‘Fast Five’ to shoot in Puerto Rico, currently filming in Arizona

According to Comingsoon.net, Fast Five, the fifth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise, will shoot in Puerto Rico from July to August.

Streets, neighborhoods and local offices will fill in for Brazil where most of the plot takes place.

In the film, Dom (Vin Diesel) and Brian (Paul Walker) return as fugitives being pursued by relentless lawmen. They are joined by Dwayne Johnson, TJ Hassan, Tego Calderon and Don Omar.

Currently, the movie is filming in Parker, AZ through July 8th.


  1. u know not coming in Brazil made the movie jump off the reality of Brazil…instead of calling Brazil just call caribbean…that is ridiculous…more than a movie in the amazon that put mountains there i remember…ridiculous.;;

  2. Henrique is an idiot. Why get so jealous? Have you ever been to Puerto Rico? After reading your ignorant comments probably not! Puerto Rico is not an ass backwards country like Brazil. And just in case, I am not Puerto Rican. I am Italian! Fottiti!

    • Thanks! Angioletto…. I agree with you. He has not been there and giving an opinion… Showing how ignorant he is! I LOVE THAT BEAUTIFUL ISLAND! Born in New York but grew up there… actually living TX. and miss it like crazy!….

  3. Puerto Rico does do it Beter and anyways imagine all the money it would cost to film this movie in a non US terretory, Im proud to be from PR…Cant wait to see the movie whish I was their instead of Afghanistan

    • hehe… I feel you there bro… I was in afghanistan as well but I was lucky to have block leave during that time they were filming… though the traffic was ugly as hell.. it was nice seen them and chilling with them a bit… though I was not allowed to take pictures with them they did allowed me to talk to them and what not.. it was fun.. cant wait for the movie to come out.

  4. I just came back from vacationing at La Concha Hotel in El Condado are of San Juan Puerto Rico, and Vin, Paul, Tyrese, The Rock, Ludacris and even Sung (Han) were staying there. Man I got to meet most of them with the exception of Vin and Tyrese.

  5. Realmente no puedo creer como hay gente ignorante k generalizan!! Ser Puertorriqueno es un orgullo como todos se sienten de su nacionalidades! Im glad they give the oportunity to show everybody how beautiful is PR ,and the hospitality of us Puertorican ,maybe that dude is having a bad day!! Is ok Papy just come and visit PR and travel around the Island and you will be eating your words!! Lol congratz to everybody that film in La Isla del Encanto!!!

  6. Puerto Rico is soo beautiful! I was there when they were filiming and got to meet Han, he was real cool too. I agree though Puerto Rico is a lot better then Brazil. Yo Soy Boricuaa!!

  7. Everyone from PR is proud the film was shot there, but take note that to market the film they have to say it takes place in Brazil. No one wants to see a movie that takes place in PR.

    • Maybe the plot was perfectly for Brazil but not the place.
      for shooting the perfect place Mi isla del encanto ignorante!!!!

    • See that’s where you wrong. They didn’t market it as 8rasil for market reasons they did cuz PR’s people n government wouldn’t have some guy come take over their country cuz he got money…. So it wouldn’t make any sense to have the plot they did n market it that way. PR is a very gorgeous place..

  8. How can you compare a small Caribbean Island, that might be beautiful as a tropical paradise, is limited to have an homogeneous environment. Brazil is larger than the Continental United States, It has an enormous variety of climates, geographical and topographic scenery, as well as 4000 miles of coast. It comprises all types of beaches, from the rocky shores to the heavenly tropical types like in the south Pacific. It is like comparing a Vast abundance of cultural ,linguistic ,ethnic and geographical universe with an enchanting , Beautiful Island that is limited by what can exist in a micro-cosmos of a tropical environment. It might be marvelous, but it lacks the differences that are the flavors of great countries such us the US, Russia, China, Canada , Australia and Brazil. No one wishes to minimize the Jewel of the Caribbean, PR. It is just that here can be no comparison, just a stereotype of Latin Nations are.

  9. Have you visited mi island? you should… so you can find the mix of cultures and diversity my island offers…. I bet you will fall in love with it!
    and write a poem of it and describe it like you did with your country…

  10. Dali,
    I served at he Justice Department for 25 years and visited P.R. regularly at least once a month to bring criminals that were being kept at the Guaynabo Federal Detention Center to the Federal Southern District Court
    in Miami. When I uttered by opinion , it was based on personal observation. I traveled to 72 countries during the course of my Civil Service Career, and was privileged to know and deal with government officials from all these nations. Stereotypes made in Hollywood movies are diachronic to the movie industry. Corruption exists in various forms and shapes, even in the USA and other developed countries. It is horrible to see how many of the themes of these motion pictures are based in total fabrications to make the movies sell to the greater public.
    It is a disservice to our relations with other nations and people to portrait there countries under a false light.
    PR is wonderful and let us leave at that. All opinions are to be respected , but nationalism will always undermine true knowledge.

  11. I’m Brazilian. Lived in Rio.
    (Sorry for any spelling mistakes 🙂 )
    And it’s SO DUMB the way Brazil is portrait.
    Ex: What was the train scene?!?!?! Where???
    And the scene when Johnson is going up the “favela”…..the cinema laughed hysterically!
    I’ve gone up the favelas a feeeeeeeeew times…a few too many. And in a situation like that, those 5 cops would be sent to the “microwave” (person + tires + fire) after been gunned down. People back down under fire….HEAVY fire.
    Oh….and the accents….the slangs in Portuguese…ahwuhawuhwauwhuwaha….SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pathetic.
    If you want a clue of what the mob, Favelas, cops here (Rio) are, watch “Tropa de Elite” (1 & 2).
    I mean…Johnson telling the police chief his “demands” was a serious DERP/HERP situation….really Johnson? Foreign cops here have NO power…NO authority whatsoever.

    They REALLY went overboard in this movie…it sad, could’ve been AWESOME.

    Serious #FAIL

    After watching that movie is hard not to labels USA citizens as stupid/dump people. Sorry guys…I know I shouldn’t stereotypes…but really??? You don’t make it easy.


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