First photos from the set of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ plus updated filming information

Here’s a look at the first set photos from AMC’s upcoming series The Walking Dead, which is currently filming in Atlanta. In the photos, taken last weekend, you can see the show’s leads are trying to out run the zombies in a red Dodge Challenger. Though some of photos are small, you can still get a sense that the show’s strict zombie school definitely paid off! Check out all of the photos in the gallery below!

Tomorrow, July 2nd, The Walking Dead is filming on the Norfolk Southern property on Spring St and across the street on Mitchell in Atlanta beginning around noon. They will also be filming at Walton St and Forsyth St in Atlanta. This will be the opening scene of episode two. The street closures in this area are expected to last through Monday morning at 5 AM.
*For more information check out The Walking Dead entry for this weekend in our calendar above.

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If you catch them filming The Walking Dead or any other production in Atlanta, let us know about it at!

[Thanks Anon & Ryan for the info and the pics!]


  1. I wonder if next season’s zombies will be a bit more intelligent? The bacteria, virus, or microbe has had a while now to mutate/evolve into something more mature in survival tactics. Only the strong and smart survive in the wild. Sure it is the same in zombieland.


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