Taylor Lautner is filming ‘Abduction’ in Mt. Lebanon, PA on 7.15.10

42501, PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA - Monday July 12, 2010. Taylor Lautner doing his own stunts as he rides an Aprilia motorcycle on the set of his latest film Abduction in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The hunky young actor is seen talking to a crew person before riding off on the open road. The film also stars Lily Collins, Maria Bello, and Alfred Molina. Photograph: PacificCoastNews.com

According to various reports in our Abduction Open Thread, Abduction is filming on Osage Rd (off of Cochran Rd.) in Mt. Lebanon, PA today. FYI: The location may be on Osage LANE.  *See map in comments, there is a discrepancy in today’s information.

The location isn’t far from Virginia Manor where Taylor Lautner is rumored to be staying while he’s filming in the Pittsburgh area.
*See map in comments as well, there is a discrepancy in today’s information.

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If you spot Abduction filming near you, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!

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  1. Does anyone know where Vampire Diaries is filming? I know they’ve started shooting around Atlanta, but not positive exactly where

    I’m heading to Georgia, I visited the set last time, but it was a closed set =(

  2. If anyone knows what days they will be at this location, please let me know! I’d really appreciate it since my last attempt failed after standing outside for ten hours..

    • Elise , i know what you mean. me n my friend were therre for 12 hours and he didnt even show his face. but its understandable because them girls from monday swarmed him and almost hurt him but have faith maybe you’ll find him thats what were trying to do.

    • I was standing for 7 hours at Hampton High on Tuesday, but he was too afraid to come out because some idiotic girls thought it would be fun to mob him the day before and then show up again the next day. I can’t believe they ruined it for us. After they got his autograph, a hug, and a picture with him…they show up AGAIN. I cried when he left without seeing us.. :/

  3. OK, I figured out what’s going on because in other threads people are saying they’ve seen filming setting and then people are saying that there is no filming on Osage. That is because there are 2 different locations people are talking about:
    One comment says he is filming at Osage LANE & one says Osage RD-
    “In The Virginia Manor Sub Division…On Osage Lane”
    “said he is filming on Osage Rd today which is off of Cochran Rd. in Mt. Lebanon”
    Here’s a map showing far away those 2 locations are from each other, can anyone confirm which is today’s filming location?

    • Christine, It’s Osage Ln by Virginia Manor — my friend is there now, she said no one has seen him yet… his stunt double is there, but no one is seeing him. But it’s definitely the Osage by Virginia Manor. Shes watching them film in pick up trucks at the moment.

  4. So is Abduction being filmed on Osage Road in Mt.Lebanon? because thats really close to where i live and my parents can defiently drive me out there today. does anyone know what time he’s gonna be there?

  5. Maria, filiming usually takes a long while and they usually say at a set until 630ish. I dont know if he will be there at all if his double is there…

    • well i went out there and followed the signs that said “ABX” and that took me to the equipment and the base camp so then i drove back down cochran road and saw a bunch a girls on one of the side streets and then my dad passed it up. I hate him right now!!! I have go to see him!!!!!!

  6. Even if you locate the set there is no guarantee that you will see Taylor. And expect to have to be there 14 hours or more especially if filming hasn’t started for the day. When I worked as an extra call time might be 6am and you wouldn’t be done until midnight or later. And there is a lot of standing around and waiting doing absolutley nothing. And the actors aren’t on set until they are actually ready to film them. Stand ins and doubles will be there most of the time. Act responsible and respectful while you are there too. it’ll get you farther in the long run if you aren’t’ acting like an immature crazed child.

  7. I was just down there since 11 am…his double is there…they were filming in blue/white pick up trucks today. didn’t see taylor at all, it was hotter than heck and hard to see much of anything. rumors yesterday said he wouldn’t be there today…so i dunno.

    • Tonight is suppose to be the party scene, I wonder if his double is there well they set up and later he’ll show up to actually shoot, is this a house (the location) – I think the party scene is in a house, any one know for sure.

      And can someone confirm it is Osage LANE (a pic of the road would be awesome) I know Ashley said Lane but then Maria is saying off of Cochran – which would be Osage Rd…

  8. I won’t be able to see this party scene tonight, but where exactly will he be in Pittsburgh tomorrow? I’ll be in Pittsburgh tomorrow so where is going to be? Anyone know??

  9. If anyone wants to contact me and let me know, my email is hvannoy96@hotmail.com. I definitely want to meet Taylor Lautner before Abduction is done filming. After several failed attempts of him showing his face, that’s the only thing that has been on my mind. Maybe we could help each other in this urge to find him 😛

  10. Yes He was there today at osage ln.. i was there today from like 1130 Untill 4 and he was there and he drove by everyone and waved and said thanks for coming out…. and then he went to dinner…. i dont know where he went from there…. But he is staying at a house not to far from where they were filming today…

  11. I want to go tonight to see them filming. Can someone clear up all the rumors?
    Are they filming today or setting up?
    Does anyone know the exact address?
    Thanks and good luck

  12. Haley, you should have been there Monday. He came out and signed autographs at Hampton, and even posed for pictures.

    • Uh, yeah I know! That’s why I’m so pissed!! And then the same girls that were there Monday came again on Tuesday! Wtf?? That’s unfair! And the girls who attacked him totally ruined it for us on Tuesday because he was so afraid!

  13. To anyone that has been spending their time at the Mt. Lebo set… is there somewhere security will let you sit and watch anything? My mom & I drove up there so just see where it was and we go so far & they said we had to turn around. So to all of you that have been hanging out all day, where are you going/sitting? I’d just like to see him… if he’s close enough to sign my wolfpack shirt, great, if not, pics are good too!!

