‘Water For Elephants’ rumored to be filming in Los Angeles this week

There has been plenty of activity over the past few weeks in our Water For Elephants Open Thread as fans have been leaving tips and sharing up-to-the-minute information from the set!

Here’s the latest scoop on Water For Elephants:

Its rumored that the production will move to The Alexandria in Los Angeles on July 1 & 2nd and then will return to Piru, CA next week (presumably Tuesday, July 6). The Alexandria, located at 501 S. Spring St. Los Angeles CA, was once one of L.A.’s most notable hotels but has recently been converted into affordable housing.

To get to the Piru set, take the 126 east to Piru. Right before you get to the big Arco station on the left side of the highway in Piru, there’s a tiny street called Pacific. Turn left on Pacific, then left again after crossing the tracks and you’ll go right to the base camp.

You can also see the set from the back end of the set. In that case, at the Arco intersection with 126 eastbound, turn left and go up the road for a few blocks. Turn left on road that winds along hills to the back end of the set. You can park alongside the artichoke field and watch them at work. They are expected to continue filming in Piru, CA through at least the end of next week.

Don’t forget you can discuss all thing WFE over at our open thread!

[Thanks to Sachertorte & Loisada for the info!]

[Thanks to Miss J for the photos of Robert Pattinson meeting with fans outside toe set of WFE!]


  1. cls just left this in another thread, not sure what it means for a potential L.A. shoot this week but if anyone checks out the L.A. location, please let us know if anything is going on, thanks!:

    “okay, so they are still filming in piru until the end of july is what a security guard told me tonight. and the author should be there sometime near the end of next week.”

  2. I am a hairstylist In the Santa Clarita area. I did the authors (Sarah Gruen) hair for Water For Elephants hair on Thursday! She was so incredibly nice, an I felt so privilidged to question her about the set. I have another hairstylist friend who did the hair of the voice coach for Robert Pattinson. Both him and the author mentioned they were filming 20 min up the 126 north of Santa Clarita. Unfortunately the big top tent was getting pulled down a few days after.


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