Filming Locations in Michigan on July 14, 2010 including ‘Scream 4’, ‘Real Steel’, ‘Machine Gun Preacher’, & ‘The Double’

Below is a list of movies filming in Michigan on Wednesday, July 14, 2010.

Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman and Evangeline Lilly, is filming at the Detroit Fire Department Headquarters on the corner of Washington Blvd and Larned St. (Thanks Jessica)
Here are some more details about the Real Steel set:

The movie will be there through July 27th, according to a letter to local businesses from the film company. The “gym” set (boxing ring and several large dented steel punching bags) was built on the main floor garage of the Fire Department building, $180,000 was spent installing a hardwood floor over the concrete (per one of the firemen), which will be torn up and disposed of once the filming is complete. Yesterday, a truck was spraying down the entire sidewalk and front steps of the COBO conference center which is located directly across the street from the fire department for a scene they were shooting. They have, so far, filmed scenes on the roof of the building, in the alley next to the building (next to a large army green painted work truck), and scenes in the street on Larned, outside of the Fire Dept building. (Thanks Dave)

Machine Gun Preacher, starring Gerard Butler, is still set up at the Hearthside Mobile Park in Melvindale, MI. They are also set up at the Melvindale Elementary School (Allendale Elementary) for possible filming today.  Filming at the Crossroads Bar will likely take place tomorrow. (Thanks James and Kathy)

Scream 4 is filming at the Hutzel Women’s Hospital in Detroit. (Thanks Toni)

•Yesterday, we got a tip that Real Steel was filming at Nicholson Terminal & Dock. But, last night, we got a second  tip that it is actually The Double, starring Richard Gere, filming at the dock, which does make sense since Real Steel is set up at the Fire Department. If anyone can confirm either way or verify they are still there, let us know, thanks!  (Thanks Jack and Matthew)

If you have any set pics, new, filming locations, or celeb sightings to share from Michigan, let us know about it!


  1. I’m going to head to Allendale Elementary School and the trailer park tomorrow around 3:30 – 4:00pm’ish. I hope the security and police are nice at Allendale – the police officer at the trailer park was very nice and let us take pictures. 🙂

  2. I’m posting here daily, so you know I will, haha. Sorry that I can’t help with the location of Harold & Kumar – hopefully someone will.

    • Hey James, Just to let you know, got an email last night that they would be at the bar all day. So – all I know for sure is that they will either be at the bar, the school or the trailer park! 🙂 Hopefully you can give us some more insight this afternoon! 🙂

      • I checked the trailer park and school earlier today and they were already done filming there. I went to Crossroads and watched them film there; tonight was the end of filming in Melvindale. My camera’s batteries died and there were too many people blocking my way, so I couldn’t get any pictures or videos. 🙁 At the end of filming, Gerard came over to the crowd and gave autographs and took pictures. He was very friendly, as usual. 🙂 They’re packing up at Crossroads and heading to Detroit to film (not sure where) the rest of the movie in Michigan.

  3. The Nicholson Terminal shooting is still taking place there were about 150 cars near my home in River Rouge. Police were all over this morning around 7am.

    • Thanks so much for confirming they are still filming there, you didn’t happen to see which movie it was for sure, did you?

  4. Thanks for more news about Real Steel and the actor Hugh Jackman, and excuses for the failure to post the material, omitted the source of news, you! Many apologies and sincere thanks.

  5. Re: MGP, I heard filming in Melvindale stops after today (Wed) and they move on to Detroit. Does anyone know the location? I was planning to go to Jake’s Bar on Friday but it seems I have missed out on that one.

    • You’re correct. Filming in Melvindale has officially ended tonight. I just got back from Crossroads and they’re packing up now. I heard they’ll be filming at places in Detroit until they leave Michigan to go wherever else.

      • So much for the theory that they were filming at the bar tomorrow and the paper said they would be there through the 28th? Were they packed up at the trailer park too?

        • The police officer and people who talked to the crew said tonight was the last night of filming in Melvindale. They were getting all the shots they needed tonight so they can head to Detroit to film. And yup, when I went by the trailers at 4:30 there was nothing there. They were all packed up and were already set up at Crossroads.

          • thanks james for all the updates! I got an email form someone else saying they were at the bar until the weekend but I don’t know if that was just a rumor they heard or what, since you were there, I’m sticking with your story! 🙂

            • I’m wondering if the MGP crew is telling the police officers to tell us lies. When I was at the trailer park on the 12th, the police officer told us that they would be at Crossroads on Thursday; it was Wednesday when they started filming at Crossroads.The police officer that was at the trailer park is the same one that told me filming ended in Melvindale last night. My grandmother had drove by Crossroads earlier and said they were still set up there, but I think they might be packing up – not filming. I’ve heard from many people yesterday that they were getting all the shots they needed last night so they could go to Detroit to film and not have to come back to Melvindale to re-film any scenes. Gerard Butler was signing autographs and taking pictures for awhile last night, so I think the filming in Melvindale really is done.

              • Okay, I can confirm that they’re finished filming in Melvindale.There’s nothing at Crossroads (what my grandmother saw was them packing up), there’s nothing at the trailer park and the semi-trucks and movie trailers that were behind Allendale are gone; they definitely went to Detroit to film.

