‘Abduction’ filming locations open thread

41966, HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - Thursday June 24, 2010. Taylor Lautner at the The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Los Angeles premiere. Photograph:  Tuukka Jantti, PacificCoastNews.com


Now that Twilight’s Taylor Lautner is getting started filming Abduction in the Pittsburgh, PA area, there are several rumors going around about where they will be filming and when.

We thought it would be a good idea to start an open thread, like our Eclipse and Water For Elephants threads, so fans can have one place to discuss all of the movie’s filming locations.

Discuss Abduction in the comments after the jump!

Here’s what we know for sure so far:

Taylor is in Pittsburgh. He was spotted having dinner at PF Chang’s in Pittsburgh last week and he also made a special surprise appearance at a screening of Eclipse at The Waterfront in Pittsburgh over the weekend. (Thanks @britttfx3)

On Monday, July 12, Abduction will begin filming at the Ambridge High School in Ambridge, PA. The duration and details of the shoot are still unknown. (Thanks Albert) UPDATE: It looks may be taking place at Hampton High School instead. Check out this post.

-And, as we posted here, they will also be filming behind Yough Twister in Sutersville, PA on August 2- 5. (Thanks Ryan) *Note:  All dates and locations (especially those set well in advance) are subject to change.

-Finally, though it looks like they did film in NYC last week, there has been no further mentions of filming in New York. The shoot is rumored to be filming  in Deer Lakes or Sewickley, PA, and possibly at Hampton High School or Mt. Lebanon High School at some point this summer. (Thanks Cathy and Mel) Update: Some of these rumored locations may also be for the movie One For The Money, starring Katherine Heigl, there has been a lot of confusion between the two.

Bookmark this page and use it to discuss Abduction, its filming locations, Taylor or any sightings of the cast you may have while they are shooting  in Pittsburgh. If you have any scoop to share regarding Abduction, you can also email us at olv@onlocationvacations.com too!

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  1. So, to kick things off, so far this week, I’ve heard a rumor that they may be filming in Sutersville, PA this week too but i haven’t heard any confirmation.
    Any one know for sure?

    • I heard that they filmed a car chase on bunola river road this morning. But that’s just what someone had told me.

  2. For anyone going to Ambridge your best bet is to try and park along Duss Avenue, or Merchant street and walk up to the school. Do not hang around there after dark. It’s not a very nice neighborhood surrounding the school, so be careful for crime (I know, I live in this area). The closest McDonalds is in Baden (go down Duss Avenue or rt. 65 towards Conway/Monaca) and there is a Pizza Hut there also.

    Apart from that, the area has no real restaurants or amenities. Cranberry has many close hotels, as does Robinson Township, and Monaca.

    There are four Olive Gardens in the area: Mt. Lebanon, Robinson Township, Cranberry Township and McKnight Road – he likes them, so be watching out there for him.

    Good luck if you come out this way.

    From one fandom to another <3

  3. i dont think Deer Lakes is right, I Am Number Four was filming there (i went to find the set) and they might go back there and also any Franklin Regional H.S. rumors are wrong as well because I Am Number Four is also filming there until August.

  4. Look for him at the Vochellis Pizza on Merchant Street tomorrow or later this week. Just a rumor floating around town.

  5. He made a surprise appearance at the Waterfront Theaters in Homestead Fourth of July Weekend during a viewing of Eclipse.

    To my knowledge, filming starts the 12th

  6. If anybody could keep me updated that would be great.I am planning on making a trip out there one day in the nxt couple of weeks I live near Philadelphia so its alittle bit of a drive and I wanna make sure I have the right spot. You can post on here or email me any info Riamelendez@aol.com

  7. Filming began last Tuesday in PIttsburgh. Not sure of any locations, but I heard there was a motorcycle crash scene – Taylor had to wreck the bike 5 times for a take.

    Also, everything that was shot in NYC last week were exterior shots. Potentially some scenes that are supposed to take place in NYC but aren’t being filmed there? There was no cast on set either day – just a camera crew.

    • Thnx for that info. I am planning on visiting the end of the month to the start of nxt month but not sure. So I just wanna make sure where I’m going when I get there lol.

      • I am pretty sure that the information about Hampton High School is true because I went to the casting call and the lady mentioned using it but I am not sure when

    • He had to crash a bike 5 times? Did they use different bikes for the scene cuz if your gonna crash a back a million times it would be RUINED by then Lol

  8. Hey guys! I’m writing an article for the Sewickley Herald about how teens are reacting to the news of Taylor Lautner’s arrival! If any of you would like to be interviewed or used as sources as in the article please e-mail me at askorpenske@tribweb.com

    I would love to hear from you!

  9. Hi everyone. I am heading there the first week of August. It sounds like they are filming behind a yogurt shop that week. If anyone gets any other info for that week please let me know. I am flying there from Chicago and am not familiar with the area at all!

  10. Hi Does anyone know where MTV’s show The city is having their season finale party or where the stars of the show will be next tuesday? (July 13)

    Thanks so much!

      • oh no, I don’t mind at all! I was just offering because some people don’t want to publish their private info that’s all. I was swapping info all over the place when Water For Elephants started shooting so I just wanted to offer for this movie too, that’s all, no worries!

        • Ok I was just making sure I def dont mind giving my email out. Last time when RM was filming I did that n got the locations alot easier and met my best friend lol

  11. A friend and I are planning several trips to go out and about. Also hear he is staying in a house he rented in sewickley heights

  12. OMG! I’m so excited! My friends and I are planning on going to Ambridge High School on Monday. (: We’re staking out the place! But if anyone has any information on what time they’re shooting, could you please tell me? Thanks!

    • Heyy Emily dont tell like anyone about the shootings so there will be more a chance for us to meet him on Monday!!

  13. so were 100% sure taylor is filming in ambridge starting on july 12th bc katherine heigls new movie one for the money supposted to start filming on july 12th as well in ambridge…

    ‘According to Sean Boyacheck of Lake Shore Entertainment, who addressed the Council at the May 25th meeting, they will be shooting some scenes for the new movie “One for the Money” starring Katherine Heigl (Best known for her role as Dr. Izzie Stevens on Grey’s Anatomy and her starring role in the movies 27 Dresses and The Ugly Truth). Most of the filming will happen in the Ambridge downtown & surrounding areas and should last about 50 days starting on July 12, 2010.’

    this just seems really odd that two movies with huge stars are filming in the same location starting on the same day…

  14. Does anyone know where filming is this week?! Me and my friends are off today and wanna go and check it out?! It would be great if you guys could give me any info! Thanks! Have a great day!

  15. twitter.com/abductionnews

    And cast member Denzel Whitaker has a Twitter now:

    Hopefully he’ll tweet deets from the set!

  16. Sue left this comment in another post:

    “I saw signs in downtown Pittsburgh this am on Grant Street and the Boulevard of the Allies – the signs were yellow with the following ‘ABX’ .. does anyone know if this is filming for Abduction??? thanks.”

    ABX is def. Abduction!

    • Is there any way to find out where they are going like the day before so that you can plan accordingly? I mean I know he is going to Hampton High School but exactly when is he going….?

  17. I was wondering if anyone knows what days we’re likely to see Taylor and which high school we should go to. I’ve heard rumors about many different ones.

  18. I went downtown today. i saw the signs that were mentioned above on Blvd of the Allies and Grant street but after we parked the signs were gone. we drove all over the city. no signs of cast, crew, filming, equipment, etc. does anyone else know anything? did they see anything filming or anything today?

    ** and also does anyone know where he will be tomorrow? is he filming all night tonight in the city?

  19. i am pretty sure he’ll be shooting at Hampton High School starting Monday July 12th. I do not know what times he is filming but I heard from my friend who lives in Hampton that filming begins at the high school on July 12.

  20. OK, there are trailers at Hampton High School so that might be where they are Monday.

    Can anyone confirm if they will be at Hampton or Ambridge School on Monday? I’m hearing both and want to update the post above.

    Also (thanks to @AliceNYC via Aubduction News) it looks they were filming at Allison Park too, signs spotted earlier today.

    • ok i can’t confirm anything for sure but i found this on Hampton High Schools website. (there was a link to it on the homepage)

      Hampton High School Closed July 12 and 13
      Posted 07/08/2010 01:26PM
      The entire facility of Hampton High School will be closed on Monday, July 12 and Tuesday, July 13 due to a facility rental. A member of the High School office staff will be available at the Middle School guidance office on those days

      My gut is telling me the school is closed due to the filming of Abduction!

  21. we went to Hampton h.s. and i got a ton of pictures of all the set stuff like , cast trailers, makeup trailerrs, motercycles, movie trucks, equipment, etc. i emailed them to the olv email so hopefully they will put them up soon for you guys to see.

  22. Hey,…
    seems like i will give it a try and drive out there to Hampton High School on the 12th, i will be going there from the turnpike close to Pittsburgh Mills… If anyone wants to join me? I just recently moved here…does anyone know if its save up there? i am 22 and i do not plan on staying there all day. maybe 2-3 hours, depends on what i ll get to see 😉 please email me; milkyjae@web.de
    does anyone know the best time to go there? any ideas for lunch places up there?

    • denise its safe up there lol i live like 10 minutes away and honestly once you get off the turn pike and you are driving to the high school you will pass up many places for lunch so do not worry about that… Have fun!

  23. hey, I live in Yough and i know for sure that they are filming behind the Yough Twister in Suttersville.. a couple of my friends work at the twister and said that they get to be in the movie just because they work there.. but I do not know when the filming will begin.

  24. I can confirm that there is definitely something going on at Hampton High School. We were out there today and saw all the trailers and motorcycles. We even got to chat with some security guards. They are getting ready to begin filming!!! It was so cool to see everything!!! We are going back out there again tomorrow Hope we get to meet Taylor!!! 😀

  25. my friend sydney and i have been out to hampton hs today. there are signs everywhere. we got more pictures today and as you can see she posted pictures before from when she went the other day.
    As for the ABX signs, thats a production company located in pittsburgh which seems to be working on taylors movie since the ABX signs are all around hampton and allison park.
    Also we found more signs down in Etna, which is near Pittsburgh. we were also able to go to virginia manor where taylor is rumored to be renting a house. 🙂 there were also other signs that said LSE down by station square in pittsburgh

    • What do you think the LSE signs mean like i knew about the ABX ones but i didnt hear about LSE signs? And i was up in virginia manor last night but didnt really know where to look for the house any ideas there?!?

      • Please don’t post where he is staying. Wherever it is, he is staying with his family and it is extremely disrespectful to be sharing private information like that.

        Not to mention that production companies do know about this web-site and check it frequently, and if they need to move him due to privacy concerns they will.

        • I totally agree with you. I honestly thought it was a house that they were filming at not living at. I’m not interested in finding out where he is staying i think thats a little creepy and disrespectful so i agree with you. sorry for the confusion i just thought they were filming at a house up in virginia manor. Sorry again!

  26. oh not to mention that the hampton hs website says its closed on the 12th and 13th due to a rental at the facility so yeah. its taylor. but i doubt anybody will get that close. good luck to everyone tomorrow! see you there.

    • hey cathy, hope you and sydney have good luck tomorrow, keep us posted! If you get any pics, let me know, Sydney sent me pics the other day , cant’ want to hear more tomorrow!
      (there’s a link to the school in the post above too, I updated it. 🙂

  27. I’m way out in California but just wanted to say GOOD LUCK!! This is so awesome! Taylor is such a sweetie, I have always liked him but wasn’t a huge fan til I met him and realized how wonderful he is to his fans.

    I have a good feeling about you guys getting to meet him! The only issue with movie sets is it’s not entirely up to the actors. Keep us all updated so we can get all jealous!! =)

    • anyone have any idea of the filming schedule. like what time they are supposted to end today and tomorrow?


  29. who ever wrote this article is really dumb my name is jordan and im in the movie and you have all the wrong information and dates

  30. wow this is great information guys!! I was wondering if there is a specific address for where Taylor Lautner is staying in Virginia manor? Also what about the address for the set in Yough Twister? Any other information you guys can provide me with would be great. Ill be in Pittsburgh this weekend so I plan on driving around to see.

  31. me and my friends were supposed to go to ambridge today but guess its at hampton high school instead? how long will they be shooting there? because i’m not sure we can make it today but is there still hope for us yet?

  32. Umm I thought they were starting filming today………..but i don’t know for sure cuz i don’t live in pittsburgh i live in California which is unfortunately FAR FAR away………. 🙁

  33. Was a Hampton School today. Taylor came out at about 3:00 pm and went over to the crowd for pictures.

    Needless to say, the crowd went WILD!

  34. He’s actually filming in Mt. Lebanon right now…like 10 minutes away for me 🙂 In the Virginia Manor. The house is in one of the richer parts of Mt. Lebo.

  35. I have a questions for the people who went today because Im going tommorow!!
    Where did you park at?
    did the only people who got to meet him was the extras or did he come out and see the fans?!
    Oh and is this the right adress…. 4591 School Dr, Allison Park, PA, ??

    • There rest was some limited parking at the school – the rest was roped off – you will see when you pull in the road

      Taylor did come and greet the fans at about 3pm and everyone took pics – don’t know if he did it earlier in the day or not

      Not sure of the address

    • he came out to the fans twice, once between scenes, and then the second time right before he left! it was a total mob scene, he got completely attacked! and you can just park right across from the high school in the parking lots for the tennis courts/baseball fields.

  36. I’m so jealous I wish i was there right now 🙁 I hope I’ll be able to find him when I come on Saturday that would be great!

  37. ahhh!!!!!!! i got to the hampton high school set around 7:30 this morning, i spent 11 hours in the heat, rain, humidity, and sun and survived 2 mob scenes but it was ALL worth it, he was like a foot from me and he signed my camera!!!! ah im on such an adrenaline rush right now!

    • I am SO happy that he came out to greet the fans that have stood and waited for hours in the sun

      Alot of actors will not even look your way or let you take a pic

      Class act, Taylor!

  38. thanks for the answers now does anyone know about the adress??
    Is this the right one?? 4591 School Dr, Allison Park, PA

  39. I was at Hampton High School all day today and Taylor Lautner was there! He is really nice and he came over to the crowd twice to give autographs and take pictures with people. He will be there again tomorrow and so will I! 🙂

  40. Was there yesterday at Hampton

    Many thanks to the girl in the Jeep who nearly ran me off the road in order to get a look at Taylor


  41. Went to Hampton yesterday, got an autograph and picture with Taylor Lautner at 6 p.m. after waiting outside the school for 11 hours!! We went back today at 6 a.m. but at about 9 they said it was very unlikely Taylor would come out and sign autographs so we left and drove by later and there were a ton more people there than yesterday so we decided to leave.

  42. me and my friend are coming from new mexico we will be there from the 30th to when ever we get money too come back home so if anyone wants too hang out when we get down there email me mybabysantiago20@yahoo.com and ill give you my cell

  43. Its possible a portion of this movie is being filmed at PERRYSVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL in the NORTH HILLS of Pittsburgh along Route 19 or Perry Highway. Last weekend a large number of mobile homes of the type seen on movie sets used as dressing rooms appeared along with porta johns, a “ticket booth” and Trucks. So far few people have been seen. It looks as though they are setting up and getting ready. This school is slated to be closed after the 2010-2011 school year. I believe this location is being kept secret and people are being misdirected to other sites. Recently Ross Twp have stationed police crusers on both sides of the road to guard this site at night

    • There are two movies other than Abduction that are being filmed in Pgh – I am Number Four and One for the Money

      Could be one of these Jim

  44. Did you guys see this, someone just forwarded me this info for tomorrow:
    Bunola River Road will be closed from River Hill Road to Elk Horn Road in Forward Township for a scene for Abduction.

    • I don’t think it is a good idea to try to find out where he is staying

      Give him some privacy

      • Thanks Lynn for saying that. Taylor is extremely generous with his fans which was demonstated yesterday but he and his family need to feel safe and have their privacy. If people act inappropriately he will be unable to be so available to his fans. We all have good intentions but try to remember how you would feel if people were hunting you down everywhere you go. It sounds like there were some problems with fans being inappropriate on set today. I really hope going forward they are respectful to Taylor and the staff. It’s the only way any of us will be able to meet him or get to see him.

        • Totally agree Angela If they want Taylor to sign autographs and take pics they need to give him privacy in his off time

          I was there today and it seemed that people were getting a little unruly

          • I was at Hampton today for a long time. I stood in the pouring rain for hours, just to hopefully catch a glimse. He wouldn’t even come outside and say hi to his fans. There was bouat 150 people there. They were loud and unruly, which shows what you get when you act out.

            Ever heard of the saying “You catch more bees with honey than vinegar”? Act nice and you’ll get rewarded. Don’t find his house.

            That’s stalkerish.

