More set photos from ‘Abduction’ and filming location information for Wednesday, July 14

Jamie was lucky enough to meet Taylor Lautner on the set of Abduction at Hampton High School in Allison Park, PA.

Below you can see her photos, including a great shot of her and Taylor!

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Sydney was also at the Hampton High School set on Monday and said that Taylor’s security guard came out and told them that Taylor would come out if the fans all promised to stay calm! Then, at about 2:45, Taylor walked out to where Sydney adn a few others were lined up and said, “Hey guys! How are you?” Then he added, “You guys want to take some pictures? Lets do this!” She added, “My friend and I were like the third people to meet him. It was amazing and he is so freaking nice and sweet. Totally GORGEOUS in person.” Check out the photo of Sydney and Taylor below as some candid shots of him greeting the crowd.

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On Wednesday, 7.14, Abduction is filming on Bunola River Rd between Elkhorn Rd & River Hill Rd in Monongahela, PA. For ore information and the latest fan reports from set, check out our Abduction Open Thread too!

[Thanks to Jamie, Sydney & Karen for the updated location information]


  1. ok so today was a big BUST we sat there from 10am until 8pm and it was a disaster. no one was listening to security. girls were rushing security trying to sneak in, and overall harassing security in huge groups to get in or get info. he did not make an apperance at all today. then it started raining around 6pm and like all hell broke loose. moms were trying to put us in lines and crap. all day girls were crossing the cone barracades they set up for us like all the way into the street. police came by to yell at us all day.

    my friends and i and the group of people we met were all chill and relaxed making no commotion. it was a joke bc we deserved to have him come out and these girls were just crazy and could not comprehend that he was NOT going to come out while they are all freaking out and not listening to the rules.

    none of the cast made an apperance today but i heard that on his break taylor snuck out the back in a tinted black escalade and went to ross park mall.

      • well it doesnt look like she posted any of my crazy mob fan pics but yesterday when i actually met him id say between 200-300 ppl.

        today i think there was less like maybe 200 at most but they were just so insane and rude like if i was taylor id be like hell no im not going out there.

  2. Sydney is right. it wa such a mess. its not fair to the people that were mature enough to stay calm and sit down. there were people there who were there for 10 HOURS! for NOTHING. because taylor didnt come out due to the crazyness of these girls. security should have acted sooner before we all got stuck in the rain for no reason because the girls couldnt knock it off.

    • security was a huge JOKE today i mean there was that one guy until like 2pm then the last guy until we all left i mean really? plus they were too busy loving the attention from all the girls ( who didnt give a shit about security and wanted taylor obviously) to actually do their job.

      my friend whose in the entertainment business went down and gave them a lesson on security 101 hahaha.

      • hahaha good! someone needs to teach that man a lesson! honestly if he would have done hes job right the girls wouldnt be running across the road every 4 seconds and maybe the crowd wouldnt have been so obnoxious!!!

  3. I live not even 3 mins from where Taylor is gonna be filming in Banola and my daughter is gonna be 13 next month and just loves him.I would give anything to have her meet him or get a picture of him.I wish i knew how.So close but yet so far away 🙁 3267 rainbow run rd

  4. I waited outside of Hampton High school on tuesday from 9 am to 3:20 pm and he never came out or even showed himself the whole day! I finally gave up and left at 3:20 and i’m sooo glad i did since he never showed. The crowd was pretty big so i knew he probably wouldnt come over and take pics but he could have at least waved or something… he knew we were out there, he should have at least acknowledged it!! All i got from that whole day was really bad sunburn!

    Oh and if he really did go to ross park mall on his break I’ll be soooo mad because thats where i was supposed to go yesterday, but chose to wait for him outside the high school instead! UGH!

  5. I was at the one on Bunola road on July 14th.
    Everyone was getting all roudy and wouldn’t relax.
    The security gaurds kept telling everyone if they don’t calm down he won’t come.
    They wouldn’t listen. At about nine PM people started leaqving because the gaurds said he was gone.
    We stayed longer and he showed up as soon as all the roudy girls left.
    Coincidence? I don’t think so.(:

  6. I met some security guards last night and he and his girlfriend gave me next weeks schedule. (will not say how much it cost) I got out of them Mon, Tues (8/30, 31) – PNC Park, day shoot, Wed (9/1) – 814 Beech Ave, Pitt, day shoot Thrs, fri (9/2,3) 101 Bridge St, Brovnsville (late day and night shoot) and Monday off for Holiday.


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