‘Abduction’ expected to continue filming party scene on Friday

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Despite all of the confusion surrounding yesterday’s shoot, we were able to verify Abduction was filming on Osage Rd (off of Cochran Rd.) in Mt. Lebanon, PA Thursday.

Reportedly, on Friday July 16, Abduction will return to the same location to continue filming a party scene. The shoot is hard to miss, it is at a home on Osage Rd and there are police barricades set up around it.

Though there were a few Taylor Lautner sightings yesterday, we don’t yet know exactly what time they will be shooting or of if Taylor will be there for sure.  If you stop by the set today and have an update, let us know about it in a comment below!

Be sure to check out our Abduction Open Thread for up-to-the-minute updates from other fans too.

If you spot Abduction filming near you, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!

[A huge thank you to Sydney!]

Update: They are reportedly filming at PNC Park this afternoon (7.16) too.


  1. Hey guys! I appreciate everyone’s help and enthusiasm in finding Abduction locations but wanted to ask you all to please only include information in the comments that you are sure is accurate.

    There was a lot of misinformation in various threads on the site Thursday and I’m hoping it was only due to confusion over the road names (Osage Ln vs Osage Rd).

    Also, and of course you all know this, please be respectful to each other in the comments here and on set.

    Friday should be a fun day! Can’t wait to hear all your updates from the the set!!

  2. Listen. To anyone who reads this that ends up going.
    He is not ever going to come out if you’re manic and mob him and stalk his house and chase his car.

    On Monday, the security guards and cops made it very clear if you don’t fangirl freakout and just stand calmly, he’ll sign as much as he can.
    You also can’t be mad if he can’t make it out. He is here to do his job, not satisfy a bunch of Pittsburgh fans and the director might not give him time to come out. He might be exhausted at 3am.

    So, heed this message:
    If you stay calm. Spread the word, no matter where you are staking out, that he will come over (the cops and security DO take note) if you just relax and any time he drives by or a black tinted SUV drives by or comes near you, you don’t freak out and scream and act like a psychopath. Keep yourself composed and he’ll be able to sign more things. Don’t ruin it for someone by screeching like a banshee because a black SUV that’s not even his drives by and you chase it. The direct words from security were, “If you line up, don’t scream and don’t shove, he’ll try and make time for everyone.”
    Now doesn’t that make you a little more excited? He wants to get to you, but he can’t if you’re crazy.

    I swear to you, you have a really really good chance of meeting him if you do this. He’s really sweet and wants to meet as many as possible, but when it gets rowdy it’s a safety issue. Plus, a lot of this takes place in residential areas/areas with traffic and you’re in the street. It’s not just about his safety, it’s about yours and the people who have to drive. Don’t be stupid.

    But have fun 🙂 I might see some of you when I stop by later

    • i haven’t been able to get out there yet but i really hope all the girls are calm and relaxed and now screaming like a phsycopath. thats true and if everyone would know that i bet you they wouldn’t scream.

    • This is so true. Earlier in the day on Thursday he drove by slowly so we could take pics. He waved to us and everyone stayed calm and stayed behind the barricades. But then later that night as he was leaving a ton of crazed teenage girls, who had gotten there in the last half hour, started screaming and running up to the car. Sure enough the window went up and the sped the car up to get him out of there. Then some of the girls even chased his car all the way down the road. This really ruined it for the rest of us that had been sitting there for hours that day hoping for a chance for an autograph. Please stay calm and don’t scream and run up to his car, you are more likely to meet him.

  3. Hi everyone! Is Taylor filming today? Also does anyone know if they are going to be filming this weekend? I think we all need to take charge and if girls are acting out of line say something to them and let them know the situation and if they are crazy that he won’t come out.

    • i’ve heard from many sources that he DOES NOT film on weekends prob b/c the crowds would be huge and he needs a break after filming until 3 in the morning

  4. Does anyone know the times he will be filming August 2nd-5th behind the Yough Twister in Sutersville? If anyone does know, please reply back. Thanks!

  5. Hey does anyone know where they will be filming tomorrow, July 17th, Saturday? I think it would be fun to head down there, and stay calm of course 🙂

  6. so today me and my friend went up to osage road at 10 in the morning. Although they were not filming we were able to talk to the crew. the crew told us that taylor would be filming a pool party scene in the backyard of the house at 4 pm until sometime early tomorrow morning. its unlikely that you will see taylor if you go but it is a very funny experience due to all the crazy people there. anddd you are unable to see the filming from the area in which the fans are kept.

  7. Not being a stalker but how would he wave out the house if hes staying at a hotel? Im really confused about that… I dont think he lives in that house

    • Kate, he DOES live in that house. It is in the newspapers and people have seen him. He is just renting the house, but he IS staying there with his parents.


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