            • I didn ‘t mean like where he was living i mean staying and filming! i don’t want to stalk! sorry if it seemed that way! i just want a better pic and autograph!

  45. What I’ve learned from going to sets is being nice to PA’s and the whole staff gets u farther then pushing n shouting and chasing. If you do as told they will try to get the star to come out and sign autographs and take pic but only if they know ur not gonna attack them.

  46. went today and the whole thing was a complete madhouse! seriously, i blame hampton township for not setting up proper security. the kid has a number 1 movie in the world, and you don’t think there are going to be a TON of teenage girls not caring or listening to what anyon has to say? they could have put barricades up and had security set up where the fans were. instead, we all got yelled out at the end for littering. seriously? don’t worry about the stupid girls blocking a busy street trying to get across or someone getting it. it all could have done better and he probably would have came out even just to make an appearance if the proper security measure were taking.

    • Hampton Township would not be responsible for setting up security, the production company would. Since this is only their second day of shooting I imagine they were not aware how much security they would need as no matter who the star be crowds constantly range in size from production to production. I am sure from here on out they will work on upping their security, but at the same time security is not hired to babysit.

      • right, second day.. and on the first day they said he came out, even though i know he doesn’t have to but he was nice enough to, they said he was completely mobbed and that’s why he didn’t come out today. which then made people more angry.. it’s always those few that have to ruin it for everyone. if this was taking place in my town, you better believe the cops would be there patrolling the whole thing. not arguing, just saying i guess everyone’s different on how they handle things.

        • Not arguing either. Seeing too many comments/tweets about people thinking that Taylor Lautner owes them something just because they showed up when that is just not true. They should know they are taking a risk by showing up and that meeting him would happen only by chance and luck, and not because it is owed to anyone. That’s not what he is there to do. Regarding the police, production companies are only supposed to call them in extreme cases. At least that is how it is here, not sure about a small town in Pittsburgh, but it can’t be much different. When a production company applies for a permit to film at a location they take on responsibility for the area which includes crowd control. When the police show up you know they/the crowd are in trouble because the cops are the ones who can remove everyone from the premises and therefore make the entire cast and crew untouchable.

          If everyone would just keep calm and show some respect and patience, there is a much higher chance that security and crew will allow a cast member to come greet the fans who have waited all day.

  47. I was at Hampton high school today, with three other adults, and 7 children. My son and daughter were very excited, and waited patiently for 8 hours. I did hear that there were some obnoxious people yesterday, but out of respect to the fans that do have manners, they could have ORGANIZED a controlled setting for photos/autographs. I think Taylor lautner is a sweetheart, but they should have given it a chance. Everyone were I had been all day were being polite, and only crossed the street to ask a question. So sad…… I think his management should post something to have a signed picture for the people who waited all day.

    • You have to keep in mind that the stars coming over for autographs and pictures are doing it on their own free time between shoots. They are working on filming a movie which is on a schedule and a budget, and not on a press tour and/or hosting a meet and greet for fans. Live sets are NEVER a guarantee to meet a celebrity and it shouldn’t be expected of the celebrities or their security and “people” to organize such things.

      • Seriously. They entire cast and production are there to do a job – on time and under budget. The fact that Taylor’s fans show up to watch is something Taylor himself acknowledged – TWICE – during breaks in filming yesterday, because that’s the kind of guy he is. He doesn’t owe us anything, but he still makes it a point to show he cares when he gets the chance. Also, if the crowds get unruly, his choice to say ‘hello’ is probably eliminated by his security staff. They are there to work. If they get the chance to say ‘hi’ (and feel safe in doing so) then they’ve already *proven* on Day 1 they will.

    • I know! I think that since there were so many people, they should’ve split us up into groups with one security guard for each so that Taylor wouldn’t fear being attacked.

  48. I was there today and waited patiently for 8 hours. It was very exciting thinking Taylor was going to make an appearance. Unfortunately Taylor was not able to as it was completely crazy yesterday for his second appearance. I am disappointed I didn’t get to meet him, but safety is first for Taylor. People were completely hounding the security guards, and that could have been avoided with proper security. When the cops arrived, everyone listened to them right away. If the security guards would have taken proper action and asked the ‘out of line’ people to go, we would have been left with a calm crowd, and people who could wait patiently. At the end, everyone was lined up against the fence, hoping that he could stop by and go down the line and spend 5 seconds with each person, and leave after. I really hope that the fans who waited patiently and behaved will get other chances to meet him. Taylor’s safety comes first!

  49. Well, the fact ghat they didn’t even attempt to have him come and see the fans was very disappointing. They based this on the behavior on some rediculous people from the day before. You can’t tell me they didn’t anticipate more fans today, and could have organized something easily. Most of the people there would have stood in line and waited patiently.

    • I’m not trying to argue with you but coming from someone who has not only visited many sets but has lots of friends who work on live sets I am just trying to tell you that your expectations are unrealistic. Visiting a live set is never a guarantee, you are taking a chance by going because you never know who will be there, how long they will be there, or if you will even see them. I am sure your children want to meet Taylor and that they are well-mannered enough to wait in an organized line for a picture and an autograph, but for every handful of kids that know how to show patience and respect is another handful or two of kids/teens/even adults who don’t. If security and the PA’s don’t feel they can keep a crowd under control the situation becomes unsafe not only for Taylor but for the group of fans waiting.

      My only suggestion would be to either wait until they are in a different, lesser known location, or to start arriving to the locations early – like crack of dawn early. I have had some luck by showing up long before filming even begins. Sometimes when there are just a handful of people there in the morning the cast will come over to sign autographs and take pictures so that the group will leave and they can start their work day.

      I’ve met Taylor Lautner and I know many others who have met him and he is a sweetheart, and if it were possible for him to take the time and sign for his fans he would.

  50. and it was insane. i agree if u were chill and obeyed the rules u should have gotten more time with him or whatever.

  51. I don’t know about you, but I could have organized something easily myself. Really all they needed to do was to have z table(readily available at any school), and had security let in a few people inside at a time. Really not rocket science, and would have costed anything LC. I do feel they should have at least attempted. Best of luck to Taylor. Pgh does have great fans, just ask the Steelers and Penguins…lol

    • … except a movie set is a place of work, and no one is there for a meet and greet with the fans. If you’re expecting them to pull out a table and have Taylor do some signing, you’re better off staying home.

    • You have no right to talk to LC that way shes helping you out! No one is going to let anyone on a set with a man who is one of the most popular persons in the world! Thats a joke and the fact that everyone on here is arguing with the person that brings this website is ridiculous! It is not the production companys life to make you happy its to make a movie that will sell! Everyone who went out got what they deserved.. People who are that rude and disrespectful dont deserve any kind of special treatment! Thanks LC for everything. You and Christine are really great for even doing this for people. I just wish they could be GRATFUL!

      • i agree! like the girls today were freaking out about him being so rude and not coming out and all these we hate him now blah blah blah.

        meanwhile the producer came out earlier and told us hes freaking working. like i get that i wasnt as enthusiastic as these fans (prob bc i already met him yesterday) but they were wayyyy over the top.

        i was telling them all like you guys you came to his job. this isnt a M&G or a signing or a premire…he came here to earn his money and he’s not doing that by signing your posters ok. like yes it was sooo nice of him to come out yesterday and meet with about 20-30 of us and i get that it sucks he couldnt get to everyone and he so would if he could but he has a job to do.

        no one understands

  52. LC i have been on thousands of sets and have famous friends and people in the industry. i know taylor too and he is sweet and loving and he is busy. people need to get that

  53. I plan on going to Pittsburgh on August 2, and hopefully Taylor will be there. If anyone else plans on going on the 2nd, email me at frizzyhair687@yahoo.com – I know there’s no guarantee that he’ll come out and see his fans, but I figure I might as well try. 🙂

  54. so i met him yesterday and all that jazz as youve seen but…

    today was a big BUST we sat there from 10am until 8pm and it was a disaster. no one was listening to security. girls were rushing security trying to sneak in, and overall harassing security in huge groups to get in or get info. he did not make an apperance at all today. then it started raining around 6pm and like all hell broke loose. moms were trying to put us in lines and crap. all day girls were crossing the cone barracades they set up for us like all the way into the street. police came by to yell at us all day.

    my friends and i and the group of people we met were all chill and relaxed making no commotion. it was a joke bc we deserved to have him come out and these girls were just crazy and could not comprehend that he was NOT going to come out while they are all freaking out and not listening to the rules.

    none of the cast made an apperance today but i heard that on his break taylor snuck out the back in a tinted black escalade and went to ross park mall.

  55. People who already met Taylor should not have come back. Some of the girls there were talking about how he signed their phones, ect yesterday, and were back. Though, these were the girls who were CONSTANTLY harassing the security guards, and I mean constantly. It was every 10 minutes, at least 2 girls from the same group would run over and try to get the guard to let them in. Which was pathetic. That is what scares Taylor away, and other actors. If everyone could have stayed calm from the start, there would have been no problems, including yesterday, from what I heard, the second appearance, was a disaster. Next time anyone heads over to see any actor, everyone, not just some people, everyone, needs to be calm and in control. You can’t be freaking out, screaming, yelling, running around, sneaking through the field, because that will get you nothing. As all of us found out today.

    • i am not stupid (not being rude to you) if anyone has common sense they would know that freaking out and screaming and not following the rules = not meeting the actor/actress

      and honestly i had every right to come back. im a fan and i can be there if i want. i was one of the calm girls who didnt freak out and like harass security all day and RUIN IT for EVERYONE! yeah i met him yesterday and stuff but i wasnt going to rush to meet him today i was going to give others their fair chance.

      i agree/witness with basicly everything youve said above as well.
      when i met him yesterday i was on the wooden fence sign and we were all chill until like after we went and the 4ht person went it turned into a free -for -all.

      today was a joke and id just like to thank all the a**holes who ruined what could have been a nice day.

  56. we all noe dat taylor is charming..but i dnt get why can they just stay calm, its not fair how because of all da uncontrolled girls..other people cant meet him…yup hes cute, hes sweet..n everythin..but he is still a person..put yourself in his place… he was very kind to go greet da fans on his own time.. and dat doesnt mean everybody should go wild…his safety is first 🙂

  57. we all noe dat taylor is charming..but i dnt get why can they just stay calm, its not fair how because of all da uncontrolled girls..other people cant meet him…yup hes cute, hes sweet..n everythin..but he is still a person..put yourself in his place… he was very kind to go greet da fans on his own time.. and dat doesnt mean everybody should go wild…his safety is first 🙂

  58. Thanks…I am only 15 minutes away, so I will try to go over and see what’s going on. Nothing ever happens in Monongahela, so this would be exciting!

  59. Is the post about where they’re shooting tomorrow definite? I want to go, but its about 45min from where I live and I don’t want to drive out there for nothing. :/ I went to hampton highschool today for 7 hours and yeah i was disapointed he never came out, but some of the fans really were obnoxious so it makes sense why he didnt come out. I just really wish those few “bad apples” wouldnt have been there because a lot of us were patient and calm. I want to go to another one of his filming sights, preferably one that not many people know about so he can feel safe to take pictures and sign things.

    So, if anyone knows if he is for sure filming on that road tomorrow can you just confirm it on here? And if anyone knows what time they will be filming tomorrow I would appreciate it if you could let me know. Thanks 🙂

  60. I have to agree with some of you. I know one of the extras and he said that even the extras can’t just walk over to him. Taylor has to come to them. If he doesn’t feel comfortable or he feels he’s gonna be mobbed by screaming girls he’s not gonna come out. The security guards are thinking of Taylor’s safety before anything else. My cousin were upset that they didn’t get to see him today, but I warned them that this was a chance we were taking.

    • Lol is this the April I think it is? My cousin April? I see we’ve appeared on the same website… Haha.

  61. To address the nastiness I recieved from what I posted….. I do understand that Taylor was there to work. The comments I made were directed to the unorganized security. There were only 3 security guards for THE WHOLE outside! They needed to give the obnoxious few some direction, and stop worrying about flirting with them. The security guard by the fans said it was his first day on the job. I’m so glad you all have been on “thousands of sets, and haveots of connections,” but from what I can tell, Taylor does seem really sweet, and if security had put a little effort into it, i felt it could have worked. Well, I hope it works out better next time for his sake. By the way, I am an ADULT, and have a work ethic, I just thought it was probably dissappionting to him also that he had to leave 300 people high and dry because of disorganization, and bad behavior from a few.

    • I agree! I was there and all these teeny-boppers kept going up and flirting with the guards. They barely did their job at all. I see why Taylor feels so uncomfortable.

  62. My friend told me this about Monongahela: On Wednesday (today) 7.14. ABduction is filming on Bunola River Rd. between Elkhorn Rd. and River Hill Rd. in Monongahela. But will Taylor even be there? It just says that Abduction is filming, and it doesn’t say anything about Taylor according to my friend.

  63. I was REAL surprised that Hampton police didn’t make their presence known. I don’t know if they would have to be PAID by the production company to do this or not.

    Other sets that I have been on there have been several local police guarding along with the production security.

    You are right, one of the #1 stars in the world right now he needs more

    They needed to set up barricades for the unrulies and keep them at bay. I tried to drive down the road to leave and they were all out on the road so that you had to drive like 2 miles an hour

  64. EXPECTING an actor to stop production (or go on his break) to sign autographs or take pictures is just LUDACRIS

    The more these girls act up, the LESS chance that Taylor will be signing ANY autographs

  65. I have been to Monagehela b4 and parts of it can be a bit scary (no offense to anyone)

    And if it is being filmed on a road, the chances that the whole thing is blocked off is pretty good so you probably will not get to see Taylor

  66. they are filming by the Monongehela bridge. My friend was just there And saw Taylor, but got caught by the cops and had to leave.

  67. Hey does anyone know the exact address for yough twister? I’m planning on making a trip up there from MD

    Hopefully all of the girls who got in trouble yesterday didn’t ruin it all for the rest of the time that he spends in Pittsburg… This is his job ppl and we can all hope we will meet him but seriously we can’t expect it… He isn’t here to sign autographs for us all and if u all would have acted better maybe u would have had a better chance

    I have met a lot of different celebrities mostly through contest or at concerts and I know for a fact the more u follow the rules the better ur chances are … I was at a Jonas brother concert and we were waiting by where the buses are and the time I was there everyone followed directions and didn’t act nuts we got to meet them and the other time when ppl were pushing and shoving and screaming and trying to get past security we did not

    • heyy!! im goin da 2nd too from MD =]…im tryin to find out da address but all i got was sutersville, PA :(…which part of MD are u goin from??

      • I’m in MD also, and I was thinking about actually trekking up there! What part of Md are you guys from? I’m in Southern MD.

        • heyy..i live in germantown MD like 25 min away from DC…i wanted to go on monday..but it was too much..n i didnt have time to rent a car…n get money for gas tolls…etc..but yeaa im deff going da 2nd..:) i noe.. i shouldnt expect to meet taylor but im gonna try anyways =]

  68. It is further down the road then the map you posted Cathy. I am sorry I do live in the area and that location is off. it down the same road more towards the bridge and even past the bridge.

  69. Taylor is not here, I have spent 8 hours waiting and walking around but still, nothing.

    What’s tomorrows location?

    • I am sure after the fiasco at Hampton that they will be very secretive on locations and maybe even change them up or have someone post false locations

      A shame that a few spoil it for all

      • If only they could set up a much better security system. All that most people want is a picture and autograph. After that, I would leave!

  70. hey i need to know where Taylor is filming on July 15th, 2010. i know i probley won’t meet him, but just to beable to see him in person would be great (: so please please help me !

  71. This is very sad that because of a few people others might not have the chance to see Taylor. I dont even think Rob Pattinson had this many issues filming RM. I was able to met him 3 times while up there. They dont even need more security if people in general would know how to act in a public place it wouldnt ruin it for the rest of the people who are doing as told and respecting cast and crew members.

    • O and yes I know Rob did have some issues but he only ever had 3 security guards with him the people that went to the set exepct that one time did obey what was told to them from the PAs n his security team

  72. I don’t think that he’ll ever show his face to his Pittsburgh fans again after the craziness at Hampton. It’s sad, but probably true.

    • Yea and I’m pissed cuz I was planning on driving out there to see him again i’ve seen on Regis and Kelly before and now theres no point im not saying he owes me anything cuz no star does but it would have been nice just to see him from afar.

      • Actually I got videos from July 12th of him at Hampton but I really wanted an autograph or a picture with him. But like you said, I wasn’t expecting him to. I mean, (on July 13th) I was one of the people near the front (near the set) but I wasn’t running off the road, being obnoxious and flirting with the security guards.

