Tips for Meeting Celebs At Next Year’s Upfronts (and more pics from this year’s CW Upfronts too)

One of our readers, Jackie, stopped by the CW Upfronts last month and got a chance to meet several of the network’s biggest stars. Read all about Jackie’s experience and check out her pics and videos below!

My friends Ashley, Samantha, Margaret and I decided to go to the CW Upfronts in NYC. Ashley and I had some car issues and ended up getting there later than we wanted and of course missed some people that we wanted to see. We were a little upset but we found our other friends whose mom saved a spot for us in front of the barricade. Minutes after getting there my favorite favorite girl Ashley Tisdale came out. I’ve met her twice before but everyone knew I really wanted to get a picture with her since I never had before. When it looked like she wasn’t going to come by us, my friends were amazing and all started screaming that I was here biggest fan. Tiz walked right over to us when she heard them and said hello and took a pictures with us and everyone else in our section. After I had to push my luck and ask her to sign my HSM senior year CD. She’s so sweet and came right back over and signed things for a lot of people before being rushed inside. We met a lot of other people that day too. The only other person I really really REALLY wanted to meet that day was Ian Somerhalder. The cast of The Vampire Diaries came out before I arrived and everyone that I know got pics with them. On their way out they did stop for some people but were clearly being rushed to their cars. When Ian came out the entire crowd went crazy. He said he was sorry and that they wanted him to go to the car. Then just when I thought I wasn’t going to get anything from him he walked right over to me and kissed me! Needless to say it was better than any picture I could have got with him! And what was even better was that right after that he went over to my friend Ashley and kissed her too. Then the most amazing thing…one of my friends, who I met on OLV told me she got the whole thing on video! It was such an amazing day and while I wish I would have gotten there earlier I really can’t complain. Thanks so much for everything you guys do!

Upfront Tips:

Jackie also included some tips for attending next year’s Upfronts which can be also be applied to any celebrity event including movie premiere red carpet arrivals. Check them out:

-Get there EARLY! celebs arrive early and you don’t want to miss them. No matter what Publicists always say, there are in a rush on the way out so try to get them on the way in.
-Follow directions given by security-they’ll like you better and probably be nicer to you too.
-Try to get in the front of the barricade, even the nicest celeb CAN’T take a pic with you if your too far from them.
-Be nice to the people who are in front of you, not only is it just the right thing to do and common courtesy, but you never know if they might let you get in front of them when your favorite comes out- its how I got a kiss from Ian Somerhalder!

Take a look at all of Jackie’s celebrity pictures below and let us know if you have any celeb pics or tips to share at!

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[Thanks Jackie]


    • as early as you can to be honest. i use to go back in the day. stopped in ’09. the cw is a morning event so you gotta really get crazy if u wanna be on the gates & have the best chance. its on 35th across from the park & lock.

  1. Hey, guys!
    I ve heard that this year CW’s is at Lincoln Center at 2.30 pm, can you tell me if this is correct?
    Thanks a lot is advance!! =)


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