AMC’s ‘Walking Dead’ first filming locations revealed, zombies wanted

AMC’s upcoming original series, The Walking Dead, will begin filming in Atlanta, GA on June 2nd. So far, the network has ordered five episodes in addition to the pilot.

The series is an adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s novels in which an epidemic sweeps the globe and causes the dead to rise and eat the living. The story is not just filming in Atlanta, it is also set in Atlanta.

Locations scouts have chosen the Fairlie-Poplar District of the city to film a majority of the series since there is less traffic, yet it is still visually stimulating.

*spoiler alert*

One of the scenes they will be filming in the neighborhood includes a main character arriving in a post-apocalyptic Atlanta. The city seems to be void of life when he arrives but he soon finds himself surrounded by the living dead and is quickly engaged in a tense fight to save his own life.

The final scenes of the pilot episode and scenes for the second episode would be filmed during daylight hours over the course of two (2) weekends. The first weekend would be scheduled for June 11–13; the second weekend is scheduled for July 2–4.

In order to film these scenes, the production will need to close Walton, Forsyth and Poplar Streets. The closure on Walton Street would extend from Cone Street to the west to Broad Street to the east. The closure for Forsyth Street would extend from Marietta Street to the south to Luckie Street to the north. The closure of Poplar would extend from Fairlie Street to the west to Broad Street to the east. The closures would begin at 7PM on Friday, June 11th through 5AM Monday, June 14th and from 7PM on Friday, July 2nd through 5AM, Monday, July 5th.

In the meantime, the production company is still looking for extras to appear as zombies in the series.

But, all extras must attend ZOMBIE SCHOOL! All of the “zombies’ who have been chosen so far have been put through the paces and have already been attending “class” all week, they’ve also been told they can’t discuss anything about the production and may be fired for even the slightest hint about the production on Twitter, FB, etc.

If you think you can handle being a zombie, you can email your information to, you will need to have a “flexible schedule” from June to September.

If you spot zombies in Atlanta, let us know about it at!

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Update: has the first photos of THE zombies! Check them out here! Makes you want to sign up zombie school, doesn’t it?


  1. […] Become a Zombie for The Walking Dead Posted by Josh on May 28, 2010 in The Walking Dead News | 0 comments ShareEver wanted to be a zombie on film? Now is your chance! An open zombie casting call has been given for The Walking Dead television show on AMC. If you happen to live or are near the Atlanta area and are available, you have a chance to become a zombie! A notice has been placed on the On Location Vacations Website. […]

  2. i wanna be a zombie, im in afghanistan right now though so how long will you be filming zombies and when would i be able to come over and be a zombie

  3. Wow! Didn’t know they were filming already! Hope they decide to shoot a couple of scenes around the Los Angeles area! I’d LOVE to be a fellow flesh-eater! <3

  4. Hey everyone,

    It’s very cool AMC is doing this, but there’s ALREADY been a Zombie-based TV Series on the air in NYC for three years now! “Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead”!

    Check them out on Facebook, or at, they do conventions all over the East Coast. Amazon sells their DVD’s!

  5. I want to be a zombie, I live in the Atlanta area but I am only twelve years old, A scene with someone having to kill a kid zombie would be pretty cool

    • Lisa, Please let me know if there is still the need for Zombie extras. It’s always been a dream of mine….yeah, I know….what does that say about me? ‘-)

      Thanks for the time,


  6. I am very interested in being a zombie in this show, I will do what it takes to be a part of this, and I know I would be great at it.

  7. Im staying at the embassy suites and Ive heard people talk about it…..are they shooting by the Galleria in atlanta?

  8. I saw them filming this behind my gym yesterday. Pretty cool… dead bodies all over the place. I’ll be interested to see what it ends up looking like because right now the “bodies” + the “pristine Cobb Performing Arts Center Lawn” don’t seem to go together.

