‘Water For Elephants’ Filming Locations Open Thread

Thanks to Waterforelephantsfilm.com & The Ventura County Star, it looks like we have our first location details for Water for Elephants!

As reported, filming kicks off this week and filming is expected to take place in in Los Angeles, Santa Paula and Fillmore, California.

According to the VCStar.com, “the county of Ventura confirmed that a production company has taken out a film permit for Thursday (5.20)” and “on Sunday (5.16), circus trains and wagons painted with the words “Benzini Bros. Most Spectacular Show on Earth,” (the circus in book the movie is based on) were spotted in the [Fillmore’s] downtown.”

“The Fillmore Film Commission dated April 7, noted that a ‘large production called ‘Water for Elephants’ is planned to be shot in the area. The production will go on for approximately 30 days’.”

“On Monday, Ventura County senior planner Becky Linder confirmed that a production company has taken out a film permit to start shooting “Jerry Novak’s Big Adventure” in Fillmore and “other locations around the county” on Thursday.”

“Fillmore’s Patrick Maynard (film permit coordinator) did reveal that the city had rented a parking lot at Santa Clara and Mountain View streets to a company for a production called Jerry Novak’s Big Adventure.”

“On Sunday (5.16), at the Santa Clara and Mountain View site, a dirt lot near the tracks of the Fillmore & Western Railway Co., a large rental fence had been erected with a black covering around it. A look inside a crack in the gate revealed more than 10 red, yellow and orange boxy circus wagons, some with ornate decorations.”

In summary:

•It looks like filming begins Thursday (5.20) in Fillmore, CA.

•The working title for the film seems to be “Jerry Novak’s Big Adventure.”

•Base camp for the movie is located at Santa Clara and Mountain View Streets in Fillmore, CA.

•One likely location will be the Fillmore & Western Railway Co.

•Oh, and Rob got a new haircut for the film.

Though the article VCStar states that the production will “last approximately 30 days”, one of our tipsters told us that May 27th, June 11th, June 21st and June 29th are among the days they will definitely be shooting in Fillmore.

So why is Water For Elephants such a big deal? It stars Reese Witherspoon, Christoph Waltz, Hal Holbrook and ROBERT PATTINSON. The movie is based on the book about a veterinary student who abandons his studies after his parents are killed and joins a traveling circus.It is expected in theaters next year.

Bookmark this page and use it to discuss the movie, its filming locations, Rob or any sightings of the film while its shooting. If you have any scoop to share regarding Water For Elephants, you can email us at olv@onlocationvacations.com too!

[photo: VCStar Gallery]


  1. Does anyone feel like coming along with me to explore the area and look around for the film sets?

    An exploration buddy would be cool =)

    • Lea I can carpool with you guys. I’ll email Christine my info. Text/call me so we can set something up if you like. 🙂

    • Hi lea, my friend and i are coming really early tomorrow like we plan on being there around 8 and im not leaving until i get to meet Rob your more then welcome to join us if you would like

      • I can’t make it to today or this weekend =( but thanks for the offer! Have a great time and report back to us what happens !!

  2. I was curious, how do you visit the movie set? I read the tips, but honestly, I would prefer to see the filming process over catching a glimpse of a celebrity…

    How likely is it to see that part?

    • Just head into Fillmore and park near the train station..it is just a small walk to their “base camp” or try driving by Sycamore Street. Saw the train (set) this morning and if you just hang out by Santa Clara Street, I’m pretty sure you will see them. Lived here my entire life and have seen almost each celeb when they are filming:) Good Luck

      • That’s awesome! I know this comment wasn’t aimed at me but thanks for the help =)

        I am TERRIBLE with direction, I get lost in the supermarket! Honestly. I will try my best to find these streets haha.

        • Okay, just to let you know….follow the yellow signs that say JERRY. Try the 126hwy and get off on Sycamore..It’s off to the right you can’t miss it..HUGE set (closed though) there are a few cars parked outside along the fence hanging out there..I’m assuming they are paps.

  3. I want to go check the location, I know Fillmore pretty well since I lived there for a while. I wonder if anyone can look into the place where they are going to film…well I would also want to see the filming process over a glimpse 😀 but both work for me 😀

  4. Sunny… do you want to meet up at some point to take a look around? My friend is working as an extra, but I don’t think she will be able to get me on set =(

  5. Wow that was quick.
    I’m thinking about heading to fillmore now…. it’s an hour and a half and I’m kind of scared to go alone.

    Eeeek! I don’t know.

  6. Yes, I would like to go with you Lea. I also don’t want to go alone over there and plus I know the area pretty well. 😉

  7. Do you feel like going today?? 😉 where do you live at the moment?

    I promise I am a nice girl and not a freak if that’s any help.

  8. LOL I am the same, not a freak nor anything else. I am also a good person 😉 Yes I will like to go today, but I don’t know if we should go tomorrow in the morning (Robert P was spotted on set but only in the very morning, like after everyone went to school or something) I live at Oxnard very near to Ventura like 5 min away.

  9. I think we should just go today and scope it out =D and get a feel for the locations etc. I’m not available Fri-Sun as I am working a convention in LA =(
    I can pick you up on the way if you like? I’m going to give Christine my info to give to you! Thank you Christine.

  10. Oh okay. Well sounds good to me 😀 It doesn’t really matter, or we can also meet over there either or sounds good to me. Okay, thank you Christine!

    • Just saw this! Let’s meet there… text me when you get my phone number from Christine and I can let you know how far off I am and we can find somewhere to meet up! =)

      This will be so much fun!! I’m bringing my camera of course!

  11. Sunny,
    I just got a bee up my butt and something is telling me I should go! haha.

    So I will be heading out soonish, It will take me a bit to get there… I can either meet you somewhere there or give you a ride. I gave Christine my phone number =)

    • Ruthie… I live in Long Beach… let’s go! We should all go! We can all meet somewhere there and just scope it out, it’s better than going alone. I’m going to ask Christine to give you my phone number. Text me! Maybe I can pick you up on the way, or we can meet there =)

      • Ok. I’ll give Christine (thanks, Christine!<3) my info too. I'm unavailable fri-sun as well so If I don't make it today I'd definitely love to go next week. ttys!

        • Okay Ruthie, if you decide to come today… get my number from Christine and text me… I won’t have internet access today now I’m leaving =)

          Here we go!! Let’s see if I get yelled at haha.

  12. LOL Okay ill text you when I get there too. Let me give her my number too. Well I will be getting ready in a bit, it won’t take me that long to get there.

  13. I really wish i could go . i live in LA but have no car to go 🙁 i am from europe and i am leaving next week , i really wanna go see the set 🙁

    • when next week are you leaving? pass on your info to Christine, maybe we can figure something out, I’m in LA too 🙂

      • I am leaving on may 29.
        I can go either tomorrow or any day of next week .
        Unfortunatly as it is my last week end in LA im busy all this week end .
        how can i send u my phone number ?
        It sounds like lots of fun !!! 🙂

  14. I want to go too! I am planning on coming but live 3 hours away. Can someone give us updates so I know if I should make the drive. Also not sure if they are taping all weekend but I am free.

    • I live about three hours away myself, I am in the central Valley, and my car is a gas guzzler, and I have a kid to figure out… lol… I so wish I could actually go and see the filming process. Even seeing how the Actor’s transform themselves for the camera, and seeing all the amazing camera tricks and whatnot… to me that would be so awesome… lol…

      I love everything about the filming industry, except I just don’t know anything about it… lol

  15. Have fun guys. I wish I was in La. I saw the RM set and it was nice to watch the process. Not exciting within itself, but it helped to be looking at Rob for three hrs. For anyone who goes, please give us all the details.


  16. I just got back… I looked around and didn’t see any trains, I think I left and got there too late. When I got there they were shooting at the HUGE set off of Sycamore, I drove down almost into it and security ALMOST let me thru… it’s really not that tight, If I had lied properly I’m sure they would have let me in. They had even let a pap in earlier. I met some cool guys, especially this awesome french guy who let me look thru his super long lense and watch Rob work for a bit! There are apparently two ways in and out of that particular set, but I couldn’t find the other one =( I suck with directions though! That is the problem I had today, I also looked for base camp and couldn’t find it. The paps will help tell you when they’re done shooting so you can wait for them to come out, I didn’t stay because I was by myself.

    Security told me there is also another set in Piru and the paps confirmed that. They said it was right off of the road. They said they had shot Rob shooting on a train THIS MORNING. So I was too late =(

    If I had stayed I’m sure I would have seen more but it was hot and I felt a bit silly being on my own so I came home.
    There is a lot of little country roads to drive around and find stuff, I’m sure we will have more info by next week. It’s definitely more fun when you’re not alone.

    I THINK WE SHOULD SET UP A BIG GET TOGETHER NEXT WEEK! I am really busy this weekend, I vote for Tuesday or Wednesday and I think we should go early and stay til late!! Is anyone in?? We should make this a date 😉 if it’s early enough we can probably just walk onto set haha.

    The paps definitely help letting you know where they are filming and when they’re done so you can expect them to leave. You can also follow them to the next locations. I’m sure I would have seen Rob, they told me where he would be coming out but I just couldn’t wait by myself =(

    BUT I SAW ROB THRU A NICE FRENCH MANS SUPER LONG LENSE!!! haha. He even shared his orange with me and I spoke some horrible broken french!

    All in all, I didn’t see anything TOO AMAZING as I got there late and left early, but it was super fun! Everyone was nice, the people in the shops were nice and excited and I SAW ROB… kinda =D

    • Hey Lea. I live in Simi Valley, which is about 10 miles away, but my friend lives in Fillmore! We are planning on going out there on Tuesday, so you can def. come hang out with us if need be! I’m super excited, she said the sets look amazing!

      • Hey Ashley, thank you! Tuesday would be perfect!! Since she lives in Fillmore she will know much more than me, I was getting a little panicky haha.
        We need Christine to exchange all of our info again!

        • Perfect! I’ll be out of town this weekend, but hopefully we can get in contact on Monday or something so we can figure something out! Yaaaaay! 🙂

            • Can i be in ??? i’d love to be a par of it .
              The only problem is that i have no transportation :s
              But i speak french, which could help for the paparazzis ahaha 😀

              • Yes!! please email Christine. Her email is in these LONG messages somewhere, and give her your phone number! and she will give you ours. What part of LA are you in? I might be able to pick you up and bring you back =) I am hoping to go out early though so we don’t miss anything.

                French will be really helpful =D I was trying really hard, and I asked them how many animals do they have in their houses? hahaha.

                • ahaha 😀 ok thanks ,
                  I sent the email, she should get back to you anytime soon .
                  I live in a homestay in beverly hills ( Robertson and wilshire ) .
                  Is it on your way ?

                  • Yes, I will MAKE it be on my way =D

                    That’s good, when I have your email and phone number this will be A LOT easier!! I am really excited.

                    I think that you live on “Robertson” is a good sign haha 😉

  17. Christine, please feel free to give anyone who would like to go on Tuesday my email and phone number =) Can’t wait to get this organized!!

  18. OK.. I have been texting with Christine.

    Ashley, Sunny, Ruthie, Nikki, Sarah, Charlotte… and anyone I missed (sorry!)

    PLEASE email Christine olv@onlocationvacations.com with your contact info so she can set up a group email for us, we can swap info and make a date for this! We can take a ton of pictures and have a cute get together =)

  19. Gah I just posted but I think I clicked cancel.

    Ashley, Sunny, Ruthie, Nikki, Charlotte and anyone else I missed (sorry!) If you would like to set up a get together for this probably on Tuesday? next week please email Christine olv@onlocationvacations.com so we can all swap info and make this work!!

    I would LOVE to go again but I don’t fancy doing it by myself =( Let’s make this a fun little get together and take a ton of photos!!

  20. Charlotte: Idk if my replies to you are going through.. just send your info to Christine olv@onlocationvacations.com and she’ll send you mine. I can do Tues/Wed next week and I’m in LA so I can give you a ride if you need it 🙂

    Lea: I’m in for tuesday or wednesday!

  21. I would love to come check out the set but I live 6 hours away so if I’m going to do it, I’ll need a little bit of time to plan it 🙂 Probably not next week but possibly towards the end of filming?

    30 days, is that it? Total or just on this particular set?

    I’ll exchange info just in case I do end up planning this trip! Any of you have Twitter?

  22. Wow! I am glad I came across this page. Reading through everyone’s post and it’s been helpful. Thank you Lea, especially, for sharing your info today. I was thinking of going today but wasn’t too sure myself.(Plus have two toddlers! ) I live about 40 min away in Port Hueneme. Maybe I’ll go next week! 🙂

  23. Hi All….some friends and I will be flying into L.A. for a few days on June 8th. Would love to go check out the set. I’m excited that this movie is being made and just over the moon that Rob is playing Jacob. Let me know if you’re planning to go during that time, maybe we could meet up there. Mahalo.

    • Twislybeans, I’m heading to LA that week too and would love to do a set stalk. It would be a first for me and I have no clue how to go about this…

      How long are you staying in LA? I think I read they’d still be in Filmore on the 11th.

      • Hi Swoozy! I emailed christine with my info to hopefully swap with you. We’re in LA for a week. Might drive down to San Diego to visit family for a day or two but plans may change. =)

  24. Twislybeans… I would be down to check out the set again then =) We should swap info before your trip.

    Chrisnelle, you’re welcome… maybe you can meet us there on Tuesday??

    • that sounds great! We get into LAX early that morning and will drive up there. Can we swap info via Christine? I’ll email her. Would love to meet up with other fans. We just want to see where it’s being filmed . We were also up in Vancouver when they flimed Eclipse. For us, it’s not about meeting them (although that would be nice! lol) it’s about the experience. We like to travel and this has given us the perfect excuse! lol.

  25. Hey all! Glad I came across this too. I heard some of you are going next week. A few friends of mine and myself are heading down to the Ventura area tomorrow morning/afternoon. Hopefully we’ll get some jucy stories to bring back. Thanks for all the info that was already shared! I’ll bring back what I can. Wish us luck! (:

  26. Pheonix,

    I went yesterday… it’s fun! so have a good time and I hope you have lots of gossip to tell us afterwards!! Good luck =)

  27. I am so glad I found this site. I live in Ventura and will be driving over on Sunday just to check it out for a bit, and then on Monday morning I am bringing my daughter and her friend (7th graders). I’m not sure what we’ll be able to see but we’re excited to go. If any of you will be there on any of those days let us know! It would be fun to meet up.

  28. You guys have fun Valerie! report back if you find anything awesome =)

    Christine, thanks again.

    So far for Tuesday, I am giving Charlotte a ride, meeting Chrisnelle and her friend up there and hopefully Sunny, Ashley and her friend there also. Hopefully Ruthie can come also.

    OLV takes over Fillmore 2010!

    • You guys are making me jealous, I am going to try and see if I can go, I want to bring a friend too, so I don’t look like a nerd with my 1 and half year old showing up… lol…

      I just have to figure three hour drive… is it worth it????

  29. OmgI live in michigan and am so jealous of you set stalkers. Please pleaseplease leave detailed info so I can live vicariously through all you dedicated robkowski’s !!!

  30. Brenna, I’m flying out to visit family from Ohio. The timing works out and I can’t believe I might actually see this. Even if I only see the train from a mile a way, I’d be happy. Stuff like this doesn’t happen in my neck of the woods….

  31. I wanna go but i don’t know when i live in ventura and don’t want to look like an idiot by myself but would love to go and see. It’s cool since its so close to me but i really don’t know fillmore that well.

  32. Oh Rita, you should go! What are the odds that you would see any of those people ever again… Is Filmore that big that you could get lost? I honestly have no idea…

  33. My hubby and I are planning to go to Filmore today. yeah, u read that right. My hubby. I hope we can see rpattz and Reese or just the production. I’ll check in later if I have anything juicy.

  34. Hi. When we got there last Sunday, there were a couple of security guys by the trains. The train is actually working and smoke was coming out of it. I believe they’re about to go to a location somewhere eastbound because the website for the filmore railway stated that the Sunday scenic tour will not stop at the bee farm due to “movie making” activities. We did not see rpattz because we couldn’t get in but I’m pretty sure they’re shooting somewhere along the tracks towards the bee farm. Anyways, my hubby and I are going to the eclipse convention on June 12 because they just announced that rpattz, Kristen and Taylor are going to be there. So I hope to see you guys.

  35. I’m going to be there on June 12th also. If anyone is interested they just released single day tickets for $49. Rob, Taylor and Kristen are going to be there on Saturday.

