Tuesday’s Lot List: Filming Locations in Michigan, NYC, & more including ‘Scream 4’ and ‘The Big Year’

Below is a list of where you can filming movies & TV shows filming across the country on 7.6.10.

Filming in Michigan:

Scream 4 is expected to resume filming at the Middle School in Dearborn (4951 Ternes St Dearborn, MI) again. (Thanks Sam) FYI: There has been some confusion about when exactly filming would take place at the school. Check out my latest comments in this thread for the latest update. (Thanks Sam)

UPDATE: Scream 4 is filming on Main St inNorthville, MI today. (Thanks Toni!)

A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas is filming around Burning Bush Rd in Bloomfield Township, MI and have their crew base camp area set up at Seaholm High School in Birmingham through at least the end of the week. (Thanks Becca)

Machine Gun Preacher, starring Gerard Butler, will begin filming in Melvindale, MI on 7.8. If anyone hears where they are today, please let us know! I’ve had a lot of Gerry fans looking for information, lets not let them down, thanks! is filming at Red Holman Car Dealership in Westland, MI. (Thanks Thomas)

•A movie called Win By Fall is filming in Rockford, MI and they are looking for extras through 7.9, get the details here.

Filming in New York City & Vicinity:

Curb Your Enthusiasm is filming around W 64th St and Central Park West through 7.10. (Thanks Isaac)

Lights Out, the new FX series, is filming at Parkway Hospital in Queens. Lights Out signs also spotted at Franklin St and Hudson St in Tribeca. (Thanks Toma)

Royal Pains is filming at the Freeport Yacht Club in Freeport, NY.

The Greatest Movie Ever Made, which is being produced by David Letterman’s production company, is filming around 8th Ave and W 12th in NYC.

Margin Call is likely filming at 1 Penn Plaza again tonight. (Thanks Annie)

Don’t forget to be on the look out for No Parking signs around the city! Arthur, starring Russell Brand, and Gossip Girl both start filming this week too!

Filming in Chicago:

Cheaters, starring Vince Vaughn, might still be filming at Sepia, 123 N. Jefferson St, Chicago. The restaurant is expected to be closed through 7.9.

Filming in Los Angeles & Vicinity:

•The Untitled Ivan Reitman Project, starring Aston Kutcher & Natalie Portman, wraps tomorrow. They will be in studio (Paramount) today and tomorrow.

FCU: Fact Checkers Unit is filming at 5055 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, 7:00 A.M. – 11:00 P.M.

Californication is filming at 200 N Spring St, Los Angeles, 7:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M.

•The FX series, The League, is filming at 2017 E 7th St, Los Angeles,  4:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M.

Filming in Texas:

Friday Night Lights is filming at their usual location:  Hermann Field 2605 Flow Lane, Del Valle, TX.

Filming in Shreveport:

The Gates is filming around Caddo St & Commerce St, Shreveport, LA. (Thanks J)

Filming in Baton Rouge:

Flypaper, starring Patrick Dempsey and Ashley Judd, is filming on Third Street between North Boulevard and Florida Boulevard, and Convention Street between Fourth and Lafayette streets in Baton Rouge.

Filming in Vancouver:

The Big Year, starring Steve Martin, Owen Wilson & Jack Black, is filming on Alpha Lake Rd in Whistler through 7.9. The film was also shooting in NYC last week. (Thanks @chelseahenitiuk)

For more info on filming locations or celebrity events, check out the Upcoming Filming Locations & Events Calendar above. There you will find on formation for some of the projects which will be at the same location for an extended period of time like Pirates of the Caribbean (Oahu), I Am Number Four (Pittsburgh), Cowboys and Aliens (New Mexico), Green Lantern, (New Orleans), and Water For Elephants (Piru, CA).

And be sure to check the comments in the post below for updates throughout the day!

If you have any scoop on a movie or TV show currently in production anywhere around the country or have a celebrity sighting, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!


