Vince Vaughn greets fans while directing a pilot in Des Plaines, IL

This morning Vince Vaughn was spotted in the most unlikely of places, The Choo Choo Restaurant in Des Plaines, Il.

Vaughn was in town to shoot a scene for a new TV pilot, which he is directing.

Vince actually grew up in the area and attended nearby Buffalo Grove High School where he played football and wrestled, and later graduated from Lake Forest High School, which is also near Des Plaines.

The pilot is being produced by Vail Romelin under Funny Little Man Productions LLC. Peter Billingsley (best known as Ralphie from A Christmas Story) is also working on the project. The show is about “a bunch of kids in the suburbs who get their first place in the city,” Vaughn told the crowd who had stopped by to check out the set.

“It’s such a great spot to shoot in Des Plaines,” Vaughn said of the Choo Choo Restaurant and surrounding area.

More pictures of Vince greeting the crowd can be found here.

You can also see an interview with Vince about the shoot here.

Its unknown at this time how long Vince and his crew will be filming in the area, but if you catch Vince filming on location in the suburbs of Illinois over the next few days, let us know at!



  1. there are movie trucks on wilson ave. in chicacgo. i am going to see which show it is. is there any info on were Vince V is shooting today his pilot??

  2. thanks Aaron, yes, please let us know what it is if you check it out, there are a bunch of other pilots filming in town so it could be a number of things…

    For Vaughn: I heard something about Truman (College, maybe?) but I think it was just a rumor someone saw on Twitter or FB or I didn’t post it.

  3. Thank you so much for confirming Karen! I didn’t want to tweet or update the post until I knew for sure. Anyone know where they will be tomorrow? Looks like they’ll probably be wrapping up soon at this location.

  4. I was there in downtown Des Plaines on Wednesday when he was shooting the scene at the Choo Choo Restaurant. I managed to take some pretty nice pictures (if I may say so myself) and a decent vid of him signing autographs and greeting fans. You can check out the vid and pics on my blog,

    I would love to catch him again in Chicago this time, but I don’t think I can be down there before 4pm. Anyway, I’m glad I met him when I did 🙂


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