  36. Butterbeer: I didn’t out there today; but it sounds like a waist anyway. Were you able to see anything? Did you see any trailers?

  37. Who went today? I was there w/ my friend. Let me shorten my story…we got there and got really close by taking a different entrance and totally driving by the unsuspecting security guard, got kicked out by security guard, got some great info from some nursery workers at Norman’s Nursery, got scolded again from same security guard, and finally made our way into the dry river bed and up close. No sightings of Robert or Reese…but saw part of the set and some of the horses! 🙂 It was an adventure! And at least we tried every option before giving up! 🙂

      • Used the entrance to go into Norman’s Nursery. Off 126 I turned and instead of following the signs I went straight and then saw some hidden Jerry signs. This is a different road not Sycamore.

  38. Oh and the security guard totally thought we were paps and asked who we were shooting photos for. We told him we were just crazy RP fans…that’s when he finally left us alone. And before we left we saw some guy eating lunch by my truck…I think he was part of the movie. He was dressed in 30’s Depression era type clothing. I asked him if he was working on the movie..at first he ignored me and then I asked again and he just laughed! My friend thinks he was just a bum..but I beg to differ. 🙂

  39. yeah. they were shooting somewhere in the rail road tracks east bound. we didn’t actually see them, but i saw in the frwy website that part of the scenic tour is closed due to movie making activities. and they do have a picture of water for elephants in the homepage. it’s somewhere near the bee farm. anyway, i figured i’ll just go to the convention since im sure they’re gonna be there instead of hopelessly following the production in Fillmore. it was exciting though.

  40. My friend and I went to Fillmore today and found all the locations they were shooting at or had crew setup (all of the yellow Jerry signs lead you all over town) the main set is a little hard to find, but it’s off sycamore and hwy 126. They were filming there today but like other people said it’s a closed set and we couldn’t get close. A worker did say they were filming from 1pm-midnight with their lunch/dinner break being at 6. I think I over heard him say they are filming tomorrow beginning at 6, not sure if it’s am or pm but most likely am. The closest thing we got to anything Rob related was listening to the set radio/walkie talkie things and hearing people say “Rob’s getting dressed” and little exciting things such as that! They were shooting some sort of big scene with a lot of people and everyone over the radio seemed stressed. But no visuals of Rob and I heard from locals that he hasn’t made any appearances yet to the few fans waiting outside of the set. I want to try to go back next week so if anyone hears of any new news please post it!

  41. P.S We also got to see the train really close up with all the box cars and old fashioned wagons. The train was waiting at the historical train station and later in the day it made it’s way to the main set and was a full working steam engine with all the horns blaring which was pretty cool.

  42. Thanks Christine. Guess i got a lot of driving to do today ill check back tonight. I am off to check out transformers 3 now in LA.

  43. I know they shot til SUPER late yesterday so I wouldn’t expect them to be shooting during the day today at all. Call times ca always change I guess =(

  44. T3 was at n seirra bonita yesterday between sunset and hollywood but there is no sign of them today. It looks like shias parents house from first movie. There were no set signs just lots of set crew staging the house. Not 100% T3 tho.

    • Thanks Amber, did it look like they were setting up for tonight or were they gone, sorry, I’m confused. 🙂

  45. Is anyone gonna try to go anytime this weekend or next week at all?? I want to go see the set so bad but my friends keep bailing! I live in Ventura County and I’m only about a half hour away from Fillmore . Does anyone know where around Piru they are filming tonight, and how long they will be there?? (hrs, days??)

  46. Chelsea,

    I know they are shooting June 29th in Fillmore (don’t know where) so I assume they are going to be there for a while.

    I will go with you next week if you want? =) I went on the first day of shooting but haven’t been since.

  47. Hahaha you are funny.

    Ummm click on the picture, right click and then click properties, copy and paste the address to the pic and post it here, that way we can see the pic but none of your information on facebook =)

  48. I found you!! That pic is LOVELY!! wow. Is that outside of the main set on Sycamore? Because I fried there and got nowt. Haha.

  49. Aww, Rob met the right fans then. He looks so cute in that pic and it makes me so happy to see him smiling with fans.


  51. AHHHH!!! So awesome! Thanks Laura for sharing. Thanks Lea for getting the link straight through. I sooo wanna go back now!

  52. And I have to say….the Paps DO KNOW EVERYTHING…
    But he will not come near you if are any where around them….
    They are soo crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Laura, I might have missed it, but did you share how your day started the day you met Rob? I am on the E. Coast and miss when he was filming here. It was fun to go. It is nice to know he loves his fans. I could tell you mistake after mistake I made when he was here. I went to see him with my 5 yr. old. She writes the cast letters. But I love hearing the stories. I think when they film really early or late is the best time. I heard he only comes when there is a handful of people and from what I have seen it appears so. This film is only being filmed on the West Coast Right? Well if you did share your story could you send it to me? I have been fortunate to meet a lot of the cast and my daughter was just in People Mag. with Kellan, and I love to hear everyone’s stories. My e mail is dawnandhaley05@yahoo.com. thanks. Good luck seeing him again. Oh, I tried looking you up on facebook, but there are a lot of people with your name. Any hints?

  53. The day my friend a I went, security thought WE were paps! I was like, “Seriously?!”. Where were you waiting to see him at Laura? If you don’t mind sharing that info. 🙂 Everywhere we went that darn security guard kept getting onto us…even when we weren’t on private property!

  54. I don’t think they have been shooting on weekends and I can’t for sure re: WFE but most productions are off on Mon too.

  55. I think we’re going to try and go on Sunday, I didn’t make it out there last weekend. Won’t be until the afternoon though.

  56. I’m heading out tonight… I might find nothing, I might find something.

    If anyone wants to come out and meet me email Christine for my number (if she’s awake since she’s not on this coast) or if you have it, text me! =)

    Wish me luck! I hope I can even find the Piru set.

  57. good luck Lea. Please share. Rob comes to say hi sometimes if there isn’t a lot of people. If I remember correctly during RM shooting I think more then 10 or 15 he hibranates. Going late I think you have a good chance so again, good luck and please share.

  58. Thanks so much Dawn! I wonder if he would come out at night?? or how long I should stay?

    I will definitely share =) no matter what happens.

  59. Lea, sorry if this is dupe. I think i just deleted it. I don’t claim by any means to be an expert on Rob, but I do know what i have seen myself and learned from reading everyone post from when he was filming RM. If you are not on a closed set like RM wasn’t and you can get close to his trailer then if there are not many people and if the ones that are there are Quiet he has stopped at 5am or late when finishing. If it is a closed set and he passes you in the car I can’t say, but never say never because I was told by a friend when we went to the today show for NM that he didn’t come out to do autographs for twilight, but I put my then 4 yr. olds Haley’s letter in hand. He did end up comming out and I left my bags, purses, and money on the sidewalk and looked for an opening to give him that letter, and I did get it to him. I never would have if I listened when I was told he didn’t come out the last time. For RM he came out twice. I actually was told by two people that he mouthed he would be out again. Everyone left and I was there with my two kids and after my 11 month and almost 5 yr. old got cold we went across the street to get warm and eat. Point being I was told aftwards that he went upstairs to film the thing in the tree with Jimmy Fallon so he might have had every intention to come out a third time. I should have kept my sign up. If by some chance it isn’t clear you are there for him maybe have a sign. But again never say never we went from him not comming out to maybe a third time. I think if there isn’t many girls I would stay and just tell yourself that if he drives by you won’t chase the car. You should prep yourself. I have seen people do crazy things when they know they are that close to him. If you are there with a friend or if you meet some nice people there that is a great exp. by itslef. I hope you get could enough to see and you get to meet him. His facial expressions are great. All the luck to you and be safe. It isn’t worth it if they are filming in a desolate place. There will be other times I am sure. I went from telling my daughter there was no way I would ever get close enough to get him her letter to seeing him three times and her seeing him once. Be safe.

  60. Does anyone know if he’ll be there on Sunday? Or if anybody us gonna be going? My hubby and I are planning to go back Sunday maybe early morning.

  61. they are filming now!!! PIRU, until like 2am!!!!!! Good luck!!! Go up the back road to the houses a street that start with a C, I cant remember!!!!

  62. I’m soooooooo going today this isnt far from where I live and I’m dying to at least sneak a peek at him!!! thank ou all for the info especially Laura!!!

  63. I’m so excited for you all! And thanks for sharing your info and experiences here. I’ll be out there in a few weeks and am trying to get up the nerve to set stalk. I’ve never done anything like this before…I’m really nervous at the thought. I just don’t want to piss anyone off….security or Rob. I may never get another chance like this….

  64. this is def a first for me and it looks like I’ll be setting off on the adventure alone =/ but I expect there will be lots of other’s around looking for the same stunning man I am…lol I just hope there isnt so many that he becomes too overwhelmed to come out…idk but I’m extreamly excited!! what a chance this is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Hey guys- I’m the admin on this site- I just wanted to warn everyone that we’ve had problems in the past with someone who contacts anyone who leaves contact info on our site. Unfortunately, this guy trolls our site looking for contacts. So again, jut a reminder if anyone wants to make plans to meet up I would be more than happy to swap email addresses and phone numbers for your guys privately. Also, you can visit olv.me and log in there to swap info privately. We’re also in the process of setting up a new forum that will have an IM type feature but in the meantime- email me at olv@onlocationvacations.com. Good Luck! Keep us posted if anyone has anymore Rob sightings!

  65. Does anyone know how long they are filming at the Piru set?? Or when (where) they will be going to a different set?? Or where the Piru set is?? What exit or anything??? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!

  66. Chelsea,
    I’m not sure if they are done with the Fillmore location but they moved everything over to the new Piru location, which is awesome because you can see so much more. I’m not sure how long they will be there.. but I’m sure someone will figure it out. I’m pretty sure they have a lot of days filming left.

    To find the Piru set is not hard at all, if you go at night you see all the lights and big tent. If you are going west on the 126 it is the first right before the Arco gas station, then across the tracks and your first left. I think it’s the street Camulos ?? If you go this direction it will be on your left and you CAN’T MISS IT.

    Other than that, if you are west on the 126 and go past the gas station the very first turning I think is “pacific” will take you to the other side of the set, you can see less set… but more trailers and base camp.

    There are security, I didn’t talk to the ones on that side. Hope this helps!

    • Hey Lea, got your text, am going to send u an email in a bit- but wanted to know if you thought they would be filming this weekend- a lot of stuff is off for the holiday wkend. Thanks for the update!

  67. I highly doubt that any filming will take place today since they filmed 12 hours yesterday from 5pm until 5am… The director @Hibbits tweeted this last night “Sitting in Marlenas dressing tent right now looking at the Benzini circus set up for the first time!”

  68. Do you think they’ll be filming tomorrow? I’m planning to go Sunday at the Piru location. I guess the more the merrier. Maybe he’ll come out if there’s s handful of us there.

  69. Thanks everyone for sharing! I went out on day 2 and met some great people. By the time Rob and Reese left the set our group of the faithful 12 that had been there for 10+ hours had grown to about 40 so that explains why he didn’t stop 🙁 I am so happy to see he stopped and took a photo with his fans!! You were very lucky and have inspired me to come out again! I have never done this for any other celebrity but OMG how I really love Rob 🙂 Hope to see some of you soon! I may go on Tuesday.

  70. I’m pretty sure I’m heading out Tuesday Nikki =)

    I heard they weren’t filming over the weekend?? I’m surprised!

  71. BTW – In case anyone is interested on June 29th at most theaters you can see Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse! One day only and tickets are on sale now. $10 for the first two and then regular price for the midnight showing of Eclipse. I bought mine yesterday.

  72. They might be filming to get ahead as the promo for Eclipse approaches. While I heard Rob was doing limited press for the movie, he will still have the junket and the convention over a weekend which cuts into the film schedule. He also has some west coast guest appearances that are going to shorten his work day….

    just my thoughts…

    So glad you guys are reporting back…I love reading your posts. Thanks so much….

  73. Lea I just sent my contact info to Christine. I am pretty sure Tuesday will be the day. Call or text me to let me know when you plan on going down. It seems like very early or very late make the most sense but let me know. It looks like my schedule is pretty flexible that day.

  74. Awesome Nikki =) I was already quite set on Tuesday so that works out great. If they are doing a day time shoot, I plan on heading out pretty darn early to hopefully catch them on their way in AND miss traffic. Where do you live?

  75. I live in the Inland Empire but my niece lives in Woodland Hills so I will likely drive out there Monday night to avoid as much traffic. Call me and we can coordinate an early morning meet!

  76. sorry all I was whiped out yesterday after my awesome mission….I made friends with a cool ass guard who was kind enough to tell me where to wait when they are shooting and that their shooting at night all this week and that they werent shooting yesterday =( but will be on set tuesday….it was so easy tho I didnt get to meet Rob yet I have high hopes I will get a chance….the guy also forewarned me there will be A LOT of other girls as myself waiting for their chance too…lol….I’m kinda and then again not surprised cuz the location is so rural that you wouldnt think people would know but the more rural the shot the easier public access is soo I guess with a big star they go hand in hand and BIG THANKS TO LEA you were spot on w/ the street!!! thank’s all for your help =)

  77. Yeah, I wasnt even thinking about the fact it was a weekend or even memorial day weekend at that, lol I was just so stunned & excited about the close proximity to where I live that I couldnt resist the chance…but I found it quite easily and got some great info I planned to go back tuesday too but I went in on the calmous road and came out pacific I was told the pacific side is where I should wait…. but I’m not sure where my best chance for seeing him is…tho the guard was very nice and told me they arent doing any day shooting this week.

  78. hey guys I don’t mean to be a downer but I have waited to meet Rob twice now once last Friday for 11 hours an then this past Wednesday for 16 from 4:30 am-8:30 pm and I’m pretty sure you guys won’t meet him I’m not a crazy freak out fan I would be very calm if I meet Rob but honestly he seeks like unless he’s infront of a camera where people are watching, he does not care for his fans you shouldn’t waist your time on him, but even after this if your still willing to good luck to you guys

  79. i’m so glad i found this site 🙂 everything on here has been so helpful and it makes me want to go check it out even more. i’m planning on going there sometime this week so hopefully i’ll see some of you there!! 🙂

  80. We went there today ( Fillmore and piru sets) but they’re not shooting today. My sister and i are planning to go back tonightbut I just want to check first if anybody knows if they’re filming tonight. Thanks.

  81. I have been going since Wednesday n no luck either. there are times when there is no more than 10 fans at time n he doesn’t bother. one gaurd even came out to tell another gaurd to tell us that Rob knows we are out but doesn’t wanna come out during breaks or anything. I dunno.maybe he will at some point but doesn’t seem very likely.

  82. Hey, I came across this site to get info on WFE filiming… I was thinking on heading out to Ventura county during summer break to try to see RPatz or Reese. But my mom is a HUGE fan of Christoph Waltz (August), and I wanted to know if any of you guys have seen him on set? Or how we can see him (in particular)?
    hehe thx.

  83. Do we know a call time?? AM or PM…..Piru????????
    I have spent the last two weks of my life going!!!! Come on Rob!!!!

  84. I just got back. Lea told me that Rob had gotten there around 5am today. We just missed the rising of the tent scene! But we watched all that was going on for about an hour. They were filming in the train mainly. Jacob and Kinko 🙂 Nothing too exciting, I’m afraid.

  85. Traveling from Sout Florida on June 22 to catch a glimpse of Rob. Should I go camp out at Nokia for premiere of Eclipse? Or should I drive to WFE set? Any suggestions or strategies that can help.

    • Camp. Without question. If you get into the fan area you will see Rob and at least get some very cool pics. At set you likely won’t see him at all.

  86. So I guess Rob rolled down his car window and smiled and waved at fans last night! =)

    I wonder which of the two streets!

  87. I read Rob rolled his window down and waved. That was nice and cool.
    Does anyone know if they are only filming in La? Are they filming anywhere else? Thanks.

  88. I’m driving from up north to LA for the convention and would love to go “set stalking” while I’m there.

    Does anyone know what the schedule is like for Friday, June 11th and Sunday, June 13th?

    Will they be filming on those days? If so, where?

    Thanks! Let me know if anyone’s planning to go on those days, would love to meet up! 🙂

    • Cali, I heard that Saturday and Sunday, 6/12 & 13, were the days that they were doing the press junket for Eclipse. That means Rob won’t be on set those days; he’ll be at a hotel in LA doing interviews. Friday would probably be your best bet based on that.

