Wednesday Links: ‘Inception’ trailer, Angie filming in Paris, top ‘Lost’ locations & more headlines

Here’s a look at the trailer for Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio & Ellen Page. The movie was shot late last year in France, England, Canada and L.A. The Christopher Nolan-directed flick hits theaters July 16.

Angelina Jolie began shooting The Tourist at Place Colette in Paris yesterday. Brad and Shiloh were there to support her too. [Accidental Sexiness]

Sam Worthington and Jeffrey Dean Morgan will begin filming The Fields in Louisiana in April. The movie is based on the true story of more than 21 women and girls who have been reported missing along the Interstate 45 corridor in Galveston County, LA. [Galveston County Daily News]

Here’s a look at The Top 3 Lost locations n Hawaii: Kuoloa Ranch, Police Beach (where they just filmed last week), The “Other’s” Camp at YMCA Camp Erdman. [Go Visit Hawaii]

After holding open casting calls around the country, the Coen Brothers have finally cast their lead for True Grit. A virtual unknown, Hailee Steinfeld, has won the role of 14-year-old Mattie Ross in this remake of the John Wayne classic. [Variety]


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