Current Filming Locations in NYC for 3.10.10 including ‘Gossip Girl’, ’30 Rock’, ‘Mercy’ & more!

Below are filming locations in NYC and vicinity for Wednesday, 3.10.10. For more information, be sure to check out the Upcoming Filming Locations and Events Calendar in the sidebar which is updated daily.

Gossip Girl is filming around 33rd St between 5th Ave and 6th Ave, NYC from 12:00 10:00 PM. (Thanks @myNYCoffice, GG, & Irene!)

30 Rock is filming a wedding scene at St. Cecilia’s, 84 Herbert St, Brooklyn. (Thanks Anon & Annie!)

Law and Order: CI is filming around Water St & Pine St, NYC. (Thanks John!)

Boardwalk Empire is filming at the Montauk Club (8th Ave and Lincoln Place, Brooklyn) today. (Thanks Bruce!)

Update: Boardwalk Empire is filming at Stuyvesant Ave and Decatur St, Brooklyn. (Thanks TJ!)  (not sure if they are still at the Montauk Club too or of they have moved to this location)

Mr. Tambourine Man is filming on Washington St between Bank and W. 11th Sts, NYC, 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. (Thanks Sally!) *Does anyone know who stars in this project?

Mercy is filming at St. Mary’s Hospital in Passaic, NJ again. (Thanks Mar!)

Update: Lights Out is filming around 56th St and Broadway in Woodside, Queens. (Thanks Tommy!)

Update: Damages is filming on Broadway in the low 100s, NYC. (via @porcinea, @myupperwest)

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  1. A couple things:
    -SVU is filming in studio.
    -Also, a Latin artist, Daddy Yankee, is filming a video today, if anyone has info please let us know.
    Check back in the AM for more info!

  2. GG is in the empire state bldg & i heard yesterday its all interior. & today is their last day!

    heard that UB has at least 2 more exterior days of shooting b4 they wrap up & finish in studio.

  3. Does anyone know if Gossip Girl will be filming till late as usual? I want to see them before June, as it’s always more packed with fans and paparazzi in the summer, but I can’t head over there till 6 or so.

  4. Is the GG set the one still at the Empire State, we’ve seen Leighton in a van but nobody else. They aren’t filming somewhere else are they?

  5. For the people at Gossip Girl, are you at the empire state set? All I’ve seen is Leighton and I’m standing right near the trailers, any help as to where you’re seeing other people would be awesome, thanks.

  6. I just saw Leighton filming a scene, not sure what she was doing but she was alone.

    And I saw Penn and Blake walking, I think maybe they were going inside to film. Didn’t see anyone else there. I heard Ed was there too.

        • I’ve been to filming before and usually no matter how big the crowds are you can get a picture or something with the cast if you wait long enough. Most of the time they are nice.

          Leighton was filming something outside, I guess everyone is doing something inside because I have not seen them but in passing.

  7. I think the actors trailers are on 32nd between Broadway and 5th avenue. I work nearby and I just heard a crowd scream and there are a bunch of trailers on that street.

  8. Whats lights out? i live right in front of where they are filming… i just wanted to know who works i that movie or commercial or whatever it is

  9. good luck in taking photos with blake. she’s a bitch on set! Penn 100% u will get a pic with, i got 10 with him since season 1. Ed and Leighton is ok too

  10. I am so excited I saw GG filming. Leighton looked really pretty and very serious in the scene she filmed. And I heard people screaming at Ed. haha.

    Penn and Blake were walking in the building together. He had on a dark shirt, it was hard to see them cause they were inside. I heard some girls say they were kissing. Probably PB but you never know.

    Just being where they are filming is a neat experience. Watch out for those bodyguards. Those guys are huge.

  11. hey is gg still filming has anyone took pics or video filming please i need this lol no joke after yesterday set pics i need this so badly please let me know whats going on

  12. Hi – first time commenting, but I live in Astoria, right near the Con-Ed plant and it looks like something is being filmed on 29th St. between 21st Ave. and 20th Ave, right off of 31st street – ton of actor trailers and lighting equipment set up along 20th Ave and 29th Street. Wondering if anyone knows of anything being filmed in this location in Astoria. Thanks.