          • They are good videos. I wish I was there i live 4 1/2hrs away kinda hard to get there early lol

            • I know! I kept my distance though. As much as I wanted him to sign his autograph for me. Lol. And this was July 12th when there were only like 100 people not like 300( on July 13th).

        • Yea we had a couple of those on the RM set me and my friends got to the set everyday we went at 530-6am n stayed till 6pm doing as were told n everything but then a group of kids would come n start screaming n running n that would ruin it for everybody.Then you would have the girls who would flirt with PAs,security anybody they could get ahold of. Its actually kinda of sad how far peopl will go .

          • Yes that would be very hard to get there early! Lol. But yes it is sad. People think that if they flirt with the security guards, they’ll get to meet Taylor. Another girl told her sob story to the security guard to try to meet Taylor. It’s so strange…

            • LMFAO!!! Security guards have heard it all they dont care lol. I mean this is what they did on the RM set for us. After them seeing us a couple times n finding out we arent going to attack rob they let us get alittle closer to his trailer. 1 day we were the only ppl there n they let us go over to rob it also was 545am lol. If people go they need to act like adults n sit patiently n wait

              • Oh my gosh! That’s awesome that you got to go right over to him! But the sad thing is that these security guards flirted back! They had no idea how to do their job.

  73. Visit Taylorinpa.hyperboards.com !!
    I made it so everyone has a organized form to talk about Taylor filming in PA!!!
    So please check it out!!
    Im still working on it so its not 100% done but will be very soon!!!

  74. ok i plan on driving to the set next wednesday.. if anyone finds out where that is can you please email me at iloveurguts3@yahoo.com. im driving from ohio. promise im not crazy. just really want to meet taylor. 🙂

  75. Yes, the fans on Tuesday were absolutely ridiculous and are talking shit on Taylor for not coming out. If it weren’t for the way girls acted on Monday pushing people and mobbing the kid then he woulda had no problem coming out again. I was one of the lucky girls who got my picture with him and autograph but I was not pushing and screaming in his face. Also no one listened to the security guards OR the police that were called to try and get people to listen. He is a normal teenager and people need to realize he wants to be treated just like one. You don’t have to scream in his face and pretty much knock people out to get to him. They were not letting people on the scene today because of the way some people cannot control themselves. So if people want to see him again while he is here I would suggest listening to the security and controlling yourself. Grow up and act like an adult about the situation. The only person to blame for him not coming out to see people is youself.

    • I agree. I mean, I was in the group surrounding him but I wan’t knocking people out or clawing at him. Did you see my videos of everybody in his face? I posted them above somewhere.

      • Yes I watched the videos a couple times to see if I was in them! I was up front of that group being pushed around like crazy. I think you just missed me getting my picture with him. But again, I was not pushing and screaming at him. He dropped his marker and I gave it back to him and he signed my stuff then I asked for a picture and he was perfectly fine doing it because I wasn’t going crazy. Everyone just needs to realize that is what he wants. If everyone keeps screaming and trying to get into the set and not listening to security he is not going to come out because they tell him whats going on outside.

        • I know. You’re exacly right. He had to be TERRIFIED! And that was nice of you to pick up his pen for him. All of those girls tried flirting with the security guards and making up sob stories to get him to sign their stuff. It was so horribly organized.

  76. i was told he is filiming at Hampton again tomorrow so i am going up to see. and Brianna, those videos are insane it did get worse, that was one of the better times. People were insane!

    • I know they were insane and about 200 people more came the next day! And is he seriously filming tomorrow?!

    • Where did you hear he was filming there? and is it soppost to be Hampton high school or someplace else close by? Becaust the schools webpage doesnt have anything listed like it did before!!

  77. I know i was there. I have no clue i am trying to confirm his shooting place for tomorrow. Head up there my friend and I are going up.

  78. I heard that filming is completely done at Hampton High School so i doubt he will be there tomorrow. If anyone does know the real location for tomorrow please let me know because i want to go for a little bit!

    I was at Hampton both days and the first time Taylor came out to sign autographs everyone was much more civil… if everyone would act that way all the time taylor would be much more likely to come out and sign.

  79. They were also filming today in Mt. Lebanon, I live in the neighborhood about 4 houses away from where he is renting a home and they closed the street earlier to film.

    • Ahhh…..no way, Victoria. What street was he filming on? I live in lebo and I can’t believe i missed this! I’m so upset!

      • They were filming on Osage Rd. in Virginia Manor where he currently is renting on the same Rd. The filming crews left about an hour ago.

  80. Victoria or anyone that knows can someone post where he’ll be next wednesday as soon as they find out???

    • if that’s where he is staying it probably won’t be long now that it’s posted on the internet.. everyone needs to respect his privacy. people were trying to break into the school.. what’s next, his house? i went the 2nd day at hampton and people are crazy!

      yes, they could have had things better organized with security guards who weren’t flirting with every girl. and the sad part, girls were giving these creepy guys their phone numbers to give to taylor.. for all you know it could be the security guards calling, said hey it’s taylor i want to meet you, and then someone gets raped, or killed.

  81. Hi…if anyone finds out anymore details, let me know! I am interested in going anytime after Thursday….so if anything finds out, post : )

  82. Yeah guys, don’t stalk his house. He’ll definitely go somewhere else if you keep releasing information on where his house is. Gosh, he may never come to Pittsburgh again if all of his fans are stalking his house. I mean, imagine seeing people sitting outside your house, trying to watch your every move, and if you go outside or even crack the door open, you’ll get mobbed. He can’t even open his blinds for goodness sakes! Please, for our sake (for him to come to Pittsburgh again) and for his sake, don’t stalk his house! He could have people reading this right now or he could be reading this himself and be TERRIFIED. You wouldn’t want a stalker would you?! No. So like I said, please stop trying to get info on his home. It’s rude and disrespectful.

  83. I think everyone needs to stop talking about where Taylor is staying for the summer. We really need to respect his privacy… we want him to have a good impression of Pittsburgh. Thats great if you know where he is living but i think you should keep that information to yourself and stop posting it on the internet.

    Its different to go to the set because it is a public location but going to his house is just wrong.

  84. I agree with what everyone is saying in regards to the not stalking taylors house. If people keep sitting outside his house he may get freaked out and make his whereabouts completely unknown so that no one will get to see him while he’s in town because he’s scared of us. Really girls. Just tone it down and respect him.

    • I know. He’s going to end up never wanting to come back to Pittsburgh because of all of these crazy stalker fans. I AM a crazy fan but I am not a stalker and anyone who goes to his house has no respect.

  85. Just to clarify this for all of you. I work at a very upscale hotel in town and Mr Lautner has been staying here for over a week with his family so as far as the house maybe its part of the set.

  86. Hey guys I hope no one is seriously planning to stalk Taylor because he would never come to Pittsburgh again and when he goes to do his interviews he’ll talk about Pittsburgh and say how he had such a crazy experience there and we wouldn’t Pittsburgh to have a bad reputation now would we? I just want to see him in a public place where I can get a pic and a autograph that’s all. I hope so far the crazy girl fans he has already encountered didn’t mess it up for everybody else that would be terribly unfortunate for the rest of us.

  87. For all you worried about “stalking” his house, there are actual cops there and were told by the neighbors of the house that we are allowed to stand on their property and TL security knows everyone has permission. They deal with this ALL THE TIME so it’s not that big of a deal, so quit your bitching.

  88. Victoria i feel you should really delete your comment… This is getting completely out of hand. Most people only like Taylor because he just starred in a movie thats soo huge right now but soon it will all die down! So let it. You guys are just showing you cant be fans without stalking someone down. In a recent article he said I moved to Santa Clarita, CA because its more private it gets annoying when i have a few cars outside of my house and i get followed all day but i guess its okay… so give him privacy. He barely ever gets time with his family so let him. Please!

  89. I am not sure if he is filming at the same place , but yesterday he was like 2 min from my house and I took my little sis over but he did not end up showing up till later that night. I guess all during the day it was his stunt double. But he might be there again.

  90. I went to the Base Camp yesterday (14th) and the security guy was nice and talking to us saying that it was just stunt double work. We saw the truck they are using in the film (there were two of them, they were towed there). We drove a good hr and half to get there, but we ended up just leaving around 8am since security said he wasn’t going to be there…

  91. Do we know who is filming with Taylor? Not in the movie, but currently shotting scenes with him? Has Maria Bello shown up of Alfred Molina?

  92. I heard on a morning radio show that he has been working out at Bally’s in Bethel Park when not on the set. It was a call in from a woman who said her son worked out next to him & made small talk. Apparently the workout area was mostly men, and people left him alone. Take it for what it’s worth – a random woman calling a radio station. I can’t confirm it, but I thought it was interesting enough to post.

  93. yesterday on 96.1kiss, they said they will be announcing at 7:10a.m. on july 15th where taylor would be filming. so, i woke up to hear what they said. they said he is filming on Osage Rd today which is off of Cochran Rd. in Mt. Lebanon right by Virginia Manor (where Taylor is living) i looked up where that is & its about under 10minutes away from the Galleria shopping mall in Mt. Lebanon.

    • omgsh thank you so much!! i actually live like 200 yards away from where he is living…i guess he’s filming at his home today. thanks again! 🙂 i am going to stop by and see him later tonight!

      • no problem. idk if its legit or not. im just telling exactly what the radio said. i didnt hear from newspaper articles or on the news like normally so idk if its confirmed or not. i really hope its true. im considering goin out there today. i hope im not dissappointed.

  94. Does anyone know if they will be filming the week of July 26? I know at the beginning of this thread it states that they will be filming August 2-5, but I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about the week before that.

    I want to go up there, and to be safe I was going to go the week of the 2nd, only the week of the 26th would be better. But I’m afraid of going up the week of the 26th, just to find out they’re not filming that week.

    Thanks for any info.

  95. Hi guys,
    I’m going right now to Mt. Lebanon, so does anybody know any news about where he~s filming for sure today ?
    As I’m in Ambridge and it’s far away…so please, let me know.

    • from what I have heard he is filming right where he is staying in Virginia Manor on Osage Road! I can’t wait until I get off work so I can come down and see him! 🙂

  96. Saw this on Twitter THIS MORNING: For Those Hunting Taylor Lautner Today…He Is Filming In Mt Lebo Today…In The Virginia Manor Sub Division…On Osage Lane
    going to check it out now!

  97. I have an idea – why don’t we Pittsburghers act classy and show Taylor a little respect and not hunt him down in his home

    Going to a public set and watching him film is one thing, but geeezzzzz him the guy a break

    I would hate for him to leave Pittsburgh with a really bad impression of the kind of people we are

    In the words of Michael Jackson “I say this with nothing but love people” 🙂

  98. OK, I figured out what’s going on because in other threads people are saying they’ve seen filming setting and then people are saying that there is no filming on Osage. That is because there are 2 different locations people are talking about:
    One comment says he is filming at Osage LANE & one says Osage RD-
    “In The Virginia Manor Sub Division…On Osage Lane”
    “said he is filming on Osage Rd today which is off of Cochran Rd. in Mt. Lebanon”
    Here’s a map showing far away those 2 locations are from each other, can anyone confirm which is today’s filming location?

  99. i was there today but had to leave 25 min ago. do you think its worth it to come back.. as in will he come out to greet dans?

    • He left to his home around 30 min ago…They said that he’ll film tomorrow again at same place, but I don’t know for sure yet.
      He was waving inside his car on the backseat 🙂
      If someone have some tip, please let me know 😀

      • wat exact street are they filming at? because i was driving around mt.lebanon and kept following the signs that said “ABX” and that took me to the equipment and base camp. then i went back on cochran road and on one of the side streets there were a bunch of girls standing outside a house. i forget what street its called, but is that where they’re filming?

  100. Hi,
    okay from someone who has worked as an extra many times here in Pittsburgh I can tell you they aren’t filming in a house where Taylor would actually be staying. It’s a set location. As for acting like a bunch of banshees I don’t suggest it. If you are going to head out to a set don’t act like a bunch of screaming children. Act professional and be respectful and it’ll get you a lot farther in the long run. Don’t try to rush anyone or sneak around as you’ll get into trouble and told to leave and ruin the experience for everyone else there who are fans like you.

    Now I am only in town for 2 more days and if anyone has any information confirmed for where filming will be tomorrow if you can please post it tonight i would appreciate it.

    In the end we can show our fan devotion to Taylor as classy citizens from Pittsburgh.

  101. you really shouldn`t be stalking him i mean really he needs his privacy why are you doning this i mean do you have to know his every move would you want somebody doing that to you!!!!!!!!!!!! ugh just stop it!

  102. ok so taylor was filming 5 mins from my home yesterday i actually got to get a picture with him. BUT as much as i would like to see him again i think i will give him some privacy…do u ppl actually loook at him?? i was actually mortified at some of the girls. they were getting a picture with him and screaming in his face that boy is a saint in my eyes cause the first time someone screamed in my face they would be missing some teeth.. like really u dont have that much self respect or respect for others that u really had to scream RIGHT IN HIS FACE for 20 mins? the boy loooked like a deer in head lights it was most def the saddest thing i have ever seen. maybe if ppl would act normal around ppl like that fans would be able to meeet them more often, like form a line and maybe everyone will get a chance to get a picture with them or autograph.NOT act like wild hungry animals with a freshly killed piece of meat. PPL LOOK AT HIS EYES u can clearly see it is alot to take in when ppl act like that.. i was just a fan and left after my picture because it got so crazy and ppl running in to him and pushing him all over the place, come on..

    • Wow,I was there @ 5am with my baby girl(she is 13),was there like 10 hours.we never saw him and out of the 20 fans there when I was there it was calm no probloms,You are lucky you got to see him.My daughter just wanted to get a glimps even if she didnt get close so I think everyone should not be so damm rude poor kid is scared and I dont blame him,I am glad you saw him..What time was that? That was Bunola right?

      • yea it was right in front of the old marina one drive way. and it went from 10 fans to prob 200 in a matter of seconds. it was insaine and sad. i never seen ppl act like that in my life.

  103. is he coming to CA any time soon,,,am here for like once in my life and i desparetly wana see him :((( any info

  104. Dude, he is famous, he expects crazy teenybopper girls to scream at him. It comes with the job. I mean, there is no well to tell these girls, stand still, don’t push, and don’t scream like they are in some boarding school. They are excited, they can’t help it!

  105. people seriously need to hold it together its people that them that ruin it for everyone. if they cant then they should have to leave and the calm respectful people should get to stay… thats just how it should be. hes no different than any other cast member of twilight. ive met several of them and not once have i screamed in their face.

  106. hi does anyone kno wear he is filiming 2morrow cuz wen i went 2 try 2 c him 2day my friend gave us the wrong directions she had them rite the first time sooo i didnt get 2 c him 2day so we r goin 2 keep tryin so can u give me info 4 2morrow plzzzzz

    • get real people, he is a famous actor, he is use to dealing with ppl following him. He is staying at 618 osage rd Mt. Lebanon, PA

  107. Christine, and everyone else curious about the filming on July 15th:

    Osage Rd is a residential street in Mt Lebanon off of Cochran Rd, which is off of Bower Hill Road, and that is where they were indeed filming on the 15th. I have no idea where Taylor is staying, but this place actually had film crews and was clearly a filming destination.

    I went directly to Osage Rd, and the road is closed once you get close enough to the set. I saw some girls jogging in work out clothes, I’m almost certain they were trying to get past the road closure signs, which they did since it’s a public street. You can’t drive a car past it though. I didn’t go up to the set, as it said closed, and I just was curious to see if the location I had heard was right. I live very close by. I did see camera men & crew, it was definitely a film location.

    Whether or not Taylor was there, not sure. Whether or not filming will continue there, I’m not sure. But I can say that following the ABX signs around Mt. Lebanon would not have actually taken me to Osage Rd, so it was kind of confusing. Maria, this might be why you didn’t find the place. The signs were confusing. Good luck everyone ~

    • thanks so much! I did just add a new post with a new map close to this location, I think people just need to follow the road, not the signs. I also heard they will be back tomorrow to finish filming the scene, if anyone hears of a different location for sure, please let us know, thanks!

    • actually , me and my friend went the second day and he didnt even show his face whatsoever. not even a glimpse. it has alot to do with crazy girls the day before trampling him and pushing him and swarming him, so he didnt show his face. people from mondday they got to meet him and stuff.

  108. I was an extra on tuesday and got to meet him and shake his hand and stuff. The reason he didnt come out was because all of his scenes were indoors and on monday he was outside.

  109. Hello my dears!!!
    Some news about where he will be filming today?
    Please let me know 😀
    Good luck to all!!! 😀 xxx

  110. Here’s today’s location, back at Osage Rd, also heard they might be at PNC park today doing stunt work but not 100% on that one.