  89. Thanks Claudia. I here camping starts at 6am on the 22. I arrive at about noon, do u think I may have a chance to get Close enough. I’ve never camped out for event, any suggestions on what kind of essentials ? And how safe is the area at Nokia? Are there any hotels in the area?

  90. I went yesterday and it was AMAZING. Amazing amazing. I saw Rob shoot several different scenes one after another throughout the day, he was out in the open most of the time. HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL! He is even more beautiful in person. Such a handsome fella!. It was great to watch him work! There weren’t many people at all til towards the end of the day, I was worried the crowd would be loud and distract his filming but everyone was fine.
    We went over to the other side (pacific) after the shoot, and he left the other way… bummer, but I think after a long day he just wanted to get out anyway. Maybe next time =) I am just so happy I got to see him close enough and for quite a while and was in good company.
    The director gave us all a wave on the way out, he seems like an awesome guy.
    The sun hates me so I feel a bit yucky this morning, it was completely worth it though =) I love movies, I adore Rob… it was so fascinating to me.

    • I’m so excited for you! What an awesome experience! I saw the pics from yesterday and they are amazing!

      I’ve never seen a film set, let a lone anything being filmed. I’ll be there in 2 weeks and I really hope to see something. What time did you get there? Was the set hard to find?

      • Swoozy, I’m not sure if I replied already….

        I got there about noon and didn’t see much til about 4, but it differs on different days, it’s pretty easy to find out closer to the time though =)

        Email Christine your info if you like to give to me and I can contact you and maybe we can meet up!!

  91. I will be out in the area 7/9 would love any info anyone has on how long they will be filming or where they would be at that time? I will totally appreciate any info and to all the Rob fans out there you know just how great it would be catch a glimpse of him 🙂 It would make my summer and it would be highlight of my trip to LA!! 🙂 Thanks in advance!!

  92. I was thinking of heading to Piru today. Does anyone know if they are filming today?? And maybe when? Anything would be helpful! Thank you!

    • Yes, they are filming today in Fillmore. They have part of Telegraph Road (Near Grand Ave) blocked off today with police. They have been there since 7am this morning. You can’t miss it or the Paps lol 🙂 Hope this helps.

    • Lori or anyone, do you know if Rob is filming on the 14th? Or if there is no script floating around to guess if he is in the next scene or not do you know if they are filming if it is a night shoot? I am trying to figure out if Rob’s interview on the Today Show that day is pre recorded. Thank you anyone that could help.


  93. I’m going out there on Monday morning. Does anybody know what time of the day they are filming? Or if they’re filming at all.

    • You can follow some of the actors playing the roustabouts on twitter, and my friend asked one of them if they are filming Monday and he said yes, but that he couldn’t say where. Unless they plan on changing locations again I think we’re good! We’ll be out there Monday! 🙂

        • yeah. We were there. I saw some of the horses and casts. Planning on going back later tonight coz it might be the redlighting scene.

          • Yeah, we were there from like 11:30 to 7:00 today. Loonnngg day. We had a great time watching everything going on. Could not see any actual filming (you can’t get that close at this set), but could see the animals and some crew members going back and forth. Reese & Rob were driven back and forth between the set and “base camp” where their trailers were in their cars w/ extremely tinted windows – which was right across the road from the set. Rob didn’t roll down his window or acknowledge us once. But it was a fun day to see all that was going on!

  94. Hey all-
    Going to be in Cali on Tuesday and thinking about trying to scope out the area for the film sets. So excited this movie is being made….the book has easily become one of my favorites.

    Does anyone have any further details about filming on tuesday? Piru or FIllmore?

    Thanks so much for all that you do! this thread is awesome.

  95. Does anyone know if their filming in piru or fillmore today? I went to the piru set twice last week but seen the comments from yesterday saying they were filming in filmore again….any news is good news THANK YOU’S ALL!!!!

      • Hi Lori, do you have any news or info about whether or not they’re planning on shooting on Mon (Jun 14th)??? Thanks for all your help!

        • Hi! We drove out to the Piru set on Monday and they weren’t filming there. The security guard there told us that they were filming at the Fillmore location through Thursday, then back at the Piru location Friday night for a night shoot. I don’t know if things like that are set in stone, or if the schedule can change. But that’s all he told us, I don’t know about next week. 🙂

  96. Hey- has anyone been to set yesterday or today? I have been seeing a bunch of new Rob pics lately so you must be able to see them pretty clearly where they are now? Does anyone have any pics or video to share? Let me know at olv@onlocationvacations.com! We want to hear what’s been going on! 🙂

    • I can tell you from going there on Monday that you cannot get that close to where they are actually filming. The shots you are seeing are from paparazzi and their super huge lenses with mega zoom. The reason why the new ones are so close/clear is cuz they were taping on the caboose which is the last car on the train, as opposed to the middle of the train where they were filming. So it’s a better shot for the paparazzi cameras. 🙂

      • I wanted to go tomorrow early morning before heading to the Twilight Eclipse convention in LA, but if you say Lori T said they’re only filming tomorrow night, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it =( So does anyone know if it’ll be worth driving tomorrow morning??

        • The security guard at the Piru location told us on Monday that they were filming at the Fillmore set through Thursday, then doing a night shoot at Piru on Friday night. That’s what we were told, and so far it seems to be playing out that way. But who knows if stuff like that can change?

  97. sooo theres no chance of meeting him? you just watch from a distance? so im thinking going out there is a huge waste of my day off tomorrow.

    • No, there’s really no chance of meeting him. 🙁 Especially if they are doing a night shoot and you go during the day. At the Fillmore location Rob gets driven across the street from the actual set to the “base camp” where all the trailers are set up (literally just across the street). So there’s no access to him even when he’s there. I’ve heard you can see a little more action at the Piru set and might see some filming going on – but at a distance. We couldn’t see any of the filming at Fillmore.

      However, we had a blast hanging out there all day. We met some of the roustabout boys, Christoph Waltz and the guy who plays Kinko. Some of the crew is pretty nice and talked to us a little as they walked by. But if you’re going just to meet Rob, I hate to say it but it won’t happen. Huge bummer! 🙁

  98. Is it wishful thinking to say they could fly him out on Sunday and fly him back to the west coast on Monday afternoon? Have you heard anything about him being on the today show on the 14th? He is, but I think it was gossip cop that said it was pre recorded. I don’t know if they are always right.

  99. can anyone tell me if they’re still filming in fillmore? i saw the yellow “jerry” sign today on old telegraph/grand but nothing else. i’m wanna go again next week but when something is actually going on!

  100. hello everyone, it seems to be a lot of back in fourth about rob being on the today show tomorrow the 14th. does anyone know for certain that is pretaped? or will he be in NY? I don’t want to make a trip to the city if he is not going to be there live. Please if anyone knows would greatly appreciate any info many thanks 🙂

    • It’s pretaped. they’re taping the jimmy kimmel show tomorrow then a Q&A and there’s a press junket going on today.

  101. i went out there at about 11:30 last night and no fans were out there. im really confused…if anyone knows if rob will be there tonight lemme know and maybe ill try again.

  102. Kelly, I just left the taping of the,Leno show & Rob was his guest. It’ll air tonight. I’d be surprised If hes filming today. Anybody know for sure?

    • why would you be surprised? burbank is only an hour from set…hmm maybe ill head out later anyway to check it out. its only 20 min away. gives me something to do lol. does anyone know of a good rp forum?

  103. An extra just tweeted that he was heading to the set for a night shoot.

    If you’d seen the gang of VIP’s that went backstage to meet him….he’ll be there a while. Anything is possible….

    • ill bring my computer w me and let you guys know. i should be there around midnight or earlier again. check out @kelike25 if you have twitter and ill update when i get there as well!

    • no one was there. ill try once more tomorrow night but after that i wont bother unless i know an actual schedule i can work around.

      • Are they still filming in Filmore and Piru? I’ve got 2 days with time to kill before we leave for the San Diego part of our trip and I was thinking about heading up.

        That tweet must have been a head fake.

        • yeah they should still be filming piru this week. no fans there tonight so i dont think he was on set. idk if they are day or night shoots after tonight.

            • Stayed about 4 hours last night. They were filming in the big top and it was lit up with spot lights from inside. Every so often, they would pan around the roof of the tent. Kinda cool. They ended up taking a break around 10 so we left. There were a couple of paps that kept driving around but no fans camped at our location, just the occasional pedestrian that would walk around to see if they saw anything.

              Drove by the base camp which is now located on Pacific, adjacent to the Piru set. No fans that we saw there.

              Anyone know about today?

              • someone just twittered about being ready for work again. why hasnt anyone been there late if they get off work at 6am? i keep going there around then cuz thats when people were there on friday night but no ones there camped out. there was one car w a few people talking to security but they didnt look like they were staying. i heard he came out last week around 230am.

                • I’m not sure there’s a scheduled wrap time. I think it’s just a matter of when they get done. It could be 3. It could be 6.

                  I really want to go back but I’m not sure DH will go for it. I’m not even sure Rob was onset yesterday. Rosie was… saw her trailer and a couple of tweets about filming last night.

                  • i dont think theres a scheduled time either. i think when they have an overnight shoot its been going pretty late though. ill come by after work to see if anyones there. i would stay i just dont want to be there alone. i keep thinking if theres 1 person or a zillion he wont come out. but for a few hes more likely. there will probably be more on friday night. email me at tayles66@hotmail.com if youre going to go the rest of this week 🙂

                    • Does anyone have exact directions to the Fillmore set?

                      Wonder where they’ll be filming next week. Have friends coming in town from abroad who want to visit the set on the 25th. Piru or Fillmore?

                    • chelsea – i went out but no one was waiting so i left.

                      steffi – all i know is base camp should be mountain view st and santa clara st. itll be around there.

                    • There is no base camp in Filmore anymore. The base camp has moved to Pacific. Take 126 to the Arco gas station (pay toilets and gross, btw) turn right..you can see the tents from there. Go to first left past the rr tracks. Take it to the dead end.

                      Pacific is the first right past the Arco…it’s a loop and comes out at the highway on the other end. If you reverse it and go in the 2nd Pacific and exit the 1st one….there is no left turn to head back to I-5.

  104. Heading to LA Premiere on Tuesday from Miami. Any insight on what to take to campout? or where are we allowed to camp at? Also does anyone know if there will be any filming during the week of 6/22 thru 7/2?

    • Janet, you won’t be able to leave your tents up as in previous years; they may not allow them at all. I can’t make the premier but I walked the Kodak theatre yesterday on my way to the Eclipse screening. The red carpet goes through the mall area of upscale stores in front of the Kodak theater. It is a very narrow space but it is covered if you are lucky enough to be there. I know they will not let you guys block entrance to the businesses. The red carpet is going to be smaller than previous because of the limited space. It’s an awesome venue and quite grand.

      Have fun!!

      • theyre not doing it there anymore. its supposed to be at nokia theatre i think. which is bigger. but its downtown l.a. so itll be scarier lol.

    • im not sure about what you can bring other then sleeping bags. but bring sunblock, water, sunglasses and maybe a hand held fan lol cuz its probably gonna be hot. but yes they should be shooting through the end of the month.

    • Hey Miss J are these your Pics? Do you think I could use them in a post, with credit to you of course, working on one more post about filming with a link to this thread, want to get one more in beofre filming wraps. Just let me know if its a problem to use the pics, thanks!

  105. ne news on call time today? Ive been about 4 times, always so close but nno big luck, the pix posted of him with fans last week has re newed my hope so any info would be most appreciated 🙂

  106. I thought i have been reading all the post, but I must have missed pictures of rob with fans. are they posted on this site? Thanks.

  107. Yes. Piru. All thats left in filmore is an empty lot. I heard next week was back in filmore but not,sure. For now base camp is on pacific next to Piru set.

  108. Just saw guidelines on camping out for Premiere. I can’t believe they changed the date again on when it starts. I’m coming from Miami and I’ve had to change airline tickets twice already. I arrive the 22nd and they are starting to give wristbands on the 21st, do you think I’ll have a chance to get a good view area? Or should I just drop all together? I’m so bumed : (

    • that sucks 🙁 its been changed for at least a few weeks. i could have sworn it said we couldnt get there til the 24th and then i checked back and it said 21st. which is totally unfair cuz some of us cant take 4 days off of work. youve come this far, you should still try. if not try going to hang around the set 🙂 good luck!

    • Hi Janet, a few weeks ago they said we were allowed to start camping out on the 21st at 6 am, this is the first time they are giving us rules because its private property. now the big question is whats going to happen Monday because the Laker parade is happening in the same area on Monday. We shall see. I am still going, I have gone every here.

      Does anyone know if they are filming this weekend?

  109. Thanks for your encouragement. I’ve never done anything so crazy but I’m ready to go for it. If nothing happens of it I still have 2nd chance in Fillmore, I’ll be there the 28 and 29 in hopes of a glimpse. Anything going on in Fillmore those days?

    • youre welcome 🙂 not sure if theyll still be filming those days. but its only about 30-40 minutes from l.a. so its not too bad. the security is pretty helpful and people usually update on here or on twitter. the only thing i havent been able to figure out is when hes on set for sure.

      • The heading of this page states that they will definitely be filming in Fillmore next week; the 21st thru 29th. They must have to file permits which are public info. Would love to head up there monday before we head to the airport for our late night flight….we’ll see.

        If you hear anything on Twitter…please post.

        • WAIT! Just read the info again…it states June 21st and 29th….not ‘thru’ like I originally thought. I wondered because I couldn’t think what parts of the book would require that much filming in Fillmore…. Guess just two more days in Fillmore then.

        • soozy – rob is on live w regis and kelly on mon morning. youre best bet is to go tonight. filming isnt going on the weekend.

          i saw a tweet about a scene they did last night and he was definitely onset.

  110. any info bout robs call times and days would be sooo helpful. anyone with info please put it up either here or on twitter im @Robsten1224 I love seeing all us rob fans come together lol I have been to set a few times from northridge with a friend and havent gotten anything yet…but im determined to get something!!! Good luck girls, and remember if anyone hears anything please post, i will do the same!

  111. i saw someone tweet that tonight is their last night shoot. and they’re doing a scene with jacob so rob should be there.

  112. I’m hearing that the Regis & Kelly appearance is a repeat. Had heard a while back that he was doing limited promo for Eclipse; nothing east coast because of filming.

  113. I saw those tweets too. I’m In San Diego for the weekend. We fly out on the redeye Monday to fly home. Monday Is my only hope so I’ll still probably head up there & have a looksee.

  114. Hey guys!

    Does anyone know how filming is looking for this coming week (June 21-25)?

    Im traveling from FL to LA for a number of different twi-related events and I really wanted to travel out to the set to get a glimpse.

    If anyone has info that would be great!


  115. Any new this am guys? I’m going to try to head up today but our flight is earlier than I remembered. I’m hearing Fillmore according to the sticky at the top so that’s where I’m heading. I’m assuming they’ve filed permits.

  116. Arrived LA yesterday from Miami. We were able to get our wristbands for red carpet tomorrow. Havnt heard anything from u guys. Missing new pics from Rob ; (. Anything going on Fillmore, Piru today or Friday? would like to visit set.

    • Congrats Janet! Have fun tomorrow. Saw Eclipse last week at Graumans. It was awesome.

      We went out Monday and they were filming in Piru. The set is easy to find so give it a shot. I read somewhere that they were filming all week.

  117. Anyone out there today? We are just about to wrap on a film here in LA and wanted to head over…Are they filming at Piru?

  118. Does anyone know if they are filming tomorrow?
    I was watching the eclipse red carpet thingy right now & rob said he has to work at 5:30 in the morning, so im asssuming its for filming.
    & from the sets can you actually see any of the actors?
    & do you have to pay to get into piru?
    thanks, if anyone can write me back and give me some info i would greatly appreciate it(:

    • I would guess they’re filming tomorrow. This is Rob’s only project and he did mention it by name.

      You will be about 100 yards from the set if you follow the instructions I posted earlier today…farther up in this post.

      No…you don’t have to pay..only to use the toilets at the Arco..LOL. The roads are public…they barricade the entrances.

