New ‘Water For Elephants’ filming Location information and set photos

Last week, the Water For Elephants set moved from Filmore to Piru, CA. According to one of our tipsters, Lea, to find the Piru set, go west on the 126, and it is the first right before the Arco gas station, then across the tracks and your first left. The street Camulos Ave.

Don’t forget you can get the latest scoop and discuss the movie’s filming locations with other fans at the WFE Open Thread.

This week they are filming during day but last Friday, they shot night scenes at this location. You can check out the tents all lit up in the first set pf pics below.

In the second set, check out the trains being moved to the new shooting location in Piru.

[nggallery id=124]

[nggallery id=123]

Water For Elephants stars Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon.

[Thanks to Lea & CelebrityJuicer for the photos]


  1. Those are awesome! Thanks for sharing…

    I leave in a week…I really hope I can see the set. Rob would be a bonus…and extra special bonus…but I’m not going to get my hopes up. I’d just love to say I saw the set….

    • Remember they film generally only Mon-Fri. It’s a rural area so pack some snacks, water & expect critters like snakes. Not trying to scare you but I grew up in the area.

      Lake Piru is gorgeous so check it out if you get a chance.

      • Thanks for the tips H2B. I wouldn’t have thought of that. Not sure what I think of the snake part….ew. The only ones I’ve ever seen have been in the zoo!! LOL

      • Hey H2B its Belladonna. I’m going to go to chattanooga tommorrow to catch a glimpse of the filming. I live 2 hours north. They are only scheduled to film one more day so wish me luck. I keep wondering what Rob thinks of this heat. I don’t think he has ever been in the south in the midst of Summer. It was 94 degrees in Cookeville today so it was probably be nearly 100 in Chattanooga. Its good seening your name on here

  2. Hi everyone,
    I am from Spain, and i will be flying to LA with my family at the end of June…
    Does any one know where the main actors are staying? I mean, are they sleeping in an hotel near Santa Paula, or are they staying in Los Angeles city?
    I would be really gratefull if you answer me, cause i don’t know where to start, lol…

  3. I will be in LA July 9th for a week any word if they will be filming still or where? Any info would be greatly appreciated!! Would love to catch a glimpse of Rob!! Thank you guys!!

  4. I’ll be in LA on June 25th and July 18-20th. If anyone gets any info on where they’ll be filming, please contact me. Thank you so so much! (My birthday is on June 26th. Last year I saw RP in NYC filming Remember Me for my birthday. It was a dream come true!)

  5. I was in LA last week and took a trip out to Piru on June 4 where they were filming. It was definitely worth seeing. I didn’t see any of the main actors (it seemed like they were filming inside the tent) but it was still exciting to see everything set up with extras in costume and crew working, not to mention all the animals! It was a very easy drive from LA. PS-bring binoculers! 🙂

  6. Loved seeing the pics I saw that train parked here in Santa Paula for a while and had no idea it was being used in the movie! Movie looks great though I love when they film here close to home!!

    • Thanks Stephanie for the info. Do you know where the set itself is, in Fillmore? Or the other one in Piru. Looking for directions to do some sightseeing!

  7. does anyone know if they will be filming tommorow at the piru locaton i was planning on going tommorow but i wanted to know if anyone had any information

  8. today’s june 30 and i noticed lots of mentions of filming in piru near the beginning of june but does anybody know where they are filming today/this week/next week by chance? still in fillmore/piru or somewhere else? i live in ventura and would love nothing more than to see the set so if someone could help me out, that’d be great..

  9. Does anyone know if they are filming in Piru today (June 30th)? and what is the location address? Also, did anyone confirm July 1st and 2nd shoot in LA?

  10. okay, so they are still filming in piru until the end of july is what a security guard told me tonight. and the author should be there sometime near the end of next week.

    also, please don’t be a complete moron and only go to see the actors (although that is okay), i just really hope that you’ve actually read the book and are legitimately excited for it to be played out on the big screen.


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