    As far as deleting comments goes ( I run the site) I kind of think the housing rumors are just rumors, I’ve heard of other locations from other sources, so I don’t know.
    I think (unfortunately) there is a lot of false information (for filming locations) popping up so if anyone sees info they know is wrong, please speak up, I’m sure everyone would apprecaite it.
    If anyone is at the set today, keep us updated, thanks!

    • Hey Guys! I live about 10-15 minutes away from Osage in Mt. Lebanon manor and I know for a fact that Taylor Lautner has been living there since the beginning of July for the filming production of Abduction. Be forewarned that the Mt. Lebanon police and other security is present constantly, along with a lot of young girls and nosey neighbors trying to sneak a peak. I know some of the police that have been guarding him. They said he is really nice. Filiming locations have been spread out all over the city. It is a rainy day here in Pittsburgh so I am not sure what kind of filming they will be able to do outside. They may continue to film the party scene tonight as they did last night. I also know someone who works at PNC Park and they have told me that they heard nothing about Abduction filming taking place there today. If that changes I will keep you posted. I work around the corner so I will take a driveby around lunch and let you know what I find. The local paper should not have but they did write up exactly the location that he was living in (Virginia Manor) which is no secret to anyone anymore. He has been spotted eating at PF Changs @ the waterfront, Olive Garden and Panera. Just mind that if he can’t acknowledge you, or sign an autograph he is a busy guy like the rest of the world. If he is eating his lunch, dinner… dont get upset if he can’t talk to you. He has to eat to keep that Twilighty build.

      • Thank you girls 😀 I’m heading out to there and I will let you know if he’s filming today @Mt. lebanon 😀 xx

      • do they film late into the morining or do they end early in the evening
        I work afternoons and live about an hour away.

        thanks for any info

  111. Girls,
    he’s at PNC Park filming. Road closed so he’s here for sure.
    Probably they will back to the party scene today because there’s some guys over there preparing the set at Mt. Lebanon.
    There’s 3 sets at Osage Rd. Seems they will back to there!!! Be ready girls…:D I’ll keep in touch! I’m parking our car @ PNC Park, PA.

    • There is a Pirates game tonight, so I am sure filming will be done by 5 at the latest… hopefully he will be back to Mt. Lebo! Good luck and be respectful of Taylor and the crew 🙂

    • As far as being ready goes…PLEASE make sure if you go to Mt. Lebanon to watch the filming that you don’t scream and run after his car. He is just like any other regular person and hates it when people scream and run after his car. Early in the morning he drove by and we were all calm and just waved and took pics of him so he drove by with the window down slowly. We were hoping he would come out later that night after filming but unfortunately during the last half hour or so a bunch of crazy teens came down. When he started to roll down his window a lot of people started screaming and the window went up and he was quickly driven away. To make matters worse, some of the screaming fans even chased his car down the street. This really ruined it for those of us that had been sitting out there all day waiting for an autograph. Please don’t ruin it for everyone else.

      • I completely agree with you! I went out to Virginia Manor on Thursday. I got there at 5:30pm. He wound down the window and waved at 9:15pm. After that, half of the crowd screamed and chased his car. I waited until 2:30am…he never came back. Please do NOT scream and chase his car. I was very disappointed.

  112. Nope, not yet, but I’m gonna be in the Mt. Lebo area for most of the day tomorrow and I was kinda hoping for at least a glimpse 🙂

    • Good luck with that…I live in Mt. Lebo, about 5 minutes from his house, and haven’t even gotten a glimpse! But he is in pittsburgh til august or something like that.

  113. If anyone sees taylor today let me know. I am planning on going to mt lebo around 8 tonight… i am hoping he will be there by then! 🙂

  114. i went yesterday to mt.lebanon and didn’t see taylor but hopefully i’ll be going over there monday because i heard that they don’t shoot on weekends. but does anyone know how long they will be filming at mt. lebanon. this is what i know for sure.

    -mt.lebanon this week
    -yought twister, suttersville: August 2-5

    anything else i should be aware of?

  115. I went to the open casting call in June — and they told us they would be filming until Sept 25 — July 12- Sept 25. But any info on where he will be next week will be awesome!

  116. My daughter and friends have been on Osage across the street from the house where the filming is taking place, and as of yet, no T.L. sightings! Lots of security and police. Lots of action with sets and camera crews, etc., though. A cameraman told the girls that he (Taylor) would be back by early evening…right now it is looking like it is about to storm, though, which may delay things…..

  117. So I just talked to some people working on the set in mt. Lebanon for the party shoot. Jack and frank who work security said taylor is done for the night and went out. He’s not due to return until tomorrow. He apparently is having dinner down in the south side or station square. I’m going to look into it. Anybody else know anything?

  118. Lisa,
    I’ve been here on the set and i saw him drive in like an hour ago. Theyre not filming the party scene they’re not even filming at the same house they were at yesterday. They’re filming a family scene. So idk why the security guards said that

    • The security guards are lying… I went to the set on Wednesday, suppper earlly, and the guard said that it was all stunt stuff and that Taylor wasn’t going to be there at all. Then the next day there were pictures!

  119. i was at his house 2day and all he did was wave his hand out and then he left i saw his mom 2 so if anyone knos anything bout wer he is goin 2 be 2morrow let me kno plzzz thx

  120. Does anybody know tomorrows film locations and the times. I am bring my little three year old sister she is excited 😀

  121. Maybe if Kstew came to town they are doing a meet and greet some where close

    please let us know thanks

  122. @ megan..are you sure they dont film on weekends? i know films are on tight budgets and ususally they film almost everyday wherever they are at because of the time constraint.

  123. Wait so is Kristen Stewart in pittsburgh? and since they don’t film on weekends is taylor lautner gonna be around town because i’ll be at south park today and hopefully he’ll be here.

  124. I don’t know what you guys are talking about, saying that they don’t film on weekends. They film every day on the week. I was talking to one of the security guards last night and told me that they film every day of the week. The reason that Taylor isn’t coming out to say hi to everyone is because people are acting so crazy. It’s not his fault, it’s his parents, and most importantly, his security team. His personal security team isn’t allowing him to step out of his car and say hi, or to walk over and sign autographs. They don’t want people taking pictures of him, and they don’t want him meeting fans. They don’t even want him to roll down the window and say hi. It’s all because people have been sitting outside his house until 1 in the morning sitting in his driveway eating pizza. Maybe if people would give him space and let him do his job, and just calm down, then he would be allowed to come out.

      • working at the high school on monday was quite an experience. The first time TL cam out – fans were in control and all went good – the second time was a nightmare and Taylor nearly got hurt. And yes – his security has taken drastic measures to protect Taylor (decoys, disquises and misleading info). One of our nightmares is to see a fan get run over trying to get a picture or autograph whil the large equipment trucks are transporting equipment. Security was debriefed not to leak ANY info about what days he will be on set or at which location. From my knowledge, there are some parents trying to butter Security up with tempting offers of money, favors and “other” types of bribery. The only thing this will do is get the security guard fired immediately. Let’s make this a pleasurable experience for Taylor while he is working in Pittsburgh and I am certain that with patience, maturity and respect- things could change in the future.

  125. You have all these physco girls wanting his attention. And newsflash if you remain calm and don’t scream he will take the time to come over to you. His security guards aren’t gonna let him come over if he’s getting mobbed. Those girls are ruining it for everyone. Believe me I grew up around Hollywood. You have more of a chance of meeting them when your calm and waving. Stay away from the big crazy groups!

    • I’m just throwing my 2 cents in- most movies don’t film 7 days a week because of union rules, the crew guys need a certain amount of time off, that doesn’t necessarily mean they will get every weekend off, different productions work different schedules. In the other thread they are saying they are filming back at the house tonight but I haven’t heard anything for sure.

      As far as the sutterville location I received that info from various sources, but, like everything else, the movie’s schedule is always subject to change, they may change the dates since it is still a few weeks away, hopefully if that happens, one of the original sources will give us a head’s up.

  126. I went out to Osage Rd. today. Not really anything going on this afternoon, just a couple of people walking around. Is anything going on this weekend? I can’t even think of where he would go in any down time. Pittsburgh isn’t the most exciting place to be, especially if you’re underage.

  127. Hey I was wondering if anyone knows if they are filming today or tomorrow and if not where they are filming on Monday thanks guys!

  128. Hey. I was there last night and I met him. Prob is I want to knw if anyone knows where he is filming this week!?

    • I am so mad. I waited at the set last night on Osage Rd to meet Taylor but there was no sign of him so I left around 1130.

      Where and what time did you meet him last night?

    • hey, when did he end up coming out? cause i was there til 230 and he never showed. I just want to know for future reference 🙂

  129. hey guys, does anyone know where he taylor lautner will be filming august 1? i know august2-5 he is filming in suttersville behind yough twister but i need to know about august 1..

  130. What the word on filming in Sewickley? I’ve heard rumors, but looking for definites. There is another movie (One for the Money) filming in the town next to Sewickley (Ambridge), so I am thinking a lot of what is being said is getting confused with the other movie.

  131. Has anyone spotted Kristen?

    And what is the other site that is following this movie locations that someone talked about earlier?

  132. I was out at Osage again tonight and still nothing. Is the house he’s staying at the one that’s right where you turn off of Cochran onto Osage? I saw a few police cars and girls sitting outside of it.

    Where are people at when they meet him? Are you guys just hanging around the filming locations that are by where he’s staying or is there a base camp set up somewhere? I can only go out later in the evenings during the week since I work during the day 🙁

    • Hey. uhm I have stayed outside his house before and the police man said that he will not come out to sign autographs or take pictures with you because then the word spreads and more girls come to camp outside of his house. I have seen him three times: once during a break of filming, once leaving his house in his car, and once at the base camp. All three times I saw him, he has waved. I think your best chance to meet him is at the filming locations. Please do not stay outside his house during the weekends. They do not film during the weekends so I think that we should be polite and give him and his family some privacy. I feel bad sometimes when there are alot of girls sitting outside his house and he’s trying to relax.

  133. Went on Friday night at 10 pm and sat at base camp waited to see him. When he was walking around he waved We even saw Lily and she told us we were troopers lol at about 5am they were ending filming and came up to base camp and he actually came over! We all stayed calm and he was real cool. So If you wanna meet him going crazy is not a good idea.

  134. i was coming on here to see if the kristen stewart rumors were real. my friend is claiming she saw her last night, but im not sure.

  135. I was on Osage road. He only comes out if girls r real chill he doesn’t like big crowds and he met my friends n I at 5am.’ I’m going back tues or Wednesday but idk if anyone knows where he is filming then

    • how where you there? the cop said he was going to start ticketing cars after 2 AM… did you like park real far away?

      • In Mt. Lebanon, you can’t park on the street overnight. The time starts at 2 am and goes until 6 am. You have to have your car off the street by 2am or they WILL ticket you. You can call the city to get an overnight permit but only if you have a reason. I think they city has issued a NO PARKING ordinance temporarily for that area.

  136. I sat outside his house tonight and we saw him come home! (: 2 hours later he sent out signed pictures because he was too tired and just wanted to go to bed, his security guard was super sweet.

    • It varies depending on what he does that day you know? Him and his sister kept looking at us out the window. It was so funny. You would see his complete build in a shadow then the curtains would move and he would appear. The cops do not want people to sit there, believe me, they are worried for your safety. and they will try to chase away as many people as possible. I do not know what they do about ticketing.. but we were fine. We left before 11:30 tonight. Other nights people have sat there forever and he never appeared. Its just luck. Good luck to everyone though. He appreciates all his fans but just needs to stay safe.

      • He is so sweet! Thats so cute that they kept looking out the windows. Do you think it would be worth it to go tomorrow evening?

        • I can’t say. He was filming late this morning til like almost 5 i heard, and i know he had the rest of today and tomorrow off. So, i am not sure where he will be.. I also have heard very little about where he will be filming within the next week but all of the filming equipment in lebo is still in place and being guarded by security. Maybe they are not done yet? i am telling everyone though. DO NOT RUN, YELL, SCREAM.. just be patient and polite. He will only acknowledge pleasant people who just want to show their appreciation.

          • Chels do you have any advice on where I should sit if I go to the set tomorrow? I am not fimilar with Mt. Lebo I live about an hour or so away so any information would be greatly appreciated 🙂

            • You will see a mob of younger girls waiting to see him… when you turn into the area, bear right at the first stop sign and follow that road. Park far enough away, when you see other parked cars lined up, park yours. On foot is the best way to go. When you find the girls you know where to be.. they change the location between three or four areas. Good luck!

  137. Has everyone seen the back of his house, it has an indoor pool and the balcony is blocked off. No one can see inside. The house is 5600 square feet.

  138. I really wanna come down legit this week! If anyone can tell me filming locations for monday or tuesday that would rock thanks!

      • I’m assuming they’ll still be where they were, but I haven’t heard otherwise. Hopefully soon someone will hear something!

  139. Hi! does anyone have any information on the yough twister location? my friend and i were planning on coming up there on august 4th. is that a good or bad idea? and tips or helpful information? anything you know would be great! thanks! 🙂

      • They do not call his house base camp, that is his private property for now and he should be left alone there. Base camp is off of Bower Hill Road at the Mt. Lebo Middle School parking lot. There are ABX signs that will lead you to it and a yellow ABX sign that says Base Camp. We drove by last night around 11 while we were headed home and there was a cop sitting in the parking lot, so it is always guarded.

  140. SO ppl who have met him where were you at the bower hill base camp or his house. Cuz I’m goin back this week but idk where to find him again. Does any one know for sure where Taylor is filming this whole week ?

  141. Hi Everyone! I would like to go to Mt. Lebo Monday for a little and I was wondering where the best place is to go and sit. Everyone who has met Taylor at this location where did you guys sit at? Thanks so much!

    • Try sitting at the set, he spends 99% of his time there, and will go on breaks sometimes and come out.

  142. All I wanna do is get my picture bc I wasn’t allowed the other night. if any1 finds out where he will be this week pls let me knw

  143. im going to see Taylor Lautner in sutersville pa my hometown i live so close its in walking distance im so excited its going to be awsome to see him in person

  144. If anyone sees Taylor in person…do not scream, do not yell, do not make a lot of noise even if you don’t see him. Chances is, he won’t come out if you are loud in any way. Sit down where you are waiting, and wait patiently. Security guards do pass on a good word if they see you are waiting patiently.

    PS….looking for a buddy to sit with while waiting…email if interested?

    • Megan, I’d totally sit with you, if you don’t mind hanging out with a college kid 😉 I feel like I’ll be one of the oldest ones there! When are you going?

      • Lindsay, dont worry I am in college too and I have been going every single day with my friend. So you wont be the oldest one there! lol

        • Hey ladies..I’m 33 yrs old and I’ll be there weds and thurs. I will have my 9 yr old daughter with me but I want to see him just as much as she does…hahaha! I haven’t been there yet. What are the crowds like?

          • I’ve spent 25 hours so far looking for him in 3 and a half days…and the least amount I think I’ve seen was 75-120 people at the filming area. It can get pretty crazy, but it’s not that bad. You end up waiting for long long long hours though. And most of the time, don’t even get to see him. 🙁

        • Haha thanks, that makes me feel better, Nina. I’ve been dragging my boyfriend out with me, and I’m pretty sure he’s starting to get annoyed with it, so I’m attempting to come out on my own this week. I feel like I miss out though because I work 9-6. Is there a lot going on in the evenings?

          • There’s a lot going on in the evenings. I am attempting to hang out overnight though if anyone wants to join. I was hoping someone would camp out with me.

          • Lindsay I have been dragging my boyfriend along with me as well. I am thinking of coming to the set this week so maybe our boyfriends can hang out together :-p

            • @Kelsy I’m sure he’d be thrilled. He’s been a trooper so far though. I think I’m gonna leave him at home these next few times tho. I told him it’s probably easy to make friends with the other girls out there 🙂

        • My friend and I are college graduates and we have been to the set 2-3 times this week! Its an exciting thing for Pittsburgh, and plus the fact that Taylor is amazing! 🙂

  145. So are people sitting by where the trailors are on Osage Rd.? I think I’m gonna go out tomorrow night, but not til around 9 or 10ish. Are there usually a lot of people around? I want to make sure I’m at the right place!

    • yes, that’s where people usually see him! Also, he goes out to eat a lot, around pittsburgh, popular places he likes are panera, olive garden, pf changes…. so yeah..

  146. does any one know if they are filming tonight and do you get to watch while they film. Thanks Jen I’ve been afraid to show up thinking I would be the only older person there I’m 31 kinda was making me feel wierd for wanting to go but it sounds pretty interesting

    Thanks any info is appreciated

  147. hey can someone please tell me? is he filming on osage tomorrow (monday) at all? or even tuesday? or is there any place to go and see the set or have a chance to see him? thanks. 🙂

  148. i’m planning to go sometime this week. he’s supposed to be filming on osage road still right? and does anyone know the best time to meet him? because i was there from 2-4 one time and all he did was drive by and wave.. probably because people were screaming though. so do you guys think late at night would be best? im plannig on camping out on night with friends. if anyone wants to join tell me! we’re 16 also.

