‘True Grit’ begins filming in Granger, TX on Monday

One of our readers, James, was kind enough to send us these exclusive shots of downtown Granger, TX which is being transformed into a set for The Coen Brother’s True Grit. The movie, which stars Matt Damon, is currently filming in New Mexico but will make the move to Granger next week where it will continue filming for the next four weeks.

As you can see from the pictures below, they have covered the road in dirt and added several sets alongside the town’s existing buildings.

[nggallery id=89]

The latest time line for filming has the Coen Brothers taking a walk through of the Granger set on Saturday (4/24) with filming starting on Monday (4/26). Here’s a map to the location too.

We will hopefully have more photos from the set next week!

[Thanks so much to James for keeping us updated!]


  1. I learned earlier this evening…… filming has been pushed back a day. will start on tues. april 27 and the Coen brothers will walk thru Sunday./… they are to start filming our side of town first.. My husband’s office will be in the background……… they’re still putting finishing touches.

  2. Is the location “visitor friendly”, in otherwords, can we come take a look and watch the filming, etc., look at the set, etc. Thanks!

    • To be honest, not sure how close they’ll let you get…. today they filmed the east side of town which was pretty easy to see, but starting tomorrow they’re on the west side and it is a much longer set and they might not let you get that close…..

  3. after watching the Waco news they are saying it is a closed set with several police forces and private security on location

    • I agree with Will…. I can get closer than most cuz I’ve gotten to know different people. Today was a lot of street scenes. Mattie walking to and from the marshal;s office and all. They have blocked the entire set and won’t let most people get that close. They also don’t want people taking pictures. They will come up to you and make you put your camera up. It’s hard to sneak one even… I’m afraid to post any pictures of actors for that reason. Matt and Jeff have not been here yet, i’ve heard maybe tomorrow then I hear not til next week. As of now, I’ve heard they are to do the train sets.


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