Updated: More ‘Green Lantern’ photos from New Orleans and filming info

We don’t have much of an update on Green Lantern as the production is rumored to be back in their New Orleans studio on Tuesday, March 23. But, we do have a couple more pictures from last week’s shoot thanks once again to OLV.me member Ava F Axen.

She sent us this photo of a friend and Green Lantern himself, Ryan Reynolds. She also sent us a picture of the set in which you can see an ambulance and stretcher that are presumably being used in the scene.

If you catch Green Lantern filming around NOLA, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!

[Thanks to Ava F Axen!]

Update: Green Lantern will also be shooting during the day in studio on Wednesday, 3.24.

Update: We also got a tip that Green Lantern will be filming at T-Rivers Bar (Madisonville, LA across Lake Ponchartrain from New Orleans) but have yet to confirm which day they will be there. If have more info, let us know! (see comments below for more info)

Update: ComicBookMovie.com has a couple more fan photos from last week’s shoot and a photo of the T-Rivers Bar too!


  1. Just got an update:
    Green Lantern filming at T-Rivers Bar (Madisonville, LA across Lake Ponchartrain from New Orleans.) The Bar is only open on Friday and Sat for regular business. (Heard from a rel;iable source.
    (Thanks John!!)

    Working on a new post, confirming date for this info now!

  2. Jess left this today in another post re GL:
    they are filming right off first street today near simone boliver ave. i just saw them

    Thanks Jess!


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