Filming Locations in NYC for Wednesday, July 14, including ‘Gossip Girl’, ‘For Colored Girls’, ‘My Idiot Brother’ & more!

Here’s a list of movies and TV shows filming in and around NYC on Wednesday, July 14. If you spot anything else filming, let us know at!

White Collar is filming around E 63rd St between 5th and Madison in NYC again. Their main unit is reportedly filming in studio though (Silvercup East in LIC).

Gossip Girl is filming around 105th St and Amsterdam Ave, NYC. Check out our GG set photo contest here too! (Thanks Dave)

Friends With Benefits, starring Justin Timberlake, signs spotted on 45th between 2nd and 3rd Ave in NYC for filming on 7.13-7.16, 7AM-10PM.

My Idiot Brother, starring Paul Rudd, is filming near W 43rd between 5th & 6th. They may be filming in the Conde Nast building at Broadway & w 42nd as they are filming a scene in a magazine office. (Thanks Nancy)

Royal Pains is filming near at the yacht club at Woodmere Blvd & Hickory Rd, Woodmere, NY. (Thanks Matt)

•Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls is filming in the vicinity of Wall, Water & South Sts in NYC through tomorrow. (Thanks @ginsper)

Arthur, starring Russell Brand, is off today. (Thanks Annie)


  1. Christina as I saw, you have got the info from Dave, Did you confirm that it is the right adress ? I mean are you sure that it is the exactly place ? Because im going tomorrow too !
    Should I go at 9:00 A.M. ?

    • they will be in that vicinity and should be shooting in the morning. Look for signs that say SET with arrows and follow those, Yesterday they were filming a college type scene it sounded like so it might be the same today, if that helps.

  2. Im in NJ right know, and if Im going it is with my dad cause I cant go alone, due to im not from the USA… I cant travel all the way to NYC to be under the rain, well I would for GG but not my dad 🙁
    im leaving the 24th 🙁

  3. Christine, yesterday I walked by where CURB was supposed to be filming. I saw no one there at all! I went later in the day..did they cxl bc of rain?

    I’m def goin by wehre Paul Rudd is supposed to be today…swooooon Paul rude 🙂

    • they may have changed, I got that tip in a comment a couple days ago, I think they person saw signs and of course things are always subject to change. Sorry about that. If you go by the Paul Ridd location please let us know what’s going on, I’m trying to get some updates on some of these locations to verify so people don’t end up in a situation like you were in yesterday. 🙂

  4. christine, any chance you can start creating a separate thread for gossip girl from now on? because i have less than zero interest in GG and it’s become quite tedious to trudge through all the millions of comments for that show every day to find info on the ones i do care about. anyone with me???

    • Honestly, I’ve been thinking that its been really quiet for GG so far this season, compared to the others, I was thinking that the GG thing was over! 🙂
      If it does pick up, I will set soemthing up (the way I have set up separate threads for the Twilight movies) also we’re working on getting our new social network set up which will have a GG page so that should help too!

    • Eli, I love you! I don’t know how much more work it would be for you Christine, but it would be so freaking wonderful not to have to read through the same questions about GG over & over again every day. I’m always so glad when GG is done filming.

  5. SVU is having their first production meeting today in their new studio at Chelsea Piers. They start filming season 12 tomorrow.

  6. Does anyone know if Justin Timberlake has been on the set of FWB? I’ll be going to NYC soon, and he’s on the top of my list of people I’d try to meet.

  7. gg is filming until 10 tonight. i went there this afternoon blaire and serena were both there and nate. people on set were really nice 🙂

    • If you wait too long to go there, they may not be filming because of the rain. There is another storm moving in, should be here by 4pm, maybe earlier by the looks of things and it’s supposed to rain into the evening, maybe 8 or 9pm. Just giving you a heads up.

    • Royal Pains is definitely filming at the Woodmere Yacht Club. Can’t get in the yacht club itself, but you can see a lot of the trailers from the Woodmere Dock parking lot…

  8. Okay, they are definitely filming “My Idiot Brother” In the Conde Nast building. I walked all over that area, followed a PA, and found their trailers. The trailers are closer to 5th ave, b/w 5th and 6th, on 43rd.
    I am goin back after I leave work (which is soon).

  9. Is SVU going to be filming an open set? And does anyone know if Mariska and Chris will be there? I wanna visit the set so bad!
    When someone knows whether it’s an open set or not and where can someone please tell me??
    Thank youu!

  10. Please does anyone know if GG is still filming now? Because I went on 105th to 106th and amsterdam at around 2:30 and there was NOTHING at all :O …are you sure of the location? I so badly want to see thiss they are so close yet so far!

    • yes, I just walked there and Connor and Blake is still on set. Leighton and Blake scene wrapped up. Katie and Chace wrapped up. But what I heard from the screaming, Penn is on set.

  11. one question… are there always trailers on the street ? just wanted to know cause that might a good reference for others day !

  12. Is SVU going to be filming an open set? And does anyone know if Mariska and Chris will be there? I wanna visit the set so bad!
    When someone knows whether it’s an open set or not and where can someone please tell me?? I really need to know! pleaseee!
    Thank youu!