  1. NOTES:
    -White Collar is in studio- Silvercup East in LIC
    -The Big C is in studio- 300 Stillwater Ave, Stamford, CT
    -Mildred Pierce is still in studio- Steiner in Brooklyn (thanks AP)
    -I am starting a new thread for Abduction filming in Pittsburgh, getting so much scattered info, thought everyone could just add info in one central place, will add a post here later
    -Got a couple emails asking about Margin Call filming in NYC, should be wrapping soon, think they may be off Mon/Tues too…

    • -Margin Call Update:
      They are filming Monday nite (7.5) at 1 Penn and it looks like they will be back on Tuesday too (added to post).
      They will be filming overnight at 7/7 (restaurant scene) and they are also filming an overnight scene (a big scene) on 7/8 but we’re not sure of the locations yet.
      -And one more in NYC:
      Rubicon also has an early morning call in Tribeca- not sure of exact location.
      (Thanks Annie)

  2. Got a couple requests for info for:
    -What’s Your Number? in Boston
    -House in L.A.
    -Burn Notice in Miami
    -Anything else in Vancouver
    -The Double in Detroit
    -Real Steel in Detroit (Michigan)
    -when Scream 4 will be filming in Saline, MI
    If anyone has info on these, or any project, let us know, thanks!!

    • yeah i would love to check that out so if anyone finds out what time its being filmed please let me know. also who exactly stars in The Greatest Movie Ever Made

    • Yes, this is their last week , as it was always only supposed to be a 3 week shoot, wrapping by the 11th. From what I’ve seen, they will be doing all overnight shoots and I’ve only seen casting calls through the 9th.

  3. If its at all possible, can you start giving the shooting times for Curb. Favorite show of all time and would love to see it.

    • usually tips come from permits and they are pretty general, like the times on permits are usually 7 AM- 10 pm or something, the best bet is to check back here and see if anyone updates after going to set.

  4. NYC Filming: Anybody hear anything about Jason Statham’s new film “Safe” which is filming here soon ?? There is a casting notice for it in the current issue of “Back Stage” newspaper.

    Thanks and Keep Cool.

  5. more for Harold & Kumar:
    Will be at that location through the remainder of the week before heading to Detroit. There are 2 houses across the street from each other that are decorated with christmas stuff, they are hard to miss with all the decorations in the yard. (Thanks Becca)

  6. I’m sure they will, one of the neighbors of the house they use for Dexter’s/Rita’s house in Long Beach told me they are talks to use that house again soon so they should be back, did you hear this is the last season, which sucks!!

    • Wow.. I know exactly where that house is! If you hear anyyything please let me know!! =) I have been living here the whole time with no clue of them filming.
      The location you posted up the other day was in a park and looked like a crime scene *rubs hands together* muaha!

      Are you sure it’s the last season??? really? my heart just sank!! No!! This is my favourite show. That sucks =( =(

  7. Christine- scream 4 is on Main St. In Northville today at a book store/bistro. I have pictures I will send you when I am home!

  8. this is not dexters last season the writers and producer both said that they r not writing the fifth season to be the end and that there will be more seasons dexter is not leaving us anytime soon its the most popular it has ever been right now

  9. Here’s the details for Scream: Filming at the Next Chapter Bookstore and Bistro located at 141 E. Main Street in Northville. They were filming inside the bookstore. It was a scene where Sidney Prescott was doing a book signing. David Arquette was sitting outside the book store running lines with a woman and he was in his deputy outfit. There were tons of Woodsboro police cars and a sheriff car as well. There was a sign on the bookstore saying the name of Sidney’s book (I forget it, but we got a picture) and saying that she was signing there today. There also was a shelf with books and a sign that said “Bargain books” on them. All of the books were by Gail Weathers (Courtney Cox’s character) and there were numerous ones and all on “bargain”. (Thanks Toni!)

    • Are they going to be filming other days this week at the Bookstore in Northville, or will Scream 4 be coming back to the Ann Arbor Area? Any idea where in MI, they actors are staying?

  10. I work in Downtown Northville at a clothing store, they will also be filming Scream 4 tomorrow….we got a notice saying only today and tomorrow are the days they are going to be filming on Main Street.

  11. General ?:

    Does anyone know if production companies will ever call off filming because of excessive heat? I like seeing stars and all, but I sure wouldn’t go out in heat like NYC is having today just to stand around and hope that I see someone. Lol! 🙂

  12. Penn Badgley is having a GQ shoot, Brooklyn Bridge. I was there walking back home. They just started around an hour ago but it’s only for 2-3 hours as I heard,he needs to go to filming. there’s a bunch of girls there watching.


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