Ron Howard and Vince Vaughn begin production on ‘Cheaters’ in Chicago

Premiere Of Just Like Us At The 2010 Tribeca Film Festival - Arrivals On April 24, 2010 In New York City

Last night Vince Vaughn was spotted at the Blackhawks’ game in Chicago along with his wife and fellow actor Kevin James. But Vince and Kevin aren’t just in town for their love of hockey, they’re actually working on the Ron Howard-directed comedy, Cheaters (a.k.a. Untitled Ron Howard Project, Your Cheating Heart).

The director was spotted out and about in Chi-Town yesterday too, at the King Cafe where he ordered a skim Latte.

Howard probably had to fuel up, since we heard yesterday was the first day of production, which included a table read by all of the movie’s lead actors. Cheaters is set to begin filming in three weeks and continue shooting around Chicago through August.

The movie, which also stars Winona Ryder and is rumored to include Jennifer Connolly, is about a man who spots his friends’ wife with another man and is conflicted on whether or not he should tell his friend.

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  1. Spotted Ron at The Drawing Room @ Le Passage this evening (Thu May 6) enjoying a beer in the corner with a colleague.

  2. Mom spotted Ron last week walking down Randolph in the morning wearing trademark cap and cargo shorts. Of course, she had to give him a big hug and tell him how much she loves him. WAY too starstruck. How embarassing….

  3. Ron was having breakfast at the Original Pancake House (Bellevue) last Sunday around 9am. Looked like he enjoyed it as did I.

  4. 20 May 2010, @ around 1 pm: i just saw Vince Vaughn @ on Oak & Rush Streets, roaming around unshowered in sweat pants.

    • Thanks for all the RH sightings and thanks for the VV info John! I don’t think VV is making a great impression on his home turf these last few weeks, not surprised he wasn’t showered have also heard some pretty raunchy things he’s been caught saying since he’s been in town but i still like him anyway. 🙂

      They start filming on location next week so be on the lookout!

      • What sorts of raunchy things has he been caught saying, Christine? I haven’t heard anything. Was this at some of the comedy clubs he’s been randomly showing up at lately?

  5. Oh maybe, that’s what it was. A few tipsters emailed me some of the stuff they’ve overheard him saying, its nothing too bad- nothing like gross or anything, just a bit of swearing, that sort of thing, but maybe that’s where it was “overheard” was a comedy club or something. That makes sense. Do you know if he’s been scheduling performances at clubs in Chicago or has he been doing pop ins or something? Would like to do a story about it if you have more info, it would cool to catch him in a club!

  6. Nothing scheduled as far as I know, just impromptu appearances. He’s been to Zanies and Second City, along with Kevin James. He hosted a comedy tour a few years ago with several comedians, I figure his connection to comedy clubs goes way back.

  7. Who cares about VV??? He is irritating to say the least…I hate to say that because he is a home boy, but RON HOWARD!!! I love him.

  8. Saw Ron and his brother Clint at Gibson’s last night. They gave them the table we had been waiting on…they had a quick dinner and left. It was exciting even though they took our table!

  9. Ron Howard’s production has been working on a tree – yes, they have been prunning it, changing the branches around and guarding it 24/7 – for the last week or so at the corner of huron and armour. The lights are being set up as I type. According to the security guard – and a note from Howard’s production company – they begin filming in this area today 6/14/10. Not sure if Howard will show and not sure what actors will be here but they are setting up for some shooting..

    I really want to know why a single tree has gotten so much attention. Anyone know how a tree will fiqure in this movie?

  10. “Ron Howard is excited to be filming his second film in Chicago and we look forward to a successful experience in your neighborhood.”

    The note our street received – from Heartless Productions Location Department – says no parking between 6/14 and 6/19 and they will be shooting 6/15 12pm – 7am and the 16th – 18th 4pm – 7am. Hope this helps Huge lights are being prepped so I assume a good chunk will be filmed at night. I hope the local gang kiddies don’t give them any trouble..

  11. I’m in the area too. I keep walking my dogs past to see what is going on. They are prepping a tree and there are tons of lights set up on the corners. They are supposed to be here all week. There are no parking signs and also signs posted on the neighbor’s door to notify them that the movie will be here all week.

    I’ll keep you posted on what I see. 🙂

  12. 6/15 – saw the vaughn-man, the howard-man and the kevin james-man; as well as two actors the kids knew and a few blackhawks (big names but i’m not into ice skating so didn’t know um). Found out about the tree – someone falls out of it (not sure who). They will be shooting today starting at four. Was pretty fun to watch yesterday. didn’t hear about any celebs visiting with the gawkers but the crew said they will do it sometimes – by the way, the crew has been very nice about letting us watch and sneak a little closer at times.

  13. They’re Shotting the movies outside my house across the street on the corner of huron and armor and i seen Vince Vaughn, Kenvin James And Ron Howard plus i got to say hi you Vince Vaughn. When i went to go see Kenvin James he had been in the car leaving.

  14. Cheaters is going to be in studio all week. I don’t know if they are filming this weekend, though. Thought you might want to know.

  15. Street Closure for filming today I think this is for the Ron Howard movie.


    7:00 AM – 11:59 PM

  16. Found this at

    Jun 30, 2010
    Dish Flash: Ron Howard Movie To Be Filmed at Sepia
    By Penny Pollack & Graham Meyer

    Sepia (123 N. Jefferson St.; 312-441-1920) announced on Tuesday on its Facebook page that it would be closed from July 1st to July 9th but coyly implied that it wasn’t just for a long Fourth of July break. In fact, the restaurant is closing to accommodate the shooting of an as-yet-untitled Ron Howard movie starring Vince Vaughn and Kevin James. (The IMDB page for the film shows the rumored title Cheaters, and the production company—often a clue to film titles—is called Heartless Productions, LLC.)

    The movie, which also features Jennifer Connelly, Winona Ryder, Queen Latifah, and Channing Tatum, entails several scenes that take place in a Chicago restaurant, which in the movie will uncoincidentally be called Sepia.

    • thanks so much! Yes, I spoke to someone over there today and he said they are setting up now, cool, thanks again! PS- I’m think they probably aren’t working on the holiday though…

  17. Spotted The cast at Sepia at 1:30 today. I asked if I could get my big break & security replied “NO”!!!


  18. Spotted: The entire cast with TuPac, Big Bird, Elvis and Biggie at the…

    Who cares where they are? Just be glad all this money is going into Chicago’s economy.

  19. Today they were filming at the Lucent Building … Warrenville/Naperville Roads in Lisle. I got stuck in the traffic hold up

    • Ron Howard and his family were having dinner at the table next to us last night at Tavern on Rush. The waiter told us they will only be filming another week. Finishing ahead of schedule.


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