Friday’s Lot List: Filming Locations in NYC, L.A., & more including ‘The Big Year’ & ‘Scream 4’

Below is a list of where you can filming movies & TV shows filming across the country on 6.25.10. For more info on filming locations or celebrity events, check out the Upcoming Filming Locations & Events Calendar above.

Filming in New York City & Vicinity:

The Big Year, the new movie starring Owen Wilson, Steve Martin & Jack Black which has been filming in Vancouver, is filming on 54th and Lexington, NYC. (Thanks @mynameisjune)

Rubicon, the new AMC series, is filming on Spring St (near Balthazars) in NYC.  (FYI: tipster not !00% sure signs were for today.) (Thanks Nicole)

White Collar is filming TONIGHT around Cambridge Pl between Gates Ave and Fulton St in Brooklyn. (They are also filming in studio during the day – Silvercup East in Long Island City.)

The Big C, the new Showtime series starring Laura Linney & now, Cynthia Nixon too, is filming around Shippan Ave & Elm St in Stamford, CT.

Something Borrowed, starring Kate Hudson, is filming again at Washington and W. Houston, NYC (studio). Signs were also spotted in Brookville, NY for filming today. (Thanks Christine & Pete)

Royal Pains is filming around 59th and Madison/Park Ave in NYC TONIGHT. (Thanks Rose)

Filming in Los Angeles & Vicinity:

Water For Elephants, starring Robert Pattinson, is still filming in Piru, CA. (If you haven’t checked out the Open Thread link in a while, there are lots of new location details this week!)

Atlas Shrugged is filming at 219 W 7th St, Los Angeles, 11:00 A.M. – 4:00 A.M.

Huge, the new ABC Family series, is filming at the Malibu Conference Center again.

Filming in New Mexico:

Cowboys and Aliens continues filming night scenes on their set near Abiquiu, NM.

Filming in Texas:

Friday Night Lights is filming TONIGHT at their usual location: 2605 Flow Lane Del Valle, TX 78617.

Filming in Pittsburgh:

I Am Number Four is filming at Franklin Regional High School. (Thanks to Mark)

Filming in Boston:

What’s Your Number?, starring Anna Faris, is filming around Arlington Street Church and the streets near Parish Cafe located at 361 Boylston Street. (Thanks Melissa via @Loadedgun)

Filming in Michigan:

•We got a tip that they are filming Scream 4 on Varsity Drive in Ann Arbor. They are occupying several buildings in the industrial park there, sounds like this is probably a base camp/studio.  Actual filming isn’t set to start until next week but some of the movie’s stars are already in town for pre-production work- most likely taking place at this location. (Thanks Robert) Update: According to our tipster, there was a lot of action here and another tipster told us they spotted Hayden Panettiere at Salon Vox (115 W. Liberty, Ann Arbor) getting her hair colored yesterday! If you catch any of the Scream stars in Ann Arobor, let us know about it at!

Updates for Friday Night:

Margin Call signs at 34th & 8th in NYC until 2 am tonight.

Royal Pains is shooting in front of The Plaza (NYC).

Cheaters (directed by Ron Howard & starring Vince Vaughn) is filming tonight outside the Riviera (W Lawrence Ave & Broadway, Chicago). (via @pmalon)

Untitled Ivan Reitman Project, starring Natalie Portman & Ashton Kutcher, is filming at Sherman Oaks Castle Park, 4989 Sepulveda Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, CA tonite.

Make sure you keep an eye on the comments too, lots of updates and tips are being left from our readers all over the country!

If you have any scoop on a movie or TV show currently in production anywhere around the country, let us know about it at!


  1. The Good Guys is in studio- Fair Park Studios in Dallas, TX.
    Heard Green Lantern is off today in NOLA- will be back at the usual location on Monday.
    Check back in the morning, we should have more info…

  2. LOL, I decided to skip Margin Call tonight and low and behold they finally decide to shoot at night. What is the shooting schedule for it tomorrow?