  149. I don’t know where they are filming tomorrow, but I want to find out cause I am off work tomorrow…I went on Thursday but didn’t get to see him.

  150. I’m going tomorrow. Can someone please tell me where the set is and if/where they’re filming?

    Also, is Lily Collins going to be there too? I’ve only been hearing stuff about Taylor.

      • I will be there that evening @Hunter & @Jessica. My advice is don’t give out the address….the more people that are there the LESS likely he’s gonna come out!!!!!!! Hunter you said you lived there, so you know where its at … I dont live in town, but I only live 6 minutes away in WN 🙂 and we actually go there allllll the time for ice cream. But anyways, I’m not being rude about the address guys, I just think everyone should have to find it out themselves, because like I said, and as well as you all know, the more people that are there, the less likely we’ll meet him!

  151. Hi! Does anyone know the dates and locations of where the movie is being filmed? Because me and my friend were going to go to the set either tuesday or thursday, but we don’t know where they will be filming at. Is there a website or something that has locations and dates? That would be really helpful!(: Or if you know anything about where filming will be taking place, let me know!
    Also, does he usually come out of his house if he is home, and there are people out there? Cause I wasn’t sure, but I might go with a friend to wait out there. Are there usually people outside his house? And what would be the best time to go and wait? Thanks!

  152. I live like an hour and a hlaf away from the Pittsburgh area, but I will be in the area on Monday, the 24th. Does anyone know where he’ll be then? Thanks!!

  153. Hello, does anyone know the times they will be filming behing the Yough Twister in Sutersville? My daughter would absolutely love to meet him, or even catch a glimpse of him. So if anyone does know, I would appreciate it so much if you would share the times with me! Thanks for your time by reading this!

    • No one really knows the times. it can be anytime. It could be 4 in the afternoon, it could be 1 in the morning. You just never know.

  154. Does anyone know where he is going to be filming this tuesday or wendsday?!?! those are the only two days this week i can go and I really want to meet him since last tuesday didnt work out that well!!!

  155. Hey….where is Taylor filming on Monday, July 26th? It’s the only day I can go and try to see him and I would really like to!!! I’ve heard he’s in Mt. Lebanon, but where at there?

  156. can any one give info on where Taylor filming location is not where he is staying I want to take my neices but I would rather take them to filming location not have them camping out at his house.

    please any info would really be appreciated

    • He is staying in a house in Mt. Lebanon, PA, which is about a five minutes drive from where he will be filming until the end of next week (I think it is until the end of next week). I don’t know if you live in Mt. Lebanon, but he is filming near Jefferson Middle School. I have seen him and it is really exciting!

  157. So i’m tryna figure out where Taylor will be the week of the 19th? I work during the day so it sucks. Can anyone help me???!! I’d love to meet him!

  158. If you follow the link in the post above, there is a map to the yogurt shop but I want to remind everyone that the dates, etc are always subject to change.
    I also want to remind everyone that the point of the thread is to swap information so everyone has a chance to visit the set if they want to, If everyone is generous and shares what they know hopefully it will come back to you if someone else has info that you need. Thanks!

    One more thing, can anyone confirm they are back in My Lebanon tonight?

  159. i am going out on thursday anyone else going!? it’s my birthday so i am hoping to see him for my birthday it would make it great!!! Will he be in mt. Lebanon all week!?!?

  160. Brii, can you let us know on here too where in northside? I really want to see him. Does anyone know anything about Osage? It’s closest to me!

  161. Hey, does anybody know if he is filming tonight, and if so, where? My friends want to go sit outside his house, but I’d rather not. Anyone who has sat outside his house, about how many people are usualy there, and does he usually come out?
    Also, any information about where is filming this week would be great!(:

    • He rarely ever comes out of his house, so I wouldn’t go to his house if I were you. I recommend going to the church by Jefferson Middle School. That is where he was filming earlier, and I think this whole week, too!

      • ok, thanks(: The only thing is that’s about 30 or 40 minutes from my house, and i don’t wanna get there and he not be there. :/ And his house is like 5 minutes from my house, but idk. So is that the only place he is filming this week? Or somewhere else too?

        • nvm.(: haha, i was thinking of a different school. It is only like 7 mintues away i think…well, I’ll try that and see if he is still there.(:

  162. Hey everyone. I’m now hearing he will only be on the north side a few days this week. I’m from Beverly hills and here in Pitt to visit family for the summer.. So my sources are only security guards and people I see in set and everything. I will update everyone probably tomorrow I leave pitt. Wednesday night. Living in California and meeting Taylor last year I can tell you its def. Worth the taking the time to find him he has wonderful personality!

  163. Okay he will be at osage for a while but in between they will find time for the north side shooting. So there is no exact answer when he will be on the north side but he will be at osage for most of this week and probably next week too

  164. Yes most likely. And I believe pnc park they are doing stunt work wether or not Taylor will be there for stunts idk

  165. I couldn’t tell you that I’m not from PA haha I sat in the backseat while my grandparents drove. I know its in mount lebanon that’s it.

    • His base is off of Bower Hill Road in the parking lot of Bower HIll church. Once your on Bower Hill you will see ABX signs follow them and they will take you to base camp.

  166. Hey brii , can you email me. ii went to the hampton set && he never came out im trying to find him again. all we seen was his arm and im eagar to meett hiim if anyone has any information plesase email mee!!!!

    misscourt21@aol.com , ohhcourtneyx3@aol.com
    i’d like to know like a day or two in advance so i can get a ridee. thanks.

    • Its too far away to know where he is filming on July 26th. For the most part you can only find out where he will be the day before but from what people are saying I would guess he might still be in Mt Lebo on Osage Rd.

  167. Thank you so so so so so much Nina. Could you please keep your eyes and ears open for the 26 th still?

  168. Is it best to go to the base camp is that why everyone is talking about it or is the set the better location to meet Taylor?

    • jen thats awesome detective work! it says in the evening so that is a huge help…thanks for posting it otherwise i wouldn’t have known. hopefully people wont know that which means less people at parking lot which means more of a chance for meeting him…mums the word..you should delete it!!!!! you rock though!!!

    • idk? i would assume. i know on hampton’s website it said the school would be closed 2 days and thats all the longer the crew was there. i haven’t been to that set in mount lebanon yet, hopefully i’ll get a chance to soon!

    • I’m pretty sure. He was filming on osage rd today, but idk if that is where he will be all week. I think so, but again. I’m not completely sure. You could go to base camp though, because I just met him tongiht, took a picture with him, and he signed my phone while I was there! I would definitly say that that would be best.

          • I was there too. He signed Eclipse, got a picture with me, and gave me a hug too. He came out at about 8:30 pm. There were probably 20. He didn’t stay long. 5-10 minutes.

            • thanks Jenna! did you wait long? i cant believe there were only 20 people there! that’s great though..glad you got to meet him..hope i do tomorrow or thurs!

              • I was at the set for like an hour and a half then I went over to the base camp and he came 5 minutes later! 🙂 aw thank you. I hope you do too! He’s really sweet! Just FYI, if he doesn’t come over to you, it’s because his body guard won’t let him. He seemed like he really enjoyed all of the attention and he seemed like he wanted to be there. haha.

                • seems like base camp is the place to go. more than a few people said they saw him there. wish me luck!

                  • pretty much what jenna s. said.(: Just don’t make a big deal, be patient, and you have a pretty good chance of him coming over!
                    oh, and it took me 2 and 1/2 hours.(: I think its just luck, because some ppl I talked to at the set said they waited there a couple days and never saw him! good luck though!(:

  169. Was he spotted anywhere over the past weekend? Any specific locations? People who sit in front of his house, is he there all weekend or does he go out that you noticed? Just interested in learning if he has braved the streets yet and actually tried to enjoy himself haha

  170. Hey guys I can’t wait to go see him. Me and my bestfriend are coming down on Wednesday after work and hopefully we get to see him. Anybody know if it’s best to go to his house or the set to see him?

  171. Hey guys. Visiting family in Pittsburgh this weekend. Wanted to try and see him. Anyone know if he is still filming right now? Just got into the area and was gonna try and check it out 🙂 First time going and was hoping to catch a glimpse. Don’t worry, I’m really calm and I’ve seen him before in NYC he is SUCH a sweetheart! 🙂

  172. Gonna head out there in a little while. Hope to see something! If anyone hears anything about tonight, I would appreciate it so so sooo much if someone could email me @ heart.in.siberia@gmail.com. I have my own car and offer rides or wait out seats if needed! 🙂

  173. Are they filming again in Lebo tomorrow? I’m gonna go out after work! (P.S. it sucks being a grown-up because if I didn’t have a job, I swear I’d just hang out there all day!)

  174. I haven’t seen him at all yet! Not at the house, set, or base camp 🙁
    Today at the set the security said he was there filming but then tonight I drove past and a different security said they didn’t film today. So I’m done trusting security. Please please please e-mail me (gia0268@gmail.com) if you have any info on filming this week and where and when the best time to see him is. If you saw him I’d like to know where and when. Thanks!
    Good luck everyone (: ! I hope we all get atleast a glimpse of him while he’s here.

    • which security gaurd you talk to depends on what they tell you. :/ there was this one guy that was sooo nice and tried to be helpful, but couldn’t give away much. He was over by where they were filming on osage rd, but the ones by base camp weren’t the nicest. haha, but i think if you reeeeally wanna c him, hang out at base camp for a while! there is only one entrance, so you have a much better chance at seeing him.(: thats where i saw him, but i think it just depends. good luck!!

  175. SO rumor has it he’s filming at Jefferson Hospital tmrw (located right off of route 51) A few friends of mine parents work there & that’s been the scoop for the past few days. Word is he’s filming on floor 4E (east wing of floor 4). Not sure if it’s a good idea to sit outside a hospital. cuz u def can’t get on the floor for obvious reasons….

  176. Hey everyone,

    I’m in PA visiting family and I am dying to meet him. Any word on where he will be tomorrow, the 20th? Any information helps!

    Thanks so much!!

    • umm, to be honest, I’m not completely sure. no one is. you just show up somewhere and get lucky if he’s there. there are a bunch of comments about him being at one of the hospitals in the north side so maybe there. that’s what people have been saying

    • the best place to start out is base camp. Because these silver vans will drive in and out, dropping off and picking up crew members. That’s how i found where they were filming, because then we followed one to the set, and found where they were filming.(: good luck!

  177. ok so does anyone know if he is really filming at the hospital?
    I am wanting to drive in today (20th) but I dont want to drive almost 3 hours for nothing!!
    So if anyone knows for sure can to please tell me like tonight!!

  178. Anyone know where he’ll be on Wednesday? It’s my friend’s birthday and we’re trying to really surprise her by kidnapping her and hopefully finding Taylor!

    Thank you all who can help!!

    • That’s going to be one long birthday…..you wait for HOURS and there’s more of a chance that you WON’T get to see him.

  179. He will be filming in front of allegheny general hospital and on north ave in pittsburgh tues through friday

  180. Katherine Heigl is filming in the Northside and near Allegheny General Hospital so Taylor definitely is not. The trailers and base camp at Mt Lebo was still up there last night so I assume they’re still filming there

  181. Jenna s where did u wait at? I’m goin tmrw night and didn’t kno if it was best to wait at the set or base

    • hi!(: Just wanted to say, i think base camp is better. There is only one entrance, so no matter what he will drive by at some point. The only thing is, you may not notice. :/ But we went over to the set yesterday, and I’m pretty sure they have some secret way of pulling out, because no cars ever came out of where everyone was waiting. But he did come over to us at the base camp, but there were only about 20ish girls there, and most stayed pretty calm. good luck!(:

    • I met him at his filming. I think that’s anyone’s best bet. he doesn’t really go to base camp often, chances are slim that he will even stay.

    • base camp!(: there is only one entrance, so at some point, he will drive by. Though he may not come over. :/ We were at the set too, and cars would pull in, but none would come out. i think they had a secret way to get everyone out without anyone noticing, but at base camp, you see all the cars pull into the parking lot.
      does anyone know though; is he still filming on osage rd again tonight? if not, does anyone know where?

  182. Anyone know where he’ll be on Monday, July 26th?? And where should I go to see him….the base or the set??

  183. I’m thinking about going to the Mt. Lebo set tonight… the people who’ve been there, what time do you recommend going? And do you recommend going there or somewhere else?

    • If your going there, anytime is good, but the best chance you’ll have at seeing him is when they are wrapping up and he is leaving. Last night he was done at 8 or 9. But base camp is also good to wait at! it’s just that he isn’t there as often. But you still have a chance. That’s where me, and like 20 other girls , met him last night! But, idt he gets out at base camp often. You could go back and forth between them, which is best, because then you get a lot of information from ppl. good luck!

  184. In mt.Lebo where exactly is the base camp and set? Are they right near each other? And what time do people recommend going??

  185. Listen, base camp is the best place to go.
    but also, the set is agood place.
    i went friday night and waited 4 hrs at the set and didnt see him.
    i went up to base camp around 1am and saw him like 7 times.
    he wasnt even done filming, but he does come out and take pictures and all.
    just be calm and careful!

    he will be in mt. lebo this whole week til the 30th, because on this one site it says he is.
    Taylor is a sweetheart and every person deserves to meet him,
    i hope we all can one day this week!!!!!!

    I am going out tonight and tomorrow night. i will post info later on!

  186. my one friend went to jefferson middle school last night, where she got to meet him, and she said he might be there sometime today, but i think i’ll just go to base camp/set since that seems to be where everyone is saying he will be today

  187. Hey guys I am from erie and me and my friend brought our kids out to try to meet him. What is “base came” you’re all talking about and does anyone know where he will be today? Thanks x

    • base camp is where all of the actors and crew members and everyone return to when they’re done filming, and before it starts. They eat there, get their make up done, and everything like that. All of the trailors are also parked there. You could go there sometime today, and see if he shows up. I met him there last night.(: But that was at about 9. And i think he is still filming at osage rd, kind of by there, but I’m not sure. That is where he was filming at yesterday.
      good luck!(:

  188. I think I may head on over to the base on Monday, July 26th. And if I don’t see him there I’ll head on over to the set, where ever they’ll be that day. But what time should I go to the base or set?!

    • I arrived there at about 7 or 7:30, then headed down to osage rd where they’re filming, but you can’t see anything there. So we went back up to base camp, and I think it was about 9ish when he got back there, and got out of his car and came over to sing autographs and take pictures. The only thing is, you canNOT scream or make a big deal. I’ve heard he has left when people do that. Also, the less people, the better. Because then the noise won’t be as loud. I wanna say there were only about 20 people there yesterday.
      good luck!(:

  189. Where is the base camp? i always go to osage rd but never been to the base camp? please help me out, thanks!

  190. Jennaa the base camp is on Bower Hill. Oh, and is anyone planing on going to the set or base camp on July 26th??

  191. kelsey, so base camp is like the best place to go? and it’s on bower hill like near jefferson middle? because that’s where i’m hearing the best place to go is and where like he has been the past couple days.

  192. D, His base is off of Bower Hill Road in the parking lot of Bower HIll church.  Once your on Bower Hill you will see ABX signs follow them and they will take you to base camp

    • So If I’m on Bower Hill coming from West Liberty Ave, I’ll just keep going towards SC Hospital? Is it past the intersection of Cochran?

  193. Taylor, I’ve not gone to see him at all yet becuase I live like an hour and a half away from Pittsburgh, but I hear that base camp is te best place to go and there are fewer people there too. Email me at kelseycoy@ yahoo.com

  194. His base is off of Bower Hill Road in the parking lot of Bower HIll church.  Once your on Bower Hill you will see ABX signs follow them and they will take you to base camp

    • Gotta share the love, though… Give everyone a chance to go & see/meet him. Karma… what goes around, comes around. 🙂

  195. Sorry nikki but this thread is for people to share the info. If somebody wants to find out there going too. If you don’t like the crowds. Stay home(:

  196. planning on going out tomorrow to catch a glimpse 😉 this information helped a lot! even if i have no idea where you’re talking about 🙂 i’ll figure it out

  197. haha i think that it doesn’t matter if people say where base camp is anymore cause people have already posted it like 20 times. although i agree with nikki, the larger the crowd the less likely he is to come out, so avoid telling people, they will be able to find it if they look hard enough.

  198. megan what time did you meet him at the base camp? i can’t decide if i should go there or to the set tonight?

  199. Is his house on Osage also? Just wondering…thought it would be cool to drive by there as well. Any info on where he will be filming Wednesday? I’m coming up for the day from Baltimore.