  119. Today they are filming at piru. Me and my friend have been here since 7 and the security said that they will begin filming at 2

  120. Made it to Fillmore from Miami. Looking forward to getting a glimpse of Rob and the set, anything going on these days. Thanks

    • Ive only been to set once, and my parents dropped me and my friend off at 7 am, so we didnt really know what to expect.
      We got really friendly with the security guards and they told us you can see more from the back & you can.
      I would go on both sides.
      I heard that Rob will enter through both sides, depending on which side has less fans & paparazzi.
      The security also told us that sometimes if there arent any paparazzi then he will come and give autographs, but it all depends on his mood. If i were you i would buy binoculars, they will come in handy!
      Wear tons of sunscreen & be careful for snakes.
      Good luck, hope you have better luck seeing him then i did .

      • I agree with the sunscreen and water. We also felt you could see more from the back of the set. Binoculars are a stellar idea. You can’t get closer than a 125 yards or so. And the security guards are nice if you approach them and let them know you’re not there to cause them any trouble.

        When we saw the SUV’s arriving and leaving the set, they took a back road from the base camp. There were 12 passenger vans making the trek also but they typically went to the far end of the set while the SUV’s entered at the end closest to the orange grove.

  121. Hey Christine which picks r u talking about? There were no pics on link or an adress to view them. I hvnt been to the set yet. I’m planning to go Monday or Tuesday, anything going on those days? Let me know either way. Thanks

  122. When we were out there last week, we past couple of yellow signs, like the Jerrry ones but with a different name on them. We even passed a film location just off the road closer to I-5. I think the signs said Sam Crow on them. They were filming just off the road in a small grove of trees. There were CHP’s everywhere. Any ideas what the heck that was?

  123. I’m planning to go there today (Monday). Does anybody know if they’re still filming, where, or if there’s anything going on today? Any info is very much appreciated. Thanks.

  124. Any idea whether filming will be moving to Ithaca as was once the rumor? If not, where will they be filming the collegiate scenes?

  125. On my way to Piru. Is there anything happening today on set? I heard he will be at New York Premiere today? Any info would be good. : )
    Thanks for all ur help <3

    • No…he isn’t doing any east coast promo. Pop Sugar posted pics of him after a meeting with Jeffrey Katzenberger in LA yesterday and they stated he wasn’t doing the Eclipse promo in NY.

  126. im planning on going to the set tommorow does anyone know if they will be filming tommorow and if they are please what time do you think is good to go

  127. Does anyone know if Rob left the WFE set? Or which entrance does he normally come in? Planning to cone back tomorrow. Does anyone know call tome tomorrow? Thanks

  128. went to set today in piru it was really exiting to see the whole set they were filming but honestly you cant see anything they were filming inside the big tent today and you could here cheering from inside , i heard only once rob got out to sign autographs but that was in the filmore location its really imposible to see him here up close they have like 4 or 5 different entrances and exits to the lot so you never know where they come or go in from and the people that have seen the car say that the windows are tinted so you really cant see anything i heard the only chance of even seeing him is if paparazzi isnt there which is imposible because they were always there at least when i was there, oh well still had fun meeting peple there

  129. Apparently they’re filming in LA Thursday and Friday at the Hotel Alexandria and will be back at Piru next week. Anyone know if they’re on set for Wednesday?

    Source: A friend who was on set Monday and Tuesday.

  130. OMG if I would have know Sam Crow was over here I would have dropped everything and ran over there just for a look at the guys and their bikes!!!!

    • They were filming just off the road at one location and further up the road near a dirt bike trail. Had no idea at the time…

      Hope you guys see some great stuff this week. I’m back home in Ohio….sigh. But it was fun while it lasted.

  131. Does anyone know if they are filming in Piru today (June 30th)? and what is the location address? Also, did anyone confirm July 1st and 2nd shoot in LA? Thanks

  132. This is from Loisada, for some reason I don’t think it posted:


    You simply take the 126 east to Piru. Right before you get to the big Arco station on the left side of the highway in Piru, there’s a tiny street called Pacific. Turn left on Pacific, then left again after crossing the tracks and you’ll go right to the base camp.

    There’s actually a better view from the back end of the set. In that case, at the Arco intersection with 126 eastbound, turn left and go up the road for a few blocks. Turn left on road that winds along hills to the back end of the set. You can park alongside the artichoke field and watch them at work!

    Good luck.

  133. Hey guys, I just started a WFE group in our new social network, here’s a link:


    You’ll have to join the network but once you do, it should be easier to follow the conversation there, I know this thread is sometimes hard to follow because it breaks after a few posts and goes to a new page, it can be confusing.

    You can register right at the top of that page too.

    Of course you can keep discussing here too!

  134. i went to the piru set tues and wed. apparently FANS and paps CHASED him when he left on tuesday night (after i left) and there were some rude girls there wed night who were being obnoxious and loud. if youre there to see him, this is not how to behave. its ruining it for all of us. sorry to be bitchy but its hard enough without these people.

  135. Hey Ladies!! I heard today that they were going to WRAP on July 9th this is VERY bad news for me since I will be arriving in LA on July 9th. I read on here a few days ago that they would be shooting till the END of July? If you guys can give me any info that would be WONDERFUL!!

    Thank you in advance!!

  136. Hello everyone, does anybody know any info regarding filming tomorrow? Times, location, etc. Any info would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  137. I was at the Piru set yesterday all day and there were some very obnoxious and rude girls there. Please if you go to the sets, don’t act this way. This is why Rob doesn’t stop for the fans. Anyway I just left the LA hotel set and security said today is not a good day to try to see Rob, but tomorrow they are filming all day and there is a better chance. We did see Reese and Christoph Waltz walk 2 feet behind us while we were eating lunch.

    • do you mean friday from 1 in the afternoon to 6am sat. morning? i live in la and would love to run down and check it out but don’t want to be there at the wrong time. where did you see those call times if i may ask? thank you kelly

      • mm – yep should be 1pm fri to 6am sat. if you scroll up and click on “jerry novaks big adventure” under july 1st it will list the times of shooting for today and tomorrow.

          • filming locations are est time?
            i plan on heading over there as well
            hope it doesn’t get too crazy though
            anyone planning on staying until 3?

            i remember going to the remember me locations since i live in ny & there was never a good time to see him

          • filming locations are est time?
            i plan on heading over there as well
            hope it doesn’t get too crazy though since i missed all my chances w/ the crazy fans at the remember me sets in ny
            anyone planning on staying until 3am or 6am?

            & since you said rob’s assistant said he would come out if there were no paps. maybe being there overnight he might come out?

            has he ever come and see the fans & if so what times?

  138. Its west coast time and its from 1pm to 6am tomorrow. If your going to be there tomorrow after dark I recommend going with a friend the set is only a block and a half from the famous Skid Row. There were crazies and drunk people around there all day today. Also Rob keeps going to set underground so its tough to see him and his body gaurds were real assholes today blocking any views of him at his trailor from over a fence about 100yards away. I thought this was a real cool way to treat your fans, what a little diva. Reese was much easier to see tho and looked great in her red dress.

    • amber – you sure its pst? the info above said all times were est. yeah ive been down that way before. i love the hotel but hate the area. im nervous to go alone. but im wondering if there would be less chance of paps being there since its an all night shoot and maybe hed come out. i dont want to miss him! i havent seen him at all and ive gone to set every day since june 12th.

      • i may go down to set as well, nothing to be nervous about during the day. i go to the monthly artwalk and gallery openings around that area often, just grip your bag a little tighter and stay in busy areas, but can’t recommend staying really late at night, unless there’s a group to hang with. let’s be really respectful and allow them all to focus on their work and make a lovely film. maybe your day will be tomm. kelly!

    • After what happened the other night…being chased…can you really blame the guy? I’m sure it wasn’t the fans they were blocking but the paps who harass the guy to no end. Rob has always been patient and kind to his fans.

      • soozy – i think in the end the paps will have ruined any chances for anyone because of tuesday night :/ but i do think if security were tighter and more organized something could be worked out

  139. So today me and my four friends went to the Hotel Alexandria in downtown LA on spring st.
    & Yeah, Rob and Reese were there.
    There were only about 9 fans, and 15 paparazzi.
    The crowd was good, no rude people, we all conversed.
    Security gaurds were really chill too once you talked to them.
    BUT due to the god damn paparazzi they wouldnt stop ):
    Reese waved from inside her car, and Rob passed us in his car four times but his windows were TINTED!
    So anywho, robs assisent came to us and said he would come and sign but if the paparazzi werent there.

  140. I’m gonna head down there Friday around 10am just in case it ends up being 1pm est. So while I’m there if I find anything out, I’ll definitely post it here. 😀 wish me luck!

  141. Hi! I was in Piru on the 30th and advice for anyone who goes there. BEWARE OF THE TWIHARDS!!! There’s one group in particular that if you try and look up the road to one of the entrances they will snap at you and then say some inappropriate things, when you have done nothing wrong at all. Which is kinda ridiculous, because we’re all fans. Anyways, you have a better chance of viewing in the back and some of the paparazzi may be nice (if you’re nice to them) and let you see some of the pics that they got. But when they know that filming for the day is about to wrap that’s when they all come out. Like the numbers tripled in one area within a matter of twenty minutes. Other then the rude group I had an amazing time meeting some really cool people and seeing a lion outside of a zoo.

    • stephanie – the only reason anyone was rude to you or your group is because you were talking crap on your way over, you guys were loud and obnoxious and kept staring at us. and we were trying to give advice on how to wait around and you guys were snapping back so dont blame us. ive been nice to everyone whos come over as long as theyre nice to me. i do admit some were pissier then others because of the chase that happened the night before.

      • Kelly- I don’t see how walking along the side of a public road, just talking amongst friends is rude and obnoxious. What I do think is rude, is trying to lie to other people trying to get them to go away from ‘your spot’. We were just standing around passing the time, just like you guys.
        I also didn’t (and still don’t) appreciate these accusations being made about us talking crap or whatever, because honestly we weren’t. We were joking around with each other because A) we’ve been up since like the night before for Eclipse and B) we were in the back since noon.
        Advice isn’t snapping at someone for just walking up and looking up a road. And I know someone from our group went up and said to someone from yours, that we were not hostile in any way and if we came off that way we were sorry.
        I understand about the chase thing. One of the security guards had told us in the back that if we saw her, he needed to be notified right away and of course, we would.
        I know that I am completely nice to everyone, as well, so long as they’re nice to me. Even then, I have enough dignity and pride to still be nice to people who may not be nice to me.
        See you again soon…

        • i NEVER heard anyone say it was OUR spot because its not. and I NEVER lied about anything. we saw him leave but i guess he came back so we came back. thats the only instant i could think youre talking about.i dont know of anyone who lied flat out to you so youd leave. and as for the advice she was telling you not to stand in the middle of the road jumping around and being loud. thats one of the reasons he doesnt like to stop or so ive heard. i never heard anyone come up and apologize so i guess i wasnt around for that. and how dare you say i dont have enough dignity and pride. i didnt do anything to you guys and you didnt do anything to me personally so thats why i kept my mouth shut the whole time. and i know for me i didnt want any new people there because of what happened the night before. esp people from the back because thats where the people who chased him the day before came from right before he left. and once some of you thought he left you started running to your cars. kind of suspicious dont ya think? we have put a lot of time and effort into this and if people come around acting like you then im just not going to bother.

          • Whatever. You may not have lied in particular and sorry for singling you out like that. My bad. You’re whole little group that’s supposedly put ‘alot of time and effort’ into trying to get Rob to stop, has been ruining it for other people. You guys have no one to blame but yourselves.That’s all I’m gonna say because I’m done arguing with you over the internet, because this is stupid. We are fans of the same celebrity. If he chooses to stop then he will, but my friends and I aren’t there to see just him. We’re there to see the Reese and Christoph too. Anyways, like I said, whatever and see you again soon. We’re gonna do what we do and you all do what you do. End of story.

  142. Does anyone know how to get to the Filmore location from los angeles?
    Planning on going next week, but will they be filming?

    • I’m hearing that filming wraps on the 9th.

      Take the I-5 north out of LA to Rte. 126, I believe, (Fillmore/Piru exit) and follow that to the Arco station. Turn right….take the first left and go to the dead end. This brings you in behind the tents.

      Have fun…

  143. Kelly, We weren’t running into the middle of the street. The only time we went into the street was to talk to the security guard whom we had been talking to ALL day. Someone from your group, I don’t know her name, DID come up to us and apologize for the group’s behavior towards us when we got there.

    Anyway, we went to the L.A. set yesterday and ended up seeing Christoph Waltz, Reese, and yes, Rob. We made friends with alot of girls there who were waiting just like we were, so I don’t think our group was obnoxious.

  144. So I’m walking around the hotel right now and there’s no sign of Rob. I actually got into the hotel and saw A bunch of extras and stuff. The security let us stay there for a while but then kicked us out. 🙁

    Currently we’re standing outside the trailers where he supposedly is inside. But the crazy psycho twihards just got here. They’re gonna ruin it for everyone!

    If I find out anything else, I’ll post.

  145. stephanie – lmao whatever. we havent ruined it for anyone. him and his security are the ones who decide if he comes out or not and we havent caused any problems with anyone. we stay across the street waiting and talking to people to see whats going on. if we were really trying to freak him out we would go into the fields like the paps do. its not because of us. its because of the paparazzi and the crazies who chase him. hes stopped for some of our friends before. but you guys can think what you want. so i guess next week is gonna be pretty interesting 🙂

    alli – im going by what i heard when i was there. and by what this girl stephanie is accusing us of. it may not have been your whole group i know. just like it wasnt my whole group. im glad someone apologized.

  146. Okay so outsfe his trailer there are about 15 paps. Rob just left to the hotel but we couldn’t see him 🙁

    There was a really annoying girl who ruined it for everyone by her screaming. Oh well 🙁

  147. The paps are horrible at the L.A. set!! Yesterday they were actually cutting holes in the signs that were put up by Rob’s trailer so they could get the shot!! Then when he left the hotel to go to his trailer, they took off running after the car! It was sad.

    Now Reese on the other hand…she walked right past us into the hotel and there were no paps around bothering her at the time. I feel bad for Rob. 🙁

  148. Lol u all girls from yesterday r crazy…u callin us rude twihard fans girl please we all haven’t even seen the movie n u guys r the ones that sound like psycho twihard fans u all were gna chase his car when u thought u saw him not to mention u stood in line all night to watch the movie lol we should beware of u guys the pysco fans that wanna chase his car weirdos at least we just standing there n not running after his car like idiots hahahah u guys r too funny :p

  149. and for the record i helped out a lot on here in the beginning with what i could find out. ive always been nice. so hopefully no one takes what this girl is saying too seriously. i even told natalie who i think was in your group some info. but apparently that was the wrong thing to do?

    if anyone could let me know about the paparazzi situation at the l.a. set id be very grateful! tayles66@hotmail.com if i go its just me. i actually really wanna go just to be able to see reese because we havent been able to see her in piru.

  150. alli – that sucks. the paps are so annoying. they make me so mad. i cant imagine how they must feel. theyre like vultures who keep circling him. poor guy had to get another car i heard? :/ i still wanna check it out. maybe there wont be any there late tonight? they dont seem to go to night shoots from what i can tell. and that screaming girl needs to tone it down lol.

    rick – <33

  151. Ummm…no, we were never going to chase his car. The only car that we went up to was the security guard, whom I will not name, that we had been talking to all day.
    Yes, we stood in line for the movie..along with MILLIONS of other people across the country, so what? Yes, I like Twilight, but I wasn’t at the set for “twilight”. I was there because I’ve read the book, love it, and wanted to see Rob AND the set.

    Kelly, The paps in L.A. are horrible! See my above post. Yesterday there were about 20 of them.

  152. I’m heading out to the LA set around 6… any tips on what to do when I get there? And have any of you guys who have been to the LA set today get to meet Reese, Rob, or Christoph?? :3

  153. Sophie,
    I would have met Reese and Christoph if I wasn’t such a dork and completely froze up when they walked by me!! LOL We ate lunch at the little Mexican place next to the hotel and when we were sitting outside they both walked right behind me. It was awesome to see them, but I wish I would have asked them to stop. I just didn’t want to bother them, ya know?

  154. I’m downtown, grabbing food before walking to the hotel. Is it right there on the corner where the big Hotel sign is?

  155. Sophie: Once you get there, you pretty much gotta go around the perimeter of the hotel to see where they’ll be at around that time. They’re filming on the second floor of the hotel but security is pretty tight. I got into the hotel earlier, but then was Kicked out after an hour or so.

    Good luck! If you make friends with the paps, they’ll help you out.