      • From what I am hearing it seems like they are filming inside a building all day and night. There are no trailers and occasionally the stars come out. Is this the general sense about this film? Would I be wasting my time to go to the 34th and 8th location yet again?

        • they would be there again today. If you really want to see the cast, you should hang there. there’s no trailers because I think that address is the studio. yesterday I’ve seen Demi, Penn, Stanley and Zachary in and out.

          • Jared, can you give me the exact address I should be standing in. I wanna get there a little after 7pm so I can park my car, where should I be standing and is that too late?

            • I was at 31st and 7th but I saw Paul Bettany entering One Penn Plaza at around 10.30pm. If you want, you can park in front of One Penn Plaza. I think there was couple of girls there waiting. I didnt, was in Starbucks and they need a serious fix of coffee.

            • I dont know if its a studio but definitely when I was there for nearly 2 hours for business meeting, I sawPenn Demi and Stanley together and before I leave, I saw Penn again with Zachary and another chinese guy in suits fooling around with their small papers and I also see a lot of people with Margin call access card.

          • are there signs or something indicating they will be back in that are tonight, don’t want to add it to post unless I’m pretty sure its accurate. -thanks!

            • Christine,if i can remember it says until today 2am but there is no trailer or anything. I can see the line of street is empty but there’s only 2-3 big vans when I walked to check it out last night. I dont know about today and I dont want to say anything. everything is based on lastnight.

                • You asked what it’s about. The movie centers on 24 hours at a big investment bank during the financial crisis in 2008. It’s been described as “Wall Street” meets “24”. At least they won’t need to spend a lot on wardrobe. lol
                  Their art dept. was supposed to build a mock trading floor. Maybe they’re using empty office space at One Penn for that, because I know they were looking for traders to work 6/23 to 6/25.
                  They could also have their production offices at One Penn, since it’s such a quick shoot, that would make it easier. Zach tweeted a pic from his dressing room last night, which looked like it was from a higher floor at One Penn. That would explain why there’s no trailers. Everything could be inside the bldg.

                  • Wow, that was a really long wait but I finally got Zachary’s autograph I waited till 3:15am. He was a nice guy. Paul Bettany kept on coming out, Kevin Spacey came out once, Penn Badgley came out twice. Didn’t see Tucci or Demi Moore on set.

  3. Just got this from the casting directors. Gossip Girl will start filming season 4 on July 8th and L&O: SVU begins season 12 on July 15th.

    • I walked by (on accident), it’s actually right across the street from the apple store/in front of the plaza on 5th avenue. Only saw the girls on set and they started filming at 5ish.

  4. Anyone in LA checking out Atlas Shrugged shooting? Paul J from OTH is directing and the cast is a good one so I might go in a few.

  5. Any idea (in advance) if White Collar will be have any location shoots in NYC next Weds., June 30 through Friday the 2nd? I’m going to be in town and would love to catch them somewhere! Thanks!

    • thanks for updating us Melody- that was from a permit from the city and sometimes they issue them early and they are subject to change, sorry for the inconvenience!

  6. According to Detroit News Harold & Kumar is at 3570 Wooddale Ct in Bloomfield in MI. Does anyone know which celebrities are in Ann Arbor already?

    • Thanks Nicole, do you know how late they were filming? And for Scream, we got a tip that Hayden is in town, someone spotted her getting her hair done yesterday!

  7. Just added these updates to Twitter:

    CHEATERS (Ron Howard & Vince Vaughn) is filming tonight outside the Riviera (W Lawrence Ave & Broadway, Chicago) (via @pmalon) 7 minutes ago via web

    UNTITLED IVAN REITMAN PROJECT w Natalie Portman & @aplusk filming at Sherman Oaks Castle, 4989 Sepulveda Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, CA tonite.

  8. Royal Paiins was at the Plaza Hotel this evening. Around 11 p.m. they moved to the Trump Tower on 57 and 5th Avenue. They will be there all night I did not see any of the stars at 11p.m..


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