knight and Day again today in Malibu? Just saw a ton of pics on different site, but maybe they are old from last week?


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