    • they will be filming till ten tonight and from what i have heard it is ed leighton penn and blake im waitng for set pics but right now they are filming on top empire state building so idk when or if we really will get any

  13. I heard from a bodyguard that Penn and Blake were filming later tonight when a girl asked them the schedule so my guess is that it’s them. I think maybe EL too. idk. I know that’s not very helpful. Sorry. 🙁

  14. Just got back from the empire state building. We asked the guard and the front desk and they said gg wrapped up filming earlier today. Boo.

  15. We watched Ed filming on top of the ESB this afternoon and at 4:30 Ed asked the crew if that was the last shot and then the director announced that it was a wrap for the season, the last shot and then everyone was hugging,kissing, high-fiving. Then he left..

  16. I think it was him being done because he left after, but there were still sightings of others and one of the crew members said Leighton was going to be on the roof later. My school is in the basement of the ESB so there were lots of sightings. A friend saw Leighton and Ed going up to the roof, but I only saw Ed, then another classmate saw Ed leaving ESB around 5pm

  17. Did anyone end up seeing Ed and Leighton film together today?
    I really hope Blair eventually found Chuckles and her flowers. 🙁

  18. yea did anyone see who he gave the flowers to im seriously flipping out right now and i need to make she he gave them to leighton in the scene please someone tell me and also what did u see happen in that scene please let me know i am so upset i had classes today i would have been there please let me know

    • I was there the entire time Ed was shooting with the flowers, and left after he left. He just walks out, says something to an ESB staff member and stands looking over the edge of the building with the flowers. That was it, and then he left. My friend and I are worried too because Leighton was never in the shot. We are afraid its going to be a cliffhanger, but then earlier in the day we saw Leighton being filmed getting out of the car running into the ESB….did anyone see the two filming some other time??

      • someone said that they saw Ed & Leighton both head up to the observation deck. It sounds like it could be a cliffhanger. Damn, that would hurt:(

  19. maybe he chickened out on giving them to her? bcuz they break up before the seasons over..thats what all the spoilers say.

        • my theory is it end with them on the roof and from what we have been told the episode is called indecent proposal like the movie and pink peonies flowers have serious meaning in regards to chuck and blair on the show so there is more to it but basically me and my friends are thinking proposal yes they r younf but it is also gg and it is chuck and blair so it can happen lol so it will end with him asking her and we will have to wait for the answer lol i know im totally out there but a girl can wish and it would be an epic cliffhanger for the show and ss and js said this finale will be EPIC

          • nvm i think we figured it out when leighton goes into the building she looks up at the top before she literally RUNS into the building it makes sense because u said ed goes and looks out so i think thats what happens

  20. Penn and Blake just wrapped up filming,it is definitely a Dan and Serena scene. Ed and Leighton wrapped up early so only penn and Blake left.

  21. this still doesn’t answer my question. Where were they filming, what happens in the scene. Amanda was there so I’d like to hear from her. Were you there too Jessica? because I didn’t see you posting about being there all day? And a lot of people make up things.

  22. Sorry I don’t have any, I wasn’t there. Still waiting for an answer from those who were there about what exactly Blake and Penn filmed, where, what happens in the scene?

  23. a couple of twit saying Penn and Blake was filming a finale scene, dan and serena kissing. Amanda? did u see anything else? and jessica?

  24. I hope to clear some thing about the Penn and Blake/Dan and Serena thing because there seems to be some debate about it. There are no pictures that I can find, but when I saw them they were going inside of a building. I never saw them filming outside as some people reported. I have no idea what the scene was about with them but they did film together, alone b/c that’s what the bodyguard person said. I also did not see a kiss between them, but rather heard from some girls they saw them. I don’t know how they saw them b/c they were inside, but there it is. I don’t know anything else about what they did. When they were passing by for the split second I saw them, they looked happy.

    Hopefully, it clears things up but I kind of don’t think it will.

    • Thank you Eva, I was there too until 9pm and they were still inside filming together. only Penn and Blake. some of the girls said they saw DS kissing but I cant see anything. I cant see it, because they’re filming at the lobby/cafe.the girls ask some of the gossip girl officials and they just smile telling it is a good DS ending. I dont know im not a fan of DS but they were cute together.


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