Two new pilots, ‘187 Detroit’ and ‘Franklin and Bash’, filming in Atlanta

Hall Pass isn’t the only production filming in Atlanta these days. There are two pilots currently filming ATL too, 187 Detroit and Franklin & Bash.

187 Detroit is a faux-documentary style drama about a top Motor City homicide division (187 is police code for murder). The pilot, written by Jason Richman (Bangkok Dangerous), is described as having “a realistic yet sometimes humorous tone.” The series stars Michael Imperioli.

187 Detroit is filming a scene tonight (3.26) and tomorrow night (3.27) at 161 Mangum St SW in Atlanta. The scene may involve gunshots and a hostage standoff. There will also be a helicopter filming aerial scenes intermittently.

The TBS pilot Franklin and Bash, starring Breckin Meyer and Mark-Paul Gosselaar, is also filming in Atlanta. The show revolves around Jared Franklin (Meyer) and Steven Bash (Gosselaar), two street lawyers and lifelong friends who, after taking down a white-shoe law firm in a high-profile case, are recruited by the firm’s patriarch. Bash has an uncanny ability to connect with a jury and judge, and Franklin is bent on sticking it to the Man.

They will be a filming a court scene for Franklin and Bash all day Saturday, 3.27. If anyone has more location information for 187 Detroit or Franklin and Bash, let us know at!

[Thanks to both our anonymous tipsters!]


  1. Love, love, love your site!

    Are Owen and Jason finished with “Hall Pass” until Monday?

    I’ve read rumors of possible filming on Twitter but no sightings of the stars.

    Is everyone off for the weekend?


  2. Atlanta actually does have several studio areas that can be filmed within with a good amount of privacy; they’re used by Time-Warner for occasional purposes such as for Adult Swim, and it would be pretty easy for the location manager for this shoot to find them for Hall Pass.

  3. Thanks for the earlier response, Christine!

    Looking forward to further “Hall Pass” updates …

    Keep up the great site!

    Have a great weekend!!

  4. I’m sure it’s 187 Detroit because it was Detroit Police cars lined up
    And a film crew
    Saw them over by the MLK Site Today

  5. 187 Detroit has been filming around the MLK area, I ran into Michael Imperioli on Auburn today after filming some street scene.


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