  156. @Alli: AWW! I would love to see them! 🙂 hopefully they’ll be there..
    Maybe I’ll eat at that Mexian place, cus I’m about to head out but I”m STARVING.
    @Holly: Thanks:) I’m scared to get kicked out.. wish me luck!

  157. Sophie,
    If you eat there, make sure you ask them if you can sit outside at the tables with the red umbrellas. The extras (and Reese and Christoph) walk from the hotel past the restaurant and across the street to the catering tents.

  158. i might be going a lil later & prob. by myself
    let me know if any of u will be there since im not familiar w/ the area (visiting from ny)

    any updates if they’re leaving or will be there later or if it’s even worth going are greatly appreciated (:

  159. Ummm no alli is it well u need to get slapped hahah see u weds n please dnt chase his car like last time u ruin it not only for ur self but everyone anyways I guess ill see u weds n yes it is gna be very intresting…..sucker

    • im not gonna fight anymore for multiple reasons 🙂 one, im over it. two, i met nat, her mom and gloria last night and theyre super nice. which is a big reason. and there are more. so everyone have fun and ill see you sometime next week maybe.

  160. I went, but saw nothing but extras 🙁 But it was pretty cool to see everyone dressed in vintage costumes! P.S. Don’t ask, “Is this a Robert Pattinson movie?”, because they WILL deny it. Watch out for bums, and park around the corner.

  161. @Sophie: aw you didn’t get to see anyone? were there still lots of fans/paps there when you left?

    i saw on twitter they’re still filming some scene til late night

  162. Today I was there and met Robert’s bodyguards,they were just friendly and kept kidding me.It was totally impossible to see Rob because even eye contact is prohibited for his employees. I did my best and waited there for 7 hours but I didn’t see him and even the paparazzi guy told me that it is impossible to catch a photo of him from the second floor where the film is shooting. They have finished the job today after midnight at 3 o’clock and they will be on way to Piru that is the other place of WFE movie will be shooting. I strongly advise not to go to Alexandria Hotel and wait there for hours because it is invain and useless. You are never permitted to see him.

  163. As a resident of Ventura County, were most of the filming is taking place, I ask that whoever is coming to see the filming please have some respect for the actors and personnel! We love having lots of movies and TV shows filmed here and don’t want to get a bad reputation! All us residents respect their privacy and leave them alone so please please please respect them!

  164. Omg tonight was the best! Just got a pic with rob!! We stayed till four in the morning. He came outside his trailer to come take pics with all seven of us. Haha I even took an extra one cuz my first one kinda got messed up Ill post pics tomorrow!

  165. Does anybody know the schedule for this week? I heart it’s in Piru but I wanted to double check with one of you. I’m so disappointed I didn’t get to see Rob yesterday.

    Anyone’s help would be so so so greatly much appreciated!

  166. https://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y262/thatshot1521/friends/get-attachment-1aspx.jpg

    ahhh omg last night was literallly the most amazing night!!!!
    we came in the afternoon & nothing was really happeneing its impossible to get pics then! cuz there all in character hes in a hurry, too concentrated & TOOO manny papparazi. we came back ay 1am cuz they were having a late late shooot. then we waited by the alley way & when he pulled out he didnt stop at first at that point it was just me my mom my aunt & kelly(who we met yesterday :)) & by the trailer there was only 3 other girls! no papparazi at all so anyways after he got out he went to his trailer & ten min later he came outside walked out super super niceee!!! & was like heyy guyss!!! & he signed autographs & took pics with every single one of us! there was probably seven of us total. my pic kind got messed up so he took actually 2 with me!!! ah but aww he is soo nice & sooooo amazing!! like totally made my summer ha! honestly the whole trick of this is not have papparazi around if not he will definatly not stop! hope u guys all get to meet him too oh & kelly im sending u the picture right now! it was soo nice to hangout with u!

    ohhh okay &soo above are some pics me & my aunt got with him 🙂

    (my mom didnt want me to put hers hahah)

  167. Does anybody know if they are filming in piru sunday night? And from what time to what time?
    & omg im so jealous of you natalie! lol

  168. Anyone know if they’re filming in Piru today (Sat.) or tonight? (also think he stops when the girls waiting are kinda pretty, just sayin’…he IS a guy)

  169. natalie – ahh havent got it yet! i hope to see you guys this week before shooting is over! i loved hanging out with you. it made the night so much more fun to have people to talk to 🙂 i love your pictures! i still cant believe it happened!

  170. kelly- omg i know we have to for sure this week i had so much fun hanging out with you too , im so glad we waited till the end ahhh i sent you the picture twice send me your email again plzzz, and your picture is super cute your gonna love it , i heard they are doing the college scene at usc so we have to go to that!!!

  171. natalie,congrats on your meeting! was this in piru or LA?

    and does anyone happen to know if they will be shooting in LA anymore? or only piru? thanks!

  172. omgg congrats on meeting him!
    i’m soo jealous! i was gonna go last night too but i was advised i wouldn’t see him
    ughhh ):

    i don’t care i’m going by myself next week if i have to since i go back to ny soon
    any other people who are, anyone want to meet up when there?

  173. Ok, thank you for all the responses and how quick they were. Now 2 more things, where is the filming at exactly; and how do I get there. I ment to go sooner but I had surgery and am just now cleared for driving. Thank you all, and I mean it.

  174. vivian- aww thanks vivian it was in LA! yea theyll be filming in piru tues-friday! they were only there in la for two days. ah i hope you get to meet him too 🙂

    • Hey Natalie, if you don’t mind I am doing a post with some other pics form sets right now on this site (OLV) and would like to add your pics, they’re awesome, congrats!

  175. @Natalie can you send me directions to Piru please if you have them (briannam2@aol.com). Btw congrats i wish i would have Rpattz <3!! Did you give him a hug?

  176. Brianna- I will send u an email right now:) my sister really wants a pic she came the other times we went & ofcourse the one dayy she didn’t come we got the pic. So we should meet up!

  177. @natalie & @brianna – what day(s) are u guys going? would love to meet up to since i might be going solo because no one else can /:

  178. dee- think ill go tuesday or friday! ill post what day when i know for sure! i want my little sister to get a pic with him soooo bad! she didnt go with us last night 🙁 she went with us the two other days we had gone. so hopefully we all get to see him again!

  179. @ natalie – aw really?? hopefully she will when you go again. that would be soo awesome if we got to see him & if u got to meet him again

    when i go back to ny/nj i’m trying to bring my sis to meet taylor when he starts filming abduction so we’ll be on the same boat lol

    but yeah definitely let me know since i will pretty much just get dropped off if i go & not a cali girl so it would be great to meet up with you &/or others

  180. Dee-oh mygosh that would be great if she got to meet thim! That’s crazy cuz I want my sis to meet him too. I got a pic with him at the eclipse premiere & she had left cuz she was tired & 2 min after she left…I got a pic! Yeaa but ill let u know all the details:) well fr sure meet up! I’m gonna also be with my two friends tabitha & stephanie who r really fun too so it’ll be coool!

  181. @natalie- ahh you met taylor too AND rob?? LUCKY
    i went to the RM shoots but no shot, too many fans & paps.
    also tried w/ taylor @ the today show when h e was promoting new moon but again too many fans & got there late
    so hopefully this time around i’ll get lucky & meet him

    & thanks yeaah should i just keep checking the thread here for the details on next week? (:
    also, has anyone ever met him in piru, just wondering?

  182. I’m going to try and be in Piru next Fri to see Rob but from what I’ve read people are only meeting him in at 2 or 4 in the morning. Is that right? And where do I find the place they’re filming?

  183. As far as I know he hasn’t come out a SINGLE time in Piru, not once, day or night shoot. He came out once at the country Filmore location, once in Filmore in town. But not once in Piru. He could be down at the premiere signing 20million autographs and taking photos one day (press and papps everywhere!) but the next day or day before in Piru when there are less than 20 fans w/no papps? No. Once he supposedly waved. Once in 4 or more weeks in Piru.

    Some of the girls have been there every. single. day. And he didn’t even roll down the window partway and wave.

    It hasn’t mattered that there wasn’t any papparazzi there, that we’ve politely asked them to leave and they’ve gone or we’ve chased them off, he still hasn’t stopped once.

    Obviously he doesn’t owe anyone anything – fabulous that you had the exciting encounter in LA, it’s just not going to be the norm. People shouldn’t go to Piru with their hopes up. And, since evidently there was drama last week, I’d say those “slim” chances of him stopping are efectively reduced to “none”.

    Before last week as far as I know, no one screamed or yelled for him, no one chased after, everyone listened and responded when asked to respect boundaries. We waved nicely as he drove by. It didn’t matter.

    My 13 yr old has had me bring her about 8 times over the 5 or so weeks, including 2 night shoots. We went to LA the 1st day but some of the paps screwed that up, chasing him and tearing holes in the fence. She wanted to go last night, she just “knew” it was the best chance but she was sick, woke up about 11pm and asked again. I was already nervous about bringing her down to skid row in the middle of the cold night not even sure where to park at that time, and was afraid she’d get sicker or get someone else sick. She’s so disappointed now, I’m kinda in the doghouse but it was the right decision, she’ll get over it.

    If you go to Piru, do it because you want to see the set (there are pictures, you can’t see “that” much but the outside of the tent and sometimes the train or some little cool thing”) or because you want to meet and greet other fans. But if you think you’re getting a picture with him, well, don’t hold your breath, you’ll turn blue and Edward’s not gonna save ya, ha.

    • jayjay-

      I couldn’t agree with you more! My friend and I went twice. The first day was at the Fillmore set, and we were there from about 11-7. Rob’s car drove by us a total of 6 times. 6. And not once did he roll down the window or acknowledge us. I know we have not been there every day like some people – and believe you me if we had the time and if we lived closer that would be a much different story. Like you said, I agree that he doesn’t owe anyone anything, but I can’t help but feel disappointed that we didn’t even get a crack in the window to at least acknowledge that he saw us. The good first part of the day there were 4 of us who were there continuously. A couple others came and went. There were about 4 or 5 paparazzi in total. Around 3 in the afternoon more fans showed up and we had a group of about 15-20 by the end of the day. However one point in the day, my friend and I were the only 2 standing at the entrance to base camp, not even the paps were there, and he just drove right on by. Like you, “no one screamed or yelled for him, no one chased after, everyone listened and responded when asked to respect boundaries. We waved nicely as he drove by. It didn’t matter.” We even got the speech from his handler Dennis that everyone seems to meet telling us if the paps weren’t around, he’d come out.

      Don’t get me wrong, we had an amazing day. We met Christoph, “Kinko”, and some of the roustabouts (and got photos & autographs). It was awesome to see all the animals. It was fun talking to some of the crew members. We didn’t go expecting to meet Rob, or even be close to him for that matter. But after he drove by us 6 times we were a little confused as to why no “hello”.

      And yes, I know that if he waved and acknowledged every fan that was there the film sets would prob start getting mobbed by people. But it’s hard not to feel a slight disappointment.

      All that being said, the book is a great book and it’s awesome to see it coming to life in all the pics that keep turning up! It’s going to be an amazing movie! 🙂

  184. april- its just basically he comes out when the paparazzi is completly gone and thats hardly never because they usually are always around except maybe late at night, but good luck i hope to see you there 🙂

  185. It boils down to he’s come out 3 times in six weeks, never at Piru. There’ve been MANY times with no papps left.

    • Hi Brianna! Let me know if you still need Piru directions.

      Meeting the other people outside the sets has been most of the fun of this for me, if I wasn’t having fun I wouldn’t have brought the kid as much, I had to really say no during exams & end of school activities but now it’s summer and what the heck. So much of the time I’m sitting at the computer working, this gets me out in the country air, meeting new people, most of whom are pretty fabulous. I probably shouldn’t admit it but I kind had a stereotype of what I thought a twihard/RP grownup fan would be. I’m so happy I was wrong! Hey, and now, except for annoyance at that failure to roll down the window thing (like it’d be THAT freakin hard), I’m a mostly a fan now, too.

  186. jayjay- yah i personally think theres a good chance like on the last day when they film at a certain set like maybe last day at piru , idk when the fans at filmore got there pictures but maybe it was last day at that location , just kinda like it was the last day at downtown location when we got ours idk it is just kind of luck but your right you cant see anything at the piru set you definetly need binoculars to see anything at all and even then the couple times ive gone to piru i havent seen anything at all ,

    • Natalie, it was a single day in town from what I remember and about midway through in the first country set, not the last day. There is no pattern or rhyme/reason. Well, they must have some reasoning but it’s not obvious. It IS disappointing. Would probably be less so if we truly understood the reasoning but what’s been put out there as the reason doesn’t completely jibe with our perceived reality. There have been so many times he’s left for the day with no paps.

      Seriously, some of the hoops he’s gone through to supposedly avoid the paps have been a little silly considering how much effort he’s had to put into it, jumping from his trailer to the car (in LA, thankfully the guy didn’t trip & miss, eh?) and they got him anyway, had they got him earlier in the day they’d have likely gone home. Who knows. Maybe not, but while we were waiting outside a few paps who were pissed at the jerk ones cutting fence holes were just like, “let us get a photo already so we can go.” Maybe it’s a game they all play, it’s the fans who lose, whatever. Some of those paps WERE like rabid dogs, some seemed pretty mellow. Hell, what I know about them prior to this is gleaned mostly from watching an occasional dogpile mess on TMZ or wherever, they weren’t quite the same beast back in the day when I worked in production.

      People involved with the production read these things, I think now you can pretty much guarantee that he won’t be out on that last day since everyone will be expecting it, ha.

      I got a cute “snapshot” one of Reese in the fab red dress while the paps were also shooting, mine will be in the kid’s photo album rather than online ; ). I much prefer my “day job”, photographing people who want to be photographed, ha, two year olds are a snap in comparison!

  187. Hello everybody,
    I’m coming to CA on Tuesday and just recently stumbled upon this website. If all works out, I’m hoping to make a pit stop in Fillmore or Piru.
    I was wondering what the week was looking like for filming. Right now, I may be able to drive up on Thursday the 8th.
    I’ll keep tabs on the site to see what you guys are relaying, but any advice you have going into this (i.e. things to bring, where to park, best location to spot Rob ;-)) I’d appreciate it!

  188. Hey so can anyone tell me when they will be filming next week, FOR SURE.
    & The location.
    With DETAILED directions.(:

  189. I’ve been to the Piru location a few times and was in LA on Friday, but I’m more interested in seeing them shoot something than anything else. I’ve only seen one set up so far, roustys dragging one of the tents across the field. Rob walked out to where the shot was but I lost sight of him, as I was caught by noticing how many people were standing behind the camera, 25 or more at least. Crazy. Too many. Anyway I’ve never felt disappointed once about not meeting any principle actors, I don’t stay until near-dawn like you guys do, but I’m not an autograph seeker either. I like Rob and Reese and think Christoph is amazing and may be the stand-out performance in this film, but remember that Rob has to carry the narrative character and is probably in most of the scenes. He needs to focus when he’s there, then probably can’t get home fast enough to rest after a 12 hr day. Also as we know, paparazzi sell their pics to rags and now online rags who often make up stories about the artists, so avoiding that may be on his mind. Who really knows why he doesn’t always stop, maybe it’s to avoid a frenzy like in NY for the Remember Me shoot.
    It’s good to hear that people have enjoyed the excitement of seeing filmmaking in action, it’s been inspiring for me and I do believe that films are our most complete art form. Congrats to the cast and crew.

  190. I’m planning on going to the Piru set Thursday and/or Friday..would anybody suggest or not suggest doing that?

  191. hes been followed before thats why he cant stop!!! and all you that say paparazzi isnt there and that he coould have rolled down the window or watever trust me your wrong they are there, his security knows when they are they can smell those ppl a mile away trust me i know a couple of them , and just because you see his car doesnt necesarily mean thats him they have decoy cars too, hes filming a movie leave him alone just go and enjoy the movie making process, he got like mobbed in new york , they know when they can comeout !!

  192. NATALIE: What great pics of you and Rob! Congrats. OLV is a great site and Christine is wonderful. Thanks to them I got a pic with Rob last year at the set of Remember Me.

    • It really is a very, very cool site. I like it better than the ones dedicated to wfe, ha! I’ve met more people who knew this site than those others!

  193. Filming from 6 July Tuesday – WFE Circus extras/actors tweet:
    @sterlingwolfe: starting Tuesday, location will be “usual” for one wk, including Sat.
    @kevinketcham: Roustys done till tuesday, excited for 4th of july weekend
    @TheLionShare: Back to WFE after the holiday. Can’t wait to see my friends. Even more excited to see what comes next on set!