  200. Hey guys! If anybody has any information on where Taylor lautner will be next week to let me know would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and btw please email me with any info: jsbandy@gmail.com

  201. Went to the osage rd. location today and heard a security guard say they would be there until at least Aug. 1st

  202. I went to BaseCamp tonight around 830 for about an hour or so. He wasn’t there.. some1 who came out from the crew was talking to his family & he was saying Taylor went home hours ago around 5 or so… Drove past the set on Osage & there wasn’t really anything to see. Drove along the street til I saw about 20-30 girls standing outside the house, so I knew it had to be his. These girls saw a vehicle they said he was in… they said he rolled the window down & said hi.. so they chased the car down the street, literally running after it, trying to grab it.. screaming & carrying on. I don’t think these girls understand that if they act like that, he’s NOT going to come around. It sucks for the people who stay calm & are just chill about it because nothing’s ever going to happen for those people with the insane girls around.

  203. I definitely want to try and go out tomorrow. Hmm, sounds like base camp is the best bet?

    What time do you think is the best time to go?

    I would really like to meet Taylor, but I don’t wanna have to deal with the screamy tweenies. I’m praying there’s just a small group of us…

  204. I visited the filming site yesterday (July 20th) and the security there said that Taylor jogs (with a bodyguard) around 4:30am. He also is at the base camp around 9pm in the evening. I also talked with people at the Yough site and they are filming a car crash sequence Aug. 2-4 with his stunt double. They weren’t sure if Taylor would be there though. Hope this helps.

    • He’s not always at base camp at the same time. He came out to sign earlier in the day so he didn’t come back at night. Most people left and went over to where they were filming. The police came and told us to go home.

      • so when he’s filming is the public not allowed to watch?

        I would really like to bring my nieces to meet him and thought we would be able to watch them while they filmed. I planned on going over today or tomorrow. Just want to know if base camp would be best or if we could go to set and watch them film also.
        any info is appriciated.

        • the actual filming is blocked off you wont get to c it. i went today just sat in the grass and waited …

  205. He won’t be done filming till 2am today. So I’m not sure when it’ll be good to go. I only wish I lived in mt lebo . I could wait all night lol. But I live 20 min out of mt lebo. I was told he would be living in the house till sept 22 but I’m not positive If that is true .

    • How do you know for sure he won’t be done until 2am today? I am planning on going but I can’t decided what time to go. If he wont be done until that late then I wont go until like 11.

  206. I am going to the base camp today but is there any tricks to get around his security guards or be on there nice sides?

    • Yeah dont act up dont scream dont go in the street just sit there and be calm its as simple as that but yet some people have difficulty understanding that and ruin it for everyone else.

  207. Does anyone know what time Taylor is supposed to start filming today? If you look at the daily filming locations for today is just says Mt. Lebo (night). So i was just wondering what time night meant.

  208. at the top of this page there is a bar and just click on the section that says Daily Filming Locations. It should say pittsburgh and abduction will be listed underneath that.

    • Thanks Nina! I have such a hard time deciding what time to go because yesterday I went in the evening and missed Taylor by an hour because he came out at 5 so I don’t know if I should go later or earlier what are you guys doing?

      • My friend and I were gonna go at 3 today because we also missed him yesterday but if it says night and Kait said they wont be done until 2am so we decided to just go at 9 tonight, we are praying we wont miss him again!

        • Yeah I was going to go early today I was planning around 2:30 because I just missed him yesterday by an hour but now that it says night I am thinking of leaving around 7:30 but its an hour drive for me so I’ll get there around 8:30 so I am hoping today will be lucky If I hear anything new I will let you know!

  209. I’m not allowed to give out his house information nor am I allowed to say how I know he won’t be done late. I have connections let’s just say that. Lastnight I went they were done at 10 but he was at home. Idk he is filming all day and night, today is his scenes all day ! there are not certain times he comes out, it’s just once in a while if he’s at base camp. If u guys aren’t calm and dnt bother sercity then u guys can stay, they dnt want u on the road at all standing

  210. hey guys – this is Christine- the admin for this site, I had heard night shoots so I added it to the post but if you know something different and think they are filming days, you could be right, I got that tip on Monday- that would be filming nights again this week- but things may have changed.

    If anyone knows 100% when they are filming, please let us know, thanks!

  211. I thought I just saw Taylor by Scaife Hall, University of Pittsburgh in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh. Can anyone confirm?

  212. I have been reading all of the comments you have been providing as far as where to find Taylor and I appreicate it because I am bringing my granddaughter up to try and see Taylor, she is 10 and my mother lives in Pittsburgh so we are coming up Friday. I am so greatful for you comments so hopefully we will be able to see him before we have to come bach to North Carolina.

  213. From what I’ve heard…I don’t think that he will not come out to meet people and sign autographs by his house. The only thing you will get if you are waiting there is for him to wave and say hi as he’s leaving the house. You either have to hang out at the movie set or base camp for a chance at an autograph, I think.

    • that is actually what i heard too. I mean, I’ve heard of a few exceptions, but not many. Personally, I think people should give him some space, and leave him alone at his house. Not to be mean, but when you think about it, he has absolutely no time to himself since everyone knows where his house is. But heard he is thinking of moving because people will freak out outside his house, but idk if it is true. When I drive by on the way to somewhere, there are like 20 girls out there, and I have never seen him come out except when he is leaving.

    • I am going to the base camp around 7:00….does that seem like a good time? or is there a better time???

  214. I know i said poeple should go to base camp if they want to meet him, but i am reconsidering this. I went today with my friends from 11-5, and he never once waved or anything, most liekly because there were roughly 100 girls there! Then a car set on fire, and everyone had to move down while the firemen came. And now since people gave away where it is, i think your chances have just gone way down, sorry to say.): Truthfully, I would maybe try the set for a little while, because not as many people hang out there, and so you have a better chance of him coming over. Although he is doing night filming tonight in the parking lot of base camp, so that is the set right now.(:
    Also, if you used to sit on the hillside right in front of the church, you are not aloud anymore. I guess the church doesn’t want anyone on its grounds, but idk y. Maybe because of littering, or the car catching on fire today. But now everyone is literally just packed onto the sidewalk across from the church, so your chances of seeing him are even slimmer since he can’t get to everyone now.
    It’s your choice, but currently if you were chosing between base camp and set, i would chose set. Maybe that will change again though, but right now is just not a good time to go to base camp, but good luck!

  215. Thank you Lauren, that is what I was trying to get at when I was saying that so many people have posted on here where base camp is that more girls would show up and actually have less of a chance of meeting him. Plus, I had to find out where base camp was all on my own. haha.
    The most luck I have had so far was a wave.

    • exactly. haha, like, i wanna help ppl find him, but to an extent. like, base camp is something ppl should maybe find on their own, only because it will get waaaay too crowded, as it was today. I mean, i went on monday before anyone really knew about it, and literally, less than 20 other people were there, and i got to meet him, get a picture, and an autograph! but today, there were at the least 100 girls, some kind of loud, so of course he wasn’t going to go over. That is why I’m saying the set is better. There were so many people that now we all have to cram on the sidewalk.
      So, maybe the set would be a better place to visit for now.

        • ya! so if people want to see him that bad, then I think they should maybe try to find it on their own. i mean, i’ll help them find it, but just flat out giving out the adress is kind of unfair to those of us who hunted it down.
          I’m not saying people shouldn’t post stuff saying where the set is and stuff, since that always changes, but they should at least keep the exact location of base camp to themselves. I’ll give a general location, but not right on, so that if they don’t wanna try hard enough to find it, they won’t go and take away the chance from people who would drive around looking for it because they really wanna see Taylor Lautner.
          Because there were so many people there today, all he gave was a wave because there is no way he would ever make it to everyone for a picture or autograph.
          if you want to see him bad enough, its actually pretty easy to find.

          • hey im going out there tonight to try to hunt him down. ik where the set is and his house and all but could u let me know where the area of his base camp is?
            also do u no where the church is?

            • Just so you know, he is night filming till like 2am, so ur chances of seeing him arn’t too good tonight. :/ But who knows? Maybe he will take a break and come over to everyone.(:

  216. Just drove by base camp…all the info everyone is giving is right on. Going back eventually and other than the moms pretty sure ill be the oldest one there haha

      • Yay! My friend and I are 21 too 🙂 ill be the one with two red heads probably laughing haha 🙂

        • We’re 23 and we have been going at least 2 times a week! haha if that makes you feel any better 🙂

              • soo nice to hear 🙂 went to base camp last night… probably wont go back to that particular location i get the feeling that what everyone is saying is right… the chances of seeing him is probably pretty slim around there.

                whats with these sewickley locations? anyone know anything about that?

  217. Cops already told girls lastnight to leave his house cuz he won’t come out. I will tell u now, if u wait at base camp with tons of girls u prob are not lucky. I mean I have been told he comes out no matter how many ppl r there. But ur maybe luckier with a smaller crowd. So going to the set is prob the best bet. There are different times he comes out. Trust me I know few of the people in the movie and I hear this all the time. Also I have been 100% confirmed that weekends Taylor does not film, no one does. That is his time to himself. Girls please dnt go to his house, there are many of ppl getting in trouble and I dnt want any of those girls to be you!!! This is coming from sources that I know personally and knows Taylor. You prob won’t be able to see him tonight since he’s filming until 2am! If u need more info contact me at kaitgrose2011@gmail.com

    • hey =] im going to sutersville on august 2..but i read his double was doing these scenes.. so i’m sure what to do..i’m driving from maryland..like 3 hours away..that’s why i was wondering..should i just go and wait there?

    • Kait, just to correct your info (no offense) it is not a given that he will come out at base camp no matter what size the crowd. I have been there with what I thought was a decently small crowd one night and he didn’t even come out then.

  218. U girls are so lucky to even be there , i live in the netherlands and i have 0% chance to meet him ….. Im really jealous of yall… Good luck with meeting him … Im also happy for yall 🙂

  219. He does come out with small and big crowds. I was told by his body guard and the one guy in the movie that knows Taylor. just because he didn’t come out that one night doesn’t mean he won’t. Because I am also told he comes out at least once or twice a day. but nonone knows, there were 10 girls one night and he came out so idk

  220. Hey
    i went to the set in Mt Lebo yesterday and heard that he is at jefferson church but idk where that is. im thinking tons of ppl will be there and he might not come out but he didnt come out yesterday when there were just 3 of us outside the set…

    ps whats base camp?

  221. I kinda think ppl who have met him once or multiple times should stay away from the set for alittle while and give other ppl a chance

    I’m in Texas so it’s not like I’m there but I mean if there are SO many girls there then if the ones who have already met him waited to go back for awhile then others can meet him then in a couple weeks go back

    Plus u guys shouldn’t spend everyday looking for him it’s kinda creepy … Think about what he thinks if he sees u outside his house (CREEPY) or on set every single day? I would be creeped out if I was him

    • I AGREE. Like you already got an autograph and a picture, stop coming back!

      As for the rest, I’ve been there most days so I’m not gonna comment on that. But, do we think he really recognizes the cluster of girls stalking him, I mean he sees soooo many faces.

      • Yeah or maybe he does recognizes the faces and in his head he’s like
        ugh you again or something but i should shut up cus if i was there i would stalk the crap outta him XD

      • i know what you mean, but I don’t really agree. I mean, some girls will go everyday, and never see him. Some will go for an hour, and he shows up. It has absolutely nothing to do with people who saw him going back. So, I don’t really think it is fair to those girls to assume that they shouldn’t go back just because they already saw him. The crowd is going to be big either way now that most people know where base camp is. you know? but thats just my opinion.(:
        good luck to those who want to meet him!(:

        • I agree with u .. i never thought about it that way so yes thats also true 🙂 i just think if u havent seen him yet dont give up the faith
          and just hold on , cause you will

          • exactly!(: If people wanna meet him bad enough, chances are they eventually will. Just don’t give up after the first night. It takes patience. And luck. (:

  222. I totally agree. I haven’t seen himbyet but I plan on seeing him Monday. I think people who already got to see him should back off a little and give other girls a chance to see him.

  223. im so excited about going to sutersville to see taylor lautner. im so excited me and my friends are big taylor lautner fans did u know taylor lautner hates taking his shirt off wow! thats pretty amazing for a person who has it off for movies and stuff is any one going to sutersville if u are reply me at


  224. Sorry girls word from ppl is that he will not be coming out tonight for autographs at base camp. my cousin is a crew member and there is no chance with too many ppl today so its a waste of time 🙁

  225. i went to base camp today and all we saw of taylor was he waved once…. i think it was the fact that he was filming all day and night. i heard that he will come out and sign weather it is a big or small crowd, and today was deffinatly a bigger crowd since everyone is finding out about it… but let’s hope he comes out tomorrow! does anyone have any advice for what to do?

  226. i have met several of you who have already claimed that you met him, have pictures with him and autographs from him, yet you’re still there!!!!! why???

    let the rest of us have a chance and quit being so selfish. you’re all screaming teenagers and the reason why he won’t come out half the time. all i’m asking for is a drive-by picture at this point because you girls are so out of control!

    and to the girl who’s car caught fire, way to go! you probably did it on purpose because you thought he might feel bad for you or you’re too stupid to realize you can’t leave the air on all freaking day!

  227. do you guys know where he will be filming tomorrow?
    and is he still filming at the jefferson church?

    thank you

  228. I seen his car at the base camp today after he drove by we drove to the set. after the rain started we left. any news on where he will b tomorrow?

  229. where exactly is base camp jefferson church or bower church? are they the same thing?
    thankssss <3 u guys!!

    • Base camp is at keystone oaks high school lot.

      Taylor will not be signing or doing anything with his fans from here on out, because of what happened last night.

      • What happened last night? I was there all night and the crowd was really calm. We actually saw his car drive past 2 times but he didnt stop to sign and there were probably only 40 people there.

        And base camp IS NOT at keystone oaks high school.

        • okay guys please stop following him where ever he goes!! It’s one thing to wait for him at the set, but another to sit out near a busy road at the base camp and at his house. As we all know its very impolite to sit outside his house all day. So please for the sake of Taylor, his fans, and the crew/management team please stop making alot of noise and disrupting the neighborhood. If we are all mature, civil teenagers we have a much better chance of him coming over. They will move the base camp and his house if they have to, and we all know that we do not want that at all. We don’t want Taylor to walk away with a bad impression. Thank you.

  230. my friend was talking to one of the security guards last night and although you usually can’t trust what they say i believed them when they said that coming to base camp is a joke now, seriously. there are like 100 girls everyday and he CANNOT sign that many autographs. idk about everyone else but going down to the set is the best idea, he takes breaks there too and he has been known to sometimes come out to sign. tell your friends haha so they don’t show up for nothing. i also heard from a mother that talked to a police officer that they are getting complaints from the church and people across the street to the police might have to block off base camp all together. like really guys i don’t think it is ever gonna work again for base camp, it did before but i think that is over. we have to find someplace original like the first girls at base camp did.

  231. I’m not saying ppl that met him can’t ever go back but give it some time like maybe to the second week of august

    U guys need to get a life and stop stalking him

    And it is SOOOO WRONG that u are sitting outside his house and or camping outside his house …. And if I were u guys I would be embrassed to meet him outside his house bc it just screams I’m a creepy stalker …. And the ppl who had the nerve to go up and ring his doorbell I really hope that u don’t get to meet him and that u get ban from the set bc that is extremely rude

  232. i met taylor already. i am allowed to go back. i go back becuz i am not even with anyone. first of all if everyone who saw him didn’t go back, there woudnt be many ppl. but i wont leave if no one else will sorrie. i probly waited way more hours than all of u. some1 start posting how many hours they waited and lets see who waited the longest.

  233. Who cares who waited longest if you spent THAT many hours then your just a creepy stalker. Point is don’t go back if you All ready had the chance. I understand you don’t go with anyone fierra but it still adds to the crowd. I didn’t go with anyone and I met taylor but I respect evrryone else and don’t go back so there is atleast one less in the crowd.
    And everyone word is they may be moving base camp due to crowd control issues.

  234. Everyone needs to seriously relax. I completely agree with everyone who is saying that if you’ve met him and gotten pictures hugs and autoraphs you should stop coming back. What are you trying to accomplish by coming back? You’re not gonna get much more than you’ve already gotten. And yeah maybe you go “by yourself” and think you don’t add a significant number to the crowd. But think of all the people just like you. That adds a significant number. He’s not gonna ask you out on a date. You’re really being over the top by going again and again after you got what you wanted. You’re takin away the chance of people who want to meet him. I myself have put 37 hours into trying to meet him. You could call that creepy I’ll admit it really is but I’m one of the girls who sits on her blanket stays quiet, doesn’t talk to the security guards, and picks up after herself. Ad when (if) I finally get to meet him then I can sit home and do other more productive things. It’s really sad that this production might lose it’s filming rights cuz of all the people who go and all the craziness. Really people, grow up and be mature. An most of all, be considerate of others — especially Taylor.

