Thursday’s Lot List: Filming Locations in NYC, Atlanta, L.A. & more including ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ & ‘Dexter’

Below is a list of where you can filming movies & TV shows filming across the country on 6.10.10. For more info on filming locations or celebrity events, check out the Upcoming Filming Locations & Events Calendar above.

Filming in New York City & Vicinity:

Something Borrowed, starring Kate Hudson, John Krasinski, & Ginnfer Goodwin, is filming near Water st and Broad St. (Thanks Brando)

Mildred Pierce is filming around Lido Blvd & Hewlett Ave in Point Lookout, NY. Signs also spotted at Myrtle Ave between 68th and 70th Sts in Glendale, Queens. (Thanks Bill & Jerry)

The Adjustment Bureau is filming re-shoots around Vanderbilt Ave & Bay St in Staten Island, evening shoot. (Thanks Josh)

Rubicon, a new AMC series, is filming on Nassau St between Beekman and Spruce in NYC. (Thanks Nicole & Brandon)

Filming in Los Angeles & Vicinity:

Water For Elephants, starring Robert Pattinson, is still filming in Fillmore, CA.

Larry Crowne, starring Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks, is filming on the campus of CSU Dominguez Hills in Carson, CA this week. (Thanks Mark)

•The Untitled Ivan Reitman Project, starring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman, is filming around Wilshire Blvd & Merv Griffin Way Los Angeles, CA.

Bridesmaids is filming at 523 W 6th St, Los Angeles, 6:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M. Is this, this project?

Dexter is filming in the vicinity of E Olympic Plaza & S Termino Ave Long Beach, CA.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is filming at 544 Mateo St, Los Angeles, 5:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M.

*Also see our filming locations calendar above for more L.A. locations.

Filming in Atlanta:

•Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls… is filming in midtown Atlanta around Myrtle & 8th through the end of the week. (Thanks Anon & Randy)

Filming in Texas:

Friday Night Lights is filming at Herman Field, 2605 Flow Lane, Del Valle, TX.

The Good Guys, the new FOX series, is filming around 500 S. Harwood, Dallas, TX.

How I Spent My Sumner Vacation, starring Mel Gibson, is still filming in downtown Brownsville, TX.

Filming in Boston:

What’s Your Number?, starring Anna Faris, is filming at Boylston and Arlington streets in Boston. (If it rains today, production may be pushed to tomorrow).

If you have any scoop on a movie or TV show currently in production anywhere around the country, let us know about it at!

Check back in the morning for updates too!


  1. -The Big C is filming in studio- 300 Stillwater Ave, Stamford CT. We drove by here the other day looks like a basic office building, there is a fence around it though- building says Gyrus Acmi on the front.
    -White Collar is filming in studio- Silvercup East in LIC
    -Green Lantern is at same location in NOLA, back to night shoots (speaking of NOLA, anything on The Fields?)
    -Also heard The Adjustment Bureau was filming at Statue of Liberty in AM but hasn’t been confirmed- if it is true, it will be a pretty big shoot I guess. (Thanks to Anon for the info)

  2. Any more info about the smurf film?
    Will the shoot the smurf movie, today, tomorrow and these weekend? if – when and where? Do you know how long it is before they are finnish too shoot the film?

    • We haven’t heard anything in a couple days. They’ve been shooting in a Sat-Wed schedule so they may be off today.

      • They might be done, at least with exterior shoots. There are absolutely no more casting calls this week or next. I re-checked that old email I sent you back in April with all the original casting calls & they only went thru 6/7. The shoot dates were thru 6/30, so maybe they are in studio.

    • I was just outside to check it out. There doesn’t seem to be anything going on currently. There are a bunch of trailers parked on the street, but I’m not sure where exactly they are doing the filming. I did find prop cars parked on Pearl St, though, so it must be somewhere near there.

  3. Thanks! Think there’s any hope of getting a photo? Also…I’m looking for someone (f, 18+) in the ny/nj area to celebrity hunt with…this is strictly business! If anyone is interested, please say so!

  4. @Alex: Awesome. Can we talk more through email, myspace or facebook?
    Note: Anyone else who’s also looking for someone to take photos/accompany them for last minute NY celeb hunts, contact me.
    (Females, 18+ like myself are prefered)

  5. Trying to organize pics today- have a ton that need to be posted and plan on working on that this weekend. Anyone have anymore celeb/ set pics to send in? I know someone mentioned having Water for Elephants pics and someone else had SoBo pics, if you guys could get them to me in the next couple of days, that would be great, then I can (hopefully) get everything posted and organized this weekend, thanks!!

    • Christine, I have so many to send you. Some great, some not so great, Lol! Sometimes I am hesitant to send them b/c I don’t want to be a pest and b/c I know it leads to more work for you. If you want them I will send them either later today or over the weekend. Though the world naked bike ride is this weekend so I might be busy photographing that if it doesn’t rain. Lol!

      Hope you are feeling better and THANKS for all the hard work you do for this site! 🙂

    • I think they are filming Mildred Pierce in Glendale Queens today, going down there soon, anyone knows for sure if they are there

      • billy, if you are heading down there…is there anyway you can post what the scene is/if they are there when you get down there? or send me e-mail?

        • I will be going there in about an hour i will post on here what is going on, i hope to bring back picture’s an some video too

  6. They are NOT there today. Signs were changed midweek to FRI> 6/11.No Parking tonight after 8PM.Probably shooting in Cemetary on Cooper Ave. & 68 th St one block from Myrtle Ave.

  7. Penn Badgley will be in Barney’s at 6-8pm today. I heard there’s more male celebrity that will be there but Penn was personally invited as one of the Soccer association cmt. So catch Penn Badgley there. He will definitely be there.

    • Someone posted above that the signs at the cemetery were changed to Friday, 6/11. They are most likely at the other location in Point Lookout.

  8. i saw the signs very quickly, but it looks like lights out is filming next wedesday in the vicinity of greenwich/hudson/spring sts, nyc

  9. Any ideas what this might be? I thought a news story but thought it would unusual for there to be trailers there: “There were trucks and Trailers at the crestwood train station in tuckahoe. One of the trucks said CBS.”

  10. Does anyone here know who Big Time Rush is? I went to Times Square today for another event and ended up smack dab in the middle of a free concert with tons of SCREAMING girls around me and all of us older adults asking, “Who the heck are they?” Lol! 😀 Jordin Sparks was also there, but she didn’t sing, she just introduced them. I unfortunately left my phone at home so I was not able to post about the concert here and let you all know about the concert before it started. Sorry.

    I got some pictures, but I am not certain how good they are (I haven’t downloaded them yet) because a downpour occurred while they were performing. If anyone wants to see the pics I will send them to Christine when I process them.

  11. There are some people coming out…I was talking to a girl who works at Barneys and I was told that Penn Badgley may not be here yet…they’ll be around for a while.

    • The event was from 6-8, so if he’s not there, he’s not coming. The store closed at 8, so if he’s still there, they might bring him out thru the employees entrance, which is on 60th St. b/w Madison & 5th Ave.

  12. Regarding Dexter, the exact address of the houses they’re filming at is 3319 E 1st St. & they’ve also been using the next door house. When I left Jennifer Carpenter (Deb), Desmond Harrington (Quinn), and Lauren Velez (Lt. La Guerta) were still at base camp. Michael C Hall was filming earlier, but I wasn’t sure if he was still there. Got to meet Jennifer and Desmond and take pictures with them. Both very nice people.
    They are probably going to be filming for awhile, but don’t take my word on that…

  13. What was being filmed in downtown D.C. today? Saw a group of motorcycles and big production crew a few blocks from Capitol.


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