  194. Hey! I finally have time off work and was gonna head down there. Can someone please give directions to the Piru site. Is it the one off the 126?

    Congrats girls on your pics!!

  195. Filming week 6-9 July (scene: Circus destroyed) – WFE Circus extras/actors tweet:
    @actorpat: back on Tuesday for our last week of WFE!
    @Thom_Thumb_: looking forward to getting back on set this week for filming the stampede!

  196. Hey guys! I just found this site today. Those of you who got pictures with him are so lucky! I want one so badly…I was hoping to get one at the LA premiere after camping out for 4 days but unfortunately I was in the 3rd row of people so it was too far back to get one. It was still fun though! I checked mapquest and live about 45 miles from Piru…I’m considering paying a visit, but that all depends on if anyone is crazy enough to want to go with me, and I’d need a ride. What do you guys think the chances are of him coming out?? 🙁 I may only be able to come out for one day because it’s a little far.

    • Take I-5 N out of LA to RT 125, Fillmore/Piru exit…go about 19 miles to the Arco station on the right. Turn right at the gas station…go over the RR tracks, take first left. It dead ends right behind the tents…

  197. I really want to go to the set of WFE, but is this the last week of filming in Piru or filming as a whole? Does anyone know?

    • Only fact known is that 9/10th July is the end of filming for some group of extras/actors who are hired for Circus scenes (like at Piru location).
      Extras tweets:
      @sterlingwolfe: starting Tuesday, location will be “usual” for one wk, including Sat.
      @actorpat: back on Tuesday for our last week of WFE!

      • WFE Circus extra/actor tweet:
        @actorpat: At the moment, yes. There may be need for some reshoots and such, but the last day is the 10th, I believe.

        • WFE Circus extra ‘Roustie’:
          @actorpat: I stand corrected, looks like potential #WFE filming up thru the 19th? Not sure if that includes Rousties or not.

  198. 3 July at WFE set downtown LA (alley scene with Reese) fan encounter&photo tweets @shopgirlyy:
    Me & Rob…taken at the WFE set 4am!! https://twitpic.com/22joxx
    yea he asked if i was the girl from NY haha and then he was like what are you doing out here at 4am lol
    im posting the one of me and rob where i waited till 4am LA time and that explains the hair haha
    Just met robert pattinson and took pictures…it took me a year to get it but i finally did!!!
    i waited 10 hours and he finally came out at 4am and took pics
    @olv thanks so much for the locations…just met rob and got a pic with him…waited so long, its 4 in the morning in CA now!!
    i waited on the WFE set till 4am & he came out…i only think rob did b/c we told dennis (he worked on set) that i was from NY
    yes i think thats why he came out because dennis told dean (bodyguard) that i was from NY
    i know someone who knows someone who put the whole thing together and rob i waited on the WFE set till 4am 🙂

    • Awww that’s so cute that you think he came out because of you… I always hear fans saying that when stars come out! Wow 4am…your so lucky you knew someone who knew someone who knew someone who knew Rob, if not you’d probably still be waiting. But cute pic of Rob 🙂

  199. Does anyone have any idea when they will be filming the college scenes?

    I have been going to Fillmore and Piru on and off since day 1 of filming but it’s so much easier for me when I don’t have to drive over 2 hours each way.

  200. Oh and CONGRATS to the lovelies who got to meet Rob!! They are gorgeous photos and you must be so happy! I must admit I am jealous 😉 I was there on Thursday and had every intention of going Friday night and waiting but I had some personal stuff come up. Sucks =(

    I left about 40mins before he came out in Piru too… maybe 3rd time will be a charm!


    • (wrote July 4, 2010 at 7:28 pm:)
      Take I-5 N out of LA to RT 125, Fillmore/Piru exit…go about 19 miles to the Arco station on the right. Turn right at the gas station…go over the RR tracks, take first left. It dead ends right behind the tents…

  201. kristina, no they are done filming in l.a it was only thursday and friday and this week tuesday thru friday . are you going because im trying to get with a group that would want to go up together??

  202. hey bri what day were you planning on going to piru if you go on friday i would love to go . i heard thats the last day of filming , does anyone know if friday would be a good chance of meeting him since its the last day of filming?

  203. Filming week 6-9 July (scene: Circus destroyed) – WFE Circus extras/actors tweet:
    @actorpat: back on Tuesday for our last week of WFE!
    @Thom_Thumb_: looking forward to getting back on set this week for filming the stampede

    i just read this on previous page

  204. Filming from 6 July Tuesday – WFE Circus extras/actors tweet:
    @sterlingwolfe: starting Tuesday, location will be “usual” for one wk, including Sat.
    @kevinketcham: Roustys done till tuesday, excited for 4th of july weekend
    @TheLionShare: Back to WFE after the holiday. Can’t wait to see my friends. Even more excited to see what comes next on se

    • WFE Circus extra/actors:
      @actorpat: At the moment, yes. There may be need for some reshoots and such, but the last day is the 10th, I believe.
      @Thom_Thumb_: 5 am call time for Water For Elephants tomorrow… Stampede Scene, curious about how they are gonna make that look real without any of us getting eaten by a cougar or stepped on by a horse…
      @BigTopLife: clowns are looking forward to being back on set in the am! [6 July]

      • @seanstew: All the #twihearts here at day wrap on #WFE! https://twitpic.com/2330j7
        @BigTopLife: Just wrapped up another awesome day of filming! Back on set in the am.
        Director @Hibbits: Just started the stampede!!
        @Thom_Thumb_: Running from spooked wild animals in a clown suit is fun!

    • @actorpat: I stand corrected, looks like potential #WFE filming up thru the 19th? Not sure if that includes rousties or not.

  205. i would love to go to the piru set this week! someone should start a carpool and we can all chip in for gas 🙂

  206. anyone have an inkling of call times for crew/cast tomm.(tues.) or this week? wow, stampede scene would be soo interesting to watch how it’ll be shot. thanks all!

  207. Hello everyone 🙂 I’m planning on going to the Piru set this Thursday to hopefully catch a glimpse of something good. Does anybody else plan on going that day? Also, does anybody know anything about filming schedule times for this week?

  208. I really hope there is no fighting this week like there was last week. I don’t understand why there needs to be tension when we are all there for the same reason. Many of us last week were running on little or no sleep and were kind of grumpy from standing around all day, in desperate need of a nap. I say we should let by gones be by gones and focus on the real reason we go: to hopefully catch a glimpse of the actors, and if were lucky, maybe even meet them! 🙂

  209. Hi do u guys know for how much longer they are filimg. I am going to California July 16 and would love to get a chance to see him.

  210. jayjay – he came out once in piru. at like 3am. that was towards the beginning of filming there.

    and yeah there was drama last wk w fans and paps chasing him so im not sure of the chances of him getting out in piru but i guess theres always a chance! i definitely didnt think he would come out in l.a.

    theyre filming on saturday the 10th???

  211. natalie – yes! if you hear when theyre doing usc lemme know! <3 see you this week i hope! ill be there tomorrow!

  212. Kelly, I thought that was the one night they were in Filmore? I could SOOOO be wrong, we’re not there as much as many are and probably miss a lot.

    And as long as I’m being wrong, ha, I guess I’m wrong about people not acting up before last week (I wasn’t there for that either and would have missed it if not for this site). I just read some old news thing about some teen being arrested for hiding in the bushes June 4?!! Ok, that’s not being respectful and quiet, for sure. And also saw some videos of paps hounding him, some woman almost my age trying to kiss him. Oh hell, I’d never get out of the car if I was him.

    So, my kid will probably not get her picture but she’ll have fun anyway. And she’d be in heaven if she got that roll and wave ; ).
    (Is this Kelly with a truck and great binoculars and camera? If so you were the first person we met at the set, fun.)

    • jayjay he could have come out in fillmore too? i know people who he met in piru. and yeah i forgot about the girl who got arrested lol. he came out a weeks after that. but i didnt hear about the woman trying to kiss him!! no i dont have a truck. i know someone who does though but her name isnt kelly.

      • The woman kissing was awhile ago I think. After I saw that about the arrested girl I googled and found some youtube RP/pap videos and wow, what a trainwreck he’s been through.
        Trying to decide if I want to keep working today & come tomorrow or bring the kid today and just work more tomorrow. She’s voting for going today. I would like to see the animals though.

  213. Ok I’m trying to map this place but I can’t find Fillmore/Piru exit on the map… the 126 doesn’t just dead end =/ Is it in Piru or is it in Filmore… I don’t want to get lost out there =P

    • Piru is about 9 miles west of I-5 and Filmore is about 14 west of 5. YOu can’t miss either of them while driving on the 126. The Arco station is the landmark for Piru. Good luck!

  214. Can’t believe I’m back again from Moami. Still looking for the opportunity to catch a glimpse of Rob and filming of WFE Anyone now at what time filming starts tomorrow? Or the rest of the week. Any help will b greatly appreciated. Thankps

    • omg janet i remember you and your husband!!! did you come back just to see rob? i remember when i saw you last week you were leaving the next day back to miami…. hope to see you

  215. The Christoph Contingent from the East Coast will be on set Thursday and Friday for the end of filming, just in time to say goodbye to WfE and Christoph!

    If you’re on set, say hi 😀 I am leaving tomorrow and flying all the way out from Pittsburgh, PA to see Christoph!

    • WFE Circus extras:
      @actorpat: I stand corrected, looks like potential #WFE filming up thru the 19th? Not sure if that includes rousties or not.
      @BigTopLife: clowns film on the 19th & there’s still modern day filming to do!

  216. I just have to say my peace… This movie is huge for Rob, filming opposite of not one by two academy award winners… He has to be under a lot of pressure so if he can not take time to roll down a window and wave I don’t blame him… This is an awesome story and I can not wait for this movie… He does do public appearances and he is there just for that reason to take pictures and sign autographs… I am a huge fan of his and really wants him to succeed in this business beyond the whole twlight thing…

  217. Today I was there at Piru set and stayed there from 13.30 till 22.00 and only see the actors in a great hurry,I stayed there too much for hours that means nearly stayed there today 10 hours and didn’t see Rob. He left the set just when the other actors were leaving without letting the fan know about his leaving. I learned that very clearly. Trust me he is very very busy so busy that he cannot come out of the site to say hello or sign photo…Try but you may be dissapointed like me after 10 hours and I did the same at Alexandria Hotel the previous set for WFE but didn’t succeed. I am sooo unhappyyy:((((

  218. tweet @blueeyedlamb:
    Great time at #WFE set! [ Nice!! Any Rob sightings? :)]
    He was in the tent..but saw Dean! [Dean is Rob Pattinson’s bodyguard]
    Tents https://tweetphoto.com/31194327
    Time to see @samueltwitt1 tonight! Saw Rob and Kristen tonight…but I was there for Sam. Brilliant musician. [Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Tom Sturridge at friend Sam Bradley’s concert ‘Hotel Cafe’ LA]

  219. So does anyone have any info? I have been going since day 1 on and off and have met a lot of you guys so any info would be much appreciated =)

    I think it’s safe to say filming isn’t going to end on the 9th! Do we know the actual date? which could also be different to Rob’s last day of shooting.
    But does anyone know when they will be in LA next? etc night or days?

    I know today started pretty early and is a day shoot, but beyond that I don’t know much yet.

  220. How was today? Does anyone know if Rob will be there this Friday? Any information will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    • Today WFE extras/actors tweet:
      clown @Thom_Thumb_: I pranced around WFE set showing off my Brobdingnagian clown butt today and we shot the scene where the big top falls down on our
      heads… A fun day!
      rube @TheAlexaRose: Crazy day running as tent collapses. Wowza.
      @emilygee5: 5:30am call time! Day 2 of stampede week. Just did the COOLEST scene EVER!!!!!!! got to do a little stunt work 🙂 We shot the stampede scenes today and its going to be AWESOME! and I got to chill next to rpatz today for a whole scene! Shot thee coolest scene today. The tent collapses and we had to legitimately run as fast as we could out or else we would have been crushed. Don’t worry it was all part of the plan. But it was the freaking craziest thing i have ever done in my life.
      @codywood: 4:30am wake-up call all worthwhile when C. Waltz took center stage and proclaimed: “Ladies and Gentlemen!…”
      @BigTopLife: Back on set in the am. Author of WFE Sara Gruen was on set today!
      @shellscarr: I’m thinking I should’ve been born in the 1930’s…
      @rebekahvoss: Last nite when I got home from set I may or may not have done a little research on elephants. I’m just fascinated. Is there a support group

      Friday Rob is there – whole week of “Stampede scene” (WFE extras&director tweeted, Summer 1931 Circus disaster)


      • Thank you so much! Will Rob still be there tomorrow (Friday)? Someone tweeted that today was the last day of filming. Is it?

        • Friday is a “night shoot” (tweet extras & fans from set).

          No it’s not last day of filming. (6Jul tweet extras @BigTopLife: clowns film on 19th &there’s still modern day filming to do! @TheLionShare: not sure how much longer, at least 2 weeks)

      • Awesome collection! =D

        Oh to be there to see the tent collapse! I’ll be driving out to Piru on Friday, maybe they’ll save the best for last(day)? Here’s to hoping haha

        • WFE extra about 9th Friday night filming tweet @actorpat:
          More rousty action night!
          I been working as roustabout (who set up&take down Circus)

  221. i think there are too many people and too many paps. plus its not just up to him (from what ive gathered). his security is super protective with good reason from whats happened before. if youre planning on trying to meet him in a situation like that, you better be prepared to go there a lot because you just might have to.

  222. Please read previous comments, reposted & attached are tweets from WFE filming with info.

    Happy if you post your pics, vids & reports from set. Thanks
    (or if you want post privately I’ll add my contact)

  223. Some fans have been coming to Piru set for 2 months and never get to meet him. Trust me…Rob keeps evading his fans even though there’s no paps! I agree with Mirage’s comment! Good Luck!

  224. Some of you need to get some perspective, fast!!! Rob is not “evading” his fans. He is working hard, in the all-important closing stretch of movie riding heavily on his shoulders. HE IS BUSY AND TIRED. Fans lingering at set are not his priority right now. Let him work.

    Go to Piru to enjoy seeing what a working set looks like, from afar. If you’re just going for an autograph or a personal encounter…. you shouldn’t be there. That’s not what being a supportive fan is about.

    • Steffi is so right. We were at the set earlier this month, we flew up from Hawaii. We went with no expectations except to be able to see some of the things that were going on. It was an amazing experience, we met incredible fans who were there for the same reason, to show their support and feel like they were apart of the movie process. Rob is not public property, his films are. His promotion of the films is a part of the job, not the demand to give everyone what they want. If you want a piece of him, you are not a fan. We stayed at set that night as they were filming a stunt scene. We had several glimpses of him and even have him on film sitting on the side of the road as we passed giggling in his chair. (probably at us driving by) but we didn’t notice him at the time. Incidentally, we left about 30 minutes before Rob came out of the Fillmore set, and I’m glad we did. It’s not a way I would want to meet him. It was 3 in the morning and I feel so bad that he felt obligated to stop at that time to pleasure the fans that were still there. Don’t get me wrong- i think it’s lovely that he did, and I think that the fans were very lucky because it’s what they wanted, but I know that some of them continue to go there and wait and I just don’t know what else they want from him.
      Please go there and be supportive. Enjoy it because it’s an amazing process. If he does stop , it will make the experience all the more to enjoy! =)

  225. haley – yeah i know ive been going since june 12th and ive been hanging out with the people who had been there way longer. and there are paps everywhere. theyre like vultures lol. good luck if you go back 🙂

    steffisue – for some thats the best chance to meet him because we cant camp for 4 days in la or afford tickets to a convention or what have you. but after trying for forever to meet him at the set (it seems like), i can say you have to have a more realistic outlook on the situation and take everything into consideration. even then its super frustrating :/ but i have met a lot of really cool people and made a lot more friends there then ever before. so its been fun regardless. but yes he is working hard obviously. no doubt about that. and some are there for support as well. we all might have different definitions though.

    i want tai/rosie to come out and take pictures lol.

    • Kelly, I get the desire to meet him, I do 🙂 But he simply can’t pose for every fan or give everyone an autograph. Too many people seem to want to just take, take, take from this guy: touch him, scream at him, take his photo. It’s funny to me to see so many women who don’t even talk to him or make eye contact when they do meet him. They just want to push him in front of a camera and smile bigfor the photo to show they met him…. as if he was an animal they’d bagged in a hunt!!