                  • I went to the location in Detroit today ,sat there all day , sat in my car through a two hour storm and then another hour outside of a gated parking lot , finally seen him go into his trailor then back out and in again. Then he came out we were asking him to please come take a picture with us he smiles gets in his suv and they drove him across the street to where they were shooting.They were shooting at Kercheval and East Grand Blvd in Detroit and I’m guessing because they were so delayed due to the storms that they will be back there tomorrow.
                    This is the 3rd day I have waited for him , I was in a crowd in the front yesterday in Melvindale and did what his security and the police said which was don’t mob him stay where you are be patient. As soon as he was walking over people from everywhere ran up and surrounded him. Needless to say I have a bunch of blurry pictures. On a positive note Michale Shannon came over to me today when I asked him and let me take his picture and gave me his autograph.
                    Hopefully I will get my picture taken with Gerard before they are done shooting here.

                    • hey Jessica, thanks for the response and thanks for letting us know that they will return tomorrow, sorry you didn’t get a photo but there’s still time! good luck and keep us posted!

                    • Ya I heard they are filming in the detroit area….they will be there till the 28th.
                      Gerard has also been spotted in Royal Oak and Birmingham… if anyone knows where he is filming please let us know, because this is a one in a life time chance to meet him.

                • How exciting. I work downtown Detroit and keep hoping i will somehow run into him. Does anyone know where he is filming at in Detroit? Near Comerica Park? let me know please!

  6. The Real Steel is filming right now in River Rouge at the Riney Hall on Great lakes street. I heard they will be here until thursday…I’m going down there later and see if I can get some pictures.

  7. Do you guys know,for Reel Steel and MGP,,will they be filming there all day? Or are they done for the day?

  8. Found it,,,didn’t know Riney hall was an ice rink…cool,,,hope he comes outside though!

    Headed out in 15 mins for my oh so long trip,,,Jackman first,then Butler…Thanks for the tips guys! Good luck!

  9. Just got to riney hall…in the deep deep detroit….its abandoned!! Please do not watste your time driving here…area looks bad too!

  10. They were filming about a mile from our home in Bl.Hills, but looks like they wrapped on the 7th…wasn’t much to see outside the house they were filming in anyway…most filming was being done inside, although the house was all decorated for Christmas and there was fake snow, etc…

  11. They were filming all day yesterday in Melvindale at the trailer park. Drove into work down Oakwood, and the set is still there…. trailer is still on it’s side….. however all the “set” signs were gone…… there were cameras still there…. I heard they were going to be filming on the 26th at the bar on old Fort Street and the Bridge…..

      • The bar is Bridge Cafe and it’s located on S. Fort Street in Detroit. A friend of the family was told to meet there on the 26th because he’s going to be an extra in a scene that involves a bar fight. I haven’t got a hold of him yet to get some more information, but I will as soon as I can.

        • Awesome! Thank you James! As to the other responses about Melvindale, it was an article on Michigan Live (on line) that stated the Melvindale filming @ Jake’s Bar would take place at the end of the month. We’ll see!

          • They’re done at Jake’s Crossroads. They were there on the 14th to get all the shots they needed so they didn’t have to come back.

            • James,
              Thanks for the info. Hoping to get to the bridge site on the 26th; any chance that they’ll be there filming on Tuesday the 27th also? I’m trying to work out the travel time (4 1/2 hrs from TC).

              • Hi Ash, I’m sorry but I don’t know how long they will be there or what time they will be there. The only date I know is the 26th.

  12. I know that the set is all ready to on Washington Blvd downtown for MGP, but are they still filming in Melvindale? Some say yes and others say no its done in Melvindale. Let me know. Last night I know Miley Cyrus was at The Westin downtown (assuming thats where she is staying too since she is filming here in MI right now as well) her dad Billy Ray Cyrus was out walking around with his wife and dog and I talked to him and took pictures if anyone is interested about them. But anyways im still wondering where is Gerald Butler???

  13. thanks Melissa!
    do you know if they are still filming on Washington Blvd- I heard they were there Fri and were tearing it down fri nite after they were done?

  14. The Machine Gun Preacher is done filming in melvindale, I was there yesterday for the last day of filming. drove by this morn and all their prop traliers were gone, and also their trailers behind allendale. I heard also they were filming in detroit, but I also heard they were moving to south africa next. Who Knows?

    • They’re definitely done in Melvindale. The Bridge Cafe in Detroit will be one of their next filming locations before they head to South Africa. They were filming in Pontiac, Michigan yesterday.

      • Hey James, I got an email that it is LOL filming at that bar on Monday, I don’t know if people are getting projects confused or what…if you get any more info, let me know, thanks! I appreciate it!

        • Christine – If that was from my email – I may have typed it out wrong…… I think James is right….. its MGP thats at the Bridge cafe on Monday…… NOT LOL…. They’re due back in Dearborn in August….. SORRY(In defense I was caffiene-less and I just woke up!) ;0

          • OK, yes, I was going to email you back but thought I’d check with James first, thanks for clearing that up! 🙂 And I totally understand, believe me!!

            OK, so LOL will be in Dearborn in August, MGP at the bar on Monday, got it! Thanks!!!

  15. Christine good day. Referring to the agenda today 26.07, I noticed that the movie Real Steel is not part of the day’s schedule. According to previous post, tomorrow is the last day of the lease at the headquarters of the Fire Department in Detroit. Could you tell if the movie set is being transferred to another location? You fanned the possibility of filming in Oxford, has already happened? My sincere thanks.

    • I’m not sure about Oxford, if you read today’s comments, they are def. not at fire station, they were at joe louis arena last week, I have someone looking into that today and will let you know if they find anything, as far as the lease, they were cleaning up at fire dept so probably why permit goes for 2 more days.


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