  9. Hello,

    I’m a parent of a highschool senior who’s passion is theater. She’s had several leading roles in local plays and I would like for her to gain exposure outside of local. Her plan is to go off to College and major in Liberal Arts with a minor in Theater. I would greatly appreciate if you could offer some suggestions or point us in a direction would like to explore the possibilities in being extra’s on movie sets.



  10. Gentlemen, I am a middle aged man , That is a survivor of being run down by a car .being a fan of the zombie movies, I thought that this would be very interesting. I’ve got laserations, the broke legs bad limp.don’t need much coaching with that.I’ld rather be fit like i was befor 2009. this could be very interesting. Ron Case Raleigh No Carolina.

  11. I’d love to be a Zombie! I was born in Atlanta and currently live 1 1/2 hours away. My daughters would think I was a seriously cool mom if I were one of the ‘Walkers’!!

  12. hi!
    I just wanted to say I would love to be a zombie, I live in michigan but I’m willing to travel. I’ve done 4 plays since high school (18 and gonna start college soon) and an Alice in Wonderland play recently. I’m a big fan of zombies (and zombie hunting games) and I think I could pull off a really good zombie!


  13. hi my name is James Wells, I live in New York and I would love to be a zombie in the future if you ever need to do more filming. Please respond to my email if you are ever looking for more people to go to zombie school and need more extras. I am available to travel and can work any hour, any day. I will be the perfect employee, just want to help out…..Thanks again…..

  14. i would love to be a zombie extra. did the rise guys make up for their zombie cd cover and haunted house make-up. i could be a naked zombie,, i live in greenville s.c and would drive or waLK IF I HAD TOO

  15. Hey! Would love to be a zombie in the second season. Not sure if Ya’ll will be filming in atlanta again though. I heard that the producer/director wanted to move the filming locations to a colder place with snow. Anyway, I live in buckhead atlanta and would love to participate. Im 22, brunette, average body type, 5’6”

  16. omg i would love to be a zombie or whatever you have for me. i’m a good actor and super talented. This is my dream and im very interesting in this film. You can check out my profile on Please give me this opportunity and i’ll show you i’m the best…heheh okay i mean i can do whatever it takes to be the best. lol

  17. I acted in both Middle School and High School. I also competed, and won, in a number of local and state competition. BUT, I fail to understand how so many people do not realize that the propagators of this fine website have already instructed all of us on the appropriate way to go about becoming an extra on The Walking Dead. In addition to that, it seems as though no one really knows that there is a spell check in this fancy little writtin’ cube, through which all words can become correctly, and magically I might add, spelled. My thought are simple . . . If you REALLY want to get someone’s attention in a swarm of hopeful, yet ill-spelled pleads, be different. In this case, being different would call for correct grammar and spelling, minus colloquialisms of course. Now, here is my plea – For the love all that is holy and good in this zombie infested worlds, use appropriate grammar, and correct spelling. Our cognition is one of the things that makes us truly human. Just because we may want to be zombies, does not mean that we must spell like zombies. Just a thought. 🙂

    • WoW! If you’re going to chastise the global community for such things as grammar and spelling, you should really double check what you’ve written before sending it out, so that people don’t snicker…at the very least. Just a thought. 🙂

  18. Season one was so fascinating. For the season two project, I’d be willing to travel to Atlanta to be one of the rotting walkers (zombies) along Marrietta, Forsyth, or Spring Streets (if filming takes place there once again). Based on my “living” looks, I have been told that I would make a very good walking dead guy coupled with a great zombie voice (urrr, uhgg!).

  19. I’d love to be one of your flesh eating friends on the show! ….i’ve done acting ever since i was a litle girl and i’m in love with zombies….i’ve probably seen more zombie movies than you could imagine(: ….ive been to a couple “zombie walks” they hold up at the mall in pennsylvania where the movie dawn of the dead was shot….it’s a blast! I would love to have a part as a zombie on the series walking dead, and show of my zombie skills! ……COME TO WEST VIRGINIA!!! …”wild and wonderful!’ 😀

  20. It would be awesome to be a zombie for your show. I have read the books and watched the whole series a few times. Ok more then a few times a real lot.
    I watched the show with my mom then DVR’d it and then watched again at my dad’s house. I am almost 12 years old and I live in New Hampshire.
    I would love to be a extra zombie on the show for the next season.
    Adrianna Escabi

  21. Hi, my name is Tara i really really want to be part of the walking dead.It something that would be the most exciting experience of a life time. I would love to be a deadly zombie or maybe even a survivor on the next season.I think it would be really fun to go to zombie school. So if you get this please email me.