    • SVU i think was filming around W. 23rd and 10th…but around 8pm everything was getting packed up…i think they were filming inside because nothing was blocked off and i didn’t see anyone on the streets

  13. PLEASE tell me GG is going to be filming tomorrow!!!! What time they usually film??? All day at the same street? I went today two times and didn’t see anything or anyone. PLEASE tell me how to do. I’m brazilian. I need to see them

  14. Amanda, where did you go? They were at 106th and Riverside (and still were when I rode by it about 40 or so minutes ago) from about roughly 3pm on. I can’t speak about where they were earlier b/c I didn’t get there till around 3 pm and left.

    I saw what looked like a Latina tourist there and I asked her if her name was Amanda. Needless to say it was not you. Lol!

    I got some pics of some of the stars, but don’t ask me yet who they were b/c I don’t watch the show. I might just send you the photos directly Christine b/c I don’t think I will do my own blog post of them since I don’t watch the show and don’t know anything about it. Either way, I’ll get the pics to you after I identify who the people were.

    I couldn’t get downtown to For Colored Girls. I hope they will be filming again soon.

    Is it going to be an open set where you can see Mariska and Chris?

  16. Just reading through all the posts now and although I don’t run this site, can I ask for one thing? (Sorry if I am overstepping my boundaries Christine.) Can people not type in all caps? It makes it seem like you are screaming at us. I have found the people who frequent this site to be more than willing to come and update it with any new info once they have it. I don’t think virtual screaming will make anyone respond any sooner. I am asking this in the friendliest way possible 🙂 and don’t want it to come across as if I am chastising anyone, so I hope no one takes it that way. 🙂

    Okay, now on to some tips about what to do when you get to a reported filming site and you don’t see anything.

    First, look around and see if you see the filming announcement signs (I have no idea what they are officially called.) They are usually printed on bright neon-colored paper and tacked up along parking sign poles and street lights. If you see them, check them and make certain that the actual film date is the day you are there. Sometimes people misread the signs and think that the day of filming is one day earlier than it actually is. Two dates are written on the signs, the first date, which is the day prior to the actual film date and which is the date they want people to remove their cars by, and the second date, which is the actual date(s) of filming.

    If you see the signs and the date is correct and still no one is there, check to see if you see the yellow-orange road work cones (I have no idea what they are officially called) out in the street, in the parking lanes. If you see them blocking out parking spots then it likely means that the shoot is an evening/night-time shoot and the crew will arrive later on. If you look around you will usually spot a crew member or two guarding the cones to make certain that no one moves them and parks in the spots.

    If you see the signs and the date is correct and no one is there and no parking spots are blocked out, then that usually means that they have wrapped at that location for the day. When they wrap at a location they usually tear down the signs, but usually you can find one or two (or pieces of one or two) still left up.

    When it looks like they have wrapped at a particular location don’t despair just yet, especially if it is still early in the day. I have found it QUITE useful to walk around the location (in all directions) because they might be filming at a second location that is only a few blocks away. That is why when I see a filming announcement sign before the actual film date I tend to walk a few blocks around and check out where else the signs are posted because then you can get a sense of how wide the filming radius is. Sometimes they take up a lot of blocks for all the trailers and equipment, but sometimes the radius is wide because they are going to shoot at several physically close locations.

    Of course sometimes they will film in two totally separate locations in one day and all I can say to do in those situations is to check here and see if anyone has posted info on the second location.

    Finally, to answer the question about trailers, I have never been to a location that hasn’t had a bunch of trailers. I tend to always look for the catering (food) tent because if that is there, then I know they are likely still filming or if it is being set up, that they will soon be there filming.

    Hope that helps somewhat.

  17. A tip request:

    Does anyone know anything about what times actors get to Broadway plays?

    I am specifically interested in the play Race. I would love to have the chance to meet Eddie Izzard. He is such an intelligent stand-up comedian and actor.

      • Thanks! One more ?: Aren’t Weds. performances understudy performances? I am just trying to think of which weeknights would be good to go, as I would like to avoid weekend nights due b/c of the crowds.

  18. I have a note to add to that too, if you guys see tips floating around for filming at churches, those are usually holding locations, not actual filming locations, the productions like to hole up extras in churches for some reason. 🙂

  19. To Lee: I applaud you for what you have just posted (and the way you post – I mean, the proper format, correct spelling, punctuation marks, etc. you use). I hope a lot of the readers would be able to read it. This site definitely needs information for readers like that.

    Unfortunately, I cannot help you with your tip request. I hope Christine or anybody out there will be able to help you though. 🙂

    • Jeez! Andy, you just made me blush. Lol! 😀 All I see are my mistakes, like the one I made above. 😉 Thanks for your words and you all are welcome.

  20. omg i went today to 105th and riverside (not 106th) and GG was there! I was so excited! I saw leighton and another girl, i think it was Kate or something, and we caught a glimpse of Chace! This was my first on location vacation outing, so now I have this site’s trust! Thank you!


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