Friday’s Lot List: Current Filming Locations in NYC & LA including ‘Gossip Girl’ and ‘Parks and Rec’

Hereโ€™s a look at TV and movie filming locations for Friday, Feb. 26 in L.A. & New York City. For more information, be sure to check out the Upcoming Filming Locations and Events Calendar in the sidebar which is updated daily.

Los Angeles:

The TNT series Dark Blue is filming at 590 S. Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles.

Parks & Recreation is filming at 880 La Loma Rd, Pasadena, CA.

NCIS: LA is filming at 581 N Arden Blvd, Los Angeles, 6:00 A.M. – 12:00 A.M.

Criminal Minds is filming on S Broadway Ave in downtown L.A. around W 11th St. (Thanks Amy!)

There are signs for something called Plushie filming at 2500 Signal St in San Pedro. Any ideas what this might be? (Thanks Chad!)

New York & Vicinity:

Gossip Girl is filming at the NY Public Library (5th Avenue & 42nd Street). (Thanks Tess, lacesy and Amanda!)

SVU is filming around E 115th St and 1 St Ave in Manhattan. (Thanks JC!)

HBO’s Boardwalk Empire is filming around Adelphi St and Flushing Ave, Brooklyn. (Thanks John!)

Morning Glory (starring Harrison Ford & Rachel McAdams) is filming re-shoots in Woodhaven Queens at 94th St, right off Woodhaven Blvd,6 am till 9 pm. (Thanks Billy!)

If you have a tip about where a movie or TV is filming, please let us know about it at!

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  1. I don’t know if anyones looked outside LOL but there’s a LOT of snow and its stilllll coming down….I find it hard to believe if GG is still filming in this! Anyone know if they stopped for today?

  2. hey christine, this came from someones twitter “Over snow. Finally in Queens. At least we’re in the stage today. Boo Gossip Girl.” im guessing that means they moved to the studio in queens?

    • As of early this morning (very early) GG was going to be at the library but things may have changed since then. They might also have two units going. I sent an email to one of my “regular” tipsters but haven’t heard back. If I hear back I’ll let you guys know.

      Is anyone around the library where they may be able to see if filming is going on?

      • IMPORTANT: GG is NOT shooting Sat, the signs are right: only Fri and Sat at the library. There was an error on the calendar– I went in and corrected it, sorry if anyone was confused. They aren’t shooting on the weekend.

  3. Billy, where exactly in Woodhaven are they filming?
    I’m actually in HB, trying to figure out if its right near my grandmothers old house!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • They were filming Morning Glory (starring Harrison Ford & Rachel McAdams)i got there about 3 PM they were packing up, they said Harrison Ford was not on set only Rachel McAdams, they were filming in a house nothing outside,and it’s a rap they said for the whole movie

  4. Just found this. Matt Damon, director Paul Greengrass and writer Brian Helgeland are at the Apple Store in Soho discussing their film, Green Zone. It was supposed to start at 6:00pm.

  5. I don’t think Harrison Ford was ever intended to be at the re-shoots of Morning Glory, he is being honored for a Cesar Award tomorrow.


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