      Rob is already giving his fans so much, going way beyond the call of duty. His gift to the public is his work. Anything more is icing on the cake and shouldn’t be “expected”…

  226. You know what rob does owe me a signature and a picture yes I do know he’s busy but the fans r what’s making hime famous they r the ones that’s making him millions at the box office that’s what allows him to continue gettn jobs yes it also had to do with the fact that he is a great actor but at the end of the days its the fans that make the movie a success or fail!

    • You know what: no artist “owes” you a damn thing besides the art they create IF and WHEN you buy it. You willingly fork over your money to buy the art, the ticket stub, and that is what you pay for. Not the human being.

      Everything Rob does off the set to please fans is a gift, as a fan’s support for him outside of a movie theater is also a gift. If you want to stay a mere consumer, so be it…. In that case, you can always go online and buy his autograph from one of the hounds. Of course Rob doesn’t endorse that, because he’d rather give his true fans the gift….. insofar as he can. But he’s only human, after all. Perhaps someone should chain him to a pole until he’s signed 10 million pics?!

  227. Hahahah your so funny well he signed up for it and unfortunetly this comes with the territory so if he dnt like it maybe he shouldn’t be in this buisness he endorses so there for I am a consumer which means he supposed to satisfy the consumer(fans)!it comes with the territory honey!

  228. Hi Everyone! I was wondering if anyone knew Rob’s schedule for tonight and tomorrow morning.Thanks for your help!


    • In all honesty….I can say that I really am GLAD we weren’t there. Was my first reaction jealousy when I first saw the pics? probably….I’m a huge fan of him and his work. I’m jealous of everyone that gets a pic with him, lol. I’m glad for the fans that waited and got what they wanted.

      I am very excited that he’s making this film because it’s one of my favorite books. Just to see the train, camels and zebras and Christoph and Reese’s kids was kind of surreal for me. I’m not saying he shouldn’t stop, it was irritating to me that he didn’t at least acknowledge the fans with a wave or something, but what I’m saying is that fans shouldn’t expect him to HAVE to stop. If you go there with the simplistic view of enjoying yourself, you won’t work yourself into a tizzy about him not stopping.

      Even without meeting him, I can say my one day on the set was worth EVERY PENNY i spent to go up there, and it was quite a few. I also went to the Eclipse convention so did end up getting to see him and all the other cast. I also flew up to Vancouver last October, didn’t get to see them their either but got to do Amazing things. Maybe it’s just my philosophy on life that allows me to see things this way- it’s the journey not the end result.

      I love Twilight and Rob fans- they are dedicated, loyal and passionate. I have met some amazing ones from around the world. I have this board and some of the amazing girls who are willing to share the information on it for that day on set, especially Christine and Lea.

      And note about the papprazzi- some of them are bitches, but some are actually really cool and just trying to do their job and while I was there seemed to be respectful. That night that Rob stopped in Fillmore, a Paparazzi was hanging around base camp, and when the girls asked him to leave (at 11pm) because Rob had a greater chance of stopping if he wasn’t there, he left willingly because he wanted to give the fans their shot. It seemed to have worked.

      Thank you OLV and all the positive fans that make the on location vacations possible =)

    • I have to say I am torn between the two opinions. One I believe that on rob’s time it is his life and he could do what he wants. I don’t believe he signed up for this hounding. He is an actor. It is his job. A job that millions of people happen to know about. Could you imagine if Doctors that saved lives had to sign autographs. When would they work, sleep, eat, and get down time like everyone else in the world. It is very nice he stopped at 3 am, which I posted a while ago that seems to be the case when there is less people around. I do believe that we help make his career and that is why it is very disappointing that the very few conventions he does he doesn’t sign autographs. I think that should be part of the job and in the contract. I think they should do a lot more conventions. We are the ones that spend the money and not to give us that many chances to say thank you and get a pic or an autograph is sad. I am lucky enough to live by NY and I have seen Rob a number of times, but my 5 yr. old daughter and my 1 yr. old almost got trampled on at the today show when he came out. I have been there before and girls were never that bad. We were two steps away from him. My daughter really wanted to meet him to give a letter she wrote him and it is sad that the few times he does sign autographs it isn’t organized or calm. So in that respect to have a calm place where it is appropriate for me to bring my 5 yr. old would be nice and I feel should be included in the process. But should not be expected on his own time. Can’t people think about how tired he must be at 3 am. He’s not a machine. He’s a man. Can’t people give the guy a break?

  230. or at least roll down the window and say HI!! especially since ppl have been going there for hours and hours days and months to see him and nothing!!! srry i dont care how tired he is a little wave isnt going to hurt him!! thats just dumb

  231. Ya seriously…I’m not buying that either….I think that’s just what she’s telling herself to make herself feel better about missing him!! I agree this comes with the territory…and a couple minutes here and there with some loyal fans isn’t going to break him! Cheers and good luck to all you going out there…I hope you enjoy the filming process and hopefully some of you get to meet some of these fabulous actors 🙂

  232. My friend and I want to head to Piru set but I hear they are done with the filming there. Does anyone know where the parade will be? Desperatly want to know…Please Help!

  233. I agree with SteffiSue, he there to work… not to promote himself… he does that when the movie comes out… My daughter and I had the pleasure of meeting him after the Jimmy Kimmel taping… he was so gracious to come after the show and hang out and sign I don’t know how many autographs and take hundreds of pictures and he did that because that is what he was there to do… to promote…

  234. okay agreed hes not there to promote!! but alot of people would be happy just him rolling down the window and waving. i think its ridiculous he cant even do that

  235. gnique, sorry but i find it a little hard to believe you waied till 230 in the morning ( since you said you waited 30 minutes before he came out at filmore) to watch the zebras, camels and trains. you waited because you wanted to see ROB i highly doubt you would have not wanted to see him at 3 a.m ? sorry i dont think any of us believe you when you say that

    • Hard to believe doesn’t make it not true =) I’m not trying to prove it to you or anyone. It is what it is. I have an experience I’m grateful and excited for.

      Good luck to you in getting yours…..truly =)


      • Im sure you have had a great experience and seen alot of coool stuff. i have too while ive been out there and met lots and lots of fans . but everyone ive met has wanted to meet rob in the end and i know that if they knew he was coming out at 3.am they would have stayed .,not said “oh no it not the right way of meeting him” srry not buying it. its like chloe said its something you ae saying to yourself to make your self better about missing him.

        ALOHA !!!!

  236. gnique, sorry but i find it a little hard to believe you waied till 230 in the morning ( since you said you waited 30 minutes before he came out at filmore) to watch the zebras, camels and trains. you waited because you wanted to see ROB i highly doubt you would have not wanted to see him at 3 a.m ? sorry i dont think any of us believe you when you say tha

  237. They are filming tomorrow for sure in Piru. Whether or not Rob will be there, I do not know. And they have extended the finish date so it is not over tomorrow. Good luck everyone!

  238. I’m in the camp of – sure it would have been nice to have the photo encounter or smile and wave and sure, not having that opportunity can be a lil irritating in passing (no, don’t completely understand it but accept it as “it is what it is”), but seriously, those things are “wish list” things, not needs and soooooo not “owed”.

    Ya gotta let that go quickly and enjoy the experience for what it is. Meeting interesting people from as far away as Spain, watching filming, seeing cool trains and cute animals. I got to see another side of my kid, I hadn’t realized how much she’d outgrown that shy little girl phase. She had fun Tuesday seeing her crush boy running with the puppy, she even got (tiny far off and blurry) pix. I really appreciate finding this site (and Christine’s work here!) as otherwise I couldn’t have given her that experience and opportunity.

    Seriously, how fun has this all been, even without waves or autographs or personal meetings? I mean, what would you rather do, sit in front of the TV? ha

  239. jayjay , all im
    saying is a wave isn’t a hard thing to do or a little smile just to see that he acknowledged us. but realistially i doubt anyone would say that they are glad they didn’t see him at 3.a.m (considering they stayed till 230) because thats not a way she would want to meet him… i mean do you honestly believe that?

  240. its not negativity. its just stating the obvious. srry still not buying that she stayed till 230 to see the farm animals and didnt want to meet rob at 3. am. she left because she thought there was no chance of meeting him and she just gave up like im sure alot of fans did including you Lea.

  241. Lea-
    haha….you out of anyone would know I was actually held hostage there by this crazy Englishwoman!!! lol….. =) Giggly Rob in a chair while 3 psychotic wankers drive unwittingly by, is priceless.

  242. okay so as much as i love ROB i find it completely horrible that after fans camping out from all over the country from 6pm to 6am the next day including little kids that just wanted to catch a little glimpse of him when it came down to leaving he leaves from the back area avoiding completely everyone . i agree with bri what is so wrong with acknowledging his fans? A little wave would have made everyone happy !!! SO DISAPOINTED !!!

  243. okay so as much as i love ROB i find it completely horrible that after fans camping out from all over the country from 6pm to 6am the next day including little kids that just wanted to catch a little glimpse of him when it came down to leaving he leaves from the back area avoiding completely everyone . i agree with bri what is so wrong with acknowledging his fans? A little wave would have made everyone happy !!! SO DISAPOINTED !!

    • I agree Jackie…what an a-hole! And before anyone says, “Oh just enjoy the experience” sorry… no, that’s just bull…Yes, I think we all knew he would not get out because there were so many people, but come on now sneaking out is plain rude…a glance or a wave would have been sufficient !!! Just look at Christoph waltz, now that is a classy actor!

      Ok…ready, set, go…you people can now begin to defend this guy even though he continues to disappoint you too!!

  244. I complety agree. I found it very heartless and cruel. Some of u believe he owes us nothing, which is true to a certain point. I personally feel that a movie star is nothing without fans. Fans r the ones that provide the revenue that gives him a paycheck after he finishes every movie. Fans are the ones that make him a big demand in the film industry because he brings in ticket sales. I complety agree. I found it very heartless and cruel. Some of u believes he owes us nothing, which is true to a certain point. I personally feel that a movie star is nothing without fans. Fans r the ones that provide the revenue that gives him a paycheck after he finishes every movie. Fans are the ones that make him a big demand in the film industry because he brings I the ticket sales. Yeah he does not owe us anything. But who pays for that ticket sale. Yeah he does not owe us anything. I complety agree. I found it very heartless and cruel. Some of u believes he owes us nothing, which is true to a certain point. I personally feel that a movie star is nothing without fans. Fans r the ones that provide the revenue that gives him a paycheck after he finishes every movie. Fans are the ones that make him a big demand in the film industry because he brings I the ticket sales. Yeah he does not owe us anything, right. How can he just leave us out there. There so many ways he could of handled this more politely. He could have sent a message with Dean forwarming that he couldn’t make it and thank us. He could driven by and wave. He truly reveals himself so different to how he truly is in real life. He is always talking about how bad he feels and wants to do so much for his fans. I have yet to see anything he had done for anyone. Because if u really think about the few things he has done have been done based on a sacrifice by a fan. All these pictures that we see with these fans are after days of camping and long days waiting overnight for him. He really has never done anything for fan out of true sincerity and appreciation. I’m truly disappointed. He truly seemed like such a genuine guy in his interviews. It was so refreshing to see someone so grounded and humble.


    I completely agree. I found it very heartless and cruel. Some of you believe he owes us nothing, which is true to a certain point. I personally feel that a movie star is nothing without fans. Fans are the ones that provide the revenue that gives him a paycheck. Fans are the ones that make him a big demand in the film industry because he brings in ticket sales. Yeah he does not owe us anything. But who goes to the movies and pays for the ticket. Yeah he does not owe us anything, right. How can he just leave us out there? There so many ways he could have handled this more politely. He could have sent a message with Dean letting us know that he couldn’t make it and thank us for coming. He could have driven by and waved. I’m still in disbelief of what happened last night. He truly reveals himself so different in his interviews. He is always talking about how bad he feels for his fans and wants to do so much for them. I have yet to see anything he has done for anyone. Because if u really think about the few things he has done have been done out of the sacrifice done by the fan. All these pictures that we see with these fans are after days of camping and long days waiting overnight for him. He really has never done anything for a fan out of true sincerity and appreciation. I’m truly disappointed. He truly seemed like such a genuine guy in his interviews. It was so refreshing to see someone so grounded and humble in Hollywood. I truly loved The Haunted Airman, How to Be, Little Ashes, Twilight, New Moon, Remember Me, Eclipse and so looking forward for Water for Elephants and Breaking Dawn 1 and 2 but I can’t help but wonder if every time I watch these movies I will remember how rude he was. With all of that said, it was wonderful meeting all of your during both of my visits from Miami. You guys are all great!!! YOU MADE THE TIME WAITING FOR ROB ENTERTAINING AND FUN!! <3<3<3

  246. Chloe: that’s your opinion but in my eyes, you look like the douchebag for spelling douchebag wrong even after I showed you how to spell it! LMAO!

  247. Chloe: that’s your opinion but in my eyes, you look like the douchebag for spelling douchebag wrong even after I showed you how to spell it! LMAO dumbass!

  248. Oh yeah littlered & chloe, I’m pretttttyyy sure that last time I checked, this wasn’t a website for insulting the actors & call them rude names. & I’m almost positive that you two would never say that to his face if you got the oppertunity.

    • Your right this website is for people is to talk about on set experiences and if it just so happens that an actor acts like a duesh, duche or douche…than we have every right to express that!
      Oh Cassie so was Rob really cool when you met him?? Oh wait let me guess you haven’t…

  249. Cassie & last time I checked this wasn’t an english class. Like really your gonna waste your time teaching someone you don’t know how to spell & defend someone who does not give a crap about you and never will. I’m just informing people to not go to that set its a waste of time & he is rude. They are a lot of amazing fans that traveled and waited up all night just to see him! & what does he do he sneaks out the back. The least he could have done is wave. That’s just ridiculous & so are you! They’re were little 4 year olds that didn’t sleep all night just to see him. He’s pathetic

  250. No I haven’t met him but I’m sure that you or that other girl/guy whatever haven’t met him either. So you prolly shouldn’t judge him!
    & yes this website is for you experience with the movie set but not to judge the actors. Obviously you have something against Rob, but that’s your problem.

    • Oh actually Cassie I’m not sure about the other person but I have met him before and that’s why I CAN say he’s a douche. Anyways I’m done with this. 😛 The movie though seems like it will be pretty great!

  251. I’m soooooo sure you have actually met him! But anyways I’m not going to say anything else because I can go on for days, & I’m actually on vacation so I’m using my phone! Everyone has their own opinion though.

  252. im sorry but whoever flys out just to get a glimpse of him and then complains that they didnt are crazy. he has barely come out for people who go there everyday and that has been posted here so why wouldnt you research it first? and if you did that was a risk you were willing to take. he doesnt know whos out there. and like i have said its not always up to him. you cant go there 1 day and expect anything. people have done multiple days and over nights and still nothing. a wave would have been nice sure but again research before you go out there. and as for the 4 year olds…they shouldnt be out there all night awake because i somehow think theyre not the ones there to see him. this whole board has gotten way out of control.

  253. and if you have met him, hes not a douche so i dont know where any of that is coming from.

    some of us lucked out living so close to the set so we could go check it out. and because we dont want to fight with the crowds and spend hundreds of dollars just to see him we go and do this instead. but its at your own risk. just go and have fun and meet people. i dont know why all the hostility.

  254. i live in new york and i met him when he was filming REMEMBER ME and again huge douchebag . i have friends in L.A that have met him and they say the same. He doesn’t care at all about his fans. He is rude!!! and yah sounds like your having a blast in your vacation since your wasting your time writing us comments. i wonder how you would have felt if you camped out for 12 hours not slept all night and then have him do what he did. what the hell did he think we were gonna do hijack car?

  255. littlered i have camped out and have him leave without doing nothing. it sucks. but if hes always such a douche, why do it? why be a fan other then just going to the movies? i guess we all have different encounters cuz he was really nice when i met him and when my other friends have met him. and if youve ever encountered his security or been there when the scary fans chase after him or hide in the bushes, then youd understand if he doesnt come out. but not waving does suck. idk why he doesnt do that except maybe paps taking pictures. theyre relentless.

  256. im sorry to hear people were upset. but he has done this every day and every night except for a choice three or four times. thats not just coming out. thats waving. i dont know his reasoning. i dont know his security reasoning. but a lot has gone down in the last week where i dont blame him for ducking out. but like i said going there is at your own risk. the odds he doesnt wave or come out and say hi are extremely high. it really sucks i know.

