Updated: Friday’s Lot List: Filming Locations in Boston, Chicago, NYC, & more including ‘Transformers 3’ & ‘What’s Your Number?’

Below is a list of where you can filming movies & TV shows filming across the country on 7.9.10.

Filming in Michigan:

Check out filming location for Harold & Kumar, Scream 4, Real Steel, Machine Gun Preacher and other Michigan locations in this post.

Filming in New York City & Vicinity:

Lights Out, the new FX series, is still filming at E 61st St and Madison Ave. (Thanks again to Mary)

Margin Call, starring Zachary Quinto, is likely filming at 1 Penn Plaza again tonight. FYI: There is an overnight casting call for exteriors tonight. They wrap this weekend!

White Collar is filming around  W 36th St and 10th Ave in NYC. Filming late afternoon/night shoot.

Royal Pains is filming in Glen Cove, NY. Base camp is still set up at Glen Cove High School. (Thanks Jen and Carl)

UPDATE: Curb Your Enthusiasm is filming around E 42nd and Madison. They are scheduled to do a subway scene later this afternoon/ tonight. (Thanks Annie and Kristen)

UPDATE: The Big C, the new Showtimes series, is filming at at the intersection of Shippan Ave and Elm St/Cove Rd in Stamford, CT.

Filming in Chicago:

Cheaters, starring Vince Vaughn, might still be filming at Sepia, 123 N. Jefferson St, Chicago. The restaurant is expected to be closed through 7.9.

Transformers 3 begins filming in Chicago today too. Tonight, from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. Monday, LaSalle Street (from Jackson Boulevard to Randolph Street) will be closed for filming. FYI: Of all the information floating around out there about the Chicago shoot, I found this Chicago Tribune article spelled it out pretty well.

Filming in Los Angeles & Vicinity:

The Closer is filming at the North Hollywood High School again. (Thanks Jessica) FYI: They may be back in studio today, heard both locations for today. (Thanks Anon)

•The FX series, The League, is filming at 639 S Spring St, Los Angeles, 12:00 P.M. – 6:00 A.M.

UPDATE: Californication is filming at Westminster Ave and Main St in Venice, CA.

Filming in Dallas:

The Good Guys is filming at Fair Park, 1200 S. Washington, Dallas, TX (studio).

Filming in Austin:

UPDATE:Friday Night Lights is filming at their usual location: Field House, 2605 Flow lane, Austin, TX.

Filming in Vancouver:

The Big Year, starring Steve Martin, Owen Wilson & Jack Black, is filming on Alpha Lake Rd in Whistler through 7.9. The film was also shooting in NYC last week. (Thanks @chelseahenitiuk)

Filming in Pittsburgh:

Abduction, starring Taylor Lautner, is filming around Pittsburgh. Check out our Open Thread to find out more and discuss possible locations!

Filming in Boston:

What’s Your Number?, starring Anna Faris, is filming in Post Office Square in Boston, MA overnight. (Thanks Mark) FYI: They are scheduled to film overnights all weekend but not sure if they will be at this location the entire time.

Filming in Shreveport:

Catch .44 starring Bruce Willis, is suppose to be filming again on Youree St, between E Texas St & McCall St in Shreveport.

Filming in New Mexico:

•As we’ve reported, Cowboys and Aliens, starring Harrison Ford, is filming on a specially built set in Abiquiu, NM. Yesterday, one of our readers check it out and looks like they are filming at the Dar al Islam Mosque, or at least this is being used as a base camp. There is a road crew expanding the road and from what we hear the grounds of the Mosque are quite extensive and very private. (Thanks Kim)

Filming in Vidal Junction, California:

•We get asked a lot about The Fast and The Furious 5, so I thought I would add the latest update we’ve received. According to a local newspaper in Parker, AZ, they are currently filming in Vidal, which we think is Vidal Junction, CA. (Thanks ‘me’)

Filming in New Orleans:

Green Lantern is filming at their stages, Second Line in New Orleans, in addition to their usual location, ‘Seabrook Bridge’.  (Thanks Dean)

For more info on filming locations or celebrity events, check out the Upcoming Filming Locations & Events Calendar above. There you will find on formation for some of the projects which will be at the same filming location for an extended period of time like Pirates of the Caribbean (Oahu), I Am Number Four (Pittsburgh), and Water For Elephants (Piru, CA).

And don’t forget, if you have any filming location scoop to share, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.co, we can’t do it without you! 

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  1. When does Gossip Girl filming in Paris end? And do you know of other co stars besides Blake, Leighton, & Ed will show up to shoot in Paris.

  2. via @andykizzes24

    they are filming right outside my building @olv wall street any idea what it is?

    Anyone know what might this be filming on Wall St in NYC. I was thinking it could be ‘Arthur’ since we don’t have anything for that yet. Also, Arthur will be shooting tomorrow so be on the look out for signs! FYI: Arthur is a remake of the 1980s movie w/ Russell Brand.

  3. Got a few requests from people looking for info re:
    Horrible Bosses (L.A.)
    For Colored Girls (Atlanta) –which I think is primarily in studio
    Walking Dead (Atlanta)
    Burn Notice (Miami)
    Fringe (Vancouver)
    Supernatural (Vancouver)
    Memphis Beat (NOLA)

    If anyone has info on these or any other project, please let us know, thanks!!

  4. Never made it to Penn to check out the Margin Call shoot the other day but was going to tonight since they are filming outside. I’ll post a comment if I see anything.

    • Just to be clear, I’m not 100% that’s where they will be but that has been where they have been for so long, it seems like they will be back there- let us know what you find tonight and I’ll let you know if I see anything else.

      • Let me add that the casting call did not specify exteriors, but since they were looking for pedestrians, I’m assuming there will be at least 1 exterior scene. The other extras were bankers and security guards, so it seems likely they’ll shoot at One Penn. What it DID specify is that it’s a 3am call time for the extras, so the exterior shoot might not be until after that time, but I can’t say anything for sure.

        • I would have loved to be a background actor for this movie. I wished I would have contacted the right people to be apart of this film.

      • Mary McDonnell is on set tonight. Someone on the crew just tweeted that he had met President Roslin ,her character on Battlestar Galactica

  5. anyone know if jb smoove actor of leon on curb is around for filming?
    is he on the next season? huge fan of him..he brings a lot to the table and is hilarious

  6. My girlfriend works at the Warner Center in Woodland Hills and she just got a flyer saying they are going to be filming in that area. FILMING ON OWENSMOUTH, ERWIN AND VICTORY BLVD on Monday, July 12th and Tuesday, July 13th, from approximately 7:00AM and 10:00PM. Its A Warner Bros project and the scenes will involve a low flying Helicopter and automatic full load gunfire will be heard. Further, simulated bullet effects will be seen on bodies. Any ideas what this film is???

  7. There’s some “special event” at the flower shop on 21st street and 9th ave. There are paparazzis outside. Any ideas what’s going on or who will be there?

  8. Does anyone know what they have been filming in Glen Cove, NY this week, other than Royal Pains? The set signs around town read “BE”….the base camp is @ the VFW


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