Three new pilots set to film in Dallas

Not too many months ago, a reader emailed me and asked if anything was filming around Dallas. At there time, there was nothing but, things can change pretty quickly. Now, Dallas’s film industry is booming with three pilots shooting in the city this spring.

According to the Dallas Observer, there is already one pilot in production, FOX’s Code 58, the new Bradley Whitford-Colin Hanks police action comedy, which is scheduled to shoot in the city through July.

Jerry Bruckheimer is also set to shoot an NBC pilot, Chase, in the city next month. In the show, Jesse Metcalfe stars as a U.S. Marshal on the lookout for fugitives in the American Southwest. At the same time, FOX will begin production on a second series,
Midland, about “a polygamist man in the oil business who lives a double life.”

The network’s currently accepting crew applications for Midland via the Dallas Film Commission’s website.

ABC’s The Deep End was shot in Dallas earlier this year as well, but it doesn’t look like they’ll be back since its unlikely the show will be renewed for a second season.


  1. Do you have any contact information on the pilot “Chase” crew positions? I am a recent graduate from TCU film department looking for a position.


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