  235. I’m 24. And I just saw base camp at keystone……they are not letting anyone near at the moment, people are also saying there’s one in sewickley, pa. my friend is a guard (the only female one there), and told me that they are no longer letting him sign autographs or take pictures. 🙁 🙁 🙁

    • hi sarah!
      just wondering if you meant keystone oaks?
      or is there somewhere called keystone im not aware of? haha

  236. Taylor is not here! I have made a few drive by’s and there’s no base camp, anymore at all! It’s all because of the crazy fans! they need to stop hounding taylor…

  237. it’s pretty sad that it’s come to this that he can’t even sign autographs anymore because of all the people that aren’t considerate of him, and the fact that he is here to make a movie, and not make every girl happy. he’s only human, he can’t meet everyone, and shoot a movie at the same time.

  238. does anyone know where taylor is at this week? i live in sewickley, pa, and i really want to go see him….I want to bring my 11 year old daughter. She’s a huge fan of these movies! It would be awesome if you guys could give me some information! Thanks!!

    • I live in Sewickley. I just drove past his base camp this morning and I THINK I saw him. I definitely saw his car, and his body guard. Wish me luck! I’m staying at his camp for the day in Sewickley!

  239. I can confirm that Taylor is in Sewickley. The white vans are transporting all extras back and forth to the set in Sewickley. It’s over NEAR and around Walker Park. It seems to be pretty busy right now. Good luck everyone, I’m outside on my iphone watching everything going on right now!

  240. I’ve heard that there is a scheduled signing for Taylor at Sewickley. I am still here hanging around waiting, there’s only a group of a few people, maybe 10. So it looks like they might bring Taylor out today! The body guard is here and talking to security, we’re not too far away from them…I can kind of hear what they’re saying, but can’t make out words.

  241. Mel-agree with everything you said. You brought up another good point that I don’t see people discuss much. People need to clean up their trash. Do not litter. It’s stupid and disrespectful.

    • could not agree more. its one thing to be on the sidewalks and sitting out there but its a whole other thing leaving tons and i mean TONS of trash behind. soo disrespectful. also ppl need to be aware that they are in peoples yards. when i went last night we were very aware of where we sat you can’t be running through ppls yards.

  242. Woow ladies. Good way to represent Pittsburgh. Taylor probably is dying to be done filming and get back here to california. I know I would be.

  243. Great Job Guys!!!! Base Camp has been moved and the city has received so many complaints about the screaming groups of girls that they might take the permit away from the production company to shoot themovie in Pittsburg

    You all our ruining his schedule if they do this and it’s all bc u guys are going out everyday stalking him and acting like wild animals!!!! There is no need to yell and scream like idiots and if they do get it taken away they might not film the movie or his schedule will be so messed up it could effect twilight

    Nice going dumbasses get a life and stay away from the set for awhile

    • Wow , they really moved base camp ??!!
      well if i was taylor i would get pretty tired of all the screaming too
      maybe he need to get earplugs

  244. Yes its moved. everyone stop stalking i completely understand how you feel but its ruining everything let him film the movie pleaseeeee.

  245. Awe sucks to be you guys. I’d be embarassed to be living in Pittsburgh. I’m glad to call myself a california girl.

    • well briii, judging from your negative attitude, we’re glad you’re a california girl, too (and not a pittsburgher)

  246. People need to calm down when they meet him. :/ I mean, even if he is not going to come out, screaming will make it even worse. When I went down to the set before I met him, i doubt he would ever have come over there to sign autographs. the girls there were all planning to start screaming taylor because they thought it would make him come over, so that is when we left for base camp. When he did come over, everyone was completely quiet and stayed calm. At that time base camp was a good place to go, but that is a terrible idea now. I mean, 100 people! I wouldn’t blame them if they did move it. Neighbors are so sick of everyone sitting right by their house, causing disturbences when it is really not necessary. Are those rumors even true that they moved it?
    Also, I think anybody who has been sitting outside his house needs to stop. :/ chances of meeting him there are practically non-existent, and I think he would be greatful if his fans would respect that he is just a person, and needs some privacy. I mean, it is one thing to hang around the set hoping for him to come over, but staking out his house is a bit creepy.
    So, if you really do want to meet him, I say give it a rest for while. Idk if it is true that he isn’t signing autographs anymore, but I guess I don’t blame him. A lot of younger kids have started going, and a lot of them will scream and freak out just if a car that he may be in drives by. But maybe if everyone is respectful of his privacy, and keeps completely calm, he will start coming over again. But you have to show him that not all the girls in Pittsburgh are crazy maniacs who will do whatever it takes to meet him, even if that means staring at his hosue for hours, and in one story I heard, following his car!
    As for those who have already met him, I know you all think they should stay away, but with the crazy fans that scream and act extremely immature, I truly don’t think it will do much good. Because when you think about it, the people who have met him know how to act, and most likely know it is best to stay calm, and can spread tips to everyone waiting on how to act and what to do.
    Hopefully everone can calm themselves even if they feel like freaking out when they think they see him, and show him that all some people want is an autograph or a picture, and can do that while acting civily.
    good luck to everone who wants to meet him, but please don’t go to extreme measures to do so. All those girls are doing that act immature is making the filming process much more difficult than it needs to be. they shouldn’t have to have him move out of his house, along with moving base camp, just because girls are that obssessed with meeting him that they practically stalk him. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but people need to realize that they are going too far in some cases.
    i hope the girls who know how to act and did nothing wrong still have a chance to meet him, good luck to you who have not yet met him!

    • Exactly, point made! The girls who met him DO know how to act, which is mature and like an adult. Not screaming wildly, swearing across to the manager or body guard, or taylor. I sincerely think Taylor’s body guard would be IMPRESSED if EVERYONE stayed calm the whole entire time. No one should be running in the road, or doing any of that nonsense. It’s crazy, he is just a teenage guy, I know he likes the attention, he smiles at it! He laughs! He thinks it’s hilarious because he’s just a teenage boy! He likes meeting his fans. but his SAFETY comes first.
      And I’m sorry but, all the moms need to leave the set with their babies-5 YEAR OLD children. They don’t even know who Taylor is, they probably never will. Half the crowd is mothers and little little kids. Please give the young adults, and teenagers the chance to meet him. The crying babies, whining kids, and all that is what makes the crowd WAY out of control.

      • Ya, like, the people who have met him stayed calm, and didn’t start freaking out just because they saw him. When I was there, everyone was shushing each other (only maybe somewhere from 15-25 people were there), and were just waiting patiently as he walked over to us. Nobody was pushing when he came, and still he got to everyone before he left, without anyone have to scream or shove to the front of the group of people.
        And I agree with the little kid thing. Driving by, I will see these mothers who have these little kids who I’m sure just want to leave. They probably shouldn’t even be out in the heat all day, and it just ruins other peoples chances when they start to cry and scream because they want to leave.

        • I agree with both of you totally!!
          We are teenagers. We are expected to know and act maturely.
          & I bet Taylor thinks about that too.
          He hopes day in and day out that we will be civil and not act like a bunch of little kids running out.
          He clearly enjoys the attention. If we all act maturely, we will get our way and he will get his…by meeting himmm 😀

          • yes!(: girls don’t realize that screaming and acting like little kids is going to scare him away, not make him want to spend time with is fans.

            • yes and I have an example to prove that. I went to the set last thursday. I got there at 5:30 pm. He drove by and waved out of the window around 9:15 pm and at LEAST half of the crowd chased his car!! I waited until 2:30 am…and he never came back. I was very very sad…those little kids ruined it for me AND the other half that stayed behind with me waiting patiently 🙁

              • ya, and yesterday a car set on fire right in front of the church, and now nobody is aloud to sit on that hill in front of the church. Driving by, there were soooo many girls just sitting on that sidewalk across from there that they barely had room to move.
                Also, my friend said her friend knows this person who does his schedule (that sounds funny(: ), and he isn’t aloud to come out for a couple days, but she doesn’t know how long. I’m not surprised, the crowds have gotten out of hand, and they just want to keep him safe I’m sure.

                • I completely agree with you Nicole and Megan. If the girls would learn to control themselfs then EVERYBODY would have a chance at meeting Taylor. And if you have already met him then dont show up early or try to get close stand in the back and let the people who haven’t had that chance get the chance. And it doesnt matter how many hours people have stood outside waiting for him he does not have to come out and give any autographs or take any pictures he is not obligated to do it all. I have prolly travled the most to see any of the stars from Twilight and have stood outside the most but i dont complain n bitch bout it. I’ve had my chances ive met Rob,Taylor,Kristen n Ashley. After I met Rob on the RM set i stopped showing up so other ppl had chances. But reguadless if you go act like an adult and be respectful of where you are.

                  • That is actually a good idea!:) I already met him, so if I would go again, I wouldn’t try to push to the front of the line or anything like that.(Not that anyone should do that anyways, because he may leave) 🙂 I would wait in the back, and if he has time to get to me, then thats great, but if not, I would let people who havn’t met him go first.

      • Your comment couldn’t be further from the truth. I took my son out, younger than 5, to the set on Osage. I brought plenty of things for him to do and he was very excited at a chance to meet Sharkboy. I know how to raise my son and he was not crying, whining, or screaming. We sat on the grass and he played.

        The woman who lived in the house of the yard we were sitting in came out to pick up all of the trash you teenagers threw all over the place. My son,yes a little baby younger than 5, helped her clean up and she was very appreciative of that. I even opened up my bag to show her I put all of our trash in there.

        It was something cheap to do that got him out of the house on a nice summer day because in the town we live in, there is nothing for kids to do. Even though the chance was slim that we were going to meet Taylor, my son was very excited with everything going on around him.

        Bottomline: Maybe if all parents taught their kids how to respect others, they wouldn’t run around screaming when they become teenagers.

        • I didn’t write that for people to get mad. I was actually just telling everyone what i personally saw. That is very nice of your son to help that person pick up all of the trash that some people left around. But I did not leave a single piece of trash laying around, and I was not screaming. i sat quietly and patiently and just talked with my friend. So I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t jump to conclusions about me. You don’t know me.

        • Please give Taylor some space. As you all know, he is in Sewickley now, filming, and that is also where his base camp is. Give Taylor a better impression of Sewickley. He needs to see the good side of PA! Sewickley girls, and mothers, please give Taylor his space! Go there, and be patient and calm, and he will come out. Please read to all you mothers: Don’t bring small children. It ruins it for everyone else who wants to meet Taylor! More than likely, the YOUNG adults, and teenagers are the ones who would appreciate meeting Taylor more. The ones who have read the series multiple times, the one who have been committed fans since day one, the ones who see his movies in theaters more than two or three times! Please be patient and respectful.

          • Just want to say that my 9 year old wants to meet and him and she’s met many celebs…Jonas Bros, Demi Lovato, plus too many to name here…and she always acts much more mature than the teenage girls that are screaming, crying, and trying to trample them. So, I take a little offense to you telling mothers to not bring young kids. Teenage girls can inappropriately too…

            • I feel really bad. :/ I really wasn’t implying that mothers shouldn’t bring their kids to the set, I was just saying that I saw a lot of little kids who you could clearly see wanted to leave, but their mothers, most of these ones pretty young, just stuck around even when their kids would start to cry. But i also did see a lot of respectful smaller children, who really were acting much more maturely than some teenagers. I just kind of worded it wrong up there, so I apologize to anyone I offended. I sooo didn’t mean to.
              No matter the age, I hope everyone who acts respectfully and really wants to meet him gets the chance(: good luck!!!

  247. I’m kind of sick of trying to meet Taylor because of all the chaos, which is really upsetting. Most everyone is old enough to know how to behave and parents there with your kids, don’t enable them! You’re just adding to the problem. Be a parent! If your kid gets whiny and tired, it’s time to go. Stop acting like a crazy 13 year old fan girl and act like a parent.

    I think I’m taking the next few filming days off, because I’m becoming resentful. However, does anyone know where Alfred Molina is filming, because I’d LOVE to meet him.

  248. I am waiting to see Taylor Lautner! I am in the area of Sewickley at Walker Park. Things are looking good! Taylor just got back from his filming and is taking a break right now. Everyone is being calm. There is still just a small crowd, i’ve heard of times when he came out to a group of 60 people, and there are only 15-20 right now.

    • That’s good to hear! His fans are starting to understand the definition of patient! 🙂 It will pay off.

    • This is Christine again (site admin) are they filming near Walker Park today? Does anyone know if they will be back to Osage tonight? I just want to delete today’s location info, which I have listed as them being at Osage. Also, does anyone know where base camp is now, and is it possible it moved because they wrapped in Mt. Lebo or are they going to be back there? If anyone knows for sure please let me know here or email me at olv@onlocationvacations.com, much appreciated, thanks!

      • I just went there and everything is going good…there’s white vans going around here, the ones that the filming uses for Abduction. I can confirm that Taylor’s car is here, and I have been seeing his body guard around. It seems like they are just chilling. Lily Collins is also here with Taylor.

      • I am also hanging around Walker Park! He is definitely here! He looks like he is in a good mood today, and might come out and see his fans. Walker park is perfect for the movie! I can’t wait to meet him!!!!

      • We are there now, as well. As other people have said, there is not really too many people. The filming location is a few streets down from the park, and base camp is at Walker Park. Everyone is being calm and respectful! Thank you fans!!!!

  249. I-279 is the route you want to get on to get to Sewickley! Good luck all! I know today is going to be a fabulous day with Taylor!

  250. im sorry i disagree with all of you that are saying small children shouldnt be there? my child is 3 and has seen all the movies and i have read the books to him. he loves the “wolf” and wants to meet him just as bad as the screaming teenagers. its really to the point that everyone is trying to make rules as to who can be there and who cant, it sounds more of a selfish reason to me. i no for a fact that my 3 year old will not scream and chase a car down the road. can u ppl honestly say that grown ass young teenage women are NOT doing that??? no so i feel my small child being there is acting more like a adult and fan then some of the'” REAL YOUNG ADULT FANS” that are there. so please maybe some of us that are acting like psycho stalkers and putting rules as to am age limit should step back and think there isnt a age limit on who can be a fan of taylors and who can not.

    • It’s CAN be different if your kid can behave…But when Taylor isn’t there, all I seem to hear is screaming by a bunch of little kids. They cause the security guards to say to his body guard, “Not a good crowd today. Maybe another day.”

      Teenagers can appreciate him more. And using the phrase “Grown ass” really shows your immaturity.

    • Nobody made age restrictions. People are just voicing their opinions, so no need to get mad. Maybe if your 3 year old behaves, its ok. I’m saying that when I saw little kids there, most were not behaving. As long as he is, its ok.
      And most fans arn’t that crazy as to follow his car, and most don’t scream, so please, don’t just assume that is what most of us do. i know for a fact that my friends and I would never do that. Most are mature enough to wait patiently, but not all. So don’t just group everyone together and say everyone is a screaming fan. Most are not. It actually are the younger fans, maybe around 9-12, who are screaming, along with some teenagers, but not too many.
      And do you really let him see the movies? They are rated pg-13, are they not? I don’t think that is appropraite for a 3 year old, especially when the books are considered to be for young adults.

  251. I agree with his momma. I have an 11, 7 and 5 year old. We sat at base camp Tuesday night and watched all you young adults act crazy. My girls sat there quietly and patiently. All of you girls do not appreciate his acting, its his looks. He is an actor, not a piece of meat. He would be more excited to talk to a child about “Jacob” than hear all you girls scream.

    • Taylor’s movies are directed towards adults, not little kids. It’s a romance, between Bella, Edward, and Jacob. Not between 5 year olds. It makes you wonder why a lot of 13 year olds have turned out the way they are, their parents are letting them watch the most inaproppriate of shows. Twilight, New Moon, or Eclipse are not child appropriate. If they were, they would NOT be PG-13. They would be rated G, or PG.

      • See thats kind of funny. You can’t judge all children and parents based on your one expirience. My children are well behaved and know how to act. I m tired of this whole age thing being thrown around. Its not about age, its about maturity. You can be 18 and call yourself an adult, but act like a 2 yr old, and you can have an 11 yr old who acts like an 18 yr old. Think about it. It is not the kids who are ruining it for you people!

        • I am not judging all parents and all kids. From what I’ve seen, the MAJORITY have been the ones who have been the loudest. Also a lot of the 12-13 year olds can be the worst.