    Thanks! 😉

    • u were driving around mt.lebanon? when did they tell you that you had to turn around? because i follwed the signs that said “ABX” and that took me to equipment and base camp and they didn’t say anything

    • We did, but we didnt see anyone… should we have been on the side where all the trucks and water trucks were, or the other side? Because we were on the other side and there was no one, and they wouldnt let us keep going to turn around, they made us back up to do so because they were shooting he said.

  14. I just want to clarify something. Is he filming on Osage road in Sewickley Heights because the two are in opposite directions, very far apart?

  15. Hey where exactly is this? I went to osage rd and didn’t c nething. So I typed in lane on the gps n it took me to downtown pit. Help?

    • Lexi,

      It is definitely Osage Rd. in Mt Lebanon.. You’ll see all kinds of trucks and trailers. There’s a water truck and everything. Everything will have “ABX” written on it.

  16. It is Osage Road. 2nd block of road. It is blocked off with road horses and Mt. Lebanon Police around set.
    He is staying in house to the right as you turn into the Manor. At the corner of Cochran and Osage(has glass pool house seen from Cochran Rd)

  17. I stayed with my friend from 6:30 PM – 3 AM in the mornign waiting for Taylor lastnight… We wouldve left WAY before that but the security guards and cops put in good words for us that we were all calm and everyone was pretty positive thinking he MIGHT just come out for maybe the 30 people who stayed, about 10 of us just sat there on the side of the road waiting adn talking to eachother… We thought he would atleast wave goodbye or do something nice! instead he drove by w/o anyone knowing until 10 min later…we all stuck around incase he came back but he never did.

  18. **adding on to my last comment…

    At 9:13 he drove by in his car and just stuck his hand out the window and about over 1/2 of the girls ran after him and ran to his house… Taylor apparently got really mad and that might be the reason why he did NOT come out to us even when all of us were just sitting down and chilling(and almost everyone who stayed until 3Am lastnight was NOT a girl who chased after him). If you go do NOT scream loud, push, or go insane if you even see PART of him … it makes your chances way more slim of seeing him.

  19. My brother moved gym equipment into his house, his house is, if your coming up cochran road, its on the right, can bee seen from the road. If you make the right at the traffic light onto ostage its still the first house on the right. The back has a high wall and a two story glass shell where the pool is. It says private drive and has an undercover officer sitting in the driveway.

  20. Just please stop stalking his house, people. I know he’s a celebrity and he signs on for it and all of that crap, but it still kind of sucks for him and he’s never going to come out again (most of the time it’s his manager’s decision, not his, fyi) if we’re every single place he turns.

  21. Can’t the person in charge of this site just delete the comments about where his house is so that its not available for everyone to see and give him some privacy?

  22. i was there till 230 am yesterday!! do not start screaming or anything yesterday some girls chased his car so he got pissed and it ruined it for everyone and if you see him dont mob him he hates that.i was dissapointed he didnt come out last night or even wave goodbye because everyone was so calm i think he was in a bad mood or something. and for people who sit outside his house get a life he hate that give the guy some privacy apparently hes moving now hes not gonna come out if your stalking his house!

  23. I hate the people that ruined it for us…
    Is he really moving? Like how long does he have to stay in Pittsburgh anyway to shoot this?

  24. He’s staying in Pittsburgh til the end of July. Ans has anyone heard any updates that happened today? My friend said since it’s the weekend and they don’t film he’s been walking around with his parents? What happened today???

  25. hi! does anyone have any information on the yough twister location? my friend and i are planning on going up there on august 4th. is that a bad idea? any suggestions on time or anything like that? let me know!! 🙂

    • I am planning to head up there w/ my friends too, my mom thinks it is our best chance in meeting him (not sure though) and she said it was sorta in the middle of nowhere? (hahah I have no idea) Anyways I don’t know what time, but my friends and I go later at night, we met the guy who plays Taylors best friend in the movie and he said he tries to come out at night more…but if you want to get there earyly or something go 4 it.

  26. We sat outside his house, he did not get mad. He sent out the exact amount of pictures to how many of us were out there with his security saying he was just too tired, wanted to go to bed from so much filming.. They were super fresh.. smelled like fresh sharpie! (:

  27. Chels, did you go to his house during the week or weekend? me and my friend’s mom are trying to figure out when to go. thanks 🙂

  28. Does anyone know where he will be filming at this week? More specifically, on thursday? Because I have no idea where the set is or anything. :/ All I know is that they were filming at Hampton High School, but are they still? Any information would be great.(:

  29. I was an extra on set of his movie all day on Thursday. He is probably one of the most down to earth sweetest guys over ever met but his body guards and manager people that take care of him don’t want him being ambushed by his crazy fans. I suggest you stop stalking him and give him some breathing room. He moved from the house in MT Lebanon to a house by where they are shooting some of the action scenes in swickley because of all of you.

  30. YESSSS he did move to a place in Sewickly.. Go to this website and see where he has been spotted….. https://www.yoursewickley.com/sewickleyherald/article/call-wolf . And see who is the real idiot now u dumb butt nimwit.. I mean the girl is right he did move he has two locations and he is indeed there. My granparents are actually selling some paintings to the set sooo… and my cousin has seen and hugged him. My mother has also seen him man you people need to be more precise.

  31. I am one of taylors biggest fans because last Tuesday me and my friend stood right in front of his house in the pouring down rain and he didn’t come out and I was there wed,thurs,and fri and he didn’t come out so Taylor if u see this please send me an email ps my friend said she wanted to leave so I left for her and I was very mad that I didn’t get to see u but the next day I saw ur arm and head in a car please and me back luv u ur so hexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. omg i love taylor lautner and i am totally gonna have to absolutely see this movie!!! i love taylor lautner <3 thats y were married 😀 😀


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