  22. I WANT to be part of the next filming of The Walking Dead…can not miss out this time. Please contact me when they plan to start filming or hold auditions.

  23. It’s so cool that you guys are doing that. I am trying my hardest to get a spot, I really want a spot as a zombie it will be the greatest expierence ever. To show people what the show is really about, and to show you guys what I can do. Please email me if you need more zombies, or characters.

  24. Iam looking forward to season two for the walking dead contact me when auditions are being hold for zombie or human either one.

  25. Hey my name is Tara so you’ve noticed, but I really want a spot as a deadly walker or a survival hunger person on the next season of the walking dead. I have been going on and trying everything to get my name and email and anything you guys would need to know about me, it’s my dream I want to be able to give that expience in a movie or show that people would say wow that was great. I love that movie/show. So if you get this please email me with a yes or no. Hopefully it’s a yes. =) Thank-you.
    -Tara Bridgeman

  26. If the filming is done by the GALLERIA that would be great I live about 5 minutes from there. would be very convenient for me to get to work.

  27. LET ME KNOW WHEN AND WHERE the Walking Dead shall film for the second season. I WANT IN and I WANT IN in a BIG WAY!….

    Bob Bass aka HumanPork

  28. Dear: Amc I would love a once in a lifetime opportunity to be to be a part of your zombie crew and to be part of of the best zombie tv series that ever premiered.

  29. Amc I would love a once in a lifetime opportunity to be to be a part of your zombie crew and to be part of of the best zombie tv series that ever premiered. If there is still a chance please let me know. Thank you

  30. Hey there amc, I’d like to say first off that The Walkng Dead is an extraordinary show and I loved the first season and was bummed when it ended, I cannot wait for the second season but all of that aside I would absolutely love to be a zombie on the show and would be willing to learn any and everything there is to learn to become a successful zombie on The Walking Dead.

  31. Hi! I woiuld love to be a Zombie or extra or something for ‘The Walking Dead’. Please let me know how I can become a part of one my favorite shows.

      • I know dude! Isn’t it cool?! I’m just kinda mad that the first episodes were filmed right near my neighborhood and I had NO idea. I would’ve definitely begged to be on the show had I known…

  32. Hello, my name is Tara and I am 15 years old i have been trying for months to get a spot on your show. Either as a deadly zombie or a survivor. I am a true fan and would give anything to be there with the people who make this show so unique.
    Tara Bridgeman

  33. Hi my name is Tara Bridgeman I would love to be part of your show as a deadly zombie.After I watched the walking dead for te first time my passion for zombies grew stronger, I love them, and my name on xbox live is even “Zombie Feverrr” trust me it’s true . And on Twitter it’s Brains15 lol! I also take drama class at my highschool and my teacher says I am talented and creative, I love acting and everything about it, I hope that u see te passion I have for it. Thank you.

    Tara Bridgeman

  34. Hi my name is Emma Elam im 36 years old 5 feet tall and 125 pounds.Im a huge zombie movie buff and have been since i was very little. I have always been interrested in the way they make you look, its very cool i am very flexible and willing to do what the show needs me too..Im a fast learner i have followed this show since it started.. please let me know . .Thank you Sincerly Emma

  35. Hello again, as you know by now my name is Tara Bridgeman and that I’m a huge fan. I have watched this show ever since it started, and I even watched the reruns over and over. I am really excited for tonight,because season two going to be on, and I will be able to see the suspenseful, scary, thrilling show I’ve always wanted on tv. I. Think it would be an amazing experience to be part of ur, either as a deadly walker or a survior hungry person, whatever is possible for me to do I will. I just really want a shot at something that means the world to me, and that’s acting.I’ve loved acting ever since I was little, and giving those shocked feelings to people, the kind where you get goosebumps about something that happens, that makes your heart skip a beat. Please if there is any spot open for me to do, either this season or next please email me, I will be MORE than happy to say yes

