Filming Locations in NYC for Friday, July 16, including ‘Friends With Benefits’, ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ & more!

Here’s a list of movies and TV shows filming in and around NYC on Thursday, July 16. If you spot anything else filming, let us know at, we can’t do it without you!

Curb Your Enthusiasm is filming around  4th Ave from 1th St-14th St in NYC. (Thanks Anon)

Law and Order: SVU is filming in studio, which is now at Chelsea Piers in the old Law and Order studio!

Friends With Benefits, starring Justin Timberlake, signs spotted on 45th between 2nd and 3rd Ave in NYC for filming on 7.13-7.16, 7AM-10PM. (They are filming on the fourth floor of one of the office buildings for LIM College.)

Premium Rush begins filming in NYC today. Signs have been spotted at 56th between 5th & 6th AND on Morningside Dr at 116th St for today’s shoot. The movie stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt. (Thanks Toma & Sara)

Gossip Girl is filming around W 14th St, between 8th & 10th Ave again tonight. This will be another overnight shoot. Check out our GG set photo contest here too!

Update:Royal Pains is filming a wedding scene today. Base camp is reportedly set up on Broadway in Hewlett, NY (near the library). (Thanks Michael)

Update:My Idiot Brother is filming at the London Terrace Garden Apartments, in the penthouse in the 405 building. The apartments are located on 23rd between 9th & 10th. (Thanks Bill)


  1. I was there today, it’s the same location, and one girl of the staff said that they are going…
    But im not sure about the time, because someone told me it will be at night and other one said that it will be in the morning…

  2. Concerning Premium Rush: Is the location really Morningside AVENUE and not Morningside DRIVE? The film synopsis said that it about a package being picked up from Columbia University and Morningside Drive is closer to CU than Morningside Ave. is.

  3. I am planning to go to NY sometime soon and I REALLY want to SVU film and meet the cast!! Is there usually days where they film in studio and in the streets in NY? I know that Marishka gets every other Friday off. Is it better to go when they first start shooting or later in the night if I want to meet them? I wil be going with people who do not like to watch and I don’t want to bring them there every hour. Any help would be great!! Thanks in advance!! 🙂

    • My experiences has been as follows:

      1.) Waiting is just a part of going to visit a set. Sometimes you just luck out and don’t have to wait long at all, but that is definitely not what happens most of the time. Unless you are able to get very detailed shooting information beforehand you will not know what order they are going to film their scenes so you won’t know when is a good specific time to try and meet them. The cast is really very fan approachable overall so it is just a matter of waiting till there is a break in filming and they have the time to stop for a minute or two.

      2.) I find that time of day isn’t so much a factor, in terms of ease of being able to meet and talk to them, as much as filming locations are and whether or not a special guest star or August (Mariska’s son) is also on set. When they film downtown (the more crowded spots of Manhattan) larger crowds of fans form and they tend to be less likely to stop to talk to individual fans because there are just too many to stop for. When a special guest star or August is on set more paparazzi are around and then the cast tend to have their guards up more and aren’t as approachable. However, when they film further uptown and/or the scenes only contain the regular cast, far less crowds form and the paparazzi don’t show up and thus the cast is more relaxed and open and more interactive with fans.

      Good luck with meeting them! I have had GREAT interactions meeting both MH and CM, in addition to Ice-T and Coco. They are all genuinely nice individuals.

  4. Morningside DRIVE or AVENUE???

    The same confusion was posted when Tyler Perry filmed in that area recently. So everybody please try to be 100% accurate when you post your info.

    Thanks So Much.

    • Ugh, had this same problem yest. with another location, yes it is Drive, source just emailed me back….I removed the map, I had Ave in the map (that’s what Google gave me when I typed in Morningside ) but it is def. DR. I really just need a day job….:) Nothing’s going smoothly this week at all! 🙂

      • No biggie. Most people who don’t live around here make that mistake. 😀 I only asked because there is a major park in between the two streets so if anyone went to M. Ave. they wouldn’t be able to see that a M. Drive exists on the other side of the park and they wouldn’t be able to see the trailers or anything from M. Ave. because the park goes up a major hill so M. Dr is not visible from M. Ave.

        I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of work that goes into keeping up with all of the tips and publishing this site. You Go Girl!! 😀

  5. Hey guys if anyone know the SVU filming schedule throughout the month can you please tell me?

    Thanks so much!
    Oh and Lee you are so lucky you got to meet them!
    Any pics?

  6. There is a casting call for Arthur for Sat.7/17, working all night into early Sun.7/18. They are looking for people to play paparazzi, press and it will be an exterior shoot.

    Any ideas where they might be shooting?

    (Thanks Annie!)

  7. Lee, you are so lucky!!! Please tell me next time you go!

    I don’t think anyone knows how long I’ve been wanting to meet them!!!

    I will keep trying!

    Btw do you have a Twitter?


    • I am so not a Twitterer or Tweeter or whatever is the descriptive. Lol! 😀

      I often don’t know when I am able to go till a few hours before I leave. In general I tend to be able to go to their uptown shoots only. If I go to any of their shoots sometime in the near future I will post up that I am going.

  8. Does anyone know if Premium Rush is going to be filming today? Also will it be filming on Monday ? Really would appreciate an answer. Thanks :).

  9. I am from England and I just am in New York for the weekend. I really want to see gossip girl filming. I want to see Penn but I saw him in the airport this morning departing internationally. where is gg filming?

  10. Just got this email:
    Gossip Girl is filming on 14th Street and 10th Ave. Chase Crawford and Blake Lively are there, inside, second floor. Trailers are on 13th and 10th.
    (Thanks Steven)


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