More zombie photos from the set of ‘The Walking Dead’

Below are a few new pictures from the set of the upcoming AMC series, The Walking Dead, taken in Atlanta over the weekend.

In the photos, you can see more zombies, a turned over tank, a burnt city bus, and even more zombies! It looks like this was another big scene on the streets of Atlanta. What do you think of the photos? Do you think The Walking Dead has potential?

[nggallery id=144]

[Thanks to Megan and Shelby (who is pictured by the motorcycle above) for the photos!]


  1. I keep seeing that step red muscle car in the Antlanta scenes and it has me worried they are no longer faithful to the comic. They don’t escape the zombies in a Dodge Charger!

  2. I hope they bring back Elvis !!! …lol….AWESOME show….absolutely awesome !!!…..this show makes me want to warm up the old RV and head to Georgia for a vacation and do a little “extra” ZOMBIE work …. it would be some GREAT film footage to leave behind for my grand kids….lol….I’m DEFINITELY hooked on this show !!!


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