  36. My Name is Lexy for short. I’m 15 years old, however I look a tad bit older. I have always loved zombie movies and I think its amazing yawl made a zombie series! Your zombies are one of the best looking most realistic creatures I’ve ever seen. It would mean a lot to me to play a role in your show, not just because I want fame but because a girl like me would be very happy to be acknowledged by you guys. If you give me this opportunity you wont be disappointed. I wouldn’t mind being worked to the bone for such a great experience. I think your show is very addicting. The perfect balance of what a good horror series should have. All I know is my life hasn’t exactly been good or admirable however if I got that golden chance I can promise you it wouldn’t go to waste. I have been watching your show since day one, it would be funny to read the script and watch it too.

  37. Hello my name is dean i live in England and i love the walking dead it is amazing best zombie series i have ever seen i have watch series 1 over and over i can not get enough of it i can not wait for the second series to start on FX on the 21st of october it is going to be sweet. It would be amazing to have acting experience with the walking dead group ever if it is being a zombie or a survivor so if there is any opportunities available please e-mail me i would love to be on the show and you won’t be disappointed.

  38. My name Willie i love the walking dead looking forward to become one of you most desired zombie. I will be the best of the best. You truly wont be disapponinted.

  39. my name is kelsey i love the walking dead and i also love just zombie movies and tv show i could name about all of them and i know its crazy to say but i would love to be a zombie on the walking dead so plz let me be a zombie like it would feel my dream and i would probly be one of the most happiest ppl on this earth =] thank you

  40. i would love to be apart of the movie live right outside of Atlanta it would be an honor to have my head shoot off in your nest episode, and by the way i’m 20 years old great age for a zombie.

  41. I love the Walking Dead! I have never been so captivated and involved in a television story line before this one. I would love to play an a episode of the Walking would just be so awesome!! I’m 21 and can make arrangements to get to where teh filming is located!! Thanks 🙂

  42. WE ARE HUGE FANS!!! Catch the show every Sunday!!! Both huge into survival and hunting zombies. Would really dig gettig the misses and I on the show for our 1 yr anniversary!!
    Tim C.

  43. hey me and my sister’s botfriend love the shiw and thought it would be amazing if we got a chance to be a zombie!! he is 23 and i am 17 and it would make both of our days if we got this wonderful chance to be on the show!!!

  44. Hello my name is Mohammed and i’m 18 i live in England (Sheffield) and i love the walking dead it is awesome best zombie series i have ever seen i have watch series 1 over and over i can not get enough of it i can not wait for the second series to start on FX on the 21st of october it is going to be sweet. It would be amazing to have acting experience with the walking dead group ever if it is being a zombie or a survivor so if there is any opportunities available please e-mail me i would really love to be on the show and you won’t be disappointed.

  45. I would love to be Walker in the Walking dead I am big dude 6’3 250 I would a great walker and I have different look about me and would kill it and I have this girlfriend that was a walker for Halloween last year and she killed it, this show is everything to her and she got me into show, i have a very flexiable schedule and I am in California but I could be their anytime. i would like the chance to be a walker and my girl we will kill it! Mark Ward

  46. Hey writing for my husband. We are both huge fans and he is deployed this is his second time over each time he leaves us for over a year at a time. He still will take the three hours+ to get it downloaded onto a computer and watch it when ever he is not out working. He says all the time ” I’d love to be a zombie” he loves let me rephrase that we all live this show it has taken over our lives lol. Any way he is very unique looking everyone questions where he is even from but he is about 6’4 6’5 about 265. Please amc help me give this to him. He doesn’t come off of this deployment until about August. He said that would be the best vacation of all time. Lol he even said shoot I would pay them to let me. I would send him there and do what I could to give him this chance his name is Sgt. Blake and is the ultimate fan…. Thanks for your time, aliB