        • I agree with you, because I have seen teenagers act much less mature than some little kids. That doesn’t happen too often though. All I’m saying is that little kids who act immaturely should not be there, because they ruin it for us. Teenagers who act immaturely should also not be there, because they also ruin it for us.
          Mostly, I’m referring to these groups of like 9 and 10 year olds who will scream for no reason, and try to act like they see Taylor when they don’t. They think its funny, but it just ruins everyone else’s chance of meeting him.

    • But also keep in mind, his looks does add to his acting. If he was an unshaven, 4’11”, 190 pounds, and 35 years old, would people REALLY want to see him act?

      • If he was still good at his character yes. My girls are more fascinated with his character than his looks. Look everybody has their own opinion, and you are entitled to that. Until you have children, you will never understand. You would do everything in your power for your children. I dont bring my girls at crazy hours, nor do I take them everyday. If taking them to base camp to see his trailers and have a little bit of hope meeting him puts a smile on their face, I am going to do it.

    • i think when people say the little kids are ruining it, they are referring to the immature ones, as i am referring to. If your child does behave, then no need to defend them. We already know it is ok to be there as long as your behaving.
      And seriously, a lot of the fans are quiet and patient, and do not scream. i know i don’t. When I met him, there wasn’t a little kid in sight, besides like two maybe 10 year olds. and everyone was acting mature, and respectful. However, it is not mature at all to go ahead and judge us, when you don’t even know us. For some people, yes, it is about his looks. But not all. The people you are referring to are the immature fans who go too far with wanting to meet him. Please note that most of us don’t go too far, and we don’t want to be judged on others actions.

      • Well like you said, if you are not a screaming fan then no need to defend yourself. I am not being imature about this. I am just simply defending people who have children. Everybody has the right to be there and meet him. There are no age limits for this. I am not judging, I once was a young adult and remember what it was like to have a teen crush. Im not on here to argue with people, I just wanted to know where to go so I can make my children happy, not be told where I can and can’t bring my girls. No harsh feelings, and congrats on meeting him!

        • I’m sorry! i was talking to his momma. i didn’t mean for you to think that was intended for you. Because your right, if your children really wanna see him, then by all means, bring them to the set.(: they just have to be mature, because like you said, some little kids will act more maturely than some teenagers. It just depends on the person.
          Hope your kids get to meet him!(: good luck!

  252. Do you know if here will be filming there at Walker Park tomorrow.
    Me any my granddaughter are flying in tomorrow and if he will be at Walker Park that is just across the river from the airport.
    Thanks for any help you can give me.

    • I am driving out from Harrisburgh to come and see him, I can’t wait! One of my friends is there and said what they’re doing now is worth being there for. I have also heard he will be there today through NEXT friday!

  253. I am in Sewickley at base camp out here! It is quite busy…Taylor looks as if he’s going to film soon, and will be back after for makeup touch up…that’s what a lot of people have said, he is always back before 7. so i’m really excited guys! get pumped!

  254. I DO THAT “S” and i didnt no u had any say so in what i read or do not read to my child. first off. sencond is there is no swearing in the movies there isnt any sex in the movies so if my son wants to watch vampires and wolfs then so be it.and if i wanna read and adult book to my kid( cause incase u didnt no reading to a child makes them pay attention more and learn bettter) we watch the movies and we read. maybe its inmature ppl like u all that maybe your parents should have treated you more like adults then little screaming wild animals(cause my son sure dont act like that) everyone including my son would get a better chance to meet taylor. shark boy and lava girl oh he wasnt in that or cheeper by the dozen 2 huh?? oh no i guess this all just leads back to twilight, only twilight fans can meet him.. lol…unbelieveable….

    oh and for the recond i do agree if the children that are there are crying and wanting to leave then yea leave..but dont try to ruin it for all the other kids and steriotype that all kids are that way…but i guess that fact is that my child acted more like a grown person then all the little screaming teenager so lets put it down to grown men (security guards) are not going to say taylors cant come out and give autographs because of a few 5 year olds and under. so your trying to tell me that his safety is a stake because of my 3 year old??? no, its that screaming girls that are mobbing him… give me a break..

    • I don’t think anyone said his saftey is at stake because of your 3 year old…please stop being so defensive and calm down. people were voicing their opinions. If you think something differently, feel free and share. Just don’t assume things about people you have never met, and say poeple said stuff that they never did.
      And security gaurds will say that he can’t come out, but not just because 5 year olds. Again, nobody said that. But when the crowd is too big, and people are being roudy, of course he can’t come out, because he saftey is at risk.
      I actually heard that he can’t come out for a while, but idk if it’s true. Since people are saying the crowd isn’t too bad at sewickly, maybe he will come out to sign some autographs(:

    • Honestly, if you are a mother then you are stooping down to the level of teenagers. congrats.
      Also, there is swearing in the movies.

    • Well, “momma,” I’m a preschool teacher with an education degree, and I was just putting it out there that the Twilight series isn’t exactly developmentally appropriate for a 3-year old. If you have all these issues with us, why continue to post on this thread? And I really think that how “my parents treated me” is completely irrelevant to this topic. Please calm down.

  255. I am at the filming of Abduction with my son right now! He will be 15 in August. He cannot wait to meet Taylor! Security said he will be back around 6 or so! Everyone’s here though! All the trailers, and everything. The actual filming is right down the road from Walker Park!

  256. My duaghter is crying because she wants to see him.We have gone 3 times is it really worth it to go up.

    • If she wants to see him that bad, I would say it is.(: That’s the thing; it really is luck. :/ So, i would say just be patient, because most likely, she will see him by the end of the summer. But if the crowd is too big and people are being loud, then I say don’t waste your time on that. But if the crowd is small and respectful, you have a pretty good chance of him coming out.
      good luck, hope your daughter sees him!

  257. I heard he’s taylor is eating at the Stone Mansion Restaurant in Sewickley. That’s where I may wait for him tonite

  258. Me and my friend are driving through walker park. We’ve been here for a few hours and can’t find this base camp or set at all. Can someone there be more specific? Thanks!!

  259. first I heard he was filming at northside next week, but is it actually sewickly? I’m trying to help my friend find him, because she wants to see him sooo bad!
    thanks for your help(:

  260. We are driving through Walker Park too and can’t find anything! Can anyone give us the name of a road close by? Thank you so much!!! :*)

  261. Let it be known that not ALL the crazies following Taylor are from Pittsburgh

    There are a TON of people from other towns and states!!!

  262. well listen this is the thing im not trying to be rude with anyone but i did get kinda upset because i have been there with my 3 years old and a 14 year old and had to threaten to leave the older one more times then the baby. and i did take it kinda to heart that the little kids shouldnt be there if ya can see my point. also im not a idiot my child is not sheltered that much is not the f bomb or anything else like that being dropped is what i meant when i said not swearing. also i have tried to be there 3 times for my little one to see him and every time he got taken away cause they teenagers were screaming and running into him and pushing and stuff that point im trying to make is its just not far for clam ppl to wait so long and a couple ppl screw it up for everyone else

  263. please don’t give out exact street names for awhile .. it needs to die down for a couple days because it has been out of control.

  264. my little sister is three years old and she has seen all the movies so far and knows EXACTLY who Taylor Lautner. She has more reason to be there than some of the “Young Adults” Cause even though im 17 and she’s my little minnie me i know me and her would be the ones sitting there keeping to ourselves paitiently waiting and Breaking Dawn does have sex scenes in it but oh well. She can look away for that part. Just because the books were written for young adults doesnt mean little kids cant enjoy the movies as well. I understanf the kids whining they obviously dont wanna be there so LEAVE. But if the child is being good and laughing around with its mom and dad or whoever there with let them be cause obviously a three year old isn’t going to chace a damn car down the road or mob him. And as far as sitting outside his house that is totally DISRESPECTFUL. That is his home to go to when he is done filming and seeing fans all day i dont think he wants to worry about fans outside his window near a busy road. By all means go see him at set or base camp. NOT his house. That is his privacy. And when you do see him on set or basecamp dont scream just wave and wait for him to come to you. If your jumping around and screaming then one he will leave or two not as many people will get the chance to meet him. and if you have already met him dont go back EVERY day. Go once a week for an hour or two and stay back dont push to the front. You had your chance now its time for somebodys elses choice. I agree with a comment above about not representing Pittsburgh very well cause your NOT at all.

  265. I wouldnt be surprised if they packed up all their stuff and left! that is ridiculous for a car to catch on fire and for trash to be laying around the floor! He is famous thats it! Hes a person with a word entitled on him… Leave him alone! I know i actually want to see this movie in theatres because its going to be good so back off and let him film! This is ridiculous

    • I think that people are taking this a little far.
      I wasn’t there for the car incident but, apparently the girl left the car running and that is her own fault.
      For the most part, the crowds I have been around have been respectful and very nice.
      I don’t think anyone has really harassed Taylor some girls just do not know how to control their excitement.
      People are putting a bad rap on Pittsburgh when mainly it is only a small handful of girls some who aren’t even from around here.
      I think that this site should go back to its main purpose of providing filming locations and not a bunch of girls saying bad things about other fans or fighting.

  266. I’m not saying kids shouldn’t be there bc I know the people acting like idiots are the stupid preteens and young teenagers … They always act like the are so cool and scream and stuff …. Keep doing it and watch them leave and never come back bc if I was Taylor I would never wanna step foot in Pittsburg again

    And I don’t care what u let ur kids watch I grew up watching horror movies that were rated r and turned out just fine and I personally think when u don’t let ur kids watch that stuff ur kids turning scaredy cats who are cry babies and I know this bc I have a friend who couldn’t watch that stuff and now she is scared of everything and she sleeps with a baby blanket …. But there is CURSING and SEX both in the books and movie …. The sex will be in the fourth movie

    • victoria…that is not a “verified account”.
      which means theres a great chance thats not really taylor sorry.

      • Taylor does not have a twitter. He has said so before. If he did, then others who do have an account would have spoken up to verify it just like they have for everyone who has gotten a new account.

  267. So, is he done filming in mt lebo now? I went to hampton high school the 2nd day for 7 hours and never saw him. 🙁 But ofcourse I can understand why because of the day before, which I was not at. I also went to a set in mt lebo last week for like 3 hours then I had to leave. I think it is annoying how people who already met him keep going back. Its not fair. I just want to see him once, maybe get a picture or autograph but its sad that my chances and others went down for that to happen because other people are so selfish… :/

    I just think it would be really neat to meet him or even just see him at this point. So does anyone know if he is still going to film in mt lebo anymore? thanks!

  268. This couldn’t be more fantastic, could it? Seriously guys, all I want is just to SEE him. Yes, I want an autograph and a picture and for him to know I exist and support him but just seeing him would be nice. I went a lot last week to the set on osage and I went to the base camp before everyone knew about it. Never saw him once. I decided to take a break for a week, which happened to be the week things got insane. Now my .1% chance of meeting him is nonexistant. Thanks.
    Please if you have any information on Sewickly or wherever he is this week, e-mail me. I’d like to give it one more try. Please and thank you(:

  269. Honestly-

    I am very disappointed in this thread. The fact that we have people arguing over the ages of people to go to a set or a base camp OR WHATEVER is quite pathetic. YEs TAYLOR is famous and is sexy and everyone wants their chance. But at the end of the day, he is here doing is job, which is to entertain you. And quite frankly WE SHOULD ALL (those of us from the pittsburgh area ESPECIALLY MT LEBO and all the areas he will be filming) take pride in the fact that such a big star is here bringing this type of publicity to the city. Also, I live a stone throws away from his old base camp and osage, I have seen and witnessed these fans, some are calm, but I find it a little disheartening when mothers and grandmothers and any guardian is encouraging this type of stalker behavior. YOU DO NOT SIT OUT SIDE OF SOMEONES HOUSE-NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE. I have witnessed mothers dropping off snacks, chairs, umbrellas and its nuts. The point I am trying to make is, yes please try to meet him but be classy, give your town and the city of pittsburgh a good name. This is a very good opportunity for our city with multiple movies filming here and I think it is all our part as residents to be respectful and mindful of people doing there jobs. This isnt about how old you are and how many times you have gone to the set and everything else. This is a matter of being mature and having the guidance to do as such. If I were Taylor, I would be flattered and also a little freaked out. I mean honestly…lets all play nice and try not to scare them out of here.

  270. If anyone knows where he is currently living, please do not post the address. He is getting creeped out by all of the people that are stalking him.

  271. Hey guys, Christine again, no problem if you want to get a little off subject but just a reminder the thread is primarily for people who want to help each find filming locations (no matter what their age, race, creed or gender). 😉

    For tomorrow I have wicker park again, does that sound right?

    And thanks to all those who have been providing accurate info for finding sets, etc, its much appreciated!

  272. I’m pretty positive I found the set in Sewickley, but is there anywhere for fans to hang around? And how do I get closer? I couldn’t figure out which road to take. If you don’t want to post, please e-mail me lmb1219@gmail.com. Thanks!

    • I think at least for while they are filming in sewickly it is, but idk if they are ever coming back to the one in Mt lebo. I heard they are filming there until the end of next week, so until then, I think that is where base camp will be.(:

  273. hi!(: idk if i will be going up to try and find him any time soon, but a couple of my freinds havn’t seen him yet and really want to. I’m kind of confused. How long is he still is Pittsburgh for? Is he going somewhere else in Pennsylvania in August? I’ve heard a couple different things and was confsued.
    Thanks for the help(:

  274. okay, thank you:) i didn’t know if they like still had the mnt lebo basecamp or what because i thought they were still filming night scenes in mnt lebo, but i guess not!

  275. Does anyone kno for surer they are done in mt lebo ? Also anybody who knows where baseball is in sewickley email me I’ll tell you if ur right. kaitgrose2011@gmail.com
    Also my sister is on crutches so I’m trying hard to get her to meet him. I meani have connections but I dnt want to use them all the time. Haven’t even met him I only went twice

  276. I was at the mt.lebo base camp from 6 to 11 tonight. Why is everyone saying it’s gone? It’s still there. But if people are seeing him in sewickley, I’m confused… Can anyone help?

    • Only extra’s are left, and transporting everything to Sewickley. That will take a while to get rid of all the trailers, equipment, and anything laying around. That is a parking lot and needs to be back the way it was when they rented it out.

  277. I saw him in Sewickley today, and met him. He was a really sweet guy and took enough time for everyone! Everyone was able to get their picture with him, and no one screamed! So please, people, be polite and act mature!

    • We are on our way to take my daughter to Children’s Hospital for an appt today. She would love to see Taylor. Any more info you could give me to make it easier to see him? Any help would be greatly appreciated – it would really brighten her day!
      My email is amyebersole@atlanticbb.net

    • Hi, I took off work today to take 13 yr old daughter to sewickley today. Saw some conflicting entries as to whether he is even filming there. Could you email me the address of the camp in sewickley? Don’t want to waste a vacation day on a wild goose hunt. Thanks very much.

  278. For the latest news of Taylor Lautner check https://www.taylorlautnerupdate.com Its a Taylor Lautner fansite updated 24/7 with the latest Taylor news, pictures, videos and more. This site is extremely helpful. I really love it, and I hope those who check it out do too 🙂 Its hard to find a good Taylor fansite…but this one really is updated constantly throughout the day…its great. 🙂

    • Around 4:30 today. It was awesome! He is also scheduled for tomorrow to do some autographing. I’m not sure when, I just do have a few connections. They won’t tell me the time, but I recommend trying around 5pm. That’s in the middle of his break.

      • anna, i have been trying to organize a day to go see taylor for the past week, and we have finally decided on going today (friday) i have gathered directions for mount lebo, but since he is in sewickley now, could you possibly tell me the street on which base camp is on? if you could e-mail me at sb112013@gmail.com it would mean the world to me. thanks(:

      • So i live about 20 minutes away from Walker Park, but I have to be somewhere at 530 tonight. Do you think I would have a chance of meeting him today if I have to leave by 5pm?

        I dont really want to waste my time if he’s not gonna be there.

    • it looks like people are saying around walker park. i want 2 try to go out to see him tomorrow maybe.

  279. can someone email me too?!? i need to know where at in Sewickley. & i need to kno if he is still filming in mt lebo until nxt week. i asked the security gaurd in mt lebo tonight if taylor is filming in mt lebo friday & he said, “i dnt kno, we have to work around him.” i have no clue what tht means lol

  280. Also, the base camp at bower hill is still there. i was just there tonight & the exact same stuff was there. it was even lit up like there was stuff goin on unlike tuesday night. we thought that meant taylor was there since they r doin night shoots, but i think just the extras were filming cuz the extra van kept goin in & out. the security came over to us (this was around 12:30a.m.) & told us all to go home because he felt bad that we were wasting our time b/c taylor was not there tonight. thats when i asked about tmrw & he couldnt confirm it. if anyone has any info, or wants to kno anything, msg me: craytonnicole@yahoo.com 🙂