This weekend’s ‘Transformers 3’ filming locations in Chicago

Transformers 3 returns to Chicago this week. Tonight, Michigan Ave will shut down at 8 p.m. from Ontario Street to Wacker Drive through 5 a.m. Monday.

Lower Michigan Avenue will also be closed from Hubbard Street to Lower Wacker Drive from 8 p.m. Friday to 5 p.m. Monday. The bridge will also be closed, and sidewalks will be closed to pedestrians south of Illinois Street for the shoot.

This weekend’s shoot will also include simulated gunfire, explosions and more people parachuting from helicopters on Saturday and Sunday.

If you check out the set of Transformers 3, and have scoop or pictures to share, let us know about it at!


  1. Thanks for the information.

    Does anyone know if there’s going to be any action happening on the set tonight after the streets close?

    I’m a full time professional photographer. I’d be happy to send in a couple shots from what I get.


    • Photogs are not allowed or welcomed on movie sets.
      They keep photogs pretty far away…at least a block away.
      They have union photogs that are hired to work the films..
      My friends been in that biz for 20 years..

  2. I work at the trubune tower and on my lunch break this afternoon, I ran into Patrick Dempsey! I didn’t even know he was gonna be in this one! And all day Saturday while they’re filmin, I will be right there on michigan and wacker uppp highhh on the 17th floor , I will see some shit I know it!

  3. So this morning coming into work, DIRECTLY in front of the Tribune Tower is the set. There are cars all over, that are torched, and they are filming scenes. There’s also cars they’re using in the movie, and some are covered up for secrecy. I actually got a video of them shooting the scenes, since I’m up above it…. they will be starting the stunts tomorrow with explosions and gunfire, and I will be working then too! I’m sure we will be able to hear EVERYTHING going on!

  4. Is Patrick Dempsey really gonna be in Transformers 3?

    I saw some of the set yesterday and did not really see much, but I am planning on seeing some more of it this week.

  5. We went on wacker today around 3 oclock they were about to shoot they said they will be there tom as well prolly around the same time. We didnt see much… the crew is all over the place tryin to get ppl moving along 🙁

  6. Well i just know for this weekend.

    July 24-27, July 31, Aug. 1: Filming at 35 E. Wacker Drive (the old Jewelers’ Building) will close portions of Wabash and Wacker.

  7. Does anyone know the time they be shooting 7/26? Or even the full time schedule for the entire period they’re here?

  8. Hey! Does anyone know if and where they will be filming on August 2nd and 3rd? My friend and I want to drive into the city to see the action, but I dont even know if there will be any on those days. Thanks!!! 🙂

  9. Does anyone know what times they will be shooting on 7/27? My husband would like to take my 11 year old son down to watch but we can’t find the times anywhere. Thanks!

  10. i would like to know as well if they will be shooting tomorrow the 29th. or where i can see there stuff set up. i will be in the city and i am hoping to see something

  11. Does anyone know where they are filming August7th/8th? My son’s 12th birthday is that weekend and he would LOVE to see some of what is going on. Thanks!!

  12. So if they’re filming on July 24-27, July 31, Aug. 1 at 35 E. Wacker Drive.
    Are they shooting other spots on July 29-30? If so, where?

  13. The are shooting at the old US Post Office on the corner of Canal and Harrison today, July 30th. I walked by there today and security and crew were all over.

  14. Almost ran into Shia LaBeouf and his girlfriend near Trump Hotel tonight. He had a pizza box and we got to say a quick “Hi”, he was cool enough to say “Hey man what’s up” and we went on our way.

  15. Does anybody know when they will be filming between august 11th and the 13th. My bdays on August 11th and I really want to watch some of the filming:)

  16. Hey! My 7 yr old godson is here from Michigan and he is obsessed with Transformers. Is there a place to watch the filming tonite or tomorrow morning??? Any and all help is appreciated as I am new to the area and don’t have any clue and good spots to go. Thank you! 🙂

  17. amy just walk downtown and go to the intersection of Michigan Ave and Wacker Dr. Plenty of desctruction to look at there. probably wont see filming but you can definitely check out the set.

  18. Hey! Does anyone know where they’ll be shooting any day of the month in august?? I’d love to go watch before they leave!

  19. They are currently filming on Van Buren between Wacker and Canal. Red sports car and yellow sports car have been parked on the Van Buren bridge, cameras are set up on Van Buren. Not sure what exactly they are filming though, might be inside the old Post Office (films seem to like that location).

  20. Anyone know if they are filming this weekend (Aug. 6-8)? I’m in town for Lollapalooza and I would love to see the filing or at least the set!

  21. A 20th Century Fox movie is filming at the CTA(Chicago Transit Authority) HQ today on Lake Street. I’m not sure it is Transformers but it is set up like a police news conference. Anyone have any info on this?

    • not what it is, I’ll see if I can find out though, the Ron Howard movie is suppose to be over on Ardmore, but it could be Transformers or maybe ridealong?





  23. Hey! does anyone know where they’ll be filming this week before they leave!? Any day will be great. I HAVE to see Shia before he leaves :'(

  24. so my mom got an email from her work, because on friday 8/20 they will be filming on van buren st.
    which is right across my moms work. so, i hope it helps some of you. :]


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