    • I would really like to be a zombie on the walking dead that show is awesome and I live right down the street from Atlanta like 20 min away from there I really want to become a zombie

  47. Hello, I have watched the show since it first cam out! I love it, and cannot get enough. I would love to be a zombie in one of your films this year. I have submitted a photo that was taken at acting school this year. Would love to hear from you!!! Thanks Ginger

  48. Hey my name is Jack Clarke , im 16 and i live in England , Ive been watching the show ever since it started and i love it .Im sure im not different from any off the others trying to be cast but i wanna prove that even a small town boy like me can make it out there ! I love acting ive done it ever since i was little , i go acting college studying L3 Diploma in Acting and its my dream to get into something big such as The Walking Dead would love this opportunity thankyou !

  49. I have seen both seasons of The Walking Dead and I love how the zombies were portrayed in the TV series and I would love to be a zombie. I don’t mind the hot weather because my mother is from Gainesville Georgia and wearing all that heavy makeup could not bother me. I could the zombie that comes from out of a hole and biting a huge chunk out of one of the survivors.

  50. Hey saw you guys are walking dead fans. Were throwing an event this Sunday for the Season 3 episodes. It’s a Walking dead viewing party. Its free. 3 dollar zombie shots & fun for guys/girls that enjoy the show!

    Sunday Oct. 21st 2012

    Zucca Pizza – Smyrna Market Village
    2860 Atlanta Road Southeast Smyrna GA 30082

    Contact with any questions

    Event flyer @

  51. Hi my name is Virginia Glover and I am 31 yrs old, and I believe I would be a great zombie. Because I have yet to see a zombie without teeth and I wear dentures and I”m very energetic I love to make crazy and funny sounds. My family tell me I should be on the show because I will walk into a store walking crazy and acting silly.Thanks for reading.

  52. I am 15 years old I am 6’2 170 very tall very lanky and do look a lot older than I am…. I would love to land a role on your show….please….

  53. Farmville actually Toenails straight down anything you adore with regards to Scott Kirkman’s The Walking Dead; the tension, the weather, your environment, the globe, how a story goes. Only every thing, even comic strip graphics. (The Walking Dead originally is often a comic series if you didn’t understand) Sadly, Irrrve never acquired the opportunity to go through all the publications. The tale is fantastic in addition to their will be a lot of excitement! Should purchase!

  54. i so want to be on a movie like the walking dead !!!
    i am from holland the nederlands i am 21 years old
    i know that i live to far away but why dont give it a try
    i see myself playing in war movies or movies like the walking dead
    i have a soldier look like mariens have
    and i have been in the army for a bit
    i can act like i am really there in a war or something

  55. i so want to be on a movie like the walking dead !!!
    i am from holland the nederlands i am 21 years old
    i know that i live to far away but why dont give it a try
    i see myself playing in war movies or movies like the walking dead
    i have a soldier look like mariens have
    and i have been in the army for a bit
    i can act like i am really there in a war or something
    or being a zombie

  56. If you need any young actors right here is one he really loves this show and cant get enough please pick him he’s 11 years of age and he really wants to be on this show.

  57. AI have been wanting 2be a part of a zombie show my hole life I have seen very zombie movie ever made if you ever need some one 2 be in your show get in touch with me I’m in Atl. I love the walking daed I can’t wait for the next part 2come out Ihave all the comice LOVE IT

  58. My name is shirley mowery I love the walking dead I have always wanted 2be a zombie in a show i have seen ever zombie movie ever made I have all the walking dead comics I have want as a zombie just about every Halloween I would love 2be a part of you show

  59. Hi its that girl Tara Bridgeman again. I’m 18 now and am in the army. I leave for basic in Ma and was just wondering if there was a spot open for a zombie character. If so please feel free to email me. My instagram is aviation_love18. I’m active and did a Spartan run (Sacramento Beast) so im up for anything challenging. thank you.


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