  257. I really don’t want to get into this but I agree with Kelly that people should have done their research. Rob has actually come out to greet fans twice since shooting began, the other lady that got a pic happened to just be there at the right time when he was coming in (an area they put security at so we couldn’t access later)
    So although it sucks for people who wait for so long, the odds have never been in their favour. Myself included. Rob has driven right by me a lot of times and not waved, you have to just realize that’s the way it goes and he has his reasons.
    As for having his car hijacked… you never know, some fans have done some CRAZY shit. He has no clue who is out there. I know some crazy things some girls had in store for Rob who were escorted away by security.
    I also really don’t think it’s entirely up to him if he comes out and signs… that is what I have been told from several sources on different occasions.
    Anyway, everyone has their opinion, sure… but let’s not fight or throw names. Everyone chill out =) It is really silly to keep fighting on the internet and this thread that Christine made for us is kinda getting ruined by it all.

  258. Seriously theres no need for name calling i agree. But you said he has his reasons for not waving … really can you think of anything that would make sense ? I was also there last night and was hugely disapointed. ive seen alot of cool stuff and did enjoy the filming process. but in the end we all wanted the same and it was to catch even if it was a tiny glimpse of Rob. he may not be a douche like these people say he is but i do feel he is a bit inconsiderate.

    • Yes, Jamie, you knucklehead, I CAN think of one reason why he wouldn’t wave to the yutzes hassling him AT HIS JOB: Why in the world would he do anything to encourage you??

  259. hahahahah this message is for kelly she says 5 year olds shouldnt be staying up all night to see Rob?? well neither should creepy 50 and 60 year old woman!!! thats pretty creepy if you ask me maybe thats who hes afraid of not the teens but the crazy women that know every detail of his life and defend him like hes a family memeber. you weirdos get a life!! and the freaky lady that has been there 30 days straight out of the 35 that they filmed… hun get a frieken life!! he isnot gonna come out to see you!! and stop being do bitchy to everyone . you act like you own the place and noone can get near your precious rob!!

    • What ladys acts like she owns the joint geesh jessica you must be a crazy teenager shouldn’t u be in summerschool or something u must be a family member of that poor little girl that was there someone shouldve called social services on ur ass for child negligence u ninny

  260. Haha sorry brownie i’m not a teenager but i’m not one of the old bags that go there either. but since im seeing your getting a bit offended i’m pretty positive your one of the the creepy 50 or 60 year olds that go there… and i’m taking a little guess you might even be or be related to psycho woman that has been there 30 times and thinks she owns the joint…. GOOD LUCK MEETING ROB

    • Okay ladies…I know everyone is upset that Rob almost never comes out, but there’s no need to attack each other! The teenagers…the 50 – 60 year old…even the little girls are all entitled to be there if they please. Nobody owns the set and nobody on this site “knows” him or his reasoning (his people are paid to make him look good at ALL times) . I think everyone should just try to get along! And I do think everybody’s problem with Rob is the same….Just wave…acknowledge your fans that are there to support you!

    • Hahahah jessica u make me laugh cause I am neither one of them but obviously u must be one family members of that poor little girl as u see u got so defensive it sounds like u were at the set too waiting to see rob maybe u should take ur own advice and get a life if it bothers u that much !


          • brownie… im in my 20’s HUN so i think i hit a nerve with you lol. your the one that jumped to defend the old bags lol. cuz you are one of them… truth hurts huh brownie ?? or shall i call you psycho woman that has been there 30 times and not once has seen ROB or ever will lol.. keep on waiting

                • hahaha im not barking hun im actually pretty amused . have fun waiting for rob this week brownie56 ( aka psycho lady that has been there 30 days) jeeze have you thought what you are gonna do when filming is over?

                  • Omg jessica get over it already u keep on going on and on hahhaahahhaha u make me laugh keep on yapping away ur entertaining 😉

                    • brownie i would keep yapping away but im sure your there right now with all your pillows and blankets and binoculars not even blinking an eye waiting to see your precious Rob so ill leave you alone i kinda feel bad. send me the picture when you get it lol… bye love you

  261. Omg jessica i dont know you but i 100% agree with you. i know the bitch camp you are refering too. Ive had problems with them too when ive gone in the past. They think they OWN rob. They get mad at anyone who is there waiting besides them thinking only they can be there.

  262. omg steph are you on that again?? i thought you were done arguing about that. no one thinks they own rob. thats just paranoia if you ask me. natalie, her aunt, her mom and i have gotten along fine since then. if they bother you that much then just ignore them. we are all there for the same reason.

    bottom line guys if you go to meet rob dont get your hopes up. this whole board has gone to hell the last few days because so many people went and got disappointed. the outcome has been practically the same since they started shooting. none of this is new. its really sad because this used to be fun. people talking about their experiences and the people theyve met. but now its just hostility and negative experiences. some that happened over a week ago that people are still dwelling on.

    ive loved everyday ive gone and all the people ive met so on that note just be positive or keep the fighting to yourself. none of it is helping anyone.

  263. kelly i have no idea who you are or what you are talking about i dont know you or a natalie or her mom or her aunt so i think you have the wrong girl. i just know while i was there these women in the front were very hostile. everyone knows who they are so i was just agreeing with the girl that left the comment. Even the guards there talk about them and dont like them. I’ve only been there twice and thats what ive experienced.

  264. You guys are all so funny. i have never actually been to the set but im gonna beg my mom to take me but not to see Rob but to meet all you. you all seem more interesting then rob anyways lol. i wanna meet all these people that go on here and fight about this guy. you are all crazy lol. im sure he could care less about any of you!! but thats funny how you all talk like you know him

  265. I’ve been reading these posts since day one and finally feel that I must comment so that I can get back to enjoying the information that really is important. Please realize that there is the Rob in movies and the Rob in real life. We may fantasize about him but, painful as it is, we will never know him and pinning our dreams of inclusion in his life to a stop, a wave or a picture is only going to leave us all frustrated.
    How about stopping the speculation and just concluding that he or whoever makes the decision has a legitimate reason; and accept it. If we all love Rob so much why is it so difficult to accept his choices as necessary (for any reason) for him at this time in his life. How about we give credit to this person (who we have created in our minds) for taking care of himself. Isn’t that what we want, Rob getting through this period relatively unscathed? And don’t we want to support him and his career into the future? Love and hate are linked so closely, I feel that I am reading the posts of some people whose adoration has gone to hate. It is truly a miserable to read.
    For me, I am grateful for the adventure this has added to my life, for the terrific people I have met, for the occasion of meeting a real papperazzi (not my usual hang) and yes I have been going to the locations since May 21, and been out all night, and missed him by 30 minutes and chose the wrong exit route and felt down the next day, but I’ve got to deal with that; not put it on him or others.
    Thanks for reading this, it is the first time I’ve ever posted.

  266. Very well said Barb. It was great seeing u again. Let’s keep in touch. We can maybe get together for premiere. Sent u some pics earlier today, let me know if you received it. Well got to go, boarding my flight back to Miami.

  267. I agree with you too barbara, but i can believe some of you like kelly and brownie are bringing the little girl that was there that night into it, saying little kids shouldnt be there at that time anyways. She was the cutest and sweetest little girl she was in the car next to mine and she was playing with my daughters for a while. i dont see whats wrong with her being there, and she was there to see Reese she even had a little poster for her and she would not stop talking about her it was so cute. I have taken my kids when they were tiny to watch the pasadena Rosebowl parade and we have all camped out all night and that was something in their childhood that they will always remember i saw tons of little kids camping out at the premiere too so some of you have gone a little far having problems with a little girl being there all night with her parents. People are also there for other reasons not only Rob. My girls had a great time meeting everyone there


  269. @ Brownie & Jessica, both of you need to stfu.
    Seriously, you both say your not teens, but your acting like one.
    Get out of the high school phase.
    & You say your not old, yeah you guys are right you arent, because if you were then you both wouldnt be talking trash.
    Who cares who started it, grow up.
    This just shows some early/late 20 year olds or how ever old you are, are lame and pathetic enought to cyber bully people they never met.

    No wonder Rob won’t come out.

  270. Anyone who stands for 12 hours EVERY day to meet a celebrity has lost the run of themselves. Making 4 year old children do it is wrong. I don’t care if they ‘want’ to. There are way more productive things they can do with their day. Visiting a set to check whats going on is cool but to STALK it all day is crazy. Im glad you didnt get your ‘wave’ , hopefully it will stop you stalking other sets. Weirdo’s!

    • omg so true ” needs to be said ” and i agree with “jessica” too its not even the teens thats a problem its the old ladies that fantasize about him . i went with my friend a month ago and she was literally the only teenager! all of them were old ladies that campout every single day and night and fantasize about him. true if i was him i wouldnt wave either . you are all crazy !! its acceptable to go maybe once to see whats going on but stop stalking them . thats why they dont stop they are afraid of all of you

  271. wow..interesting comments. lol.

    I met Rob the other nite at the Sam Brady concert and he was cool. Quite but cool.
    My 2 cents – you go to the set at your own risk. You are a fan of Rob’s at your own risk. Nobody is forcing you to pay tickets to see his movies or go to conventions or whatever. It’s a choice and if he doesn’t live up to the hype then stop being a fan.It’s really quite simple.

  272. Hey Jessica,
    I do not know every detail of Robs life. I did get to meet him because he showed up where I live with Kristen. You seem the exact opposite of the kind of people they are.You enjoy calling people names, especially the “old bags” (Rob loves Betty White)Fail on you.You cant even spell. They are well read.Fail on you. I am a 52 year old retired boxer with a rockin body and an unretired right hook.Fail AGAIN on you. Every one is a badass on a post. See you (I hope) I was on debate team in high school and I would love to hear you call me an old bag…in person.
    on my way to seeya

      • Listen here FRANCI and everyone else in your old bag team!!! all of you are just a bunch of pedaphyles dreaming and fantasizing about ROB a guy that is old enough to be your own son or grandson. Thats pretty sick if you ask me. im sorry if its creepy to me to see old woman like you camping out day and night to see him and to hear the way you all talk about him is just wrong.LMAO and you say ROB loves betty white who the hell doesnt ?? but i hardly doubt betty white fantasizes about him and knows his every move like all you creeps do. i dont give a crap about your high school debate or your pathetic ” ROCKIN BODY” cuz hun my body is way more “ROCKIN” so FAIL ON YOU!!!! and yes i am badass !!! seeya when i seeya 🙂
        p.s have noticed that the only times he has gotten off to take pictures is when its not with old bags ? idk just sayin

  273. Please…. can everyone just agree to disagree…. everyone wants to blame each other and that’s not going to solve anything! Ive met Rob in the past and that was my first time at the set…the only reason we even went was because we saw some pics of Rob with a couple fans and thought well we’re cute too hehe, maybe he’ll stop! Oh well he didn’t (and yes we were upset…probably because we were so tired) but we still had fun that night (probably because we didn’t know everyone had it out for each other).
    And btw people stop attacking children for being there, I saw the little girls in the back and they were so sweet and excited to be there…and as far as I know one of them was only one that met anyone that night…at least she met Reese’s double! I’m sure she’s still talking about it…I would if I was her!
    Franci…true not all 50-some year olds fall in the same boat…I’m sure you do have a rockin body (even though I’m not sure what that has to do with anything), but physical threats are not cool…just saying.


    • Hi Megan,

      I am not sure but I hope someone can tell us when filming if over.
      It would be nice to see the sets. So far the pictures look just like I pictured they would in the book. I have to drive out to Cali this week so I am thinking about a detour to check it out. Please if anyone knows for sure about the filming schedule it would be great to know.
      Thank you
      Vegas Twilighter

  275. A friend that went up there today said today was the last day , and that tomorow they were doing some shots with the extras but Rob wouldnt be there. If anyone else has other information please let me know

  276. Are they supposed to be out in Piru today too? Or are they moving back to Fillmore location? Heard them say they’re packin up and moving today, but don’t know if they are done or just moving to another location?? Thought they were filming til the 19th? Any info anyone? Or is this thread only for childish bickering now?

    • Pretty sure those were from the Santa Clarita Studios set. That’s where they were supposed to be next, doing interiors. Not sure of other days and locations.

      Haven’t been to that studio so not sure if it’s gated or what, someone mentioned them behind a “big wall”, the paparazzi might have climbed it to get those shots?

      • thank you so much for the info, yes, it does look like a studio. I know at the end of next week they are suppose to film the Cornell scenes which will be on location but haven’t heard where yet. Thanks again!

  277. The studio is said to be BEYOND impossible to get in. That’s what I’ve been told and movie studios usually are that way. So I guess this is the end of the road for our chances to see him filming this movie. 🙁

  278. all i know is natalie was with a group that showed up that day that youre talking about so im not sure who YOU are then.

  279. steph, unless youre not the same stephanie that was commenting 2 weeks ago…then im sorry lol

    lisa, i know the one youre talking about. my friends cousin. she told me she was playing and sleeping and whatever. fine. but what im talking about is the kids who were said to be there awake and waiting for rob at like 230 in the morning. camping out for the rosebowl is cool. id do it with my kids too. BUT in my opinion i wouldnt drag my kids out to see rob at all hours. i doubt that was their idea. from my experience i have known people (not just rob fans. fans of other people i.e. bands) who bring their kids to get attention from the person theyre seeking. thats all i was saying.

    and im not the one who brought a specific child into it. i was commenting on kids in general. so please dont bring me into your disappointment. i have nothing against the kids themselves. theyre the innocent in all of it.

    soozy i agree. i got wrapped up unfortunately. im trying not to fight anymore.

  280. Filming scenes of “the Parade” on July 19 Monday (1931 Circus extra/actors tweeted – clowns, rubes)
    Circus rube @emilygee5:
    I was on set for 6 days.
    My call time for WFE on Monday is 3:48am. That’s EARLY!
    it’s the parade scene!

    • 19 July WFE filming Circus ‘Parade’
      clowns back on 19th
      On my way to LA for last day of being Benzini Bro’s Clown!
      There’s still modern day filming to do!

      Fan rumor @WFEfilm – 19th at location http://www.foxstudios.com build stages exteriors of city streets etc.

  281. Hi

    I am in California now on vacation and would love to know for sure if Rob is still filming in piru? I know I read it was being filmed early in the am around3:30 am somone said. Do u know if there is filming later in the day too? Pls advise.

    Here on vacation this week with my family and would love to see him. Will have to brintg my kids too so Iknow I wouldnt be able to stay long. I am sure I would hav e to ger real lucky to see him.



  282. ChristianFilmmakers.org
    Feature Film

    Casting Director: Sande Alessi Casting-Kristan Berona
    Shoot/Start Date: July 30th through August 2nd, 2010
    Location: Chattanooga, TN

    age 25-50. In good shape, willing to get a haircut (short on the sides). MUST either live in or close to Chattanooga.

    [KIDS ]
    Caucasian girls, age 9-11 years old. Caucasian boys age 7-15 years old. Must be willing to get a haircut. MUST either live in or close to Chattanooga.

    • https://tn.gov/film/bboard.htm
      “A major feature film is looking for experienced carpenters/scenics/greensmen only. The film will be shooting in the Chattanooga, TN region at the end of July 2010.
      The production has asked that all resumes be submitted to the Tennessee Film, Entertainment & Music Commission by e-mail at tn.film@tn.gov or fax at 615-741-5554. The TFEMC does not have production office info to distribute at this time.”

  283. I heard that they are gna be filming near the dodger stadium the rest of this week and some of next week that’s what was said by Dennis robs gopher but he could not give exact location and also for all you peeps interested go in the afternoon than when there’s lots of action and i you really wanna see rob go like 2 hours before filming is done if you wanna peep him the more people that are there the more likely you will see him and stick with the people already there cause they know whats going on don’t let them trick you 🙂 hope all you who wanna see the filming get a chance good luck to all of you

  284. Rumors are circulating that they will be filming July 30-Aug 2 in Chattanooga, TN…..is there any truth to that?? If so, where is the set going to be?? details please 🙂

    • its true they are no one know exactly where in Tennessee but reese aint gna be there shes finished filming but just come to this website and they will post location during that time

  285. I would suggest not being there when there are many people. You won’t see anything or anybody. The actors don’t come out when there’s many fans there. Trust me.

    And yes, filming will begin in Tennessee in a few days. Once it’s done there, they’re done filming. It’s pretty much over for CA.

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