New fan photos of Robert Pattinson & Reese Witherspoon on the Los Angeles set of ‘Water For Elephants’

On Friday night, Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon filmed a scene for their upcoming movie, Water For Elephants, outside of The Alexandria Hotel in Los Angeles. One of our readers, Natalie was lucky enough to meet Rob after he wrapped for the night, here’s what she had to say about the experience:

We came in the afternoon and nothing was really happening. We came back at 1 a.m. because they were having a late, late shoot. Then we waited by the alley way (where they were filming) and when he pulled out he didn’t stop at first, at that point it was just me my mom, my aunt and Kelly (who we met yesterday). By the trailer there were only 3 other girls, no paparazzi at all, so after he got out, he went to his trailer and ten minutes later he came outside and was like “hey guys!” He signed autographs and took pictures with every one of us! There was probably seven of us total. my picture kind of got messed up so he took 2 with me! He is soo nice & sooooo amazing!! It like totally made my summer ha! Honestly, the whole trick of this is to not have paparazzi around.

Check out 6+ pics of Rob on set after the jump!

Angie (Celeb Juicer) was also at the set and sent us a few pictures of Rob and Reese filming their scene in a back alley near the hotel. It looks like they were having a good time, Rob even stomped his feet and did an impromptu tap dance to keep any rats away. They also joked about Reese’s dress (which she thought was a little too revealing on the side). In between takes, they ate together and Reese was kind to all of the residents of The Alexandria. Rob also chatted with a few of Angie’s friends and their kids too!

You can see all of Natalie and Angie’s pics below! If you have any set photos to share, you can send them our way at

And don’t forget to check out our WFE Open Thread to discuss the movie’s filming locations with other fans! Rob and Reese return to the Piru, CA set on Tuesday, July 6.

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[Thanks Natalie & Angie!]


  1. Congrats!! What great pictures! No paps and night shoot seems to be the key. Same exact time last year in NYC it happened for me when he was filming RM. Right b4 July 4th, late night about 12:30 am after he wrapped and no paps….only 4 of us! What an amazing experience and a great, sweet guy!

  2. Wow so lucky ! Rob seems like such a genuinely nice person and understands his responsibility to his fans. I can’t wait to see WFE but I will actually see everything and anything he is in! ILY Rb =)

  3. omg seriosly how lucky!!! and that was so nice of him to stop and take pictures with all of you , its true ive also heard if they completly know papaarazzi isnt around they come out, he is such a sweatheart i cant wait to watch the movie

    • yes, you are totally right, sorry, that’s what I get for trying to do a million things at once before running out the door, I did correct (even had Rob’s name wrong in tags) Oops, all set now.

  4. best fan picture ive seen with Rob !! wow!! completly jelous but in a good way im really happy for you natalie, your beautiful and Rob is the dreamiest man ever i cant wait to watch WFE , i love his penguin hoodie

  5. you are so effing lucky. i wanna know did he smell good ? did you pass out after meeting him? omg i would have died , you should have had him bite you a little or something GIRL HES A VAMPIRE!! you are beautiful tho . kristen should be jelous ! DANGGGG!


  7. lucky b**ch!! jkjkjk ….. onlocations is the greatest for providing all the information so young girls like you can meet him. i would have not slept all night if i would have met him. im happy for you natalie not too many people can say they have a picture with ROB and to top it off your picture looks fabulous

  8. thats crazy how the paps get those set pictures they must have known someone in the hotel to get those shots they are incredible :)) and the girls pictures are beautiful.. wat lucky fans!!

  9. congratulations natalie on meeting him…. i hope you know how lucky you are to meet him. I have been trying for years and nothing . THIS PICTURE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!


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