Filming Locations in NYC for Tuesday, July 13, including ‘Gossip Girl’, ‘For Colored Girls’, ‘Friends With Benefits’ & more!

Here’s a list of movies and TV shows filming in and around NYC on Tuesday, July 13. If you spot anything else filming, let us know at!

White Collar is filming around E 63rd St between 5th and Madison in NYC again.

Gossip Girl is filming around Riverside Dr and 120th/122nd in NYC. Check out our GG set photo contest here too! (Thanks Chaz)

Friends With Benefits, starring Justin Timberlake, signs spotted on 45th between 2nd and 3rd Ave in NYC for filming on 7.13-7.16, 7AM-10PM.

My Idiot Brother, starring Paul Rudd, is filming  around W 59th St and Columbus, NYC. FYI: Signs on 11th Ave between 50th and 53rd St and on 90th St between Lexington and Park for today too.  (Thanks @Willismara, @christinagan and Laura)

Curb Your Enthusiasm signs spotted at 45-46th St between 6th and Broadway. (Thanks Becca)

Royal Pains is filming at N Hempstead Turnpike & Cedar Swamp Rd in Glen Head, NY. (Thanks Mike)

The Greatest Movie Ever Made is filming on the Silver Bridge, which connects Newtown to Southbury along Glen Road in CT.

Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls is filming in the vicinity of Wall, Water & South Sts in NYC through tomorrow. (Thanks @ginsper)

Arthur, starring Russell Brand, is off today and tomorrow. (Thanks Annie)


  1. •The Big C, the new Showtime series starring Laura Linney, is filming in their studio at 300 Stillwater Ave in Stamford, CT. (This is a pretty closed set, we were there last month, it looks like a business park and there is a fence all the way around it.)
    •Lights Out, the new FX series, is also in studio, Steiner Studio in Brooklyn.(Thanks Dave)
    •Mildred Pierce, starring Kate Winslet, is also still filming. Rumored to be filming at Steiner Studio also.


    • the one in Albany is just a screening though, I don’t think anyone is actually going to be there. No word on a NY premiere but if anyone finds out, please let us know (I’ve gotten tons of emails from people wanting info).

  3. NYC: Since “Arthur” is off yesterday and today, are they on a Wed-Sunday shooting schedule???
    And did they return to downtown Brooklyn to film on Sunday after doing so on Saturday???

    Very curious about this.

    Thanks Much

  4. I was walking to work today on Court st and right in front of the court they are filming a music video with Common and John Legend. Pretty awesome.

  5. It is so funny. GG is filming right near me and I have absolutely no desire to take pics of them because I don’t watch the show, nor know any of the stars.

    Slight problem with the links above: The link for the GG photo contest is to a Google map.

    Does anyone know who is going to be at the Colored Girls set? I might go to that one, if I can.

    • I wish I could be you right know !
      If you are that near can you give us some info about it ?
      where exactly exaclty are they filming ? hour ? Im dominican and this is my first time in NY… this is my only chance to see them

      • As Ian said above if they are at Union Theological then it might be an indoor shoot and that means that one has to stand around and wait for them to come out during their breaks in order to get pics/see them and unfortunately I will not have the time today to stand around and wait. If I did have the time, I would and then I would let Christine know who was there.

        Your best bet is to take the #1 train and get off at 116th Street. When you get off the train you will be on Broadway. Turn west (away from Columbia University) and walk down 116th Street for one block till you get to Claremont Avenue and then make a right onto Claremont. Walk up Claremont until you come to 120th St. You will see a Huge Church named Riverside Church, Union Theological Seminary is right across the street from the Riverside Church. If you don’t see them filming there, then walk west one more block over on 120th St (towards the park) and you will be on Riverside Drive, which is the location listed here.

        Good Luck! Hope you get to see them. 🙂

  6. One more ?, sorry. Does anyone know if Justin T. is going to be on set today or any of the days?

    I hate when too many interesting things are shooting on one day because it makes it difficult to choose which one to go to. 🙂

    • Yeah, if anyone checks out that the location for the JT movie please let us know! I don’t doubt that signs were spotted but they aren’t suppose to be filming yet so I’m a bit skeptical.

      • I did just see a casting call for tomorrow for FWB. They are looking for people in their 20’s to 50’s to play street pedestrians, so they must be filming, but that doesn’t necessarily mean any of the principal stars will be there. I know the official start date wasn’t supposed to be until 7/20.

  7. I will be in NY from this Thurs 7/15/2010-Sunday 7/18/2010. Does anyone know of any movies/music videos being filmed on any of those days? And can you please provide the location. Thanks

      • Someone on Twitter, who lives in the dorm at Columbia, outside of where they were shooting, said they had canceled filming for the rest of the day.

      • do you know where can i check casting call for gossip girl? or is gossip girl filming tomorrow outdoor or anywhere that I can go watch?

        • There are no casting calls for gossip girl at the moment and I don’t have any locations for filming. Maybe Christine will have tomorrow’s locations later, but I think it may rain tomorrow too.

  8. @ Christine : when I was there it was raining and there was a taxi waiting for me, so i had that pression, but I walked/droved
    on the block and some other near there, but Idk if in one of those is Barnand College… but I saw no trailers.

  9. Lights Out is filming in Steiner Studios on Wednesday. Thursday they will be at the Nassau Coliseium in Uniondale. This is the final week of shooting.

  10. Gossip Girl is filming near West End Presbyterian Church
    165 W 105th St, White Collar is filming near New York Science 28 63 Street is a stunt location. 2nd location is at 3402 Starr Avenue Silver Cup East.

  11. hey guys just a reminder to follow us on FB or Twitter if you aren’t already, I tweeted/FB the GG info a while ago…working on full NYC post right now.
    IF anyone went to the FWB or For Colored Girls locations today please contact me, I’m trying to verify either.
    No GG pics from today??

  12. what time does gossip girl usually film until? i am going to be coming to the city around 2 tomorrow. i hope i dont miss them. thanks!

  13. Seen a bit in the Post over a week ago re an English DJ/Singer guy called Stone Joy getting booted out of a club for taking a dog in a bag inside. Was walking by Herald Sq the other day before they took the pianos away and someone was fiming a Youtube vid for a new song with the weirdos of NYC in it playing and miming the song to the piano. Enquired and turns out it was that guy! Looked really interesting and he pops up anywhere really…………..he friend says he’s filming the taxi drivers from the back of the cab next……………let me know if you see…………….


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